Green Rwanda Media Review - 16 April 2018

Read the latest news from Rwanda's environment sector.


  • Igihe writes that Minister Biruta has called on people to have shared responsibilities to rebuild Rwanda, during the 24th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi
  • The New Times reports that students from Nyanza and Ruhango districts have planted 4,000 trees
  • Esi Africa publishes a story about a UK based crowdfunding initiative to finance solar systems in Africa
  • Xinhua writes that the UN has recognised Africa's technology efforts to fight climate change
  • The Guardian reports that a new satellite will be established to monitor planet-warming industrial methane leaks


Upcoming Events

  • 17-18 April 2018: PSF Breakfast Meeting on Green Climate Fund
  • 18 April 2018: ’Development of National Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Mainstreaming Strategy for Rwanda to be held at Lemigo Hotel from 8:30am
  • 22 April 2018: Earth Day
  • 26 April 2018: Validation Workshop on Updated Country Programme and Strategic Framework for Green Climate Fund




Energy for all realistic target, says UN envoy (The New Times - Monday 16 April 2018) -- According to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), energy is at the centre of every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today. Be it for jobs, security, climate change, food production or increasing income, access to energy for all is essential. Read More

Min. Biruta: Genocide Against Tutsis Not triggered by anger, it was planned (Focus Africa - Saturday 14 April 2018) -- Rwanda's environment minister, Dr. Vincent Biruta, has explained that the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis was planned and not unleashed by any form of situation as some genocide deniers reiterate by hiding their role in the execution of this plan. Read more

Dr Biruta yagaragaje uburyo bwo guhangana n’abahakana bakanapfobya Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi (Igihe - Friday 13 April 2018) -- Dr Biruta yabibwiye abakozi ba Minisiteri n’ibigo bikorera mu nyubako ya Nyarugenge Pension Plaza kuri uyu wa 12 Mata 2018, mu muhango wo kwibuka ku nshuro ya 24 Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi. Read more

What’s holding back deployment of solar energy in Africa? (The New Times - Friday 13 April 2018) -- Solar power is often touted as the obvious solution for the 600 million Africans who live without electricity. Read more

Guarding against disaster: Rwandan farmers adapt to the changing climate (UN Environment - Friday 13 April 2018) -- In Rwanda, the “land of a thousand hills”, frequent landslides and floods caused by erratic rains are literally washing people’s lives away and driving them from their homes. Read more

Women in Leadership Pressing for progress to inspire and contribute to the sustainable development of Rwanda (GGGI - Friday 13 April 2018) -- Rwanda is among the most vulnerable countries to climate change due to its topography and the rain patterns that become more intense during rainy seasons and dry seasons that take longer than usual, hence tough drought in some parts of the country. Read more

Use of Geo-Spatial data Key to Water, Forests management in Rwanda (Rwandan Inspirer - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- Experts say that the use of Geographic Information System is a key to sustainable management of Rwanda’s water and Forests resources. Read More

Controversial slum relocation kicks off in Rwanda's capital (Reuters - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- About 1,000 families are readying to move out of a slum in the Rwandan capital as construction starts on a controversial city masterplan that aims to turn Kigali into Africa’s Singapore. Read more

Kigali: Umufuka w’ amakara wageze kuri 12 000 rwf, abagore bati ‘biraduteza amakimbirane mu ngo’ (Umuryango - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- Abacuruzi b’ amakara n’ abaguzi bayo bahangayikishijwe n’ uko amakara akomeje kubura no guhenda mu buryo bukabije , abagore bahabwa amafaranga n’ abo bashakanye bafite ubwoba ko iri zamuka ry’ amakara rirateza amakimbirane mu ngo zabo bitewe n’ uko abagabo bashobora kutabyiyumvisha bagakeka ko abagore barimo gusesagura umutungo w’ urugo. Read more

Nyanza, Ruhango students plant 4000 trees (Thew New Times - Wednesday 11 April 2018) -- Members of environment clubs from 12 secondary schools based in Nyanza and Ruhango districts in Southern Province last week convened in the districts’ towns to plant 4000 trees of various species as part of an environment protection programme. Read more

UK firms to invest over Rwf300m in local solar energy sub-sector (The New Times - Tuesday 10 April 2018) -- A partnership between BBOXX, an off-grid energy solution provider, and Lendahand Ethex, a UK-based online impact investor, aims at raising £2.5 million to allow the former to extend its rollout of life changing solar systems across Rwanda and three other African countries. Read more

S.African firm suspends mining activities after Rwamagana mine collapse (The New Times - Tuesday 10 April 2018) --The management of PIRAN Resources Limited, a South African firm that owns the concession that collapsed recently and trapped four workers for three days, has temporarily suspended mining activities in all their concessions citing “safety reasons.”. Read more

