Green Rwanda Media Review - 15 June 2020

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world. 


  • KT Press, The New Times and other outlets report that the Government of Rwanda has laid out new strategies to revive the mining sector.
  • Rwanda TV reports that the Government of Rwanda is prioritising electric motorbikes as a way to beat air pollution.
  • View photos from the Green City Kigali Project progress visit with the Minister of Environment and the German Ambassador to Rwanda.
  • Watch a conversion with REMA and GGGI about climate change and its effects in Rwanda on 'The Square'.
  • Rwanda Green Fund reports about the benefits that will be brought by the Green City Kigali.


Upcoming Events

  • 17 June: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
  • 17 June: Biodiversity and Preventing Future Pandemics in Africa Webinar from 2:00-3:30pm (GMT+2) with Minister Mujawamariya. Join at
  • 18 June: Green Climate Fund & NAP Readiness Kick Off Meeting - details to follow
  • 21 June: World Giraffe Day
  • 22 June: World Rainforest Day
  • 26 June: World Refrigeration Day
  • 26 June: Environment and Natural Resources Sector Forward Looking Joint Sector Review



Landslide kills one in Rubavu (The New Times - Monday, 15 June 2020) -- A 20-year-old girl on Sunday died in a landslide caused by severe weather in Rubavu District, Western Province. Landslides, affecting villages of Rugerero Sector from the district, were caused by heavy rains. Read More

Hari abakijugunya aho babonye udupfukamunwa twakoreshejwe (RBA - Friday, 12 June 2020) -- Inzego zishinzwe kubungabunga ibidukikije zavuze ko abaturage bakwiye kwitwararika mu gihe bagiye kujugunya udupfukamunwa twakoreshejwe, bakadutandukanye n'indi myanda isanzwe kuko ngo two bifata igihe kirekire kugira ngo tubore. Read More

Abaturage basabwe kwitwararika mu gihe bagiye kujugunya udupfukamunwa twakoreshejwe (Rwanda TV - Friday, 12 June 2020) -- Watch Video

B2B Italia/Rwanda: Lavorare assieme per una crescita green (Intervista Rema) (Info Africa - Friday, 12 June 2020) -- RWANDA – Oltre 150 partecipanti al secondo B2B Webinar Italia/Rwanda: così si può misurare il grande interesse delle aziende italiane suscitato da un mercato, sì, di piccole dimensioni, ma con immense potenzialità alla luce di una crescita pluriennale superiore al 7% e della determinazione del Governo a portare a termine il processo di riforme intrapreso. Read More

Rubavu: Imvura nyinshi yatumye uruganda rw’amazi rwa Gihira ruhagarara (Kigali Today - Thursday, 11 June 2020) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Ikigo gishinzwe Amazi n’Isukura (WASAC) mu Karere ka Rubavu buratangaza ko kubera imvura yaguye tariki ya 10 Kamena 2020 ikanduza imigezi ya Sebeya na Pfunda, byatumye uruganda rutunganya amazi rwa Gihira ruhagarara. Read More

Le Rwanda, cœur écologique de l’Afrique, compte investir plus de 11 milliards de dollars dans le climat – exclusif (Sputnik - Thursday, 11 June 2020) -- Dans une interview exclusive accordée à Sputnik, Jeanne d'Arc Mujawamariya, ministre de l’Environnement du Rwanda, explique comment ce pays d’Afrique de l’Est remporte depuis de longues années les paris climatiques, quelles sont ses priorités et quels projets seront financés à hauteur de plus de 11 milliards de dollars. Read More

Government of Rwanda prioritises electric motor engines as a pathway to beat air pollution (Rwanda TV - Thursday, 11 June 2020) -- Recent figures released by the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority in 2017 show that in 2015, cars emitted more than 500,000 tons of fumes into the atmosphere. This is why vehicles are at the forefront of air pollution. However, the Government of Rwanda has taken steps to address this issue. Watch Video

Mu mwaka 2015 ibinyabiziga byohereje mu kirere toni zirenga ibihumbi 500 z'ibyuka bihumanya ikirere (Rwanda TV - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- Watch Video

Video: The Square: Understanding Climate Change - Effects in Rwanda (The Square - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- Watch Video

Video: Opportunity Rwanda - (2of2) (Africa e Affari - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- Green investments and trade in Rwanda. The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in close collaboration with the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) and in partnership with the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) organized this webinar on the engagement of the Italian Private sector to enhance green investments and trade in Rwanda. Watch Video

Agriculture, a low hanging fruit for Rwanda’s growth (The New Times - Tuesday, 9 June 2020) -- About two to three years ago, I attended a conference where one of the speakers passionately spoke about the importance of focusing on the growth of the agricultural sector for Rwanda’s growth. Read More

Rwanda Parliament Finds Land Wrangles Among Gov’t Enterprises (KT Press - Tuesday, 9 June 2020) -- Parliament has recommended an investigation in land related issues in which both citizens and government claim land ownership thus creating an increase in land disputes and cases of compensation. Read More

