Green Rwanda Media Review - 15 July 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.



  • The Rwanda Green Fund shares a detailed Q&A about the Rwanda Cooling Initiative's Coolease financial mechanism.
  • Read about the GCF Readiness Support Project Closure Workshop that took place in Kigali last week and watch it on Igihe TV.
  • Meteo Rwanda announces the establishment of a new warning system known as the Common Alerting Protocol.
  • Inside Sources reports that the Kigali Amendment is a great deal for American workers. KT Press reports that the Nyungwe Park Canopy Walkway has reopened.
  • KT Press reports how Rwanda continues to alleviate flooding caused by Nyabarongo river.

Upcoming Events

22-23 July: High-Level Regional Conference on Circular Economy and Green Industry, Dakar

23-25 July: Regional Conservation Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa, Johannesburg

31 July - 1 August: International Conference on Plant Science Amsterdam Netherlands

19-20 August: 2nd International Conference on Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology London UK

21-22 August: 7th World Congress on Earth and Environmental Science Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore

24 August: Akagera Rhino Velo Race 2019, Eastern Province Rwanda

2-3 September: 6th World Conference on Climate Change Berlin, Germany

6 September: Gorilla Naming Ceremony, Rwanda

8-9 September: Business of Conservation Conference by ALU and RDB, Kigali

14-15 September: 6th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Recycling Seoul, South Korea Rwanda


Prepares the Foundations for Climate-Resilient Cities (IPS News - Monday, 15 July 2019) -- How do you plan a resilient city? A city that can withstand climate change impacts, and the natural disasters that it produces at increased frequencies. And how do you protect the city, its individuals and communities, its business and institutions from either the increased flooding or prolonged droughts that result? It’s a complex question with an even more complex solution, but one that the central African nation of Rwanda is looking to answer. Read More

Nyamagabe: Ntibishimira uko basaranganyijwe igishanga cya Miramo (Kigali Today - Sunday, 14 July 2019) -- Mu Kagari ka Ngoma mu Murenge wa Cyanika mu Karere ka Nyamagabe hari abahinzi binubira kuba igishanga cya Miramo cyaratunganyijwe bakaburamo uturima nyamara bari bahasanganywe imirima. Read More

Byinshi ku Nkura, imwe mu nyamaswa zikaze ku Isi zikundwa na ba mukerarugendo (Igihe - Saturday, 13 July 2019) -- Inkura ni imwe mu nyamaswa nini zikundwa na ba mukerarugendo ku buryo pariki izifite iba yihariye icyo gikundiro. Pariki y’Akagera mu Rwanda, ni umwe mu zifite Inkura harimo izakuwe muri Afurika y’Epfo n’izavuye muri Repubulika ya Tchèque. Read More

Nyanza: Two held over environmental degradation (Rwanda Inspirer - Friday, 12 July 2019) -- Two people were arrested on Wednesday in Ntyazo Sector of Nyanza District for allegedly cutting trees in a gazetted forest. Read More

Ese ibura ry’amazi rigira aho rihurira n’impeshyi? (KT Press - Thursday, 11 July 2019) -- Hakizimana Alphonse acuruza amazi mu majerekani akoresheje igare, mu bice bya Kabeza na Kanombe mu Karere ka Kicukiro, ku buryo ashobora kwinjiza amafaranga y’u Rwanda ari hagati ya 10,000 na 18,000 ku munsi. Read More

Kigali Amendment Is a Great Deal for American Workers (Inside Sources - Wednesday, 10 July 2019) -- As we move into summer, it is officially air conditioning season for much of the country. That’s usually an exercise in “buying local,” because air conditioning was invented in the United States (in Buffalo, New York) and American companies enjoy a commanding lead in heating and cooling technology. Read More

Rwanda’s Nyungwe Canopy Walkway Reopens To Visitors (KT Press - Tuesday, 9 July 2019) -- Barely two months of temporary closure – the management of Nyungwe National Park which runs its most visited Canopy walkway, has announced it reopened to visitors. Read MoreAlso published in Igihe.

