Green Rwanda Media Review - 18 February 2019

A compilation of the latest news in the environment sector - from Rwanda and around the world. 


  • The New Times reports about what WASAC is doing to address water shortages.
  • Taarifa reports that the Ellen DeGeneres Campus was launched in northern Rwanda.
  • The New Times reports that Rwanda's fish production is up 27.8 per cent.
  • Igihe reports that John Semafara, retiring Meteo Rwanda Director General, has handed over his responsibilities to incoming DG Aimable Gahigi.
  • View Photos of the 11th Ordinary Session of the Governing Council of the African Ministers' Council on Water.


Upcoming Events 

22 February: Regional Nile Day, Kigali, Rwanda

3 March: World Wildlife Day 2019

18 March: World Recycling Day

18-22 March: Africa Climate Week, Accra, Ghana

20-21 March: Integrated Water Resources Management Conference, Kigali Marriott, Rwanda

21 March: International Day of Forests

22 March: World Water Day

23 March: World Meteorological Day



Rwanda’s Research Institute Shows Loopholes In Waste Management (KT Press - Saturday, 16 February 2019) -- Research findings have showed that almost half of city of Kigali population are directly affected by poor waste management and sanitation especially from slum areas. Read More

Semafara yatanze ubuyobozi bwa Meteo Rwanda, aha umusimbuye umukoro w’amezi atandatu (Igihe - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- The Minister for Environment Vincent Biruta says climate warming has a negative impact on the lives on Rwandans and affects about ten per cent of the national budget and called for joint efforts to reverse the trend. Read More

What is WASAC doing to address water shortages? (The New Times - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- Kigali residents say they continue to experience water shut offs for large parts of the day, raising concerns over what the water utility authority is doing to bring lasting solutions. Read More

U Buyapani bwatanze miliyoni zisaga 78 zo kugeza amazi meza i Runda (Igihe - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- U Buyapani bubinyujije muri ambasade yabwo i Kigali bwatanze inkunga y’amadolari 86 451 (asaga miliyoni 78 Frw) yo kugeza amazi meza mu murenge wa Runda mu Karere ka Kamonyi. Read More

Rwanda to deploy mobile soil testing laboratory (The New Times - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- The project is being implemented through a joint venture between the Government and OCP group a Moroccan phosphates making firm. Read More

Show me Around igiye gutembereza abashaka kureba ibyiza bitatse Nyungwe (Igihe - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- Ikigo gitembereza ba mukerarugendo Show Me Around Rwanda Safaris, kigiye gufasha abaturarwanda gusobanukirwa ibyiza bitatse igihugu cyabo kibatembereza muri Pariki y’Igihugu ya Nyungwe. Read More

Ellen DeGeneres Campus Launched In Northern Rwanda (Taarifa - Tuesday, 12 February 2019) -- The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and the Ellen DeGeneres Gorilla Fund yesterday laid a foundation for the multi-million dollar Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Read More

Rwanda fish production up by 27.8 per cent (The New Times - Tuesday, 12 February 2019) -- The latest industry outlook shows that Rwanda registered a significant rebound in fish output since 2016 after sustained years of hardship. Read More

See Kigali like a Nat Geo Explorer (The New Times - Tuesday, 12 February 2019) -- From verdant hillsides to bustling boulevards, explore the capital of Rwanda like a local. Read More


Across Africa

Drink salty water or go thirsty – Climate change hits Tanzanian school children (UN Environment - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- The students at Kingani school in the Tanzanian town of Bagamoyo used to have two choices for drinking water at school: get sick or remain thirsty. Read More

Govt working hard to provide clean water, says Mhlanga (The Herald - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- Government is working hard to ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe water, which is not only a basic need, but a necessity to sustaining all forms of life, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Deputy Minister Jennifer Mhlanga has said. Read More

