Green Rwanda Media Review - 10​ November 2017​​

The annual UN Climate Conference (known this year as COP23) is underway in Bonn, Germany. Rwanda is represented by a delegation and will join with other nations to call for robust and ambitious negotiations to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement. Follow @EnvironmentRw and @GreenFundRw on Twitter for regular updates.


  • The New Times reports that Rwanda expects transparency in climate financing to be considered at COP23
  • Igihe writes that $10M will be earmarked to the agricultural sector to provide seeds that are climate resilient
  • The Seattle Times publishes a story about Rwanda's remarkable efforts to ban plastic bags
  • DW reports that Africa is calling for tougher action on climate change during COP23
  • View and download photos of the Opening Ceremony of COP23 in Bonn, Germany




How technology is primed to transform farming in Rwanda (The New Times - Thursday 9 November 2017) -- A collection of applications designed to provide farmers with timely information on climate change, crops, livestock and diseases affecting them for informed decision making have been tested for effectiveness. Read more

Forestry ministry, Police sign MoU on environmental conservation (The New Times - Wednesday 8 November 2017) -- Rwanda National Police (RNP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Lands and Forestry, yesterday, to formalise their joint partnership to protect, conserve and develop lands and forestry. Read more 

Abashakashatsi bemeje ko kwitegereza ibidukikije nyaburanga bifasha abantu kubaho bishimye (Igihe - Wednesday 8 November 2017) -- Itsinda ry’abashakashatsi bo muri Canada ryita ku bijyane n’ubuzima bwo mu mutwe, ryatangaje ko kwitegereza ibidukikije nyaburanga bifasha umuntu kugira ubuzima bwiza no kubaho yishimye. Read more

COP23: Rwanda pour un financement palliatif au changement climatique (Igihe - Wednesday 8 November 2017) -- Ce plan définira les modalités selon lesquelles les pays développés fourniront des technologies et des financements aux pays vulnérables pour lutter contre les changements climatiques, ont indiqué des responsables. Read more

Kagame receives award for sustainable tourism efforts (The New Times - Tuesday 7 November 2017) -- President Paul Kagame was yesterday recognised for his efforts in promotion of sustainable tourism and conservation. Read more

National Geographic Premieres Global Miniseries, Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (Business Wire - Tuesday 7 November 2017) --- National Geographic’s three-part global miniseries, Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist,offers an intimate account of the life and legacy of the iconic primatologist, 32 years after her violent murder.The series premieres on National Geographic Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 9/8c, and will air globally in 171 countries and in 45 languages. Read more

Polisi igiye kwifashishwa mu gutera no kubungabunga amashyamba (Igihe - Tuesday 7 November 2017) -- Minisiteri y’Ubutaka n’Amashyamba yasinyanye amasezerano y’ubufatanye na Polisi y’Igihugu hagamijwe kwita ku mashyamba no kunoza imicungurire yayo hirya no hino mu gihugu. Read more

How commercial agriculture has transformed Nyagatare farmers (The New Times - Tuesday 7 November 2017) -- About three years ago, it was hard for farmers in Kagitumba, Nyagatare District to get seeds on time and at affordable prices. This situation often resulted into poor yields and low household incomes. Read more

Kagame receives award for sustainable tourism efforts (The New Times - Tuesday 7 November 2017) -- President Paul Kagame was yesterday recognised for his efforts in promotion of sustainable tourism and conservation. The award was by the World Travel Market, an annual world leading tourism and trade fair currently underway in London, England. Read more

FAO igiye gufasha abahinzi kuhira imyaka hifashishijwe imirasire y’izuba (Igihe - Tuesday 7 November 2017) -- Iryo koranabuhanga mu buhinzi ryagarutsweho kuri uyu wa Kabiri, ubwo FAO yatangiraga guhugurira mu Rwanda, abakozi (abatekinisiye) bo mu bihugu umunani, uburyo bwo kwifashisha imirasire y’izuba mu kuhira imyaka. Read more

Seven ways you can help mitigate climate change (The New Times - Monday 6 November 2017) -- Often times, issues relating to climate change, green growth and pollution feel like rocket science to many. Read more

Perezida Kagame yashyikirijwe igihembo cyo guteza imbere ubukerarugendo (Igihe - Monday 6 November 2017) -- Perezida Kagame yashyikirijwe igihembo cyiswe ‘World Tourism Award 2017’ ashimirwa ubuyobozi bwe buteza imbere ubukerarugendo, yaherewe i Londres mu Bwongereza ku mugoroba wo kuri uyu wa 6 Ugushyingo 2017. Read more

Climate leadership means ending fossil-fuel production (The New Times - Monday 6 November 2017) -- he end of the fossil-fuel era is on the horizon. With renewables like solar and wind consistently outperforming expectations, growth in electric vehicles far exceeding projections, and governments worldwide acknowledging the urgency of tackling climate change, the writing is on the wall. Read more

