African Climate Finance Experts tour Rwanda Green Fund Investments

Climate finance experts from across the continent have visited Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) investments to learn more about the country’s efforts to build a green and climate resilient economy. The learning tours took place on the final day of a three-day training on climate finance, hosted by the fund, LEDs Africa and 4C Maroc, and were part of the inaugural Rwanda Green Growth Week.

The guests visited two fund investments: Zero Carbon Designs and partner STRAWTEC in the Kigali Special Economic Zone and the Rwanda E-waste Dismantling and Recycling Facility in the Bugesera Industrial Park.

In the Kigali Special Economic Zone, the team was welcomed by STRAWTEC staff and were led through the facility. The guide explained the different stages of manufacturing low-carbon construction materials and performed a fire resistance test that positions these materials atop normal housing materials. Throughout the tour, the STRAWTEC team answered questions about the cost of production and the durability of the materials. The team also visited the demonstration housing units at the site to observe how these materials are applied in real world construction conditions.

The group then traveled to Bugesera Industrial Park where they toured the state-of-the-art e-waste facility by observing the dismantling and recycling process and how computers are refurbished to be used by local schools.

The guests on the tour appreciated the Rwanda Green Fund’s impactful investments and expressed a desire to borrow a leaf from the ideas and apply them in their own countries.

Simbisai Zhanje from SouthSouthNorth believes such investments are beneficial to many and should be spread across the continent.

“We would love to have a similar facility in Zimbabwe,” said Zhanje referring to the e-waste plant. “It’s great to see a project come to fruition and implementation. The zero carbon designs are also very innovative. They are changing the narrative of what green housing should look like. I believe that in the next 20 years, everyone will have more sustainable housing,” she added.

Regis Nisengwe, a Rwandan environmentalist, was glad to see initiatives to protect the environment and improve the lives of communities.

“STRAWTEC and the E-waste Dismantling and Recycling Facility are doing tremendous environmentally friendly work in Rwanda. I was utterly impressed and humbled by the green strides being made,” he said.

The climate finance and sustainable development experts were in Rwanda for a three-day workshop on Climate Financing and Governance during the Rwanda Green Growth Week. Their first day focused on governance and building capable institutions. On the second day, the team shared insights on supporting local entrepreneurship and engaging the private sector in climate action and green growth. The third day concluded the workshop with field visits to Rwanda Green Fund investments.

The 2017 Rwanda Green Growth Week included a series of events bringing together policy makers and practitioners from across the country and the continent to share experiences in green growth and climate resilient development. Learn more at


Zero Carbon Design / STRAWTEC

Rwanda Green Growth Week - Learning Tour to STRAWTEC / Zero Carbon Designs

Rwanda E-waste Dismantling and Recycling Facility

Rwanda Green Growth Week - Learning Tour to Rwanda E-Waste Recycling Facility

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