Zambia igiye kwica imvubu 2000 kuko ari nyinshi cyane (Umuseke - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- buyobozi bwa Zambia buratangaza ko ababishinzwe bagiye kwica imvubu 2000 mu rwego rwo kugabanya umubare wazo. Ubundi abahanga mu binyabuzima bavuga ko kugira ngo urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima rubeho neza, bisaba ko indyanyama, indyabyatsi, iningwa habiri n’ibiguruka, buri kiciro kiba kitagomba kugira umubare munini cyane kuko kibangamira ibindi. Read More


From Around the World

U.S. utility TVA votes to close two coal power plants, in blow to Trump (Reuters - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- The Tennessee Valley Authority voted on Thursday to close two aging coal-fired power plants, including one supplied by a company led by a major supporter of President Donald Trump, who had urged the U.S.-owned utility to keep it open. Read More

To avoid environmental catastrophe, everything must change (The Guardian - Wednesday, 13 February 2019) -- It is not just the insects that are in serious decline, but also the entomologists who study them (Plummeting insect numbers threaten collapse of nature, 11 February), both in terms of promoting and conserving beneficial species and combating pests. Read More

Five ways behavioural science can transform climate change action (UN Environment - Wednesday, 13 February 2019) -- Eating less meat, flying less, or opting for renewable energy can accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. But why aren’t more people doing this? What are the barriers to low carbon consumption? Read More


Sector Updates

New Meteo Rwanda Director General commits to improving the timely sharing of weather and climate information (Meteo Rwanda - Thursday, 14 February 2019) -- The incoming Director General of Rwanda Meteorology Agency, Aimable Gahigi, pledged to improve the timely dissemination of weather and climate services to help decision-making in all sectors of the economy. Mr Gahigi was speaking at the handover ceremony from the outgoing Director General, John Ntaganda Semafara, on Thursday 14 February 2019 at Meteo Rwanda headquarters. Read More

Photos: 11th Ordinary Session of the Governing Council of the African Ministers' Council on Water (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Wednesday, 13 February 2019) -- Rwanda hosted the 11th Ordinary Session of the Governing Council of the African Ministers' Council on Water. The meeting gathered ministers of environment and water from across the continent to advance water resources management. View Photos

Remarks by Minister Biruta at 11th African Ministers’ Council on Water General Assembly (Ministry of Environment - Wednesday, 13 February 2019) -- I am delighted to join you today for the re-convened 11th General Assembly of the African Ministers’ Council on Water. I would like to welcome you to Rwanda and thank the President and Secretariat of the Council for selecting Kigali to host this important gathering. Read More

Photos: Official Opening - Global Environment Facility Expanded Constituency Workshop for Eastern Africa (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Tuesday, 12 February 2019) -- The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Expanded Constituency Workshop (ECW) for East Africa brings together GEF focal points, focal points from the main Conventions (Biodiversity, Desertification, Climate Change and persistent organic pollutants), representatives from civil society and representatives from the GEF Secretariat and the GEF Agencies to discuss priority issues and share lessons and experiences from the development and implementation of GEF projects and their integration within national policy frameworks. View Photos

Photos: Inception Workshop on the Methodology & Work Plan for the Development of Rwanda's Climate Action Plan (NDC) Implementation Framework (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Tuesday, 12 February 2019) -- View Photos

Rwanda Hosts the GEF Eastern Africa Expanded Constituency Workshop (REMA Rwanda - Tuesday, 12 February 2019) -- Participants from 14 East African countries are meeting in Rwanda for a four day Expanded Constituency Workshop, organized by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the largest public funder of environmental protection projects. Read More

Opening Remarks by Minister Biruta at Global Environment Facility Expanded Constituency Workshop for Eastern Africa (Ministry of Environment - Tuesday, 12 February 2019) -- I am pleased to be with you today for the Global Environment Facility Expanded Constituency Workshop for Eastern Africa. I would like to extend a warm welcome to our guests who have joined us from abroad, and I hope that you will feel at home here in Rwanda. Murakaza neza, karibu sana. Bienvenue au Rwanda. Read More