The water sector and win-win opportunities therein (The New Times - Tuesday, 9 June 2020) -- Although some readers might find it hard to believe, the most basic element of our lives is not money! At the very core of all life on earth is a much more fundamental factor, which exists (almost) everywhere and affects (almost) all areas of life: water. Read More

COVID-19: Rwanda Miners Re-Strategise (KT Press - Tuesday, 9 June 2020) -- Rwanda has kicked off a mining inspection campaign that will inform post-Covid-19 recovery strategies while also helping to contain the spread of the pandemic in this backbone industry. Read More. Also published in The New Times,, and African Mining Market

Drought-hit farmers to get solar-powered irrigation (The New Times - Tuesday, 9 June 2020) -- Farmers who were counting losses due to dry spells for years could start harvesting vegetables- pepper, eggplants, and French beans- thanks to a multi-million solar-powered irrigation along Lake Cyohoha in Bugesera District. Read More

Rosette Muhoza on the environmental opportunity created by COVID-19 (CNBC Africa - Friday, 5 June 2020) -- Despite the effects of COVID-19, the environment has been one of the few things that benefited from the pandemic. CNBC Africa spoke to Rosette Muhoza, Co-founder of My Green Home Rwanda to talk about how this pandemic has affected their company and how to sustain a clean environment. Watch Video

Opportunity Rwanda - (1of2) (Africa e Affari - Friday, 5 June 2020) -- The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in close collaboration with the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) and in partnership with the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) organized this webinar on the engagement of the Italian Private sector to enhance green investments and trade in Rwanda. Watch Video


Sector Updates

Green City Kigali to bring sustainable, affordable and inclusive urbanisation to Rwanda (Rwanda Green Fund - Thursday, 11 June 2020) -- Rwanda’s Minister of Environment, Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, has welcomed the enthusiasm and excitement among residents of Kinyinya Sector for the flagship Green City Kigali project. The Minister was conducting her first visit to the 620-hectare site during which she shared that the project will bring a new kind of sustainable, affordable and inclusive urban living. Read More, also on the Ministry of Environment website here.

Photos: Green City Kigali progress visit with the Minister of Environment and the German Ambassador (Green City Kigali - Thursday, 11 June 2020) -- View Photos

Photos: Green City Kigali - Progress Visit by Minister Mujawamariya (Rwanda Green Fund Flickr - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- Rwanda's Minister of Environment, Jeanne d'Arc Mujawamariya, has visited the KFW funded Green City Kigali project to assess the progress being made. During the visit, Minister Mujawamariya appreciated the support of the German Government and shared with local residents the sustainable development outcomes that will come with the project. View Photos


Across Africa

Rafiki, Uganda's rare silverback mountain gorilla, killed by hunters (BBC - Friday, 12 June 2020) -- One of Uganda's best known mountain gorillas, Rafiki, has been killed. Four men have been arrested, and they face a life sentence or a fine of $5.4m (£4.3m) if found guilty of killing an endangered species. Read More. Also published in The New York Times, and ABC News.

COTE D’IVOIRE: Country progresses in climate change control (Afrik21 - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- The Government of Côte d'Ivoire recently ratified the agreement to establish the Global Institute for Green Growth, signed on June 20, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, a city located in southeastern Brazil. Read More

Ethiopia will plant 5 billion trees this year to tackle climate change, but it comes at a steep price (Quartz Africa - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- Ethiopia is working on planting five billion trees this year, part of an ambitious plan to plant 20 billion seedlings by 2024 to help build a green climate resistant economy. Read More

Nairobi National Park under threat from city developers (The East African - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- The Nairobi National Park, feted for being the only game park in the world within a city, has been around for over 74 years, but its future is in doubt. Read More

Environmental disasters across the world in May 2020 (Anadolu Agency - Tuesday, 9 June 2020) -- Death toll from floods sweeping the East African nation of Kenya rises to 285, affects nearly a million people. Read More


From Around the World

Hope for pangolins as protection boosted in China (BBC - Wednesday, 10 June 2020) -- Conservation groups have welcomed China's move to remove pangolins from the official list of traditional Chinese medicine treatments, saying this could be a "game changer". Read More

Climate change, biodiversity loss and other global ills share root causes (The Conversation - Tuesday, 9 June 2020) -- The modern world seems to lurch from one crisis to another. What if that is because the crises have shared underlying causes, and therefore tackling them as if they were independent events is doomed to fail? Read More

'More masks than jellyfish': coronavirus waste ends up in ocean (The Guardian - Monday, 8 June 2020) -- Conservationists have warned that the coronavirus pandemic could spark a surge in ocean pollution – adding to a glut of plastic waste that already threatens marine life – after finding disposable masks floating like jellyfish and waterlogged latex gloves scattered across seabeds. Read More