Green Rwanda Media Review - 12 August 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world


  • Igihe and the New Times report that SteelRwa has been closed by REMA due to air pollution concerns.
  • The New Times reports that Rwanda is keen on cutting waste to zero as part of a new push to foster the circular economy in the country.
  • CNBC Africa reports about how the circular economy presents opportunities for Rwanda.
  • The New Times reports that three Rwandan park rangers have won continental accolades.
  • Cooling Post reports that South Africa has ratified the Kigali Amendment.
  • Afrik21 reports on how Bboxx is diversifying with the launch of biogas and LPG cooking products.
  • Reuters reports that Singapore will end its domestic ivory trade in 2021. 

Upcoming Events

  • 19-20 August: 2nd International Conference on Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, London
  • 21-22 August: 7th World Congress on Earth and Environmental Science Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
  • 24 August: Akagera Rhino Velo Race 2019, Eastern Province Rwanda
  • 2-3 September: 6th World Conference on Climate Change Berlin, Germany
  • 6 September: Gorilla Naming Ceremony, Rwanda
  • 8-9 September: Business of Conservation Conference by ALU and RDB, Kigali
  • 14-15 September: 6th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Recycling Seoul, South Korea
  • 17-30 September: UN General Assembly, New York
  • 23 September: UN Secretary-General's Climate Action Summit, New York
  • 23-29 September: World Green Building Week 2019
  • 1-31 October: Urban October 2019
  • 7 October: World Habitat Day 2019
  • 8 October: 2019 WTO Public forum, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 31 October: World Cities Day 2019


Shira amatsiko ku mibereho y’Inkima zo mu Birunga zisangiye amateka na Richard Kandt (Amafoto) (Igihe - Saturday, 10 August 2019) -- U Rwanda ni igihugu gitatswe n’ibyiza byinshi birimo ahantu n’ibyiza nyaburanga bikunzwe n’abakerarugendo. Muri ibyo harimo Inkima zifite ibara rya Zahabu (Golden Monkies) ziba muri Pariki y’Ibirunga. Read More

Gasabo-Ndera: Umuturage yagwiriwe n’ikirombe arapfa (Umuseke - Saturday, 10 August 2019) -- Umugabo utuye mu mudugudu wa Kasekiromba, Akagari ka Bwiza, umurenge wa Ndera mu Karere ka Gasabo witwa Muhutu yagwiriwe n’ikirombe bacukuramo amabuye muri iki gitondo ahita apfa. Ngo abaye uwa gatutu wishwe n’ikirombe mu mezi atanu ashize. Read More

Rwamagana: Uruganda rwa SteelRwa rwafunzwe kubera imyuka ihumanya ikirere (Igihe - Friday, 9 August 2019) -- Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe kubungabunga ibidukikije, REMA, cyafunze uruganda rwa SteelRwa rukorera mu Karere ka Rwamagana nyuma yo gusanga imyuka rusohora ihumanya ikirere. Read More. Also published in The New Times

Rwanda keen on cutting waste to zero (The New Times - Friday, 9 August 2019) -- Rwanda’s environment protection efforts have the potential to transform it from a linear to circular economy, characterised by minimal industrial waste as well as resource efficiency, officials have said. Read More

A ‘wooden Rwanda’ for climate change mitigation? (The New Times - Thursday, 8 August 2019) -- Ethiopians certainly broke a climatic record the other day. On a voluntary basis, they planted 350 million tree-seedlings in a single day! It’s a feat that none else has conquered. Read More

Circular economy presents opportunities for Rwanda (CNBC Africa - Thursday, 8 August 2019) -- The inaugural National Circular Economy Forum (NCEF) that happened together brought together key stakeholders to harness the opportunities that lie in the circular economy and explore how they can support Rwanda’s green growth. Watch Video

Three Rwandan park rangers win continental accolades (The New Times - Thursday, 8 August 2019) -- Rwandans including Leonidas Mpumuje, Anthony Nzuki and Jean Nepomuscene Musekura are among the 50 park rangers to be recognised in this year’s African Rangers Awards slated scheduled for November 15, 2019 in Accra, Ghana. Read More. Also published in Igihe

Abahumeka imyotsi y’imodoka, iy’inganda n’ibikoni bagereranywa n’abanywi b’itabi (Kigali Today - Wednesday, 7 August 2019) -- Abakora mu nganda zitumura ibintu bitandukanye, abapolisi n’abagenzi bahora batumurirwaho imyuka y’imodoka ku mihanda, hamwe n’abakora mu bikoni bitekesha inkwi n’amakara, bashyirwa mu bafite ibyago bikabije byo kwandura indwara z’ubuhumekero. Read More

South Africa ratifies Kigali Amendment (Cooling Post - Wednesday, 7 August 2019) -- Ratification of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol has provided a significant boost to South Africa’s environmental efforts. South Africa’s ratification lifts the number of countries who have backed efforts to cut the production and consumption of HFCs to 76. Read More

Momentum for Change Report Showcases Practical, Replicable, Scalable Climate Solutions (International Institute for Sustainable Development - Tuesday, 6 August 2019) -- The UNFCCC Secretariat’s Momentum for Change initiative released a report featuring the 15 winners of the 2018 Global Climate Action Award. The winners represent examples of diverse climate solutions that the expert advisory panel recognizes as “practical, scalable and replicable” examples of what individuals, governments, industries and businesses are doing to address climate change. Read More

