Green Rwanda Media Review - 16 March 2020

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • KT Press reports that President Kagame and Warren Buffet have unveiled a $54M irrigation project.
  • The East African reports about Rwandan traders who are recording losses after the single-use plastics ban.
  • Igihe reports about the negative impacts brought by drinking and eating from single-use plastics.
  • KT Press reports that 1,000 households are to be relocated from high risk zones.
  • The News Times reports that Rwanda secured funds to restore Kigali’s degraded wetlands.

Upcoming Events

  • POSTPONED - 17-18 March: Conference on Water, Climate Change and Biodiversity, Marriott Hotel, Kigali hosted by RWFA 
  • POSTPONED - 17-25 March: Water Week Celebrations in Rwanda
  • 21 March: International Day of Forest
  • 22 March: World Water Day
  • 23 March: World Meteorological Day
  • POSTPONED - 20-24 April: Africa Climate Week, Kampala Uganda


Rwanda to set up e-waste collection points to manage waste (CNBC Africa - Friday, 13 March 2020) -- As our lifestyle becomes increasingly digital, there’s a big demand and ownership of electrical and electronic equipment and so does waste from them. To minimize their harm on the environment, the government and partners are establishing e-waste collection points across the country. Olivier Mbera, Country General Manager for Enviroserve Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more. Watch Video

Gicumbi: Kutumvira umuburo w’iteganyagihe bituma akazi kadakorwa neza (Umuseke - Friday, 13 March 2020) -- Kuri uyu wa Kane taliki 12, Werurwe, 2020 abaturage batuye mu mugi wa Gicumbi bibukijwe ko gusuzugura amakuru y’iteganyagihe bishobora gushyira ubuzima bwabo mu kaga, ubw’amatungo yabo ndetse n’ibyabo bikangirika. Bituma kandi basiba cyangwa bagakererwa akazi kandi ari ko kabatunze. Read More

Bakora amakaro, amapave na verini bifashishije pulasitike (Kigali Today - Thursday, 12 March 2020) -- Aba ni Théodomir Kwitonda, Théogène Nshimyabayisenga na Védaste Dusengimana b’i Nyanza ho mu Murenge wa Huye, mu Karere ka Huye, bari basanzwe bakora umurimo w’ubwubatsi, ari na wo bamenyaniyemo. Read More

Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Kigali postponed - SEforALL Official Statement (SEforALL - Friday, 13 March 2020) Sustainable Energy for ALL (SEforALL) has decided to postpone the SEforALL Forum in Kigali, Rwanda to 16-18 February 2021. Read More

President Kagame, Buffet Unveil $54M Irrigation Project (KT Press - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- President Paul Kagame and American businessman and philanthropist Howard G. Buffet on Wednesday unveiled a $54m irrigation project that has turned the drought prone part of Kirehe district into a national food basket. Read More. Also published in The New Times

Rwanda traders count losses after ban on single-use plastics (The East African - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- The Rwanda government is enforcing a ban on the importation and use of single-use plastics such as plastic plates, cups, cutlery, single-use containers, plastic packaging materials and straws among others. Read More

Ingaruka zikomeye umuntu yaterwa no kurira cyangwa kunywera ku bikoresho bya pulasitiki (Igihe - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- Mu ntangiriro za Gashyantare 2020, Minisiteri y’Ibidukikije mu Rwanda yavuze ko bimwe mu bikoresho bya pulasitiki birimo amasahane, imiheha n’izindi pulasitiki zikoreshwa inshuro imwe nk’ibipfunyikwamo ibiribwa cyangwa ibindi bintu, bibujijwe kongera gukoreshwa mu Rwanda. Read More

Rwanda secures funds to restore Kigali’s degraded wetlands (The New Times - Tuesday, 10 March 2020) -- Funding from Global Environment Facility (GEF) through World Bank will help restore degraded wetlands in the City of Kigali, the country’s environmental watchdog has said. Read More

1,000 Households To Be Relocated From High Risk Zones (KT Press - Monday, 9 March 2020) -- The City of Kigali is set to relocate more households designated as located in wetlands and dangerous slopes that could be prone to disaster as rains are expected to intensify between March and mid-May. Read More

