Green Rwanda Media Review - 15 December 2017

Read the latest news from Rwanda's environment sector.



  • Igihe reports that Strawtec has put its first housing unit on market using low carbon materials
  • The New Times writes that Rwanda will present new climate resilience and forest investment programmes to the Climate Investment Funds
  • R744 publishes a story about the Climate & Clean Air Coalition report on Africa and the Kigali Amendment
  • Guardian writes that the oil industry is one of the biggest threats to clean air hence impacting the climate
  • Rwanda Green Growth Week posts a story with views from participants in last week's Climate Financing Workshop and their visit to Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) investments




Police, RDF in joint training on environmental protection (The New Times - Friday 15 December 2017) -- About 100 police officers and reservists of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), yesterday, started a joint training on efforts to fight environmental crimes and other potential threats to human security. Read More

Gasabo: HQ Power Rwanda yahaye amashanyarazi imiryango 19 y’incike za Jenoside (Igihe - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- Ikigo HQ Power Rwanda kizwi mu mushanga wo gutunganya amashanyarazi aturuka kuri nyiramugengeri, cyacaniye imiryango 19 yarokotse Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi ituye muri Gasabo. Read more

The untold story of female miners (The New Times - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- When her husband passed away, Laurence Mukamparirwa was left with six children and no job or skills for survival. Life came to a standstill as she pondered on how she would deal with a future that looked very uncertain. However, her hope was rekindled after getting a job in the mining sector. Read more

Hatashywe inzu zigezweho zubatswe mu ikoranabuhanga rya Strawtec, hatekerezwa no ku ziciriritse (Igihe - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- Uruganda Strawtec Building Solutions Ltd rukora ibikoresho by’ubwubatsi birimo n’ibikoze mu bishishwa by’umuceri n’ingano, rwatashye inzu zigezweho rwubatse ku Gisozi muri Gasabo, runatangaza ko abakeneye iziciriritse nabo bashonje bahishiwe. Read more

Rwanda’s e-Waste Recycling Facility Boosts Environmental Efforts (CPA Africa - Wednesday 13 December 2017) --- Electrical and electronic waste from damaged computers, mobile phones and electronic gadgets can now on be put to good use in Rwanda as a recycling and dismantling facility in Bugesera District in the Eastern Province has come on stream. Read more

Impinduka muri “Car Free Day”, umunsi wa Siporo umaze kwigarurira imitima y’Abanyakigali (Igihe - Wednesday 13 December 2017) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Umujyi wa Kigali bwatangaje ko guhera mu ntangiriro z’umwaka utaha , umunsi ngarukakwezi wahariwe siporo rusange ku baturage b’Umujyi wa Kigali “Car Free Day” yakorwaga rimwe mu kwezi izajya ikorwa inshuro ebyiri mu rwego rwo gukuza umuco wo gukora Siporo no kwirinda indwara zitandura. Read more

Green growth in Rwanda is an imperative not a luxury (The New Times - Wednesday 13 December 2017) -- Building on this momentum, Rwanda recently celebrated the green growth week starting 6th to 8th December 2017 with various activities and meetings in which serious presentations and discussions were made on how we can begin to convert a lot of the theories and academic research on green growth into practical and visible solutions. Read More

2017: U Rwanda mu ntsinzi ifite insibo mu bukerarugendo (Igihe - Wednesday 13 December 2017) -- Uko umwaka ushira undi ugataha, niko u Rwanda ruca indi mivuno yo kwinjiza amadevize azuzuzanya no kohereza ibicuruzwa mu mahanga, dore ko gahunda ya Made in Rwanda imaze guhabwa umwihariko n’inganda zikaba zikomeje gushyigikirwa. Read more

Why wastewater treatment should be the way to go (The New Times - Wednesday 13 December 2017) -- Experts have called for recycling of wastewater as part of sustainable environment management strategies. According to the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA), more than 75 percent of consumed water ends up as waste yet it could be recycled and reused to reduce pressure on the environment as well as cut down water bills. Read More

NBCEs Community-to-Community Exchange 2017- Kinyarwanda (ARCOS Network YouTube Channel - Monday 11 December 2017) -- During a community-to-community exchange event held in eastern province of Rwanda on 27th to 30th November 2017, communities from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda pledged to work together to achieve sustainable livelihoods through continued experience sharing and exchange. Watch Video

Kigali Parents School na Hotel La Palisse mu bikorwa biri mu bishanga bizimurwa (Igihe - Monday 11 December 2017) -- Bimwe mu bikorwaremezo bya Kigali Parents School na Hotel La Palisse Nyandungu, biherereye mu Karere ka Gasabo bishobora gusenywa muri gahunda yo gufunga no kwimura ibikorwa byubatswe mu bishanga. Read more

Ubutaka bushobora kwinjiriza leta miliyari 8 Frw z’ubukode ntiburamenyekanishwa (Igihe - Monday 11 December 2017) -- Ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe ubutaka kigaragaza ko mu butaka burenga miliyoni 11 bubaruye mu gihugu, harimo ibibanza, amashyamba, inzuri n’ibindi, burimo ubugomba gutangirwa amahoro busaga miliyoni n’ibihumbi 100 ariko ubusaga miliyoni umunani gusa akaba aribwo bufite benebwo babwiyandikishijeho. Read more

