Green Rwanda Media Review - 21 December 2020



  • The New Times reports that the proposed ‘green’ cooling centre seeks to cut post-harvest losses.
  • Afrik21 reports about East Africa Bamboo’s creation of 2,300 hectares of bamboo plantations in three Rwandan districts.
  • Umuseke reports that the Rwanda National Police in collaboration with Gasabo residents planted 1,300 fruit trees.
  • Botswana Unplugged reports that the reforestation programme at Gishwati-Mukura National Park is forging ahead.
  • REMA shares the effects of plastic bags on biodiversity.
  • Rwanda National Police reports that a man was arrested with 170kgs of smuggled minerals in Nyagatare.

Upcoming events 

  • 22 December: Virtual meeting on GCF-SAP on agriculture and agri-business at 2-3:30pm with REMA, MINAGRI, Rwanda Green Fund, Italy, ECC and GGGI.
  • Ongoing: Campaign to protect riverbanks and lakeshores by the Ministry of Environment, REMA and stakeholders. 


Nta bikorwa byemewe gushyirwa ku butaka bufatwa nk’ubuhumekero bw’ibiyaga n’imigezi (Umuseke - Monday, 21 December 2020) -- Ubutaka bwo ku nkombe z’ibiyaga n’imigezi ni umutungo rusange wa Leta, ntawemerewe kubukoresha atabihewe uruhushya na Ministeri y’Ibidukikije, iyi Minisiteri n’Ikigo cy’Igihugu cyo Kubungabunga Ibidukikije (REMA) bari gukora ubukangurambaga bugamije kwibutsa Abaturarwanda bose ko bitemewe gushyira ibikorwa kuri buriya butaka bufatwa nk’ubuhumekero bw’ibiyaga n’imigezi. Read More
Over 6,500 activities evicted from Kigali City wetlands. What next? (The New Times - Monday, 21 December 2020) -- Different partners have embarked on mobilization of funds to restore the large swathes of wetlands recently recovered after being encroached by different human activities. Read More
Uruganda rwa Skol rwatangiye gukora amazi afite umwihariko wo kubungabunga ibidukikije (Igihe - Friday, 18 December 2020) -- Uruganda rwa Skol Brewery Limited Rwanda rumenyerewe mu gukora ibinyobwa bisembuye n’ibidasembuye, kuri uyu munsi rwashyize hanze igicuruzwa gishya cy’amazi yitwa “Virunga Water” afite umwihariko wo gupfunyikwa mu macupa y’ibirahuri, aho kuba pulasitike nk’uko byari bisanzwe bimenyerewe ku mazi acuruzwa mu Rwanda. Read More
Proposed ‘green’ cooling centre seeks to cut post-harvest losses (The New Times - Friday, 18 December 2020) -- Rwanda is set to establish a ‘clean’ cooling centre, a project likely to improve the livelihood of some six million smallholder farmers – currently grappling with widespread poor post-harvest and handling practices. Read More
RWANDA: East Africa Bamboo to create 2,300 hectares of bamboo in three districts (Afrik 21 - Thursday, 17 December 2020) -- The Rwandan government has just given its approval to the Chinese company East Africa Bamboo Forest Industry for the creation of 2,300 hectares of bamboo in the districts of Kigali, Bugesera, Ngoma and Rwamagana. This project is in line with the Rwandan government's policy to reduce deforestation by using bamboo for various uses. Read More
Govt allays fears over land takeover (The New Times - Thursday, 17 December 2020) -- The government has calmed fears raised by the general population over its announcement that it will take over ownership of land that will be unregistered by December 30 this year. Read More 
Hasobanuwe ibijyanye n’ifatirwa ry’ubutaka buzarenza uyu mwaka butandikishijwe (IGIHE - Thursday, 17 December 2020) -- Leta yasubije abaturage bagaragaje impungenge nyuma y'uko itangaje ko ubutaka buzagexa ku wa 30 Ukuboza 2020 butarandikishwa, buzegurirwa leta, ivuga ko izabufata by'agateganyo kugeza ubwo ba nyirabwo bazabwandikisha. Read More 
Jordin Sparks: 'Rwanda is one of my favourite places on earth' (The New Times - Wednesday, 16 December 2020) -- The 30-year-old, who rose to fame after winning the 2007 American Idol, made the revelation on Wednesday, December 16, after her performance at ‘Endangered Rangers’, a Covid-19 virtual fundraiser in support of African Wildlife and their human protectors. Read More 
The Israel Climate Innovation in services of developing countries By Amb. Ron Adam (The New Times - 16 December 2020) -- The world is experiencing a growing need for practical solutions to the climate crisis: in both the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, and adaption and resilience building in areas such as agriculture, water, and food security. Read More
