Green Rwanda Media Review - 13 October 2017


  • The New Times reports that the East African Community is considering including the Green Customs Initiative in national customs training curricula
  • Forbes writes a story about how we can work together to save the endangered mountain gorilla
  • Umuseke writes that property worth Rwf 6.5 billion has been destroyed by disasters since January 2017
  • BBC publishes a story about rural areas in Rwanda that are at the forefront of generating power using solar energy
  • The Conversation reports that climate change poses a huge threat to coffee production
  • View and download photos of Minister Biruta's visit to Environmental Protection Investments across Rwanda
  • View upcoming major events for the Environment and Natural Resources sector



Call for joint efforts to mitigate disasters (The New Times - Friday 13 October 2017) -- There is need for concerted efforts to mitigate various forms of disasters, officials have said. They made the call yesterday at a news briefing ahead of celebrations of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, due to be marked today in Ngeruka Sector, Bugesera District. Read More

EAC mulls incorporating Green Customs Initiative into national training curricula (The New Times - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- East African Community (EAC) customs officers are meeting in Kigali to discuss incorporation of the Green Customs Initiative into national custom training curricula to enable them meet their obligations under international environment agreements. Read More

Kuva muri Mutarama ibiiza bimaze kwangiza ibintu bifite agaciro ka MILIYARI 6,5 Frw (Umuseke - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- Kuva mu kwezi kwa mbere ibiza mu Rwanda byahitanye ubuzima bw’abantu 52 hakomereka 119. Inzu 127 zarasenyutse burundu 4620 zirangirika, ibihungwa biri kuri hegitari 2014 nabyo birangirika, imihanda icyenda irangirika cyane amateme n’ibiraro 23 nabyo birasenyuka. Read More

Rusizi: Batatu bahitanywe n’imvura idasanzwe, ibikorwa by’agera kuri miliyoni 500Frw birangirika (Igihe - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- Imvura ibanza yaguye ku tariki ya 19 Nzeri 2017, isiga ishenye inzu 169 naho 141 zangirika mu buryo bworoheje.Ibisenge by’amashuri 13 n’icy’uruganda rwari rutarangira gukora byaragurutse. Read More

Akagera Game Lodge Gets New Management (KT Press - Wednesday 11 October 2017) -- For the next 10 years, Rwanda’s Akagera Game Lodge in Eastern part of the country will be managed by Mantis Collection in a deal to woo more clientele. Read More

Imvura idasanzwe yabangamiye uruganda rw’amazi rwa Nzove biteza ikibazo i Kigali (Igihe - Wednesday 11 October 2017) -- Itangazo ryatanzwe n’iki kig riosobanura ko kubera inkangu yabereye ku mugezi wa Nyabarongo, yahagaritse uruganda rw’amazi rwa Nzove ku buryo byagoranye kuyatunganya bigatuma atarimo gutangwa uko bisanzwe. Read More

Amashyamba ashobora kugira uruhare mu kurwanya indwara z’impiswi (Igihe - Wednesday 11 October 2017) -- Ishami ry’Umuryango w’Abibumbye ryita ku buzima(OMS), rigaragaza ko buri mwaka abana 361000 bicwa n’impiswi kubera kubura amazi meza no kutagerwaho n’ibikorwa by’isuku n’isukura. Read more

Rural Rwanda is home to a pioneering new solar power idea (BBC - Monday 9 October 2017) --- Nearly 20% of the world’s population has no electricity. Rachel Nuwer tells the story of a group of London graduates who, apparently against the odds, have helped thousands of people in Africa access energy from the Sun. Read more

The battle to save Africa's endangered mountain gorillas (DW - Monday 9 October 2017) -- Civil war, deforestation, disease and poaching have driven the mighty mountain gorilla to the brink of extinction. Read more

Rubavu: Ikirombe cyagwiriye abantu batatu, umwe yitaba Imana (Igihe - Sunday 8 October 2017) -- Abantu batatu bacukuraga umucanga wo kubaka bagwiriwe n’ikirombe giherereye mu Murenge wa Nyamyumba, Akagari ka Rubona, kuri uyu wa gatandatu, umwe ahita yitaba Imana. Read More

Uko u Rwanda ruzakuba kabiri inyungu y’ubukerarugendo ikagera kuri miliyoni $800 mu myaka irindwi (Igihe - Sunday 8 October 2017) -- Urugendo rushoboka ukurikije intambwe imaze guterwa mu bukerarugendo, ariko runasaba imbaraga zisumbuye, kugira ngo ba mukerarugendo, ku rwego bariho rwose, bazabashe kubona ibyo bakeneye mu rwa Gasabo. Read More

Local company turns plastic waste into furniture, pavers (The New Times - Sunday 8 October 2017) -- A local firm engaged in waste collection, management and recycling, AGRUNI Company Ltd is recycling wastes and turning them into valuable products such as chairs, tables, basins, water pipes and pavers. Read more

There Are Fewer Than 900 Gorillas Left. Here's How to Save Them (Forbes - Saturday 7 October 2017) -- Volcanoes Safaris was born, growing from a few humble camps along the Virunga Mountains to three lodges in Uganda and one in Rwanda. Celebrating Volcanoes’ 20th anniversary, Moman talks gorillas and giving back to the local community. Read more

