Green Rwanda Media Review - 20 April 2020

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • Kigali Today and other outlets report about Meteo Rwanda's warnings of heavy rain.
  • KT Press reports on how Rwanda is strengthening preparedness for a potential desert locust invasion.
  • Igihe reports that one of the five Rhinos that resettled in Rwanda from Europe has passed away.
  • Kigali Today reports on how the lockdown has decreased air pollution.
  • A World Bank blog shares how floods in Kigali shed light on the need for integrated urban planning and upgrading.

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Nyarugenge families affected by downpour narrate ordeal (The New Times - Saturday, 18 April 2020) -- The heavy rain caused an overflow of the Mpazi drainage, which collects waste and rain water from the sectors of Nyamirambo, Gitega and Kimisagara all in Nyarugenge, towards Nyabugogo Bus Park, destroying several homes in the area. Read More

Meteo Rwanda iraburira abantu ngo bitegure imvura nyinshi (Kigali Today - Friday, 17 April 2020) -- Itangazo rya Meteo Rwanda rivuga ko ahitezwe kugwa imvura nyinshi kurusha ahandi ari mu Ntara y’Iburengerazuba, Amajyepfo, Umujyi wa Kigali no mu Majyepfo y’Intara y’Iburasirazuba. Read More. Also published in Igihe, Umuseke and The New Times

Imwe mu nkura eshanu zazanywe mu Rwanda zivuye i Burayi, yarapfuye (Igihe - Thursday, 16 April 2020) -- Ishyirahamwe ry’u Burayi rishinzwe ibijyanye n’ahororerwa Inyamaswa, EAZA; Umuryango Nyafurika urengera urusobe rw’Ibinyabuzima, African Parks na RDB, nibo batangaje ko iyi nkura yapfuyes. Read More. Also published at Czech Radio

#GumaMuRugo yagabanyije ihumana ry’ikirere cy’Isi (Ubushakashatsi) (Kigali Today - Thursday, 16 April 2020) -- Ibikorwa bya muntu, biza ku isonga mu gutuma ikirere gihumana. Ikigo gishinzwe iby’ubumenyi nw’ikirere gikorera muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika (NASA), cyerekanye ukuntu ikirere cya Wuhan, mu gihugu cy’u Bushinwa, ari naho hatangiriye icyorezo cya COVID-19, ndetse no mu Butaliyani, igihugu cyibasiwe cyane na COVID-19, ikirere kimeze neza, aho bavugaga ko ibyotsi byahumanyaga ikirere biturutse mu nganda n’ibinyabiziga byari byagabanutse ku kigero cya 30%. Read More

Rwanda Strengthens Preparedness For Potential Desert Locusts Invasion (KT Press - Wednesday, 15 April 2020) -- Rwanda has started preparing for the next wave of desert locust which are expected to hit the east African region between June and July this year, which is likely to be massive compared to the one seen in February. Read More

Ikirere cya Kigali mu kanya cyari cyahinduye isura (Amafoto) (Kigali Today - Monday, 13 April 2020) -- Ni ibicu bitari byoroshye dore ko byagoranaga kureba mu bice bitandukanye by’umujyi nk’uko bisanzwe. Icyakora nyuma y’imvura yahise ahagana saa munani, i Kigali hongeye gucya. View Photos

Making room for storm water: How floods in Kigali shed light on the need for integrated urban planning and upgrading (World Bank Blogs - Thursday, 9 April 2020) -- Every year, the short rainy period in Rwanda runs from October to early December and the long rainy season from March up to early May. In between, Rwanda enjoys a break from rains at a perfect time for the holidays. Read More


Across Africa

Tributes pour in for 'conservation giant (The Namibian - Tuesday, 14 April 2020) -- Conservationist Garth Owen-Smith, who has died at the age of 76, was a giant in his field. He laid the foundation for Namibia's internationally acclaimed community-based conservation movement. Read More