Ihurizo mu gusezerera amabati ya ‘asbestos’ ku nyubako za Leta n’iz’amadini mu Rwanda (Igihe - Monday 6 November 2017) -- Mu gihe hashize imyaka itanu Leta ifashe umwanzuro wo guca amabati ya ‘Asbestos’ mu Rwanda kubera ingaruka mbi agira ku buzima bwa muntu, Ikigo cy’igishugu gishinzwe imyubakire cyatangaje ko kugeza ubu aho bimaze kubahirizwa ari kimwe cya kabiri cy’ayagombaga gukurwaho. Read more

Rwanda energy experts mull over nuclear (The Independent - Monday 6 November 2017) -- A team of Rwandan energy experts have completed a three-week training course hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that will, hopefully, help shape the future of the country’s energy mix. Read more

Bonn COP23: Rwanda seeks transparency in climate change financing (The New Times - Monday 6 November 2017) -- As world leaders converge in the German city of Bonn for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) this week, Rwanda will be looking forward to successful negotiations that would lead to a clear Paris Agreement roadmap. Read more

Police step up crackdown on noise pollution (The New Times - Monday 6 November 2017) -- Rwanda National Police (RNP) has intensified operations against noise pollution to ensure that the law as well as the rights of other people are respected, the police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police Theos Badege said, yesterday. Read more

Regional mountain hiking project launched in Kigali (The New Times - Monday 6 November 2017) -- Could mountain hiking be the next cash cow for the local tourism sector? The prospects are very high, following the launch of a project that seeks to promote mountain hiking activities in Rwanda and the East African region. Read more

Miliyoni 10$ zigiye gushorwa mu gufasha abahinzi kubona imbuto zihangana n’ihindagurika ry’ibihe (Igihe - Sunday 5 November 2017) -- Icyiciro cya kane cy’umushinga ufasha abahinzi bo mu bihugu bikiri mu nzira y’amajyambere kubona imbuto zibasha guhangana n’ihindagurika ry’ibihe n’imiterere y’ikirere, kigiye kunyuzwamo miliyoni 10 z’amadolari ya Amerika zizafasha abahinzi bo mu bihugu bitandukanye. Read more

Beyond a simple plastic bag ban (Santa Fe New Mexican - Sunday 5 November 2017) -- Rwanda is just one of more than 40 nations around the world that have in some way restricted plastic bags, whether with a complete ban or taxing their use. However, the approach in Rwanda is on a whole other level. Read more

A vigilant Rwanda is winning the war on plastic bags (The New York Times - Friday 3 November 2017) -- Here in Rwanda, it is illegal to import, produce, use or sell plastic bags and plastic packaging except within specific industries like hospitals and pharmaceuticals. The nation is one of more than 40 around the world that have banned, restricted or taxed the use of plastic bags, including China, France and Italy. But Rwanda’s approach is on another level. Read more


Across Africa

COP23: Africa makes itself heard (DW - Tuesday 7 November 2017) -- As the COP23 climate change summit kicks off, African participants are working to ensure their voices are heard, amid fears that the so-called "Trump effect" could make matters worse for developing states. Read more

Climate Change Summit a Step Further, Yes… But Where To? (IPS - November 2017) -- The UN Climate Change Summit in Bonn is a step further, most experts say. Fine, but towards what? On the one hand, the organisers – the UN, Fiji and Germany – express strong hopes that it will speed up the implementation of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement. Read more


From Around The World

One nation, two tribes: opposing visions of US climate role on show in Bonn (The Guardian - Thursday 9 November 2017) -- Deep schisms in the US over climate change are on show at the UN climate talks in Bonn – where two sharply different visions of America’s role in addressing dangerous global warming have been put forward to the world. Read More

Progress on Assessing Adaptation at the Global Level is Needed to Meet Paris Goals (UNFCCC - Thursday 8 November 2017) -- Bonn, 8 November 2017 – Progress needs to be made towards assessing adaptation at the global level to meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement, according to a new UN assessment. Read More

Opening of the 2017 UN Climate Change Conference (Climate Conference - Tuesday 7 November 2017) -- Watch Here 

COP23: What to expect from the UN's latest climate talks (The Independent - Monday 6 November 2017) -- The United Nations is hosting the annual climate change conference in Bonn, Germany this year and the first one taking place since US President Donald Trump took office. Read more

PHOTOS: The UN Climate Change Conference - November 2017 will take place 6-17 November in Bonn, Germany and will be presided over by the Government of Fiji (UNFCCC - Monday 6 November 2017) -- View Photos

The COP23 climate change summit in Bonn and why it matters (The Guardian - Sunday 5 November 2017) -- The world’s nations are meeting for the 23rd annual “conference of the parties” (COP) under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which aims to “prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”, ie halt global warming. Read more


Upcoming Sector Events

6-17 November: 23rd Conference of the Parties to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP23 - UN Climate Change Conference, Bonn, Germany

20-24 November: 29th Meeting of the parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP29), Montreal, Canada

22-23 November: Combating Illegal Wildlife Symposium

4-8 December: Rwanda Green Growth Week

4 December 2017: International Day of Mining

11-15 December 2017: Climate Investment Funds Board Meeting, Washington DC, USA

23 January 2018: World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

27 February - 1 March 2018: Green Climate Fund Board Meeting