Mining Investors Now Think Rwanda Is More Attractive Than SA (Buzz South Africa - Thursday 5 October 2017) -- Mining investors are abandoning South Africa for other African countries like Rwanda, Botswana and Ghana. Read more

Good news on gorilla group adjusting (Gorilla Fund - Wednesday 04 October 2017) --- Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund staff in Rwanda report that the Kuryama gorilla group is doing well, now that young silverback Igihozo has taken over leadership. Read more


Across Africa

Fall Armyworm Arrives in Africa on the Heels of Climate Change (Sierra - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- Tobias Okwara is a farmer in Kayoro Parish in southeastern Uganda. In the midst of a long drought that began in May 2016, he and his neighbors got together to discuss what to do. Read More 

Water ministers meet in Uganda to deliberate on key NBI strategy, programme (Rwanda Inspirer - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- Ministers in charge of Water Affairs from the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) Member States are meeting in Uganda on this Thursday October 12, 2017, at the 25th Annual Nile Council of Ministers meeting to discuss and consider approval of key NBI reports and plans, among which is the NBI 10-year Strategy. Read More


From Around the World 

EPA’s 4-year plan says nothing about climate change (Vice - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon dioxide are nowhere to be found in the Environmental Protection Agency’s four-year strategic plan. Read More

Did Climate Change Fuel California’s Devastating Fires? Probably (MIT Technology Review - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- Nearly two dozen wildfires have burned almost 170,000 acres across California this week, destroying thousands of structures and killing 23 people so far, in what already amounts to one of the worst wildfire seasons in the state’s history. Read More

UK climate change masterplan – the grownups have finally won (The Guardian - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- The grownups have finally won and everyone in the UK, from those in cold homes to those on polluted streets and in flooded towns, will benefit. Read More

Netherlands to end coal power by 2030, closing down new plants (Climate Home - Wednesday 11 October 2017) -- The Netherlands will phase out coal power by 2030, set a carbon floor price and lobby for deeper EU carbon cuts in line with a 1.5C global warming limit. Read More

Germany to miss climate targets ‘disastrously’: leaked government paper (Climate Home - Wednesday 11 October 2017) -- Germany’s environment ministry fears high emissions from coal-fired power plants and transport will make the country miss its 2020 climate targets by a wider margin than previously anticipated. Read More

How the coffee industry is about to get roasted by climate change (The Conversation - Tuesday 10 October 2017) -- Fall is always a good time to create new habits, and coffee chains know it. These days, they are desperately trying to find any excuse to get you to drink their java. Read More

These 5 disruptive technologies are driving the circular economy (World Economic Forum - 14 September 2017) -- Given the fragility of the linear economy, based on its reliance on finite natural resources for growth, and as we move ever closer to the brink of our planet’s boundaries, it seems companies with their heads in the clouds could be the key to unlocking the value in a regenerative, recycling economy. Read More


Sector Updates

PHOTOS - Rwanda Green Fund and UNDP host Communities of Practice Validation Workshop (Green Fund Flickr page - Friday 13 October 2017) -- The Rwanda Green Fund and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have hosted a two day workshop to validate the domains for a groundbreaking new online Centre of Excellence that will be used as a knowledge management portal and make available knowledge on technologies, lesson learnt, success stories and best practices of the Korean Saemaul model and Rwandan homegrown solutions to local development challenges that proved successful in local communities. View Photos

PHOTOS - Minister Biruta visits Environmental Protection Investments across Rwanda (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Thursday 12 October 2017) -- Rwanda's Minister of Environment has visited a number of environmental protection investments to assess their progress. The minister toured investments from the Rwanda Green Fund, Water for Growth Rwanda and the LAFREC Project, which is rehabilitating the Gishwati-Mukura National Park. View Photos

Rwanda Green Fund and UNDP host Communities of Practice Validation Workshop (Green Fund website - Wednesday 11 October 2017) -- The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have hosted a two day workshop to validate the domains for the communities of practice for a groundbreaking new online Centre of Excellence. Read More

Regional Customs Officers convene in Kigali for Green Customs Workshop (REMA website - Wednesday 11 October 2017) -- Rwanda hosts the East African Community Workshop on Green Customs from 11-13 October 2017. Read More

Meteo Rwanda to partner with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in research and capacity building (Meteo Rwanda - Tuesday 10 October 2017) -- The Rwanda Meteorology Agency and the the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences are set to partner on research and capacity building thanks to a proposed agreement between the two organisations. Read More


Upcoming Sector Events

  • 17-21 October 2017: GGGI Global Green Growth Week, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • 23-25 October 2017: Nile Basin Development Forum, Kigali, Rwanda 28 October 2017: Launch of the 2017/18 Forest Planting Season, Nyagatare
  • 6-17 November: 23rd Conference of the Parties to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP23 - UN Climate Change Conference, Bonn, Germany 
  • 20-24 November: 29th Meeting of the parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP29), Montreal, Canada 4-8 December: Rwanda Green Growth Week
  • 4 December 2017: International Day of Mining
  • 11-15 December 2017: Climate Investment Funds Board Meeting, Washington DC, USA
  • 23 January 2018: World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland
  • 27 February - 1 March 2018: Green Climate Fund Board Meeting