Players appeal for research institute to promote genetic resources (The New Times - Tuesday, 15 December 2020) -- Players in the pharmaceutical industry, biodiversity conservation, and traditional healing have called for the establishment of a ‘specialized research institute.’ Read More
Gasabo: Polisi ifatanyije n’abaturage bateye ibiti 1300 byera imbuto ziribwa (Umuseke - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- Polisi y’u Rwanda yafatanyije n’abaturage bo mu Mudugudu wa Munini, Akagari ka Shango mu Murenge wa Nduba gutera ibiti by’imbuto 1300, bikaba bizafasha mu kuzamura imibereho myiza y’abaturage. Read More
Kagame: Ambitious action on climate change will make our world more resilient (The New Times - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- President Paul Kagame on Sunday, December 13, stressed the essence of ambitious action on climate change. Read More
What opportunities exist for Rwanda-Finland ties? (The New Times - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- Rwanda and Finland last week committed to strengthening ties for mutual benefits and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Political Consultations as well as outlined avenues of cooperation going forward. Read More
Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation Country report for Rwanda (European Union - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- This country report for Rwanda is one of eight ‘country reports’ produced as part of the study ‘Circular Economy in the Africa-EU Cooperation’. The report has been developed in the context of the implementation of the European Green Deal agenda, and notably of its international dimension. Download Report
Ubukerarugendo butavugwa bushingiye ku buhinzi i Nyamasheke (IGIHE - Sunday, 13 December 2020) -- Abakorana na bamukerarugendo mu karere ka Nyamasheke barashishikariza abantu gusura ibikorwa by’ubukerarugendo bishingiye ku ubuhinzi. Read More
Reforestation programme at Gishwati-Mukura National Park forges ahead (Botswana Unplugged - Sunday, 13 December 2020) -- As part of their conservation programme for the Gishwati sector of Rwanda’s Gishwati-Mukura National Park (GMNP), Wilderness Safaris (WS) and Forest of Hope Association (FHA) have developed a nursery just outside the park, which now contains almost 10 000 indigenous trees, which will be planted by the end of the year. Read More
La resilienza climatica come traguardo, una web-conference domani (Info Africa - 25 November 2020) -- Accompagnare la trasformazione strutturale delle economie africane attraverso azioni di adattamento ai cambiamenti climatici per garantire una gestione sostenibile delle risorse esistenti, evitando che la pressione demografica generi un aumento esponenziale della povertà: questa è la sfida che dovrà affrontare l’Africa che, a fronte di un misero contributo del 4% alle emissioni inquinanti globali, paga a caro prezzo i danni diretti causati dagli eventi naturali estremi, in continuo aumento nella fascia tropicale ed equatoriale. Read More. More here and here
Sector Updates
2nd Workshop on the engaging the private sector in building flood resilience capacities under the GCF NAP (GGGI Rwanda - 21 December 2020) -- The Global Green Growth Institute and Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) co-organised the second GCF NAP workshop on engaging the private sector in building flood resilience capacities held in Kamonyi with stakeholders. Read More
Video: Green Amayaga Project - Forest Landscape Restoration in Rwanda (REMA YouTube - Friday, 18 December 2020) - Rwanda has launched an ambitious landscape restoration project that will restore the natural forests of Amayaga in Rwanda’s Southern Province and benefit 1.3 million Rwandans. Watch Video
Green Amayaga Project Launch: Forest Landscape Restoration in Rwanda’s Amayaga Region (UNDP Rwanda - Thursday, 17 December 2020) -- Gaspard Gasangwa 72 was born and raised in Kamonyi district, one of the four districts of Amayaga region situated in the Southern Province of Rwanda. His family depends on subsistence farming, growing mainly beans, cassava, maize, sorghum and sweet potatoes. Read More
Nyagatare: Man arrested with 170kgs of smuggled minerals (Rwanda National Police - Thursday, 17 December 2020) -- A suspected illegal mineral dealer was arrested on Wednesday, December 16, in Musheri Sector of Nyagatare District with over 170kgs of smuggled Cassiterite. Read More
Video: Ingaruka z'amashashi na pulasitiki ku rusobe rw'ibinyabuzimaGusana ibyangiritse bitwara akayabo (REMA Youtube Channel - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- Our Environment, Our Future #BIOFIN Watch Video