Bboxx becomes diversified with the launch of biogas and LPG cooking (Afrik21 - Monday, 5 August 2019) -- Cooking in an environmentally friendly way using biogas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will no longer be a luxury. It is a commitment from ” Bboxx Cook “, a tailor-made cooking solution, providing clean cooking services in urban and rural areas. The new ecological find was launched by Bboxx, a startup developing innovative product services for a greener world, on July 19, 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. Read More


Sector Updates

Photos: National Circular Economy Forum in Rwanda (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Thursday, 8 August 2019) -- Rwanda, through the Ministry of Environment and partners, will host the inaugural National Circular Economy Forum with key stakeholders, including the private sector, to harness the opportunities that lie in the circular economy and explore how they can support green growth in the country. The forum will take place on 8 August 2019 at Marriott Hotel in Kigali. View Photos

Rwanda to hold first-ever National Circular Economy Forum (Rwanda Green Fund - Wednesday, 7 August 2019) -- Rwanda, through the Ministry of Environment and partners, will host the inaugural National Circular Economy Forum with key stakeholders, including the private sector, to harness the opportunities that lie in the circular economy and explore how they can support the country’s green growth. The forum will take place on 8 August 2019 at the Marriott Hotel in Kigali. Read More. Also published at The Ministry of Environment.

U Rwanda rugiye gutangiza Ihuriro Nyarwanda Rigamije Guteza Imbere Ubukungu Bwisubira (Rwanda Green Fund - Thursday, 8 August 2019) -- Ku nshuro ya mbere, u Rwanda ruzagira Ihuriro Rigamije Guteza Imbere Ubukungu Bwisubira (National Circular Economy Forum) ku rwego rw’igihugu. Iri huriro ryateguwe na Minisiteri y’Ibidukikije n’abafatanyabikorwa bayo, barimo abikorera, rigamije kureba neza amahirwe aboneka mu kubyaza umusaruro ibikoresho byamaze gukoreshwa bikongera gukoreshwa ibindi n’uburyo ibi byafasha igihugu kurushaho guteza imbere ubukungu butangiza ibidukikije mu Rwanda binyuze mu gukoresha ibintu inshuro nyinshi no kubinagura. Read More


Across Africa

5 Things About Biodiversity In Rwanda & Congo (The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International - Friday, 9 August 2019) -- Biodiversity is crucial in conserving any ecosystem to ensure natural sustainability. Biodiversity is a term that describes the richness and variability in species and ecosystems within an area. Changes in biodiversity, through habitat loss, hunting or the introduction of invasive species, can have serious consequences for the preservation of an ecosystem. Read More

Plastic, plastic everywhere but not for African recyclers (East Africa - Friday, 9 August 2019) -- A sea of crumpled bottles spills across the courtyard of Lucy Luo Minghui’s new $44 million plastic recycling factory in Nairobi, where plastic waste litters roadsides and clogs rivers. Yet, she can’t get enough to sustain her business. Read More

Ghana: 2019/2020 Bushfire Prevention Campaign Launched (All Africa - Wednesday, 7 August 2019) -- About 20,000 fire volunteers are to be trained with practical skills to augment the efforts of the Ghana National Fire Service, the Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO), Semekor Kwaku Fiadzo has said. Speaking at a stakeholders meeting for the launch of the 2019/2020 bushfire prevention campaign, the DCFO said the move was aimed at reducing bush fires to the barest minimum. Read More

In Botswana, elephant hunting divides opinion (Aljazeera - Tuesday, 6 August 2019) -- In the middle of June, armed with a pellet gun, Ngakaemang Ray Chombo found an elephant rustling about his farm in Tutume, a village on Botswana's eastern borderland, 50km from Zimbabwe. Read More

Face up to the severity of the climate crisis (The Guardian - Tuesday, 6 August 2019) -- John Vidal hit the nail on the head by linking Meghan and Harry’s choice to limit their family size for the sake of the climate to the lack of access many women globally have to services that would enable them to make the same choice (Having kids is bad for the planet. So are the royal jets, 1 August). Read More


From Around the World

Singapore to ban domestic elephant ivory trade from 2021 (Reuters - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- Singapore will ban the domestic trade in ivory from September 2021, the government said on Monday, shutting the door to an important end-market for poached elephant ivory. Read more

Hitting clean air targets 'could stop 67,000 child asthma cases a year (The Guardian - Thursday, 8 August 2019) -- Almost 67,000 new cases of asthma in children across 18 European countries could be prevented every year if levels of tiny particulates polluting the air are cut to recommended levels, research suggests. Read More

Indonesia's capital curbs private cars in bid to cut choking pollution (Reuters - Wednesday, 7 August 2019) -- Indonesia's capital curbs private cars in bid to cut choking pollution. Read More

CBA joins global push to limit emissions by cutting coal exposure by 2030 (Reuters - Wednesday, 7 August 2019) -- Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA.AX) became the latest company to join a global push to reduce emissions and said it would phase out its exposure to thermal coal or power plants by 2030. Read More