Green Rwanda Media Review - 14 October 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world. 


  • The New Times and other outlets report about a deal signed by the Rwanda Green Fund to develop Smart Green Villages in Rwanda.
  • Xinhua reports that Rwanda launched ride-sharing electric motorcycles in Kigali.
  • Taarifa says that over 600 tourists have visited Volcanoes National Park after the rebel attack.
  • The New Times reports about varsity students who seek to address unemployment through tourism.
  • The New Times reports about a young environmentalist, Grace Ineza Umuhoza.

Upcoming Events

  • 14 October: Press Conference on the new Single Use Plastics Law, Lemigo Hotel
  • 14-18 October: Atelier de formation en matière de changement climatique pour les négociatrices francophones d’Afrique subsaharienne, Kigali, Rwanda
  • 16 October: Research Seminar at CoEB Office, Huye Campus, Former applied science building
  • 1-31 October: Urban October 2019 
  • 14-18 October: Technical Review Workshop on Draft Final City of Kigali Master Plan
  • 15-18 October: Global Climate Change Alliance Plus 2019 Conference, Kigali, Rwanda
  • 16-18 October: Climate Change Summit – Africa 2019
  • 20 October-20 November: African Mobility Month
  • 21-25 October: Global Green Growth Week
  • 31 October: World Cities Day 2019
  • 31 October - 1 November: Biodiversity Information Management Forum, Kigali, Rwanda


Nyaruguru: Batandatu bafatanwe udupfunyika tw’amasashi yangiza ibidukikije (Igihe - Sunday, 13 October 2019) -- Ni kenshi Polisi y’u Rwanda n’ikigo gishinzwe kurengera ibidukikije bakangurira abanyarwanda kureka gukoresha amasashi yo mu bwoko bwa Pulasitiki kuko ari kimwe mu byangiza ibidukikije. Ni muri urwo rwego kuri uyu wa Kane tariki ya 10 Ukwakira Polisi y’u Rwanda ikorera mu karere ka Nyaruguru yakoze umukwabu wo kugenzura niba hari abantu bagikoresha bene ariya masashi. Read More

Training With Gorillas In The Mist: Arsenal’s David Luiz Finds His Best Ground In Rwanda (KT Press - Saturday, 12 October 2019) -- A steamy cold with magnificent white clouds covered one of Rwanda’s Volcanoes Mountains on Saturday morning, October 12. Read More

Deal signed to develop Smart Green Villages in Rwanda (The New Times - Friday, 11 October 2019) -- Rwanda Green Fund on Thursday signed an agreement with the Global Alliance for Smart Cities and Smart Villages in Africa (GASCA) to develop Rwandan villages into “smart green villages” with an aim to build communities’ resilience to climate change. Read More. Also published in All Africa and KT Press

Ecotourism: Rwanda’s responsible revenue (Africa Outlook - Friday, 11 October 2019) -- Ecotourism is no longer a buzzword invented in the 1990s. For Rwanda, it represents a vital stream of income which helps to preserve its natural wonders and boost its carbon-free credentials. Read More

Meteo iraburira abantu kubera imvura nyinshi izageza ku Cyumweru (Umuseke - Thursday, 10 October 2019) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Ikigo cy’igihugu cy’iteganyagije bwasohoye itangazo riburira Abanyarwanda ko guhera taliki 10 kugeza taliki 13, Ukwakira, 2019 ahenshi mu Rwanda hazagwa imvura nyinshi. Meteo ivuga ko kuri uyu wa Kane iri bugwe ariko ntibe nyinshi nk’uko izaba imeze mu minsi izakurikira. Read More. Also published in Igihe,, Imvaho Nshya, Mwamba News, Mpuruza, KT Press, Kigali Today, Teragdig News, and Rwanda Inspirer.

Rwanda's local start-up launches first ride-sharing electric motorcycles in Rwanda (Xinhuanet - Wednesday, 9 October 2019) -- Rwanda's local start-up on Tuesday launched Rwanda's first ride-sharing electric motorcycles in Kigali, capital city of Rwanda. Read More. Also published in The New Times and Face2Face Africa

Over 600 Tourists Visit Volcanoes After Rebel Attack (Taarifa - Wednesday, 9 October 2019) -- Despite the recent attack by FDLR rebels in Kinigi, hundreds of tourists are defying the scare and pouring in to Rwanda’s top touristic hotspot. The Rwanda Development Board announced on Wednesday that since Saturday, after the rebel attack in Kinigi, the foot of the Virunga Mountain, over 600 tourists have visited the Volcanoes National Park. Read More. Also published in Igihe

Varsity students seek to address unemployment through tourism (The New Times - Tuesday, 8 October 2019) -- According to them, their drive is to spark eco-innovation and environmental literacy and empower young people to be the driving force of the growth in the tourism industry on the continent. Read More