Video: Isesengurangaruka ku bidukikije, inyigo ituma imishinga minini ikorwa mu buryo butangiza ibidukikije (REMA Youtube Channel - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- Our Environment, Our Future. Watch Video 
Across Africa 
'Happy corals': climate crisis sanctuary teeming with life found off east Africa (The Guardian - Tuesday, 15 December 2020) -- Scientists have discovered a climate crisis refuge for coral reefs off the coast of Kenya and Tanzania, where species are thriving despite warming events that have killed their neighbors. Read More
Sustainable Sanitation Solutions: East Africa’s Outlook (The East African - Tuesday, 15 December 2020) -- Although there have been great strides in sanitation, the availability of decent toilets and sewage systems remain out of reach for billions around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 4.5 billion people to be living without sanitation worldwide. Read More
Africa: Restoring 1 billion hectares would mitigate climate change (The Africa Report - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- The Climate Ambition Summit this month marks the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement. World leaders meeting online are being asked to deliver stronger, more ambitious commitments that will spark action to halt the unfolding climate crisis. Read More
OPINION: African countries commit to ambitious targets to address climate change (Citizen Digital - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- Today, more than 70 world leaders met at a virtual Climate Ambition Summit hosted by the UK Government, where nations were called upon to bring new plans for tackling the climate crisis. Read More 
From Around the World
HOW RUSSIA WINS THE CLIMATE CRISIS (The New York Times - Wednesday, 16 December 2020) -- Climate change and its enormous human migrations will transform agriculture and remake the world order and no country stands to gain more than Russia. Read More
Air Pollution as Cause of Young Girl's Death Underscores Need for Urgent Action (Environmental Defense Fund - Wednesday, 16 December 2020) -- “By declaring air pollution the cause of Ella’s tragic death, this ruling sends a powerful wake-up call to leaders around the world. Failure to act on dangerous pollution is having and will continue to have tragic consequences every day for children around the world. Read More
America's $23 Million Largest Wildlife Crossing Opens in Texas (Interesting Engineering - Wednesday, 16 December 2020) -- The United States’ largest wildlife crossing, the 150-foot wide (45-meter) Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge which connects San Antonio’s Phil Hardberger Park across a six-lane highway, is now open much to the joy of animals and people alike. Read More
Benefits of renewable energy vary from place to place (Science Daily - Monday, 14 December 2020) -- A new study finds the environmental benefits of renewable power generation vary significantly, depending on the nature of the conventional power generation that the renewable energy is offsetting. The researchers hope the work will help target future renewable energy investments in places where they can do the most good. Read More
Twitter Highlights
1. REMA Rwanda @REMA_Rwanda: Ikigo cy'Igihugu cyo Kubungabunga Ibidukikije kiributsa ko mbere y'uko umushinga utangira gukorerwa ahantu hemewe hagomba kubanza gukorerwa inyigo y'isesengurangaruka ku bidukikije (Environmental Impact Assessment) ikorwa na @RAPEP19
2. GGGI Rwanda @GGGI_Rwanda: #DYK "Walking & Cycling represent two of the most cost-effective ways to reduce #GHG emissions from the transport sector", read more in the blog written by @GGGI_Rwanda Senior Green Growth Officer @MDeFreese on African Mobility Month Campaign #AMM2020
3. Ministry of Infrastructure | Rwanda @RwandaInfra: The @RwandaGov has achieved the target of connecting communities in 416 sectors across the country to the national grid. The plan is to ensure 100% electricity access by 2024 powered by different sources: hydro, solar, geothermal, and methane gas. @reg_rwanda
4. Rwanda Energy Group @reg_rwanda: Uyu munsi mu Murenge wa Shingiro @MusanzeDistrict huzuye umuyoboro uzageza amashanyarazi ku ngo zisaga 739. Uyu muyoboro washyizwemo umuriro ndetse ku ikubitiro ingo zigera kuri 87 ziraye zicanye. Izisigaye nazo zizakomeza kuyahabwa. @RwandaInfra @RwandaNorth