Green Rwanda Media Review - 13 July 2020

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world. 


  • Time Magazine reports that 2020 is our last, best chance to save the planet and shares updates on Rwanda's climate action plan.
  • UNEP and Science Business report that a Centre of Excellence for cooling in Rwanda aims to support African farmers and rural communities.
  • Rwanda TV reports that the Government embarked on a terracing project along flood-prone River Sebeya to control damages.
  • The New Times reports that Rwanda’s green energy sector could create 31,000 jobs annually.
  • Kigali Today reports about Umusambi Village, a sanctuary for grey-crowned cranes.
  • Rwanda National Police reports that 13 people were arrested over environmental degradation in Karongi.

Upcoming events

  • 13 July: Webinar: Green Economy & COVID-19 Recovery: Implications for the Decade of Action. Organised by UNEP. More Here
  • 13 July: Webinar: Resetting the SDGs in a post-COVID-19 world. More Here
  • 20-21 July: Webinar: 10th World Convention on Recycling and Waste Management. More Here
  • 31 July: World Ranger Day
  • 10 August: World Lion Day
  • 12 August: World Elephant Day


Multibillion dams to curb floods in Western Province (The New Times - Saturday, 11 July 2020) -- Next month, engineers will embark on works to construct different dams in Rubavu District so as to curtail severe floods that are caused by the Sebeya River. Read More

Government embarks on terrace project along flood-prone River Sebeya to control damages (Rwanda TV - Saturday, 11 July 2020) -- Watch Video

Ikibazo cy’umugezi wa Sebeya kizaba ari amateka mu 2022 (Igihe - Saturday, 11 July 2020) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Umutungo Kamere w’Amazi mu Rwanda (RWB) bwatangaje ko ibibazo by’ibiza Umugezi wa Sebeya uteza bigasenya inzu z’abaturage, bigiye gucyemuka mu myaka ibiri iri imbere. Read More

New drive to curb imminent floods via rainwater harvesting (The New Times - Friday, 10 July 2020) -- Considering that only 14.5 percent of household in the country have rainwater management systems, the Ministry of Environment has embarked on a campaign that compels all public, residential, and industrial buildings to harvest and manage rainwater in a bid to curb floods. Read More

Imyaka itatu irashira Sebeya itagiteza ibiza (Kigali Today - Friday, 10 July 2020) -- Umuyobozi w’Ikigo gishinzwe umutungo kamere w’ amazi mu Rwanda ( RWB), Ngabonziza Prime, avuga ko mu myaka itatu iri imbere ibiza biterwa n’umugezi wa Sebeya bizaba bitangiye kuba amateka. Read More

2020 Is Our Last, Best Chance to Save the Planet (Time Magazine - Thursday, 9 July 2020) -- From our vantage point today, 2020 looks like the year when an unknown virus spun out of control, killed hundreds of thousands and altered the way we live day to day. Read More

Communities around Akagera National Park upbeat following the reopening of tourism activities (Rwanda TV - Wednesday, 8 July 2020) -- Local Residents living close to the Akagera National Park have noted that their goods and services are going to be in high demand again, seeing that Hotels and Tourists are their biggest clients and the Tourism Sector had recently screeched to a halt. Watch Video

Centre of Excellence in Rwanda aims to support African farmers and rural communities (UNEP - Wednesday, 8 July 2020) -- A new African Centre of Excellence for sustainable cooling and cold chain based in Rwanda will help get farmers’ produce to market quickly and efficiently – reducing food waste, boosting profits and creating jobs. Read More. Also published in Science Business

Rwanda And Crested Cranes, A Fatal Attraction (KT Press - Wednesday, 8 July 2020) -- The Grey Crowned Cranes were a totemic symbol in Rwandan culture. The birds were adapted, respected, and believed to be an emblem of some of the biggest clans with significant means of peace and longevity. Read More

Focus On Rwanda: Recovery, Reset And The Road To #CHOGM 2021 (Taarifa - Wednesday, 8 July 2020) -- Rwanda, the ‘land of a thousand hills’, will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), including the postponed Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF) in 2021. Read More

