Green Rwanda Media Review - 16 November 2020


  • Top Africa News reports that Rwanda Development Board plans to launch tourism activities in Gishwati-Mukura National Park and Biosphere Reserve this year.
  • The Borneo Post reports that Malaysia has ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.
  • The New Times reports that the cabinet approved new draft presidential orders governing the nuclear industry.
  • Taarifa reports that Nyandungu Eco-tourism Park is shaping up to be a restored urban wetland.
  • The New Times reports that more recreational activities will spark life into Kigali.

Upcoming events 

  • 20 November: Climate Protection Congress 
  • 25 November: Accelerating the Circular Economy in Africa – Learning from Algeria, Ethiopia, and Rwanda with AfDB
  • 5 December: World Soil Day
  • 12 December: Climate Action Summit


Injira mu mushinga ugeze kure uhindura Nyandungu, ahantu nyaburanga hazatahwa mu mezi atandatu (Amafoto) (IGIHE - Monday, 16 November 2020) -- Inzego zinyuranye zikomeje gukora ubutaruhuka mu kunoza umushinga witezweho byinshi mu bijyanye no kurengera ibidukikije n'ubukerarugendo, aho abatuye Umujyi wa Kigali n'abawugenda bazunguka ahantu hashya ho gutembera cyangwa gukorera siporo, hagezweho kandi hatanga amafu adasanzwe. Read More   
Rwanda Should Strategize On Producing Avocados For Export (Taarifa - Sunday, 15 November 2020) -- Health conscious consumers in developed countries in Europe are struggling to find avocados yet Rwanda and other sub-Saharan countries offer excellent conditions for large scale production of this fruit. Read More
EU Rewards Best Practices In Reducing GreenHouse Gas Emission (KT Press - Saturday, 14 November 2020) -- The European Union (EU) in Rwanda has awarded Rwandan citizens who choose to walk or bike to their workplaces as part of personal contribution to reducing Green House Gas (GHE) emissions in the country. Read More  
Rwanda: Small Batches of Rwandan Coffee Pack Big Punch in World Market (All Africa - Saturday, 14 November 2020) -- They may be from the smallest country in eastern Africa, but coffee farmers in Rwanda can still compete in the international market with giant coffee exporters like Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. Read More
Land Use, Dvpt Master Plan Look To Improve Agricultural Yield Fifteen Fold By 2050 (KT Press - Saturday, 14 November 2020) -- Rwanda has compiled key information which beg the attention of citizen in all walks of life and agriculture players in particular to prevent a scenario where food insecurity would decide the fate of the country in the next thirty years and beyond. Read More
FEATURED: World Vision commits to plant over 7 million trees (The New Times - Saturday, 14 November 2020) -- World Vision Rwanda through its partnership with the Regreening Africa and Forest Landscape Restoration projects has committed to plant a total of 7,695,300 trees throughout the 2020/21 tree planting season to address climate change and improve livelihoods. Read More
Empowerment of Women and Youth for climate change resilience and Environmental conservation in Nyagatare District” Funded by FONERWA (Save Generations Organization - Friday, 13 November 2020) -- Save Generations Organization funded by Rwanda Green Fund, FONERWA  has been awarded to implement a project entitled ‘’Empowerment of women and youth to climate change resilience and environmental protection in Nyagatare district’’ which aims to empower the women and youth for climate change resilience and environment conservation through biomass replacement and wastes management by providing cooking stoves and briquettes to reduce deforestation, gender-based violence and create green jobs to youths in 5 sectors of Nyagatare District ( Rwimiyaga, Nyagatare, Tabagwe, Mimuri and karangazi sector). Read More  
Inzu n’ibikoresho bya miliyoni 900Frw bizafasha mu gucunga Pariki ya Gishwati-Mukura (Umuseke - Friday, 13 November 2020) -- Kuri uyu wa kane mu Karere ka Rutsiro, ikigo cy’igihugu gihinzwe kubungabunga Ibidukikije (REMA) cyashyikirije Ikigo cy’igihugu cy’Iterambere (RDB) inyubako n’ibindi bikorwa bizifashishwa mu micungire ya Pariki ya Gishwati-Mukura bifite agaciro karenga miliyoni 900Frw. Read More  
RDB to launch tourism activities in Gishwati-Mukura National Park and Biosphere Reserve before 2020 ends (Top Africa News - Friday, 13 November 2020) -- The Head of Tourism and Conservation Department within RDB, Ariella Kageruka, has announced that tourists will soon start to visit Gishwati-Mukura National Park and Biosphere Reserve as it has to be opened before the end of 2020. Read More  
Green-wise and recreation-wise, this country is happening (The New Times - Friday, 13 November 2020) -- When I read an article from the Turkish Anadolu Agency about the ambitious projects going on to restore this country’s tree cover, I buried my head in my hands. Lover of everything green-plant that I pride myself in being, how could I have been totally in the dark when green was happening right under my nose and all around me? Read More