Africa’s 720m youth in clean energy are a game changer (The East Africa - Tuesday, 14 April 2020) -- Position: Co-ordinator of the Africa Regional Climate Change Programme at the Unep; Focal person, Unep ecosystem-based adaptation for food security. Read More

Second wave of locusts in east Africa said to be 20 times worse (The Guardian - Monday, 13 April 2020) -- A second wave of desert locusts is threatening east Africa with estimates that it will be 20 times worse then the plague that descended two months ago. Read More

Coronavirus - South Africa: Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries on Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown relief secured for destitute waste pickers countrywide (Africa News - Monday, 13 April 2020) -- The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries in partnership with the packaging industry have secured a plan to assist waste pickers who have lost their livelihoods during the national lockdown period. Read More

Okavango people warned of possible floods (Daily News - Monday, 13 April 2020) -- Speaking in an interview at Kauxwi on Saturday, Okavango Sub-district Disaster Management Committee chairperson, Mr Thabang Waloka said the floods could occur anytime and therefore the committee had already started making preparations so as to respond promptly. Read More

Women empowerment crucial to building resilience against climate change (The Herald - Monday, 13 April 2020) -- Former director general of the Food and Agriculture Organisation José Graziano da Silva once remarked: “There is no inclusive and sustainable way forward for Africa without women, youth and agriculture. Read More

COVID-19 and the Culture of Eating Wild Animals in Central Africa (African Argument - Monday, 23 March 2020) -- Bushmeat consumption in Central Africa has devastating effects on the fragile web of biodiversity, local economies, conservation priorities, community well-being and public health. Read More


From Around the World

South Korea to implement Green New Deal after ruling party election win (Climate Home News - Thursday, 16 April 2020) -- President Moon Jae-in’s party won a landslide 180 seats in the 300-member National Assembly, up from 120 previously, in a huge show of faith in his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

COVID-19 environmental roll back ‘irrational’ and irresponsible’: rights expert (UN News - Wednesday, 15 April 2020) -- The appeal by David Boyd, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, comes after several governments have announced plans to lower environmental standards, or other related measures. Read More

Ukrainian President reassured of end to forest fire (World Nuclear News - Tuesday, 14 April 2020) -- The State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) needs a "few more days" to extinguish the smouldering remnants of a fire "in and around" the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the head of organisation, Mykola Chechotkin, told President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a daily conference call today. According to a statement from the President's Office, Zelenskyy has been receiving daily updates on the situation. Read More

Statement from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy: The Choices We Make Now Will Shape the Future (UN Environment - Tuesday, 14 April 2020) -- In the midst of our global response to COVID-19, the world is in need of an economic transformation, one that promotes both the sustainable wellbeing of individuals as well as the environment in tandem. We have arrived at a turning point. Read More

How to dispose of IT hardware without hurting the environment (Network World - Tuesday, 14 April 2020) -- Many enterprises don’t think much about where their obsolete IT gear winds up, but it’s possible to be green-minded, not bust the budget, and even benefit a little from proper disposal. Here is how. Read More

Strengthen worldwide climate commitments to improve economy, study finds (The Guardian - Tuesday, 14 April 2020) -- Every country in the world would be economically better off if all could agree to strengthen their commitments on the climate crisis through international cooperation, new research has found. Read More

Covid-19 and climate: how much impact is the current lockdown really having on our environment? (Euro News - Monday, 13 April 2020) -- Streets are empty, cities are silent, factories are closed and skies are quiet. Surely this has to be good for the environment? We ask the experts for the facts, and set out the differences between short-term changes and long-term trends in this month's episode of Climate Now. First though, a quick look at the latest data for March from the Copernicus Climate Change Service. Read More

GEF CEO: 'We need to protect our one common home' (Global Environment Facility - Thursday, 9 April 2020) -- Naoko Ishii is CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility, a multilateral trust fund whose $1 billion annual work program helps developing countries address the drivers of environmental damage and degradation. In an interview, she reflected on the root causes of the coronavirus outbreak and the message the pandemic is sending us about the way we live. Read More