Ubusitani bushya bw’imbere y’ibiro by’Umujyi wa Kigali bwashyizwemo internet y’ubuntu (Igihe - Wednesday, 8 July 2020) -- Umujyi wa Kigali watangaje ko ubusitani bushya bwuzuye imbere y’icyicaro cyawo bwamaze gutunganywa, bushyirwamo intebe abantu bashobora kwicaramo, na internet nziramugozi y’ubuntu kandi yihuta. Read More

Rwanda’s green energy sector could create 31,000 jobs annually – report (The New Times - Tuesday, 7 July 2020) -- With ambitions of investing in renewable energy in Rwanda in the build-up to 2030, a new report has noted that the sector could lead to the creation of around 31,000 direct jobs every year. Read More

Photos: A Tour of Umusambi Village, the Sanctuary of Grey Crowned Cranes (Kigali Today Flickr - Tuesday, 7 July 2020) -- View Photos

Urwego rw’ingufu zisubira rushobora kuzahanga imirimo ibihumbi 31 ku mwaka mu Rwanda (Igihe - Tuesday, 7 July 2020) -- Raporo y’Ikigo Mpuzamahanga cy’Abanyakoreya cyita ku bidukikije (Global Green Growth Institute), yagaragaje ko intego z’u Rwanda zo gushora imari mu ngufu zisubira, zishobora kuzahanga imirimo itaziguye ibarirwa mu 31,000 buri mwaka. Read More

Rwanda setting example for electronic waste recycling (Trade for Development News - Monday, 6 July 2020) -- The first African country to ban plastic bags now has another notch to add to its environmental belt – a comprehensive approach to recycling and repurposing electronic waste. Read More


Sector Updates

KARONGI: 13 arrested over environmental degradation (Rwanda National Police - Tuesday, 07 July 2020) -- Police in Karongi District arrested 13 people on Monday July 6, for allegedly carrying illegal mining activities in River Mashyiga. Read More

Meet the Greenpreneurs 2020 Teams! (GGGI - Tuesday, 23 June 2020) -- Fifteen teams from 12 countries around the world went through a rigorous application process and were selected from over 150 prospective teams to participate in Greenpreneurs. Read More


Across Africa

Botswana finds more dead elephants, says test results due this week (Reuters - Thursday, 9 July 2020) -- Botswana wildlife officials investigating hundreds of unexplained elephant deaths have verified six more carcasses and say it is still not clear what is killing the animals, around two months after the first bodies were spotted. Read More

Great white vanishing act: where have South Africa's famous sharks gone? (The Guardian - Wednesday, 8 July 2020) -- Longline fishing, pollution, the arrival of orcas – what’s causing these crowd-drawing sharks to shun Cape Town’s waters? Read More

Rare Cross River gorillas carrying babies captured on camera in Nigeria's Mbe Mountains (ABC News - Wednesday, 8 July 2020) -- Conservationists have captured on camera for the first time a group of rare gorillas, with multiple babies in tow, in Nigeria's Mbe Mountains. Read More


From Around the World

Patricia Espinosa to Ministers: Finish Work to Unlock the Full Potential of the Paris Agreement (UN Climate Change News - Tuesday, 7 July 2020) -- Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, the 4th session of the Ministerial on Climate Action (MoCA) took place today, with a focus on aligning global recovery measures with the Paris Agreement, and improving resilience against future crises. Read More

Guidelines for conserving connectivity through ecological networks and corridors (IUCN - Monday, 6 July 2020) -- Connectivity conservation is essential for managing healthy ecosystems, conserving biodiversity and adapting to climate change across all biomes and spatial scales. Read More

Put Climate at the Heart of COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plans (Inter Press Service - Monday, 29 June 2020) -- Cast your mind back. Six months ago—it seems like a lifetime—the world’s attention was on Madrid. The United Nations was meeting to take stock of international progress in fighting climate change. Headlines were dominated by young people pointing out—rightly—that governments were still not doing enough. They demanded urgent and ambitious action to cut emissions and help the most vulnerable. Read More