UK crowdfunding to finance solar systems across Africa (Esi Africa - Monday 09 April 2018) --- The initiative aims to raise a total of £2.5 million ($4 million) through a series of smaller investment offers, allowing BBOXX to extend its rollout of solar systems across Rwanda, Togo, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria. Read more

Rwanda’s SafeMotos to expand to DRC (Disrupt Africa -Monday 09 April 2018) --- Rwanda-based motorcycle taxi app SafeMotos is to expand to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) later this year as it targets large, underserved markets to boost its growth. Read more

Virunga National Park: DR Congo rangers killed (BBC - Monday 09 April 2018) --- Five rangers and their driver have been killed at the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a spokesman says. The group was killed in an ambush by suspected rebels operating in the park. Read more

Climbing Over Rocks, Holding on to Vines and Then, at Last, Gorillas (The New York Times - Wednesday 4 April 2018) -- Eight of us, including my dad, clung to tangled vines to steady ourselves against the slippery undergrowth along a slope in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Read more

Plans to reduce seed imports to save Rwanda $6.4m (The Easter African - Sunday 1 April 2018) -- The Rwandan government plans to introduce new improved seed varieties after successful implementation of local research as it seeks to phase out imported seed input for major staple crops. Read more

Rwanda sets up second land services centre (The East African - Sunday 1 April 2018) -- The Rwandan government has set up a second land data recovery centre and mirroring centre to ease access to land services and protect land documentation. Read more

Big projects in Rwanda drive demand for cement as retail prices rise (The East Africa - Sunday 8 April 2018) -- Shortage of cement at distribution points is expected to continue and retail prices will remain high until the end of April 2018 when regional manufacturers resume production. Read more


Across Africa

Africa Crafts Message of Sustainability for International Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC - Friday 13 April 2018) -- Action on climate change and sustainable development together is the way forward for Africa. That is the top-line message that regional, public and private sector delegates will carry to international climate negotiations after a week of deliberations in the Kenyan capital. Read more

NFA and refugee hosting districts embark on a green campaign (Business Week - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- National Forestry Authority (NFA) in collaboration with districts hosting refuges are to embark on a tree planting initiative aimed at restoring the degraded central forest reserves in the host districts brought by the influx of refugees. Read more

46% of Albertine Rift species may be threatened by 2080, study finds (Mongabay - Tuesday 10 April 2018) -- East Africa’s Albertine Rift extends nearly a thousand miles from the border between northwestern Uganda and northeastern DRC down through Rwanda and Burundi to Malawi. Read more

Six Virunga park rangers killed in DRC wildlife sanctuary (The Guardian - Tuesday 10 April 2018) -- Five rangers and a driver have been killed in an ambush in Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Read more

Empowering African policymakers to combat wildlife trafficking (UN Environment - Monday 9 April 2018) -- In the past decade, the African elephant population has declined by an estimated 111,000, according to a 2016 report, primarily due to poaching. Read more

UN says Africa is embracing technology in managing climate change (Xinhua - Monday 9 April 2018) -- African countries are beginning to embrace technology in managing climate change, a UN official said on Monday. Read more


From Around the World

Sustainable Travel: It’s not Just About the Environment (The New York Times - Friday 13 April 2018) -- The term “sustainable travel” has a green glow to it, connoting eco-friendly practices and environmental responsibility. Read more

Global tech firms join forces to eliminate wildlife sales (The Easter African - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- A coalition of companies in technology industry has agreed to render online platforms and apps inoperable for wildlife traffickers to trade in endangered species. Read more

New satellite to spot planet-warming industrial methane leaks (The Guardian - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- Methane leaking from oil and gas facilities around the world – a major contributor to global warming – is set to be spotted from space. Read more

A New Study Looks at the Impact of Payments for Environmental Services (NonProfit Quarterly - Wednesday 11 April 2018) -- A study in the journal Nature Sustainability drew attention to a growing form of conservation efforts: payments for environmental services, or PES. Read more


Sector Updates

Photos: Kwibuka24 - Ministry of Environment & Nyarugenge Pension Plaza Institutions (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- The Ministry of Environment and other institutions located at Nyarugenge Pension Plaza held an event to mark the 24th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi to remember the more than one million victims of the Genocide. View Photos

Rwanda lands joins the rest of the country to commemorate 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi (Ministry of Lands and Forestry - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- Staff and senior officials of the Ministry of Land and Forests (MINILAF) joined the rest of the country to mark the 24th commemoration of the genocide against Tutsi in 1994. Read more

Photos: Rwanda lands joins the rest of the country to commemorate 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi (Ministry of Lands and Forestry Flickr page - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- View photos

Photos: 24th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi held at Meteo Rwanda Headquarters (Meteo Rwanda Flickr page - Thursday 12 April 2018) -- View photos