Leta ikomeje ibikorwa byo guhashya umwuzure kuri Nyabarongo (Kigali Today - Monday, 8 July 2019) -- Ku mugezi wa Nyabarongo iruhande rw’urutindo runini rw’ahazwi nko kuri Ruliba, ahakunze kuba imyuzure ikabuza imodoka ziva i Kigali zerekeza mu Majyepfo cyangwa zivayo gutambuka, harimo gukorwa imirimo izaca iyo myuzure. Read More


Sector Updates

Meteo Rwanda to operationalise Common Alerting Protocol in Rwanda (Meteo Rwanda - Monday, 15 July 2019) -- The Rwanda Meteorology Agency has hosted a two-day training on the installation and operationalisation of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). The training was organised by Meteo Rwanda and two regional experts from the Tanzania Meteorological Authority on behalf of the Public Weather Services Department of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Read More

RWFA organizes workshop for the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) and Africa Project (Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority - Friday, 12 July 2019) -- The Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority has organized workshop for the Global Monitoring for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) and Africa Project. Read More

Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Project (Igihe TV - Thursday, 11 July 2019) -- Watch Video on the Green Climate Fund Readiness Project. Watch Video

Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness and preparatory support to implement Green City Development Projects in Rwanda’s Secondary Cities (GGGI Rwanda - Thursday, 11 July 2019) -- At the Kigali Convention Center, the GCF readiness project closure workshop was held to communicate the knowledge acquired, and share lessons learnt from implementing the GCF readiness project and highlight the way forward, with a dialogue to receive input from the participants. Read More

Everything you need to know about the Rwanda Cooling Initiative Coolease Financial Mechanism (Rwanda Green Fund - Wednesday, 10 July 2019) -- Rwanda’s Business Development Fund (BDF), in partnership with the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA), UN Environment’s United for Efficiency (U4E) initiative and the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) have launched the ‘Coolease’ financial mechanism to promote the adoption of energy-efficient and climate-friendly cooling solutions in Rwanda. Read More


Across Africa

Enforce plastic bag ban (Nation Kenya - Thursday, 11 July 2019) -- Though lauded as a bold step in the campaign to curb environmental pollution, there is still some serious work to do as the ban on the manufacture, sale and use of plastic bags imposed two years ago is still being flouted. These plastics are readily available and being used to pack goods in markets. Read More

Plastic poses a major environmental threat: but is it being over-stated? (The Conversation - Thursday, 11 July 2019) -- There is no doubt that plastic affects the environment badly. But a trend has developed in the reporting on the impact of plastics that’s not only selective but also borders on panic mongering rather than impartial analysis of existing studies. Read More

Kenya's first coal plant construction paused in climate victory (The Guardian - Thursday, 11 July 2019) -- Owners failed to assess environmental and community concerns, court rules, while US ambassador wades into debate in support of coal power. Read More

As Tanzania bans plastic bags, activists launch 300 youth environmental clubs in Dar es Salaam (Global Voices - Tuesday, 9 July 2019) -- On June 1, the Tanzanian government banned the use of plastic bags, joining 33 other African nations in an effort to put an end to single-use, disposable plastic products. But plastic waste is still abundant in the country and leading environmental youth activists hope that one day Tanzania will be completely free of single-use plastic products. Read More


From Around the World

Heavy rain, floods in China force evacuation of nearly 80,000 (Reuters - Thursday, 11 July 2019) -- The heaviest average rainfall to lash a swathe of southern and eastern China in more than half a century brought torrential rain and floods, destroying houses, damaging crops and forcing the evacuation of nearly 80,000 people, state media said. Read More

Indonesia igiye gusubiza toni 210 z’imyanda muri Australia (Igihe - Wednesday, 10 July 2019) -- Igihugu cya Indonesia cyatangaje ko kigiye gusubiza muri Australia imyanda isaga toni 210 mu mugambi wacyo wo kwanga kuba ikimoteri ibihugu bikize biza kumenamo imyanda. Mu mujyi wa Surabaya haherutse gufatirwa kontineri umunani zihetse imyanda irimo ibyahi by’abana byakoreshejwe, impapuro n’ibindi. Read More

Digital tracking of environmental risks offers insights to humanitarian actors (UN Environment - Tuesday, 9 July 2019) -- By the end of this day many people will have made life-changing decisions, relying on their best guess or their instinct. Some will yield great results while others will imperil individuals, corporations and communities. Read More