New climate resilience and forest investment programmes seek funding (The New Times - Sunday 10 December 2017) -- Two major investment programmes in need of investments of more than $600 million will be presented to the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) at their board meeting in Washington DC next week. Read more

Green decisions incumbent upon individuals and firms (The New Times - Saturday 9 December 2017) -- The Green Growth Week that concluded yesterday in Kigali highlighted not only Rwanda’s progress in embracing the concept, but the juxtaposing role green growth can sustainably play between enterprise and development. Read More


Across Africa

Moody's Investors Service Assigns GB1 (Excellent) Green Bond Assessment to the Government of Nigeria's Green Notes (Moody's - Wednesday 13 December 2017) -- Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") has assigned a Green Bond Assessment of GB1 (Excellent) to the Government of Nigeria's senior unsecured green notes. The Series 1 green bond issuance is expected to launch during the week commencing 18 December 2017 for the amount of NGN10.69 billion, with precise coupons and maturities to be determined at the time of closing. The green notes will represent the Nigerian government's debut offering under its NGN150 billion green bond program and is expected to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). It will also mark the first sovereign green bond issuance in Africa, and the fourth on record globally. Read More

Climate change: Gates Foundation pledges $300 million to help farmers in Africa, Asia (Premium Times - Wednesday 13 December 2017) -- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $300 million (about N108 billion) in grants to support agricultural research which would help poor farmers to adapt to the consequences of climate change. Read more

Report tackles African response to Kigali Amendment (R744 - Tuesday 12 December 2017) -- A report on ‘Africa and the Kigali Amendment’, produced by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) with the support of the government of Italy, aims to help African countries in identifying priority areas for the successful implementation of the HFC phase-down under the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Read more | Download Report


From Around The World

Trump’s Newly Signed Defense Bill Labels Climate Change as a “Direct Threat” (Futurism - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- What the United States plans to do to address climate change has been a growing concern throughout 2017. Under the current administration, plans were announced to withdraw the U.S. from the historic Paris Climate Agreement, though as of September it appeared that the Trump Administration was reconsidering the decision. Read more

The 2017 comedy wildlife photography awards (Guardian - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- Out of 3,500 entries from across the world, this year’s funny winners include a laughing dormouse, a shocked seal, and bears caught in the act. View Photos

Fueling dissent: how the oil industry set out to undercut clean air (Guardian - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- On sunny days, when his classmates run out to play, Gabriel Rosales heads to the school nurse for a dose of Albuterol. Read more

Banki y’Isi yahagaritse inkunga zajyaga mu bucukuzi bwa peteroli na gaz (Igihe - Wednesday 13 December 2017) -- Banki y’Isi yatangaje ko nyuma ya 2019 itazongera gutera inkunga imishinga irebana n’ubucukuzi bwa peteroli na gaz nk’uko yabivuze kuri uyu wa Kabiri, nyuma y’inama ikomeye yigaga ku gutera inkunga imishinga muri gahunda yo kurwanya ihindagurika ry’ibihe. Read more

EU announces €9bn in funding for climate action (The Guardian - Tuesday 12 December 2017) -- EU funds will be focused on clean energy, and sustainable cities and agriculture, with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also pledging $300m towards climate adaptation. Read More


Sector Updates

African Climate Finance Experts tour Rwanda Green Fund Investments (Rwanda Green Growth Week - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- Climate finance experts from across the continent have visited Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) investments to learn more about the country’s efforts to build a green and climate resilient economy. Read more

Sustainable Development Experts from across Africa enhance partnership through Climate Financing Workshop (Rwanda Green Growth Week - Thursday 14 December 2017) -- As part of efforts to increase South-South cooperation across the continent, Low Emission Development Strategies Partnership Africa, 4C Maroc and the Rwanda Green Fund hosted a climate finance workshop that focused on financial governance and institution building, effective project design and enhancing the involvement of the private sector. Read more

Rwanda Green Fund celebrates 5 years of investing in green growth and climate resilience (Rwanda Green Growth Week - Monday 11 December 2017) -- The Rwanda Green Fund, FONERWA, has celebrated five years of playing a key role in Rwanda’s climate resilient development. The anniversary recognised the fund’s contribution to green growth across the country and exchanged ideas on the way forward. Read more

Remarks by Minister Biruta at National Framework for Climate Services Consultation Workshop (Rwanda Green Growth Week - Monday 11 December 2017) -- Good morning to you all! I take this opportunity to say a warm welcome to all of you to this important Consultation Workshop on setting up the Rwanda National Framework for Climate Services (NFCS). Read more

Rwanda Green Growth Week - Closing Event (Green Rwanda Walk) (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Friday 8 December 2017) - Led by the Ministry of Environment and partners, a Green Rwanda Walk took place on Friday 8 December. The walk began at the Rwanda Revenue Authority in Kimihurura and concludes at Stade Amahoro in Remera. View Images

Photos: Launch of construction works for the wastewater treatment system at Nyarugenge Prison (LVEMP 2 Flickr Account) -- The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) is partnering with Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS) to improve the management of liquid waste generated from the Nyarugenge Prison through construction of a nature-based wastewater treatment system. View Images