Green Rwanda Media Review - 11 January 2021



  • The New Times reports that a last warning was given to clear properties in Nyabugogo in an area gazetted as a wetland.
  • Imvaho Nshya reports on the Ellen Fund’s announcement that the gorilla conservation centre will be completed in late September 2021.
  • Kigali Today reports that there is a need for bridge construction to help students and salespeople in Nyamagabe.
  • The New Times reports on ten environmental stories that made headlines in 2020.


Upcoming events 

  • 11 January 2021: High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People Ministerial High-Level Event
  • 12 January 2021: One Planet Summit


Kibangu: Ibikorwa remezo byagejejweho amashanyarazi, abo mu nkengero zabyo ntarabageraho (Umuseke - Monday, 11 January 2020) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Umurenge wa Kibangu buvuga ko abafite umuriro w’amashanyarazi ari 2,7% Sosiyete ishinzwe Ingufu (REG) ishami rya Muhanga, ikavuga ko igiye kongera umubare w’abafite umuriro mu bice by’icyaro. Read More
Covid-19: Govt moves to collect, incinerate PPEs (The New Times - Monday, 11 January 2020) -- The Director of Environmental Regulations and Pollution Control at REMA, Jacques Nsengiyumva, says that as soon the guidelines were issued, his institution embarked on a countrywide exercise to sensitise the masses on how best they can protect themselves and their environment. Read More
Basanga imicungire mibi y’uburobyi muri Ruhondo ari yo ntadaro z’umusaruro muke (RBA - Sunday, 10 January 2020) -- Umusaruro w'uburobyi mu kiyaga cya Ruhondo ni iyanga. Abarobyi batunga urutoki ibikoresho bidahagije ariko hari abandi bemeza ko ubuke bw’umusaruro, imvano ari  imicungire idahwitse y’uburobyi buhakorerwa. Read More   
Heavy rains damage crops, injure seven across Rwanda (The New Times - Saturday, 9 January 2020) -- Heavy rains on Thursday, January 7 destroyed crops, infrastructure and injured seven people across the country. Read More
Disputes threaten to derail Mpazi drainage project (The New Times - Friday, 8 January 2020) -- The expansion of Mpazi drainage, which is meant to control flooding in Nyabugogo business area, continues to stir controversy between property owners and the City of Kigali. Read More
Kigali City Businesswoman Given Last Warning To Clear Properties In Wetland (KT Press - Thursday, 7 January 2021) -- Kigali city engineer on Thursday gave last warning to the wife of late Gaspard Mirimo to clear commercial properties established in Nyabugogo an area allegedly gazetted as a wetland. Read More
Bugesera: Watermelon Farmers are suffering loss after the crop failed their soil (Top Africa News - Thursday, 7 January 2021) -- Watermelon farmers in Bugesera District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda have suffered a loss after the seeds they planted were unproductive yet they had already lost a lot and asked the government to rescue them from the encountered loss. Read More
Ikigo cyitiriwe Ellen DeGeneres mu Rwanda kizatangira muri Nzeri (Imvaho Nshya - Wednesday, 6 January 2021) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Ikigega The Ellen Fund cyashinzwe n’Umuherwe w’Umunyamerika Ellen DeGeneres, cyatangaje ko imirimo yo kubaka ikigo kigamije kubungabunga ingagi zo mu birunga by’u Rwanda kirimbanyije ndetse kizaba cyuzuye bitarenze mu mpera za Nzeri 2021. Read More
Nyamagabe: Bifuza ikiraro abanyeshuri n’abarema isoko bajya bambukiraho (Kigali Today - Wednesday, 6 January 2021) -- Abatuye n’abaturiye agasantere ka Rwondo mu Murenge wa Nkomane mu Karere ka Nyamagabe, barifuza ko akagezi ka Kabavu baturiye kashyirwaho ikiraro gikomeye ahambukira abanyeshuri ndetse n’abarema isoko. Read More
Nyamagabe: Ingano zirimo kubapfira ubusa! Uruganda rwazo ntirugikora (RBA - Wednesday, 6 January 2021) -- Abahinzi b’ingano bazihinga mu misozi miremire y’Ubunyambiriri bahangayikishijwe n’uko uruganda rwa Gitare Mills ruherereye mu murenge wa Tare mu karere ka Nyamagabe rutunganya ingano rudakora. Read More
Ku giciro cya Mazutu hazamutseho Frw 39 naho Essence kiyongereho Frw 11 (Umuseke - Wednesday, 6 January 2021) -- Urwego rw’Igihugu Ngenzura Mikorere (RURA) rwatangaje ko igiciro gishya cy’ibikomoka kuri peteroli (essence) kizatangira kubahirizwa kuri uyu wa Kane, litiro imwe ari Frw 987. Read More
Ten environmental stories that made headlines in 2020 (The New Times - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- The New Times has compiled ten environmental stories that made the biggest headlines in the country, from forests management, wetland protection, and waste management to air pollution control. Read More
