Green Rwanda Media Review - 12 October 2020

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • RDB and African Parks announced the signing of an agreement for the long term protection of Nyungwe National Park.
  • The New Times reported that revised land transfer fees are set to be introduced in December 2020.
  • The New Times, Bloomberg, and other outlets reported that African Parks is set to manage Nyungwe National Park for 20 years.
  • Igihe reported on what can be done to prevent face masks from damaging the environment.
  • The New Times reported that plant-based diets can halt further climate change.
  • Rwanda National Police reported that residents have been warned against degrading forests.

Upcoming events

  • 28 September - 30 October: Rwanda's African Mobility Month. More Here
  • 12 October: 9th Environmental Science And Pollution Control Congress
  • 13 October: International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • 13 October: Webinar on Waste Management hosted by REMA and RSB. Tune in at 8:30am here.
  • 15 October: Rwandan and Italian B2B exchanges. Join here
  • 22 October: ENR Backward Joint Sector Review Meeting
  • 23 October: Launch of Rwanda’s 2020 Forest Planting Season and ‘Green Mayaga’ Forest Landscape Restoration Project
  • 31 October: 17th World Congress on Recycling and E-waste Management
  • 18 November: Global Summit on Climate Change



Rwandan researcher joins global science body (The New Times - Monday, 12 October 2020) -- He said that the development has commonly been used in various aspects that include exploring the chemical universe of living systems, and decoding metabolic circuits that govern biological processes in a specific environment. Read More

Nyamasheke: Abahinzi bakorewe amaterasi bahize kongera umusaruro (Agro News - Sunday, 11 October 2020) -- Abahinga mu bice by’imisozi mu Karere ka Nyamasheke bakorewe amaterasi y’indinganire baravuga ko bari bayanyotewe, kuko aho yaciwe mbere babonaga yera kurusha guhinga aho atari. Read More

Waste from solar energy products an environment hazard - experts (The New Times - Sunday, 11 October 2020) -- There is a need for urgent action by all stakeholders to devise mechanisms to collect, dispose and recycle wastes from solar products that are on the rise, environmentalists have said. Read More

Nyagatare: Ikiraro gihuza Karama na Tabagwe cyacitse nticyahagaritse ubuhahirane (Kigali Today - Saturday, 10 October 2020) -- Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w’Umurenge wa Karama, Habineza Longin, avuga ko gucika kw’ikiraro cya Kabuga bitahagaritse ubuhahirane hagati y’abaturage b’Umurenge wa Karama n’uwa Tabagwe. Read More

Ibintu icumi ukwiye kumenya kuri Nyiragongo, ikirunga gifite ikiyaga gihora gitogota (Igihe - Saturday, 10 October 2020) -- Ubushakashatsi buheruka kugaragaza ko ikirunga cya Nyiragongo gishobora kongera kuruka hagati y’imyaka ine n’irindwi iri imbere, ibintu byazamuye impungenge ko bishobora kugira ingaruka ku bantu barenga miliyoni ebyiri batuye mu nkengero z’iki kirunga, cyane cyane mu Mujyi wa Goma n’uwa Rubavu mu Rwanda. Read More

What is being done to end food waste in Rwanda? (The New Times - Saturday, 10 October 2020) -- As suggested by a recent diagnostic led by World Bank experts, Rwanda could save up to 12 per cent of its annual GDP and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16 per cent if the country could cut down food loss and wastage along the value chain. Read More

Ingufu za Nyiramugengeri zizatuma u Rwanda rurenza MW300 (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday, 8 October 2020) -- U Rwanda rukomeje guharanira kwesa umuhigo wo kuba rwacaniye Abanyarwanda ku kigero cya 100% bitarenze mu mwaka wa 2024, ndetse kuwesa ntibikiri inzozi. Read More

Parliament calls for expedition of works to upgrade Nduba landfill (The New Times - Thursday, 8 October 2020) -- The Chamber of Deputies has directed the Ministry of Infrastructure to come up with a roadmap of activities to construct the Nduba Modern Landfill, the budget it will take, as well as submit quarterly progress reports on the execution of the project. Read More

Beneficiaries of free housing schemes should be exempted from property tax - Environment Minister says (RBA - Wednesday, 7 October 2020) -- Minister of Environment Dr Jeanne D'Arc Mujawamariya has said that beneficiaries of free housing schemes should be exempted from paying property tax. Read More

Rwanda, African Parks commit to long-term protection of Nyungwe National Park (African Parks - Wednesday, 7 October 2020) -- Kigali, Rwanda: The Government of Rwanda and conservation non-profit African Parks announced Wednesday, October 7th the signing of a new 20-year agreement for Nyungwe National Park, a commitment which will ensure the sustainable management of the largest expanse of forest in the country. Read More

African Parks to manage Nyungwe park for 20 years (The New Times - Wednesday, 7 October 2020) --The Government has entered a 20-year agreement with African Parks to manage and conserve Nyungwe National Park, the largest expanse of forest in the country, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) said on Wednesday. Read More. Also published in Imvaho Nshya, Bloomberg, and Igihe

