• Rwanda Green Fund avails funding for civil society organisations

  • The Fund will avail a maximum funding of US $200,000 for each project

  • The formal call for proposals is open for submissions from 1 Nov 2019 to 2 Dec 2019.


The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) is pleased to announce its tenth call for proposals, which invites non-profit organisations to submit proposals for financial investment to implement projects that are contributing to sustainable development and climate resilience in Rwanda. 
The Fund will avail a maximum funding of US $200,000 for each project and the organisation applying for grant will be required to provide co-financing to demonstrate capacity for sustainability. 
The formal call for proposals (Project Profile Documents or PPDs) is open for submissions from 1 November 2019 to 2 December 2019. Submissions must be received no later than 2 December 2019 at 17h00 (Rwanda local time). Late submissions will not be accepted and/or evaluated. 
Proposals should relate to the following three thematic windows:
  1. Research, Development and Technology Transfer and Implementation 
  2. Environment and Climate Change Mainstreaming 
  3. Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

This call for proposals targets investments under the following entry points:  
  • Biomass replacement 
  • Waste management
  • Green technologies in key priority sectors such as infrastructure and housing, agriculture, health and water resource management
The Fund will compare each proposal against key eligibility criteria and select projects that  match the priority thematic and financing windows. 
We strongly encourage applicants to read additional guidance documents at www.fonerwa.org/apply and visit www.fonerwa.org/training where you can find proposal templates and material to guide your application.  
For any further details or inquiries with regard to the application process, please contact us at application@fonerwa.org or s.kawera@fonerwa.org.  
Download the detailed call for proposals here and in Kinyarwanda here.  


Line Ministries/private sector/civil society should complete Project Profile Documents (PPDs) for proposals to be considered by the FONERWA Secretariat, in conformity with FONERWA Thematic Financing Windows/ key entry points.
 Project Profile Document development materials

PPDs will be screened by the Fund Management Team against eligibility criteria.

PPD Eligibility Criteria

  • Results based, aligns with thematic windows/entry points and FONERWA M&E framework
  • Benefits sustained beyond lifetime of project activities
  • Demonstrates value for money
  • Involves ongoing stakeholder consultation
  • Promotes strategic national/international environment/climate objectives
  • Conforms with existing legislation and anti-corruption provisions

Screened PPDs are then categorized as green, High Amber, Amber and Red based on their quality in meeting the eligibility criteria.

PPDs that are considered high quality proposals (green) are subjected to quality assurance, a process that determines which green PPDs proceed to the next step of developing full project proposals.

If successful, applicants will be asked to submit a full project document, and technical assistance (TA) and support from the Fund Management Team to elaborate or improve the proposal will be provided as needed.

Full proposals will undergo a technical appraisal by the Fund Management Team. The team will assess each PD according to four overall technical appraisal criteria, each with detailed sub-criteria, and assign a priority ranking for submission to the FONERWA Technical Committee.

Technical Appraisal Criteria

  • Desirability
  • Viability
  • Feasibility
  • Capacity to leverage additional resources
Following proposal review at the Technical Appraisal step, the FONERWA Fund Technical Committee will review the appraised proposals aand ensure that those recommended for funding to the Fund Managing Committee (FMC) are high quality and strategic in terms of how proposals are aligned with national priorities. Suggested project rankings will be further discussed at this stage before their submission to the FONERWA Fund Managing Committee for funding decisions.
The FONERWA Fung Managing Committee will be solely responsible for approval of final funding decisions. This will be based on recommendations at the various review levels of the Project Profile Document (PPD) & Project Document (PD).

Project Profile Document preparation

Learn how to develop Project Profile Document (PPD) known as project concept note through the  PPD Online Course.

  • The fund's Project Profile Document (PPD) course is designed to support applicants with information on the first phase of submitting a proposal to the fund.
  • Download the  Project Profile Document development materials. The objective of the materials is to provide guidance on PPD development. The materials include Project Profile Document (PPD) Template, PPD worked example, and Fund Monitoring and Evaluation Results Matrix. Any PPD must align with the Fund’s results matrix. The offline PPD template is intended to help applicants to develop their project concept.

Project Profile Document submission

  • PPD forms are sub­mit­ted on-line through FONERWA website during the public call for proposal. The fund does not receive hard-copy versions of Project Document Profiles and soft copies submitted through e-mail. 
  • The First-time applicant is required to create the account through the website.
  • The website allows an existing applicant to use their login information for submission.