Green Rwanda Media Review - 21 January 2019


  • Kuensel reports that Bhutan has ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.
  • KT Press reports that Rwanda and AfDB have signed a deal to boost water distribution.
  • The New Times reports about water pollution from industries.
  • KT Press reports that a Nigerian has brought ‘Pay As You Cook’ technology to Rwanda.
  • Taarifa reports that 18 people have been arrested for felling trees in gazetted forests.

Upcoming Events

27-28 January: High-level Event to celebrate Entry into Force of the Kigali Amendment at Kigali Marriott Hotel

29-31 January: Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme (K-CEP) Annual Meeting, Kigali, Rwanda

2 February: World Wetlands Day

6-7 February: National Urban Forum at Kigali Marriott Hotel

11-12 February: African Ministers' Council on Water General Assembly

22 February: Regional Nile Day

3 March: World Wildlife Day 2019

18 March: World Recycling Day

20-21 March: Integrated Water Resources Management Conference, Kigali, Rwanda

21 March: International Day of Forests

22 March: World Water Day

23 March: World Meteorological Day


Fish production set to triple in 2019 – RAB (The New Times - Sunday, 20 January 2019) -- Rwanda’s annual fish production increased from 26,500 tonnes in 2016/2017 to 31,460 tonnes in 2017/2018, latest figures from the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) show. It is set to more than triple, reaching 112,000 tonnes, under the country’s fourth strategic plan for agriculture transformation which runs from 2018/2019 to 2024. Read More

Nyaruguru: Unilever yatangije umushinga uzafasha abasaga ibihumbi 10 kwegerezwa amazi meza (Igihe - Saturday,19 January 2019) -- Ikigo gikora kikanacuruza ibikoresho bitandukanye cya Unilever, cyatangije umushinga ‘Sunlight Isoko y’Isuku’ wo kubaka inzu zo kuvomaho amazi meza mu Karere ka Nyaruguru, zizafasha abaturage barenga ibihumbi 10 kuyabona badakoze urugendo rurerure. Read More

Gishwati-Mukura Park next tourism frontier (The New Times - Thursday,17 January 2019) -- A tourism development master plan and biodiversity survey for Gishwati-Mukura National Park have been completed mapping attractions that tourists could start visiting soon, The New Times has learnt. Read More

Gatsibo: Miriyoni 760 zagenewe kubaka ruhurura y’ibirometero birenga 3 (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- Mu Karere ka Gatsibo hatangijwe igikorwa cyo kubaka ruhurura ifite ibirometero 3.194 izuzura itwaye amafaranga 760,756,850. Read More

Muhanga: Abaturage bahinduye imyumvire ntibakifuza gutura mu manegeka (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Akarere ka Muhanga buvuga ko abaturage bamaze guhindura imyumvire ku buryo basigaye batakifuza gukomeza gutura mu manegeka. Read More

SPONSORED: BBOXX wins Zayed Sustainability Prize for Energy (The New Times - Wednesday, 16 January 2019) -- BBOXX was announced as the winner of the Zayed Sustainability Prize (ZSP) in the Energy category at a prestigious awards ceremony on Monday in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The ceremony marked the official opening of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, widely considered to be among the largest sustainability gatherings globally. Read More

Rwanda, AfDB Sign Deal To Boost Water Distribution (KT Press - Wedenesday, 16 January 2019) -- In a move to increase water production capacity, Rwanda and African Development Bank (AfDB) on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, signed €115million (Rwf117.3 billion) to boost the country’s sustainable water and sanitation Program. Read More

Nigerian Brings ‘Pay As You Cook’ Technology To Rwanda (KT Press - Wedenesday, 16 January 2019) -- A Nigerian company has put together all it takes to launch in two weeks, a new innovation that will allow cooking gas consumers buy as little as they want via Mobile Money – a system that would allow Rwanda to reduce pressure on forests, the main source of cooking energy. Read More