Land transfer fees under review (The New Times - Wednesday, 7 October 2020) -- The Minister of Environment has pledged to the Parliament that the revised land transfer fees will be introduced in December 2020. Read More

EDITORIAL: Financial players should consider alternative agriculture financing approaches (The New Times - Wednesday, 7 October 2020) -- Agriculture sector has become one of those economic opportunities that while most think there exist opportunities, few are willing to play in them. This is true, especially among financial sector players. Read More

Hari gukorwa iki ngo Coronavirus nirangira udupfukamunwa ntituzangize ibidukikije? (IGIHE - Tuesday, 6 October 2020) -- Minisitiri w’Ibidukikije, Dr. Mujawamariya Jeanne d’Arc, yabwiye Abadepite ko hari kwigwa uburyo bunoze buzatuma ubwo Coronavirus izaba irangiye, udupfukamunwa tutazateza ingorane zo kwangiza ibidukikije kuko ari twinshi mu gihugu kandi tukaba tutabora. Read More

Plant-based diets can halt further climate change (The New Times - Tuesday, 6 October 2020) -- The term vegan was initially coined by Donald Watson, a British man who was one of the founders of the original Vegan Society in 1944. Veganism is the ethical practice of avoiding as much as possible any cruelty towards non-human animals. Read More

Covid-19 affected vegetable farmers to get seed subsidies (The New Times - Tuesday, 6 October 2020) -- JICA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources signed an agreement aimed at providing quality vegetable seeds worth US$950,000 (about Rwf900 million) to Rwandan farmers to ease the impact of Covid-19 on vegetable production. Read More

Five highlights in draft law on genetic resources (The New Times - Monday, 5 October 2020) -- On September 25, 2020, the cabinet approved the draft law governing biological diversity and wildlife that is about to be discussed in parliament. Read More


Sector Updates

Rwanda, African Parks commit to long-term protection of Nyungwe National Park (RDB - Wednesday, 7 October 2020) -- The Government of Rwanda and conservation non-profit African Parks announced Wednesday, October 7th the signing of a new 20-year agreement for Nyungwe National Park, a commitment which will ensure the sustainable management of the largest expanse of forest in the country. Read More

Gatsibo: Police warn against degrading forests (Rwanda National Police - Tuesday, 6 October 2020) -- Police in Gatsibo District have warned communities residing around the protected forests against any practices that destroy the forests. Read More

New equipment to boost Rwanda’s capacity to enhance greenhouse gas inventory related data on Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (FAO Rwanda - Tuesday, 6 October 2020) -- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) handed over a batch of computers to Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) to facilitate land use and land use change monitoring in Rwanda. Read More

Video: Uruhare rw’ Urubyiruko mu Kubungabunga Ibidukikije Bahanga Udushya n’ Ikoranabukanga (REMA Youtube Channel - Monday, 5 October 2020) -- Our Environment, Our Future. Watch Video


Across Africa

Insights into land degradation from 7 African countries (The Citizen - Tuesday, 6 October 2020) -- Land is essential to our lives - we grow food on it and rely on it for economic growth and development. In sub-Saharan Africa approximately 83 percent of people depend directly on land for survival. Read More

Meet all-female wildlife protection team (Nation - Tuesday, 6 October 2020) -- The putrid stench of a dead lion, killed by poachers, wafting from the forest would sicken young Eunice Maantei as she was growing up in Imurutot, a village bordering the expansive Amboseli National Park. So did the unpleasant smell of charcoal burning deep inside the forest. Read More

Africa strives to contain wildlife poaching worsened by COVID-19 (CGTN - Monday, 5 October 2020) -- As the world grapples with COVID-19, conservationists in Africa are striving to contain rising wildlife poaching, which has been worsened by the pandemic. Read More


From Around the World

What’s Green, Soggy and Fights Climate Change? (The New York Times - Friday, 9 October 2020) -- You might be surprised: Protecting peat bogs could help the world avert the worst effects of global warming, a new study has found. Read More

How Architects Can Ease the Global Housing Crisis (Borgen Magazine - Friday, 9 October 2020) -- According to the United Nations, more than 1.6 billion people live in inadequate housing, including slums and informal settlements. Densely packed and increasingly gentrified urban spaces have created a global housing crisis. Read More

Now on Netflix: David Attenborough’s disappearing wilderness (Grist - Wednesday, 7 October 2020) -- For decades, David Attenborough’s soft, rumbling voice took us on tours of the pristine wilderness. If you watched BBC blockbusters like Planet Earth (2006) or Blue Planet (2001), you would have been excused for thinking that nature was doing better than ever. Read More

Agriculture’s Achilles’ Heel: Water Insecurity Is the Greatest Threat to Sustaining Global Food Production (New Security Beat - Monday, 5 October 2020) -- Simply put, without water there is no food. Global food and nutritional security require resilient agricultural systems, which depend on reliable and sustainable supplies of fresh water, whether from rainfall or irrigation. Read More