Ibikoresho by’ikoranabuhanga bishaje byakorwamo ibindi mu kurinda ibidukikije (Umuseke - Sunday, 8 March 2020) -- Ku wa kane mu Karere ka Musanze mu rwego rwo kurinda ibidukikije hatangijwe uburyo bugezweho bwo gukusanya ibikoresho by’ikoranabuhanga bishaje n’ibitagikoreshwa (E-waste) hagamijwe kubibyazamo ibindi bintu harimo no gusana bimwe bishobora kongera gukoreshwa, ibindi bikifashishwa n’inganda mu gukora ibikoresho bishya. Read More

Itumba Ry'imvura Idasanzwe mu Rwanda 2020 | Abantu bitegura Ibiiza | Kuzamuka K'ubushyuhe Bw'inyanja (Inyanja Twogamo Youtube Channel - Thursday, 5 March 2020) -- Mu Rwanda hateganyijwe imvura mbi izateza ibiiza mu itumba ry'uyu mwaka wa 2020. Ni ikibazo u Rwanda rusangiye n'ibindi bihugu byo mu karere k'uburasirazuba. Watch Video


Sector Updates

An ambitious year for climate is a big year for women’s empowerment (Global Green Growth Institute - Thursday, 12 March 2020) -- This year, the Paris Agreement’s effectiveness as a global response to the climate crisis is being tested as governments are preparing to submit more ambitious national targets for mitigation and adaptation. Read More

NORTHERN PROVINCE: Over 72Kgs of trafficked polythene bags seized (Rwanda National Police - Monday, 10 March 2020) -- Separate Police operations conducted in Rulindo and Burera districts on Monday seized over 72kgs of banned plastic bags, which had been trafficked into the country through illegal border posts. Read More

Assessment on understanding the needs of women working at markets in Musanze (Global Green Growth Institute - January 2020) -- Given the rapid urbanization in Rwanda and fast-tracked economic development of Kigali and secondary cities and other emerging urban centers, the link between rural and urban areas is becoming increasingly important for Rwanda’s sustainable development. Recognizing the importance of integrated development of urban, peri-urban and rural areas, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Global Green Growth Insti- tute are partnering to deliver several projects and programmes on urban-rural linkages. Read More


Across Africa

How African countries paving ways to promote green building technologies (Devdiscourse - Thursday, 12 March 2020) -- Green building technologies or green construction is considered a great tool to facilitate growth while concurrently addressing the issues of climate change, job creation and poverty alleviation, as far as the African continent is concerned. Read More

World Wildlife Day: Sustaining wildlife is sustaining human life (Daily Trust - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- Humans have depended on the constant interplay and interlinkages between all elements of the biosphere for all their needs, such as the air they breathe, the food, energy and the materials they need for all purposes. Read More

Africa: Young Climate Activist Makenna Muigai on Locusts and How the Climate Crisis Affects Peace (All Africa - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- Nairobi — Africa's young people are at the forefront by climate change action sweeping the world as climate change activists take charge where global leadership has failed. Makenna Muigai, the 17-year-old Kenyan climate activist and student at the Aga Khan Academy in Kenya, spoke with allAfrica's David Njagi about the locust invasion in East Africa, what African leaders need to do and how the climate crisis affects the peace agenda on the continent. Read More

A future in recycling: from street waste collector to entrepreneur (UN Environment - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- Young people on parts of the African continent sometimes turn to waste management as an ad hoc or extra job to make small money when they are struggling with unemployment, but often opportunities are scarce to learn how to grow in this sector and turn it into real business. Read More


From Around the World

Tropical Forests Could Start Adding Carbon, Instead of Removing It: Study (The Weather Channel - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- A new study has revealed that the largest tropical forests of Africa and Amazon are gradually losing their ability to store carbon. The study has raised concerns over the accelerated amount of carbon that could be added to the atmosphere, exasperation impacts of global warming and climate change. Read More

In Paris, Cafe Terraces Are an Environmental Battleground (The New York Times - Wednesday, 11 March 2020) -- Heat lamps over outdoor tables have become an integral part of Parisian street life. But they are meeting resistance in the face of climate change. Read More

Ecosystems the size of Amazon 'can collapse within decades' (The Guardian - Tuesday, 10 March 2020) -- Even large ecosystems the size of the Amazon rainforest can collapse in a few decades, according to a study that shows bigger biomes break up relatively faster than small ones. Read More

Can the World Win the War on Plastic? (World Politics Review - Tuesday, 10 March 2020) -- In September 2018, after years of modeling and development, the Ocean Cleanup project launched System 001, a floating barrier designed to scoop up plastic debris from an area in the Pacific Ocean that, because of prevailing currents, had become a natural repository of ocean-borne plastic waste. Read More