Green Rwanda Media Review - 19 August 2019

 Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world


  • Igihe reports that Volkswagen will manufacture electric cars in Rwanda.
  • Kigali Today reports that combustion engine motorcycles are to be replaced by electric motorcycles.
  • CNBC Africa reports that five endangered black rhinos have found a new home in Rwanda.
  • The New Times reports about a trio conserving nature by using alternative materials for furniture production.
  • Aljazeera reports from Rwanda that the mountain gorillas of Central Africa slowly increase in number.

Upcoming Events


Volkswagen igiye kugeza ku isoko ry’u Rwanda imodoka zikoresha amashanyarazi (Igihe - Wednesday, 14 August 2019) -- Umuyobozi w’ishami ry’uruganda rwa Volkswagen ruteranyiriza imodoka mu Rwanda, Michaella Rugwizangoga, yavuze ko mbere y’uko uyu mwaka urangira ruzaba rwagejeje ku isoko ry’u Rwanda zimwe mu modoka zarwo zikoresha amashanyarazi. Rugwizangoga yabivugiye mu kiganiro urubyiruko rwagiranye na Perezida Paul Kagame, cyabereye mu Intare Conference Arena. Yavuze ko mu myaka itatu ishize ubwo Volkswagen yashakaga kwagura ibikorwa byayo hanze ya Afurika y’Epfo bikagera muri Afurika yo munsi y’ubutayu bwa Sahara, barebye ku bihugu byinshi bitegereza ubukungu, umutekano, politiki, amahoro n’ibindi, u Rwanda ruza ku isonga. Read More

Bidatinze moto zikoresha lisansi zirasimbuzwa izikoresha amashanyarazi (Kigali Today - Wednesday, 14 August 2019) -- Umukuru w’Igihugu yabitangarije urubyiruko rwaganiriye nawe mu ihuriro ngarukamwaka ryiswe ’MeetThePresident’, ko hagiye gukoreshwa moto zigendeshwa n’amashanyarazi gusa. Read MoreAlso published in Igihe

Five endangered black rhinos find new home in Rwanda (CNBC Africa - Tuesday, 13 August 2019) -- Five eastern black rhinos were recently flown from Europe into Rwanda’s Akagera National Park in effort to save the critically endangered animal. The move is also set to boost the country’s tourism targets. Watch Video Meet Trio Conserving Nature By Using Alternative Materials for Furniture Production (The New Times - Tuesday, 13 August 2019) -- The rapid development and urbanisation in the country, like elsewhere across the world has seen the increased dependence and use of natural resources such as trees to produce furniture among other products. This in return has led to environmental degradation. Read More

Mountain gorillas of Central Africa slowly increase in number (Aljazeera - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- It is one of the world's most endangered species. But the mountain gorillas of Central Africa are making a slow but fragile return from the brink of extinction. Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker reports from the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, which is leading conservation efforts. Watch Video Abana 25 b’Ingagi bagiye kwitwa amazina mu muhango wateguwe ku nshuro ya 15 (Igihe - Friday, 9 August 2019) -- Ikigo cy’Igihugu cy’Iterambere, RDB, kiri mu myiteguro y’umunsi ngarukamwaka wo Kwita Izina, aho muri uyu mwaka abana 25 b’ingagi ari bo bazahabwa amazina, mu muhango ugiye kuba ku nshuro ya 15. Read More


Sector Updates

Remarks by Minister Biruta at 2019 National Circular Economy Forum (Ministry of Environment - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the National Circular Economy Forum. Today’s gathering is the first of what I hope will be many events to discuss and review what is already being done to advance the circular economy in Rwanda, and bring this new way of doing business into the mainstream. Read More Also published at the Rwanda Green Fund  

Rwanda hosts first National Circular Economy Forum to advance green growth (Ministry of Environment - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- The Ministry of Environment and partners from across government have hosted the inaugural National Circular Economy Forum to fast-track Rwanda’s adoption of this new way of doing business. The forum was attended by a range of stakeholders from the private sector, civil society and government agencies who learnt more about the circular economy and how it can advance green growth in Rwanda. Read More

National Circular Economy Forum Recommendations (Rwanda Green Fund - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- Rwanda has hosted the inaugural National Circular Economy Forum to harness the opportunities that lie in the circular economy and explore how they can support the country’s green growth. The forum took place on 8 August 2019 with the following recommendations. Read More


Across Africa

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: Government establishes national green climate fund (Afrik21 - Thursday, 15 August 2019) -- Congolese have a new way to finance their efforts to fight or adapt to climate change. In accordance with the provisions of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), the government of the Central African States has set up a National Green Economy System. It is a kind of “Green Climate Fund” at the national level. The fund should enable the Congo to mobilise financial resources, particularly at the local level and from external partners, to finance projects related to the conservation and protection of natural ecosystems. Read More

Burundi brings forward plastic bag ban by six months (The East African - Wednesday, 14 August 2019) -- The government banned plastic bags use last August, allowing an 18-month period for consumers and retailers to finish their stock. Several countries in the region have taken action against plastic bags, including neighbouring Rwanda, which banned them in 2008, Kenya, which prohibited them in 2017, and Tanzania that stopped their import in June. Read MoreAlso published in Igihe

Opinion - It's Time to Look Underground for Climate Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa (Thomson Reuters Foundation - Tuesday, 13 August 2019) -- In 2014-2016, southern Africa saw its worst drought in decades, resulting from the most severe El Niño event in half a century. Leading to sharp declines in crop production, the drought dealt a severe blow to food security, with millions of people across the larger Pacific region facing hunger, poverty and disease. Read More


From Around the World

Nyakanga 2019 niko kwezi kwa mbere gushyushye isi yagize (Igihe - Friday, 16 August 2019) -- Ikigo cyo muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika gishinzwe iby’inyanja n’ikirere (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA), cyatangaje ko ukwezi kwa karindwi gushize ariko kwezi kwa mbere kwabayemo ubushyuhe bukabije mu mateka y’isi. Read More

Germany plans CO2 pricing to help with climate goals: Merkel (Reuters - Tuesday, 13 August 2019) -- Germany will introduce some sort of carbon emissions pricing to achieve its climate goals, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, adding that she favors issuance of CO2 certificates to reduce such emissions. Read More

Air pollution in a tweet: communicating complex science (UN Environment - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- Air pollution is a complex issue that is difficult to communicate to most people. What causes air pollution? How does it affect our children’s cognitive development? What does air pollution have to do with rising temperatures? Read More

Raise car fuel prices to fight air pollution, says rightwing think tank (The Guardian - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- A report calls for VAT to be abolished on electric cars and for citizens to be able to report idling vehicles and receive a share of fines levied. It also proposes that the speed limit in all urban areas is cut from 30mph to 20mph and that local authorities should be able to profit from pollution charging schemes to fund clean-air projects. Read More

A model city in Japan is helping Asian cities go green (UN Environment - Monday, 12 August 2019) -- People’s health was also beginning to suffer, and residents had had enough. Starting in 1950s, a women’s association began a campaign to bring back blue skies, which prompted an about-face from the government. Local officials began work with businesses, research institutions and citizen groups to find solutions to the pollution plaguing the city. Read More