Economic impact of disasters in 2020 (The New Times - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- Amid the effects of Covid-19 pandemic in Rwanda and the world in general, disasters worsened the situation further consequently leaving behind economic consequences. Read More
2020: Ubuhinzi bwinjije miriyari 419 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda (Imvaho Nshya - Monday, 4 January 2021) -- Mu mwaka wa 2020 Ikigo cy’Igihugu cy’Ibarurishamibare mu Rwanda (NISR) cyashyize ahagaragara raporo igaragaza ko ubuhinzi bwinjije amafaranga y’u Rwanda miliyari 419, umusaruro uzamukaho 5% bijyanye no kwiyongera k’ubuso buhingwa no guhuza ubutaka. Read More
Sector Updates
Kayonza: Police arrest three suspected mineral thieves (Rwanda National Police - Monday, 4 January) -- Police in Kayonza District, on Sunday, January 3, arrested three suspected illegal mineral dealers with 28kgs of cassiterite mineral. Read More
Across Africa 
Kenya faces $62bn bill to mitigate climate-linked hunger, drought, and conflict (The Guardian - Friday, 8 January 2021) -- Kenya needs $62bn (£46bn) to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis in the next 10 years, according to a government document sent to the UN framework convention on climate change. It equates to almost 67% of Kenya’s GDP. Read More
Why the world's biggest mammal migration is crucial for Africa (The Guardian - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- Like other wildlife protectors, he puts his life on the line every day. But not every animal needing protection is a big beast. Following the incident in 2002 in a park bordering Angola, Mubiana was transferred to Kasanka national park in central Zambia, where he now protects one of nature’s mysteries – and the biggest mammal migration in the world – from poachers and land encroachment. Read More
Satellite alerts help fight illegal logging across Africa (Global Times - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- A system using satellite data to send free alerts when trees are destroyed has been linked to a significant drop in forest losses in Africa, researchers and academics said on Monday. Read More
Plastic cutlery: needlessly adding to the throwaway plastic scourge (Times Live - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- Consumer pressure, driven by environmental concerns, forced the hospitality industry to rethink the plastic straw - but another form of single-use plastic is still being served up in massive numbers daily. Read More
From Around the World
Kathmandu air pollution hits record high (Nepali Times - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- inter inversion, vehicular emission, wildfires, and cross-border industrial pollution have combined to give Kathmandu Valley the worst air quality among cities in the world this week, adding to the risk of respiratory complications for Covid-19 patients. Read More
Photos from the field: zooming in on Australia’s hidden world of exquisite mites, snails, and beetles (The Conversation - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- Australia’s terrestrial invertebrate multitude contains several hundred thousand uniquely Australian organisms. Most remain poorly known. Read More
Cities around world will see humidity fall due to climate crisis, study finds (The Independent - Tuesday, 5 January 2021) -- Cities across the world will see a near-universal drop in humidity by the end of the century due to the climate crisis, according to a new study. Read More
Managing India’s urban transition in 2021 (Observer Research Foundation - Monday, 4 January 2021) -- In 2021, India’s imperatives include uplifting the lives of marginalised populations, creating mechanisms for people’s participation in civic affairs, and controlling population growth. Read More
Twitter Highlights
1. Faustin Munyazikwiye @FaustinMUNYAZIK: Ten environmental stories that made headlines in 2020 @REMA_Rwanda @EnvironmentRw @GreenFundRw @RwandaWater @MeteoRwanda
2. Rwanda Water Resources Board @RwandaWater: One of the environmental stories of 2020: Amid the #COVID19 crisis, 8,000 jobs were created in the Embedding Water Resources Management in Rwanda & #Sebeya Landscape Restoration Pilot Project (EWMR & SLRPP) worth Rwf22bn to curb floods into #Sebeya River.
3. Ministry of Infrastructure | Rwanda @RwandaInfra: The Cabinet meeting of 4 January 2021 approved the draft law approving the ratification of the finance contract between #Rwanda and the European Investment Bank (@EIB) for energy development, signed in Kigali, Rwanda, and in Luxembourg on 23 Dec. 2020.
4. City of Kigali @CityofKigali: Dukomeje kubasobanurira inyito z'imikoreshereze y'ubutaka mu gishushanyombonera cy'Umujyi wa #Kigali. Ikibanza iyo kiri muri C1 bisobanuye ko kiri ahagenewe kubakwa inyubako zikomatanyije (Mixed use), zigakorerwamo ubucuruzi, zikanaturwamo @Rwanda_Housing @RwandaInfra #Kigali.