Understanding the impact of Kwita Izina 15 years later (CNBC Africa - Monday, 7 October 2019) -- Gorilla naming ceremony also known as Kwita Izina, was first introduced back 2005, to highlight the importance of the conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas and recognize the role of those who have dedicated their work to conserve them. Watch Video

Meet Rwanda’s young ‘The Green Fighter ' (The New Times - Monday, 7 October 2019) -- At 23, Grace Ineza Umuhoza is a founder a non-government organization dedicated to the safety and protection of the environment. Her NGO, which boasts 12 staff members and more than 50 volunteers, is known as The Green Fighter (perhaps to reflect her personal commitment to the environment). Read More


Sector Updates

Ngororero: Two Pedestrian Bridges Inaugurated to Support Community Climate Resilience (Rwanda Environment Management Authority - Friday, 11 October 2019) -- Two Suspended pedestrian bridges were yesterday inaugurated in Ngororero District to solve rural isolation that has been affecting the community especially during time of heavy rainfall; which prevented residents to access to socio-economic opportunities and development facilities. Read More

Iteganyagihe riburira kuva taliki ya 10 kugeza kuya 13 ukwakira 2019 (Rwanda Meteorology Agency - Thursday, 10 October 2019) -- Kuva taliki ya 10 kugeza ku ya 13 Ukwakira 2019, hateganyijwe ko imvura iziyongera mu gihugu; aho ku mugoroba wo ku itariki ya 10/10/2019 izaba iringaniye ariko mu minsi ikurikiyeho ibe nyinshi. Watch Video

Rwanda Green Fund to sign Memorandum of Understanding with R20 to develop Pilot Smart Green Village (Rwanda Green Fund - Thursday, 10 October 2019) -- The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 20 Regions of Climate Action (R20) of the Global Alliance for Smart Cities and Smart Villages in Africa (GASCA) tomorrow, October 10, 2019. This MoU aims to launch a 'proof of concept’ in Rwanda which, if successful, will lead to a large scale deployment of smart villages across the country and Africa at large. Read More

Nyaruguru: Umugabo yafashwe amaze kwica inyamanswa 2 muri Pariki ya Nyungwe (Polisi y'U Rwanda - Monday, 7 October 2019) -- Nzamwita Innocent w’imyaka 39 y’amavuko niwe wafashwe kuri iki cyumweru tariki 06 Ukwakira ubwoya ari amaze kwica inyamanswa ebyiri zo mu bwoko bw’ifumberi. Uyu mugabo avuga ko yari asanzwe ajya kuzitega akazica ari kumwe na mugenzi we witwa Nzaramyimana Bosco, aba bombi bakaba ari abaturage bo mu murenge wa Muganza mu karere ka Nyaruguru. Read More


Across Africa

Dangote flags off waste-to-wealth, tree planting initiatives in Lagos (Daily Trust - Thursday, 10 October 2019) -- As part of activities marking the 2019 Global Sustainability Week, employees of the Dangote Industries Limited have flagged off an environment-focused initiative tagged: “Waste to Wealth initiative”, aimed at managing waste disposal while generating income from it and “giving back to communities wherein we operate. Read More

European, Japanese experts studying how Seychelles can improve waste management practices (Seychelles News Agency - Wednesday, 9 October 2019) -- Seychelles' waste-management practices are being studied by European and Japanese experts in order to find areas in which to improve. The experts presented their preliminary findings with all partners on Wednesday. Read more

OPINION: In an age of weather extremes, we must build to last (Thomson Reuters Foundation - Tuesday, 8 October 2019) -- Six months after Cyclone Idai devastated Mozambique, getting back to normal is painfully slow for the thousands waiting in resettlement camps for reconstruction to get underway. Read More

Climate Action Summit: Three questions to Dr Anthony Nyong, director climate change and green growth department (African Development Bank Group - Monday, 7 October 2019) -- The President of the African Development Bank Group, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, attended the Climate Action Summit and pledged to double funding commitments to $25 billion from 2020 to 2025 to help African countries address the challenges of climate change. Most of this funding will go towards adaptation. Read More


From Around the World

British Airways owner IAG commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 (Reuters - Thursday, 10 October 2019) -- British Airways owner IAG said it will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, becoming the first major airlines group to make such a commitment. Read More

Cities can fight climate change and improve lives by finding new ways to be cool (UN Environment - Thursday, 10 October 2019) -- Life has always been hotter in cities. Concrete soaking up and radiating sunlight, and the concentration of people, cars and machinery crank up the temperatures, making them on average 5–9°C warmer than rural areas. Read More

Climate protesters try to occupy London City airport (Reuters - Thursday, 10 October 2019) -- Climate-change protesters descended on London City Airport on Thursday, gluing themselves to the terminal building and dancing on a roof but ultimately failing to cancel flights. Read More

When waste works for women (UN Environment - Monday, 7 October 2019) -- A new UN Environment Programme report shows how waste management is closely linked to gender inequality. “Women can’t be truck drivers because it is dirty work. How would she cook for her family in the evening with dirty hands. Read More