Green Rwanda Media Review - 13 May 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • The New Times reports that the development of the $5 billion Green City Pilot is to begin next year.
  • Rwanda Inspirer reports that MPs want a special budget for the drought prone Eastern Province.
  • The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International reports about their celebration of the Global Big Day.
  • The New Times reports that Government earmarked Rwf 11bn to expropriate swamp dwellers.
  • View photos of the Green City Pilot Urban Planning and Design Lab held this week in Kigali and read about its outcomes on the Rwanda Green Fund wesbite.

Upcoming Events

29 April-13 May: RLMUA Training on the Land Administration Information System, Office of Registrar of Land Titles, Rwamagana, Eastern Province

13-17 May: Engagement Workshops with Lake Kivu Fisheries Sector on Impact-Based Early Warning Service organised by Meteo Rwanda

22 May: International Day for Biological Diversity

3-5 May: World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki, Finland

5 June: World Environment Day, Kigali Convention Centre

8 June: World Oceans Day

National Environment Week / World Environment Day Events

25 May: Umuganda (Community Work) to launch 2019 National Environment Week

28 May: Solar Power Installation in Kagogo Sector, Burera District

29 May: Mobile Motor Vehicle Inspection Activity with Rwanda National Police, Kigali

30 May: Air Pollution Seminar, Marriott Hotel

31 May: National Environment Week Football Tournament Final in Rutsiro District

2 June: Car Free Day for National Environment Week, Kigali

3-4 June: Industrial Inspection Activity in Kigali, Bugesera and Rwamagana

5 June: World Environment Day, Kigali Convention Centre



RDB tasked on tourism diversification (The New Times - Saturday, 11 May 2019) -- Members of Parliament have called on Rwanda Development Board (RDB) officials to devise ways to diversify the country’s tourism, specifically calling for more attention to cultural attractions. Read More

Development of $5 billion green city to begin next year (The New Times - Friday, 10 May 2019) -- Development of a model green city in Kigali is set to get underway in January 2020, The New Times has learnt. Relevant studies and designs will be completed by December, Eudes Kayumba, Deputy Team Leader of the Green City Pilot project, said. Read More (Also covered at Igihe, Kigali Today, The African Exponent)

Government earmarks Rwf11bn to expropriate swamp dwellers (The New Times - Friday, 10 May 2019) -- People who legally occupy swamps in the City of Kigali, will soon be evicted and will be compensated to a tune of Frw 11,227,100,000, according to figures from the Ministry of Environment. Read More

Uburyo bushya bwo gutwara abakerarugendo na Kajugujugu muri Pariki z’igihugu (Igihe - Friday, 10 May 2019) -- Kimwe n’uko utega imodoka ikakujyana mu cyerekezo runaka cy’igihugu ku isaha yagenwe, ubu ni nako umuntu ushaka gusura ibice nyaburanga by’u Rwanda azajya abigenza yifashishije Kajugujugu. Read More

FONERWA Igiye Kubaka Green City (Rwanda Television - Thursday, 9 May 2019) -- Ahohoze hakorera Radio y’abadage Deutch Well i Kinyinya mu Mujyi wa Kigali ndetse no mu nkengero zaho hagiye kubakwa inzu zigezweho. Ikigega gishinzwe kwita ku bidukikije FONERWA gifite uruhare rukomeye muri uyu mushinga kiravuga ko ibi biri muri gahunda yaguye yo kubaka imijyi irengera ibidukikije (Green City). Watch Video

This National Park in Rwanda Has Survived War, Poachers, and Settlers — and Now It’s Completely Thriving (Yahoo Lifestyle - Thursday, 9 May 2019) -- Akagera National Park is a giant African wetland in Rwanda that acts as a safe haven for hippos, lions, leopards, and giraffes — but this wasn’t always the case. The park has a long, grim history and has only recently bounced back to resemble its prior self. Read More

MPs want special budget for drought prone Eastern Province (Rwanda Inspirer - Wednesday, 8 May 2019) -- The budget allocated to Eastern Province should have provisions to address effects of climate change, such as drought; on food security by ensuring residents have enough food throughout the year. Read More

Gutwikira kanyanga mu ruhame ntibyemewe –Eng Ruhamya (Igihe - Wednesday, 8 May 2019) -- Umuyobozi w’Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe kubungabunga Ibidukikije (REMA), Eng. Colette Ruhamya, yavuze ko gutwika kanyanga ku karubanda bitemewe kuko bihumanya ikirere. Read More

Caravan, a mobile soil-testing laboratory project to improve farm productivity in Rwanda (Rwanda Inspirer - Tuesday, 7 May 2019) -- The Caravan, a mobile soil-testing laboratory project expected to improve soil fertility management and increase farm productivity has been launched. Read More

Isura y’ubucukuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro bwitezweho gukuba kane inyungu mu myaka irindwi (Igihe - Tuesday, 7 May 2019) -- Uko iterambere ry’Isi ryihuta ni nako hakenerwa ibikoresho byifashishwa mu nzego zinyuranye, aho hose icy’ingenzi ni amabuye y’agaciro avamo bya bikoresho bigezweho mu ikoranabuhanga ndetse n’ibyuma. Read More

Nzove water plants get upgrade, Kigali nears 100% water access (The New Times - Tuesday, 7 May 2019) -- Government will strive to ensure universal access to water by 2024 by increasing investment in construction and extension of water supply systems in different parts across the country. Read More