Hateganyijwe imvura iri hagati ya mm 20 na 150 mu minsi 10 (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday, 12 November 2020) -- Ikigo k’Igihugu Gishinzwe Ubumenyi bw’Ikirere (Meteo Rwanda) cyashyize ahabona ingano y’imvura iteganyijwe mu gice cya kabiri cy’ukwezi k’Ugushyingo 2020 hagati y’itariki ya 11 n’iya 20 Ugushyingo 2020 mu Rwanda, aho iri hagati ya mirimetero 20 na 150 (mm20-mm150). Read More

Cabinet approves new draft presidential orders on nuclear industry (The New Times - Thursday, 12 November 2020) -- The cabinet on Wednesday, November 11, approved three presidential orders on accession of Rwanda to different international treaties relating to the nuclear industry, ushering the country into the future of the nuclear industry. Read More 
EDITORIAL: More recreational activities will spark life into Kigali City (The New Times - Thursday, 12 November 2020) -- The City of Kigali is currently revamping traffic islands, also known as roundabouts, developing theme and amusement parks, tourism sites, and going at large to lure private investors to invest in other recreational spaces. Read More
First Global Survey of Green Banks Finds Rapid Growth in their Numbers and Importance in Low-Carbon Finance (Natural Resources Defense Council - Wednesday, 11 November 2020) -- The panel, moderated by Rhian-Mari Thomas of the Green Finance Institute, will feature an overview of the report followed by a discussion with Muhammed Syed from the Development Bank of Southern Africa, Teddy Mugabo from the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA), and Susana Escária from Portugal’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Action. The panelists will share their experiences in setting up green banks and provide information on the role these institutions will play in helping their countries and regions achieve climate and development targets. Read More
REMA’s Munyazikwiye on plans to collect 10.000 tonnes of e-waste annually (CNBC Africa - Wednesday, 11 November 2020) -- Rwanda sets to collect about 10.000 tonnes of e-waste annually, and CNBC Africa’s Zwena Bachoo had a conversation with Faustin Munyazikwiye, Deputy Director General from Rwanda Environmental Management Authority, on what is being done to achieve this. Read More
Nyandungu Eco-Tourism Park Shaping Up (Taarifa - Wednesday, 11 November 2020) -- The previously bushy and stagnated Nyandungu wetland is gradually shaping up into a reclaimed Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park that can be utilised by Kigali dwellers as a place for meditation, and reconnecting with nature while cooling off stress. Read More 
Govt to provide incentives to mining exploration companies (The New Times - Wednesday, 11 November 2020) -- Rwanda says it has put in place an incentive package that seeks to attract investors to invest in mining exploration activities, part of the drive to strategically reposition the country’s mining sector in the region. Read More
VIDEO: Kigali's recreational projects will transform city life—And they are ready for investors (The New Times - Tuesday, 10 November 2020) -- There are deliberate efforts to transform Kigali into a recreational and environmentally friendly city that is full of life and opportunities for residents and visitors. Read More
Disaster Risk Insurance; How does it work? (The New Times - Tuesday, 10 November 2020) -- The findings released in a multi-agency report, under the title; “The State of the Climate in Africa 2019” cited that natural disaster losses have continuously escalated due both to continued building in high-risk areas and due to climate changes that are altering extreme events around the globe. Read More
Rwanda: Treatment Campaign Launched As Swine Disease Kills Over 370 Pigs (All Africa - Tuesday, 10 November 2020) -- The swine erysipelas has killed 379 pigs, or 0.67 per cent of 56,706 pig population in the three affected districts of Rwamagana, Kicukiro and Gasabo District, according to statistics from Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB). Read More
M’sia ratifies Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol (The Borneo Post - Monday, 9 November 2020) -- Malaysia has ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer under the Vienna Convention for ozone layer protection. Read More
Swine disease outbreak hits pig farms in three districts (The New Times - Monday, 9 November 2020) -- The Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) has said that the disease that has affected some pig farms in the districts of Rwamagana (in Eastern Province), Kicukiro and Gasabo (in the City of Kigali) is swine erysipelas—a bacterial illness that mainly stems from poor hygiene on the farm. Read more
RWANDA: Three irrigation dams serve 1,174 farmers in Rwamagana (Afrik 21 - Monday, 9 November 2020) --In Rwamagana district in Rwanda, the government has reactivated water reservoirs for irrigation in Cyimpima and Gashara. It has also inaugurated the Bugugu dam. The three facilities provide irrigation water to 1,174 rice, maize and soybean farmers. Read More
