Green Rwanda Media Review - 20 February 2018


  • Igihe writes that communities near Nyungwe National Park are committed to protecting the park from poaching
  • Igihe reports that Minerals Supply Africa looks forward to better mining practices
  • UN Environment publishes a note about an upcoming event on clean transportation
  • Science Magazine reports about bioenergy plantations that can mitigate climate change impacts




Johannesburg residents join Rwandans in Umuganda (The New Times - Sunday 18 February 2018) -- Rwanda's High Commissioner to South Africa, Vincent Karega, and Officials from his office yesterday joined South Africans to clean Diepsloot Eldorado Park and some of the areas of Johannesburg, in a cleaning campaign inspired by Umuganda, Rwanda’s monthly community work initiative. Read more

Ngoma: Umushinga wo kuhira imusozi babona ‘warapfubye’ (Umuseke - Friday 16 February 2018) -- Iburasirazuba – Mu karere ka Ngoma, ikiyaga gikorano cyubatswe hagati y’Umurenge wa Remera na Rurenge ngo gifashe abahinzi kuhira bahinge n’imusozi babone umusaruro kuva cyakuzura mu 2016 ntikirabaha umusaruro. Ngo cyabuze amazi ahagije, abaturage babona uyu mushinga warapfubye, ababishinzwe bakabasaba gutegereza. Read more

Abaturiye Pariki ya Nyungwe biyemeje gucika ku ngeso yo gushimuta inyamaswa (Igihe - Wednesday 14 February 2018) -- Bamwe mu bahoze mu bikorwa byo gushimuta inyamaswa muri Pariki ya Nyungwe, bavuga ko batazongera gufatirwa mu bikorwa byo kwangiza urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima byo muri iyo pariki kuko bibafitiye akamaro mu bikorwa by’iterambere. Read more

Ikigo ‘Minerals Supply Africa’ cyijeje impinduka mu bucukuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro mu Rwanda (Igihe - Tuesday 13 February 2018) -- Ikigo Mpuzamahanga ‘Minerals Supply Africa’ gikora ubucukuzi n’ubucuruzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro cyijeje abafite ibirombe by’amabuye y’agaciro kubafasha gucukura mu buryo bugezweho. Read more


Across Africa

Africa’s cities are growing larger and thirstier (The New Times - Sunday 18 February 2018) --- In two months, the city of Cape Town in South Africa could become the first major metropolis in the world to run out of water. Read more

Tanzania mining law to lock out foreign banks (The East African - Saturday 17 February 2018) -- The ongoing reforms in Tanzania’s mining sector could lock foreign commercial banks out of the mining sector as new regulations require miners to use the financial services of local banks. Read more

Africa Clean Mobility Week (UN Environment - Wednesday 14 February 2018) -- Africa is undergoing a mobility revolution. The continent is experiencing an unprecedented motorization rate spurred by high rates of urbanization and economic growth. Learn more about the event. Read more

Don’t jump to conclusions about climate change and civil conflict (Nature - Tuesday 13 February 2018) -- The people of Cape Town, South Africa, are enduring a terrible drought, and the resulting water shortages could soon force authorities to turn off the taps. Read more


From Around the World

Climate change spells turbulent times ahead for air travel (The Guardian - Monday 19 February 2018) -- From rising temperatures preventing take-off to rising seas flooding runways, aviation needs to adapt to changes already grounding flights around the world. Read More

Animals Are Losing Their Vagility, or Ability to Roam Freely (New York Times - Monday 19 February 2018) -- A global study of 57 species of mammals, published in the journal Science, has found that wildlife move far less in landscapes that have been altered by humans, a finding that could have implications for a range of issues, from how well natural systems function to finding ways to protect migratory species. Read More

News network climate reporting soared in 2017 thanks to Trump (The Guardian - Thursday 15 February 2018) -- In 2016, US TV network news coverage of climate change plummeted. News coverage was focused on the presidential election, but the corporate broadcast networks didn’t air a single segment informing viewers how a win by Trump or Hillary Clinton could affect climate change or climate policy. Read more

Vast bioenergy plantations could stave off climate change—and radically reshape the planet (Science Magazine - Thursday 15 February 2018) -- On a sunny day this past October, three dozen people file into a modest, mint-green classroom at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman to glimpse a vision of the future. Read more

A gold mine swallowed their village. This Amazon tribe is here to take it back (The Guardian - Wednesday 14 February 2018) -- In 1996, Osvaldo Wuaru and his family arrived on the outskirts of the vast Munduruku Amazon Territory with a crucial mission: set up a village to hold back the invasion of pariwat (non-indigenous) gold miners. Read more


Sector Updates

Joint Teams Survey Contribution of Terraces to Soil Fertility (Water for Growth - 6 February 2018) -- A joint team composed of representatives of Water for Growth Rwanda and SHER have conducted field visits in different catchments, taking soil samples whose findings will show how soil fertility is improved by radical terraces with manure, limestone and other mineral fertilisers. Read more

Grassroots officers get motorcycles in boost to land services delivery (Ministry of Land and Forestry - Feb 2018) -- At least 120 land officers at the sector level were on Wednesday given motorcycles worth a total of Rwf330 million, which will help them serve citizens better, especially those in remote areas. Read more


Upcoming Events

21 February 2018: National Climate Outlook Forum at Classic Hotel from 8:30 to 1:00pm

27 February 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on Wetlands Management in Rwanda from 7:00pm

3 March 2018: World Wildlife Day

12-16 March 2018: Africa Clean Mobility Week

22 March 2018: World Water Day