Counting birds combines science, fun and conservation (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International - Monday, 6 May 2019) -- This weekend we enthusiastically celebrated Global Big Day with our partners in Rwanda, bringing 10 local secondary school students, our college interns, research assistants and staff on a bird-watching – and counting – excursion. Read More

Miliyoni y’ubwoko bw’inyamaswa n’ibimera iri mu nzira yo gucika ku isi (Umuseke - Monday, 6 May 2019) -- Ibi ni ibyemezwa n’ihuriro ry’abahanga boherejwe na za Guverinoma kugira bigire hamwe uko ibinyabuzima bibayeho. Iri huriro ryiswe Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services( IPBES) rivuga ko urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima rukomeje kwangizwa n’ibikorwa bya muntu k’uburyo mu myaka 50 iri imbere hari amoko y’inyamaswa n’ibimera azaba ari hafi gucika burundu ku isi. Read More

FEATURED: Off-grid electrification helping to achieve Rwanda’s energy targets (The New Times - Monday, 6 May 2019) -- In line with the Rwanda’s economic development targets, the country is projecting a 100% access to electricity by 2024 as it is a crosscutting driver of economic growth. Read More

Prindex Comparative Report, March 2019 (Prindex - March 2019) -- With data from nearly 53,000 individuals in 33 countries, representing a combined population of over 889 million adults, this latest round of data collection presents the clearest, most definitive picture of how secure people around the world feel in their homes and property. Rwanda is ranked first in land tenure security among the 33 countries assessed. Read More


Sector Updates

Community helps design Rwanda’s First Green City at Urban Planning and Design Lab (Rwanda Green Fund - Monday, 13 May 2019) -- Community members, partners, local and international experts and government stakeholders have gathered in Kigali for a week long Urban Planning and Design Lab to develop Rwanda’s first Green City Pilot. The Urban Lab was hosted by the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and supported by German Development Cooperation through the KfW Development Bank. KfW is supporting Rwanda to undertake a feasibility study for the Green City Pilot. Read More

Journalists trained on reporting weather and climate uncertainties (Meteo Rwanda - Monday, 13 May 2019) -- The Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) and the Media High Council have concluded a two day training with media houses on how to communicate weather and climate uncertainties. The workshop was attended by 45 journalists from local broadcasting, online and print media houses. Read More

Rwanda Cabinet approves Green Building Minimum Compliance System (Global Green Growth Institute - Friday, 10 May 2019) -- The Government of Rwanda in the cabinet meeting held on 3rd April 2019 approved the Ministerial Order determining Urban planning and Building regulations. The Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System which is an Annex to the Ministerial Order along with the revised Rwanda Building Code. The Ministerial Order and the supporting green building annex were officially gazetted on 16th April 2019 on the website of the Office of the Prime Minister. Read More

Photos: Green City Pilot Urban Planning and Design Lab (Rwanda Green Fund Flickr - Thursday, 9 May 2019) -- The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) has hosted an Urban Planning and Design Lab as part of the ongoing development of a groundbreaking Green City Pilot in Kigali. The Urban Lab gave the community and government stakeholders an opportunity to contribute their ideas to the new city extension. View Photos

Remarks by PS Fatina Mukarubibi at Green City Pilot Urban Design Lab (Rwanda Green Fund - Thursday 9 May 2019) -- It is a pleasure to be with you today for the Green City Pilot Urban Planning and Design Lab. I wish to thank the organisers for their hard work, and commend our partners including German Development Cooperation and the KfW Development Bank for your support to make the Green City Pilot, and this Lab, a reality. Read More


Across Africa

Biodiesel from cotton waste – how Kenyan farmers are fighting drought (Qrius - Thursday, 9 May 2019) -- Recent years have been particularly tough on Kenya’s farmers. The country has endured three consecutive seasons of below-average rainfall. Last year, the government declared a national drought emergency for 23 of the country’s 47 counties; 13 are under drought emergency so far this year. This erratic rainfall is part of the reason nearly 3 million people are food insecure in the country. Read More

African Experts Meet In Tanzania To Discuss Indian Ocean Governance (Taarifa - Thursday, 9 May 2019) -- Environmental experts from nine African countries on Wednesday met in Tanzania to discuss issues related to Indian Ocean governance. Read More

Air pollution hurts the poorest most (UN Environment - Thursday, 9 May 2019) -- From Lagos and Lahore to London, it’s the poorest people who are most affected by air pollution. The poor tend to be priced out of the leafy suburbs where there are fewer highways and air quality is better. Read More


From Around the World

Global investors and UN launch guidance, metrics to help industry assess impacts from climate change (UN Environment - Friday, 10 May 2019) -- "Twenty institutional investors from 11 countries convened by the UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) today launched comprehensive investor guidance to help assess how climate change and climate action could impact investor portfolios around the world. Read More

Irish parliament declares climate emergency (The Guardian - Friday, 10 May 2019) -- Ireland’s parliament has become the second after Britain’s to declare a climate emergency, a decision hailed by the Swedish teenage environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg as “great news”. Read More

1 Million Extinct Species Is An Underestimation (Forbes - Wednesday, 8 May 2019) -- Humans are taking down 1 million plants and animals, causing the sixth extinction event on this planet. This extinction event is different—it's driven by our own activity and it's happening at an incredibly fast and accelerating rate. A new report by the UN documents how humans are destroying global biodiversity. The report also suggests five main interventions, or "levers" we could use to correct our course through transformative changes. Read More