Gorilla family feuds: What makes the big apes violent? A crowded mountain, research finds (Chicago Sun Times - Thursday, 5 November 2020) -- Scientists who analyzed 50 years of data from Rwanda found that, as the number of gorilla family groups living in a habitat increased, so did the number of violent clashes. Read More
Sector Updates
Workshop on incorporation of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion across the outcomes and outputs of the GCF NAP Project on Building Flood Resilience Capacities in Rwanda (Global Green Growth Institute - Monday, 9 November 2020) -- GGGI as the delivery partner and Rwanda Environment management Authority (REMA) as the National Designated Authority for Green Climate Finance (GCF) in Rwanda, collaborated in organizing the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Workshop for the GCF National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Readiness and Preparatory Support for Building Flood Resilience Capacities in Rwanda. Read More
RUBAVU: Taxi impounded with smuggled minerals (Rwanda National Police - Monday, 9 November 2020) -- A taxi vehicle was on Saturday, November 7, intercepted in Kanembwe Village of Busigari Cell in Cyanzarwe Sector, Rubavu District with 250 kilogrammes of smuggled tourmaline minerals. Read More   
Across Africa 
TOGO: towards membership of the Global Green Growth Institute (Afrik 21 - Thursday, 12 November 2020) -- Togo wants to be a member of the Global Green Growth Institute. The draft bill relating to it was examined on 28 October last in the Council of Ministers. This step reaffirms the will of this West African country to move towards an economy that is both prosperous and low carbon. Read More
Yangambi: Planting the roots of vegetation classification in Africa (Forest News - Thursday, 12 November 2020) -Beginning in the late 19th century, effective classification of Africa’s bounteous vegetation became a major preoccupation for European geographers and botanists. Seeking to gain a better understanding of the vast territories that their countries had colonized, they hoped to contribute to more efficient land use, resource and environmental management. Read More 
Fires shaped Mount Kilimanjaro’s unique environment. Now they threaten it (Down to Earth - Thursday, 12 November 2020) -- n October, firefighters in Tanzania had to tackle a number of fires on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain and the largest free-standing mountain in the world. The mountain and surrounding forests fall into Kilimanjaro National Park, named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. Andreas Hemp provides a glimpse into the mountain’s natural environment and the challenges it faces. Read More
In Kenya, a Cherished Fig Tree Gets a Reprieve (The New York Times - Wednesday, 11 November 2020) -- The 100-year-old tree, slated for removal to make room for a new expressway, will be preserved following a backlash from environmentalists concerned about shrinking green spaces in Nairobi. Read More
From Around the World
Increase in burning of plastic 'driving up emissions from waste disposal' (The Guardian - Monday, 16 November 2020) -- Carbon emissions from waste disposal are increasing because of the expansion of energy-from-waste incineration plants, a coalition of campaigners has warned. Read More 
Protected reptiles from around the world rescued by Guardia Civil (Euro Weekly News - Thursday, 12 November 2020) -- A TOTAL of 300 rare and protected reptiles worth around €800,000 on the black market have been rescued by the Guardia Civil in a pan European and Europol operation with 21 people from two criminal groups arrested. Read More 
Climate heroes: the countries pioneering a green future (The Guardian - Wednesday, 11 November 2020) -- While the world must wait to see whether US president-elect Joe Biden can fulfil his election promise of a $2tn Green New Deal, nations elsewhere in the world are setting carbon-neutral targets and pushing ahead with mega-programmes to cut emissions, create jobs and reduce energy prices. Here are some of the regional frontrunners. Read More 
Managing Food crop pests without compromising yield and environment (The Island - Tuesday, 10 November 2020) -- Insect pests cause substantial damage to our food crops. Insecticides are normally applied to combat them. However, dependency solely on insecticide for pest management has resulted in various undesirable environmental and human health problems. Human health is affected by the consumption of food with insecticidal residues. Read More
Opinion: Drive home a global green recovery in 2021 — no excuses (Devex - Tuesday, 10 November 2020) -- This year, the world marked the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in the midst of global calamity and uncertainty of an unprecedented scale. Yet we were also reminded that throughout history, great crises give rise to extraordinary opportunities. Read More
Twitter Highlights
1. Ministry of Infrastructure | Rwanda @RwandaInfraNyandungu Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park will be composed of ornamental ponds, gallery forests, medicinal plant gardens, paved walk ways and cycle lanes, restaurants, information center, recreational and other biodiversity services. It will attract both foreign and local visitors

