Green Rwanda Media Review - 12 March 2018

Summary ​

  • Watch President Kagame address participants at the International Solar Alliance ​in India​ ​
  • Rwanda National Police report that over 50 kilograms of stolen minerals have been recovered
  • The New Times writes that the Ministry of Environment has launched natural capital accounts for land
  • Igihe reports that researchers from University of Birmingham are in Rwanda to advise on reducing firewood use over health concerns
  • The Guardian writes that gorilla sanctuary workers in DRC have been kidnapped by militia
  • View and download photos of Natural Capital Accounting Land Report Launch on the Ministry of Environment Flickr page


Review Rwanda

Kagame: Solar energy is a solution to climate change (The New Times - Monday 12 March 2018) --- President Paul Kagame has called for increased adoption of solar energy saying that it’s part of the answer to climate change. Read more

Green drinks community: Where friends of the environment meet (The New Times - Sunday 11 March 2018) -- Green Drinks is a community of people interested in sustainability and environmental issues, who meet once a month for drinks and a conversation about a chosen topic of interest. Read more

Government harmonises fees for veterinary services (The New Times - Sunday 11 March 2018) --- The government has harmonised fees charged by veterinary doctors, a move that, according to Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors, will address issues where each veterinarian was setting their own prices. Read more

Watchdog calls for transparency in climate change resilience projects (The New Times - Saturday 10 March 2018) -- There is need for proper planning and monitoring of projects meant to adapt and mitigate climate change effects in the country in order to ensure intended results. Officials said this during the launch of findings on citizen report card on climate change finance projects on Friday​ ​in Kigali. Read More

Abagore batanu bashimiwe uruhare rwabo mu micungire myiza y’Umutungo kamere w’amazi (Igihe - Friday 9 March 2018) -- Abagore batanu batuye mu Karere ka Muhanga bagaragaje imikoreshereze myiza y’umutungo kamere w’amazi mu mirimo yabo ya buri munsi, babiherewe ibihembo mu birori byahuriranye no kwizihiza Umunsi Mpuzamahanga wahariwe Umugore byabereye mu Murenge wa Shyogwe. Read More

Stolen minerals recovered (Rwanda National Police - Friday 9 March 2018) -- Police in Kigali have recovered over 50 kilogrammes of cassiterite minerals stolen from Rutongo Mines Company. The minerals were stolen from the concession in Rulindo District, recently. They were recovered from the suspected thief on March 7, in Jabana Sector Gasabo District. Read more

Kigali ripe for an animal sanctuary (The New Times - Friday 9 March 2018) -- The other day a friend from the 1980s, when we lived in Kenya, was telling me about an idea he wanted to try out in Kigali in 1998 and how he shelved it, when it met resistance. Read more

Rwanda Launches First Natural Capital Account For Land (Taarifa - Wednesday 7 March 2018) -- Rwanda has began using Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) as a tool to measure and integrate natural resource wealth and assets into the country’s national development planning process. Read more

New capital account eases access to land information (The New Times - Wednesday 7 March 2018) -- A new report detailing information on land use in Rwanda was launched yesterday in Kigali. Read more

Abashakashatsi ba Kaminuza ya Birmingham bagiye gufasha Abanyarwanda kwirinda umwotsi uterwa n’inkwi (Igihe - Monday 5 March 2018) -- Abashakashatsi bo muri Kaminuza ya Birmingham mu Bwongereza barimo gukora ubushakashatsi ku bibazo by’ubuzima abanyarwanda bashobora guhura nabyo kubera gutekesha amakara n’inkwi bizana imyotsi. Read more

Kigali The Cleanest City: But Do You Know What It Takes? (KT Press - Sunday 4 March 2018) --- Mid last year, Primary school children were crossing a road in the busy Kicukiro ‘Centre’ area in the capital Kigali. Read more


Across Africa

DR Congo signs new mining law despite companies' opposition (BBC - Saturday 10 March 2018) -- The Democratic Republic of Congo has moved to increase taxes on mining firms and increase government royalties from the industry despite fierce opposition from international mining companies. Read more

Rwanda, Tanzania plan electric powered trains for cross-border railway (Xinhua - Friday 09 March 2018) -- The design for the cross-border Isaka-Kigali standard gauge railway has been changed from previously agreed diesel-powered trains to electric locomotives, Rwanda and Tanzania transport ministers announced here on Friday. Read more

Study predicts wildlife of Africa's Albertine Rift will be threatened by climate change (Phys Org - Friday 9 March 2018) -- A new study by scientists from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and other groups predicts that the effects of climate change will severely impact the Albertine Rift, one of Africa's most biodiverse regions and a place not normally associated with global warming. Read more