2. UNHabitatLive @UNHABITAT_LiveJoin us online on 17th November @ 15.00CET to discuss "The Benefits of cities for higher ambition NDCs and post-COVID recovery" In partnership with @ndcpartnership @giz_gmbh, Speakers @ICLEI @REMA_Rwanda @BonnGlobal @MinAmbienteCo @UNHABITAT

3. Ministry of Environment - Rwanda @EnvironmentRw: The cooperation between @RwandaPolice & @EnvironmentRW will focus on capacity building in management areas of environment including water, wetlands, lakeshores & river banks, forests, land, air quality & air pollution, plastic carry bags & single-use plastic items among others.
4. Rwanda Green Fund @GreenFundRw: Muri aka kanya:Abagenerwabikorwa b'umushinga wa #GreenGicumbi ushyirwa mu bikorwa na @GreenFundRw muri @GicumbiDistrict bari guhabwa imbabura zironderereza ibicanwa zitwa 'SONGA'. Iyi mbabura mu gihe ikoreshejwe igabanya ibicanwa by'inkwi ku kigero cya 60%. @EnvironmentRw
5. GGGI Rwanda @GGGI_Rwanda: @GGGI_Rwanda is committed in supporting the government of Rwanda to plan & invest in #greencities. #SustainableMobility, which also includes active transport, is a critical contributor in the efforts to reduce air pollution in cities. #africanmobilitymonth #greenrwanda 
6. REMA Rwanda @REMA_Rwanda: @AKageruka: We will keep collaborating with communities around @Gishwati_Mukura to ensure its sustainability as it will soon start generating revenues. @RDBrwanda has allocated more than 300M to the revenue sharing program in communities around @Gishwati_Mukura @Juliet_Kabera