Gorilla sanctuary workers in eastern DRC kidnapped by militia (The Guardian - Wednesday 7 March 2018) -- Eighteen employees of a gorilla sanctuary in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo have been abducted by a militia group, sources have said. Read more


From Around the World

Greenpeace responds to HFOs study (Ammonia 21 - Thursday 8 March 2018) -- Janos Maté, a senior consultant in the political business unit of Greenpeace, has been a campaigner for more environmentally friendly refrigerants since 1992. In 2010, he received the EPA Montreal Protocol Award for his work to protect the ozone layer and the climate. Read more

Arctic has warmest winter on record: 'It's just crazy, crazy stuff' (The Guardian - Tuesday 6 March 2018) -- The Arctic winter has ended with news that is worrying even the scientists who watch the effects of climate change closely. Read more

UN expert calls for global recognition of the right to safe and healthy environment (OHCHR - Monday 5 March 2018) -- It is high time that the international community recognized the human right to a healthy environment, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, John H. Knox, said on Monday. Read More


Sector Updates

President Kagame delivers remarks at the International Solar Alliance in New Delhi, India (Paul Kagame YouTube - Sunday 11 March 2018) -- Watch Here

Rwanda receives $32.8 million grant from Green Climate Fund to strengthen climate resilience in Gicumbi District (Ministry of Environment - Saturday 11 March 2018) -- The Government of Rwanda, through the Ministry of Environment, has received a grant of US $32.8 million from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to increase the resilience of communities vulnerable to climate change in Gicumbi District, Northern Province. The project will directly support 150,000 residents, as well as provide wider benefits to more than 380,000 people. This ground-breaking project is one of the largest ever investments in Rwanda’s green development and will run for six years. Read More

Remarks by Minister Vincent Biruta at Launch of Citizen Report Card on Climate Change Finance Projects in Rwanda (Ministry of Environment - Friday 9 March 2018) -- It is important that the Government of Rwanda work with key stakeholders like Transparency International Rwanda to confirm that climate finance resources are oriented to where they are most needed and make great impact. Read More

Water for Growth Awards - Women Champions (Water for Growth - Thursday 8 March 2018) -- Water for Growth Rwanda joins the world today to celebrate International Women’s Day by awarding five women who have shown outstanding practices that promote Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Read more

Rwanda launches first Natural Capital Account for Land (Ministry of Environment - Tuesday 6 March 2018) -- Today the Minister of Environment, the PS of Lands and Forestry and the Director General of the National Institute for Statistics Rwanda launched Rwanda’s first Natural Capital Account for Land. Read more

Remarks by Minister Biruta at Natural Capital Accounting Land Report Launch (Ministry of Environment - Tuesday 6 March 2018) -- Good morning to you all! I am delighted to be here with you for this important workshop to present Rwanda’s first Natural Capital Account for Land. Together with my colleagues from MINILAF, MINECOFIN and NISR, we are pleased to make this document official and share the results with the public. Read more

Rwanda Natural Capital Accounts - Land (Ministry of Environment - Tuesday 6 March 2018) -- View and Download File Natural Capital Accounting Land Report Launch (Ministry of Environment - Tuesday 6 March 2018) -- On 6 March 2018, the Minister of Environment, the Permanent Secretary of Lands and Forestry and the Director General of the National Institute for Statistics Rwanda launched Rwanda’s first Natural Capital Account for Land. View Photos


Upcoming Events

6-27 March: REMA led countrywide training of Environmental Committees on their responsibilities and current environmental issues (6-7 March: Gisagara, 8-9 March: Huye, 13-14 March: Burera, 15-16 March: Musanze, 27-28 March: Bugesera)

13 March: Green Drinks Kigali on the Water, Food, Energy Nexus at Impact Hub 7pm

14th March: PSC meeting for Water for Growth Rwanda

14-15 March: World Water Week Media Tour to Upper Nyabarongo Catchment

18th March: Water Walk on Car free Sunday

18-24 March: World Water Week 19-20 March: Gender Summit 14 - Africa “Climate Change through the Gender Lens: Focus on Africa” 1

9-21 March: Sustainable Energy Forum

22 March: World Water Day 20 March: Rwanda Cooling Initiative

21 March: Africa Cooling Conference

21 March: International Day of Forests

23 March: World Meteorological Day

26-28 March: Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering 2018 - "Africa's Low Carbon Circular Economy' Plenary Session