Igishushanyo mbonera cy’imikoreshereze y’ubutaka kigiye kuvugururwa (Igihe - Tuesday, 15 January 2019) -- Igishushanyo mbonera cy’imikoreshereze y’ubutaka mu Rwanda kigiye kuvugururwa kugira ngo kijyanishwe n’icyerekezo gishya cy’igihugu cya 2050. Read More

RAB yatangiye kubarura abazahabwa ibiribwa bugarijwe n’amapfa (Umuseke - Tuesday, 15 January 2019) -- Mu bice bitandukanye byo mu Ntara y’Uburasirazuba hari ikibazo cy’amapfa yatewe n’uko hamwe na hamwe imvura itaguye neza bigatuma imyaka itera nk’uko byari byitezwe, biragira ingaruka kuri bamwe mu batuye iyi Ntara bavuga ko bashonje bagasaba Leta kubagoboka. Read More

Nyaruguru: 18 Arrested For Ferrying Trees In Gazetted Forest (Taarifa - Tuesday, 15 January 2019) -- Police in Nyaruguru District arrested 18 people on Monday for allegedly cutting trees in gazetted forests to burn charcoal. Read More

Water pollution from industries not alarming – REMA (The New Times - Monday, 14 January 2019) -- In September 2018 toxic waste contaminated water in the Northern Province, killing fish in Mugara and Mukungwa rivers as well as ponds owned by farmers. The New Times’ Emmanuel Ntirenganya interviewed the Deputy Director General of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), Faustin Munyazikwiye, on the safety of the country’s water bodies and what the Authority is doing to enforce industrial policy on waste management. Read More

Meet Jean Bosco Nzeyimana: The Rwandan Entrepreneur Who Is Changing Lives One Briquette At A Time (Wee Tracker - Monday, 14 January 2019) -- From Nyamagabe – a small village in rural Rwanda – comes the story of a confident 25-year-old that is solving some of the problems of his immediate community one briquette at a time. Read More

Kigali among 5 of the Cleanest International Cities You Need to Visit (Rwanda Inspirer - Monday, 14 January 2019) -- Sightseeing around piles of garbage can put a damper on a vacation, no matter how incredible the tourist attractions. The good thing is, nowadays cities the world over are taking the issue of pollution more seriously than ever before. Plastic bag bans have become a popular trend, with the capital city of Rwanda pushing the idea even further to include mandatory citizen cleaning days, while other countries are continuing to invest in greener technology in order to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Read More

Financing for Climate-Friendly Investment in Rwanda (UN News - Wednesday, 9 January 2019) -- Rwanda, which relies on rain-fed agriculture and hydropower, finds itself vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, even though its own emissions are negligible in the global context. Since 1970, the country has experienced a temperature increase of 1.4°C, and is expecting greater warming by 2050, according to projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report. Read More


Across Africa

UN urges Africa to pursue rainwater harvesting to fight climate change (Xinhua - Friday, 18 January 2019) -- A hydrologist with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has urged Africa to pursue rainwater harvesting in order to mitigate climate change. Read More

Angola: Over One Million Angolans Affected By Drought (All Africa - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- Lubango — Studies of the food Resilience and Nutrition Security Programme in Angola (FRESAN) conducted in 2018 indicate that over 1.1 million Angolans living in the southern provinces of Huíla, Namibe and Cunene are affected by drought as a result of the climate change phenomenon. Read More

Heavy storm ravages homes (The Herald - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- More than 200 families in Chiredzi, Zaka and Mwenezi districts in Masvingo province were left homeless after heavy storms ravaged the three areas last week. Read More

Ghana to Kick-start Year of Ambition at Africa Climate Summit (UNFCCC - Tuesday, 15 January 2019) -- Hosted by the Government of Ghana, the event arrives in the wake of the COP24 international climate negotiations, which concluded with the successful finalization of the ‘Katowice Climate Package’ on 15 December – also known as the Paris Agreement Work Programme. It therefore represents the first major climate-orientated event in 2019 that will promote the Programme’s ‘guidelines’ as the underpinning to practically implement the Paris Agreement. Read More


From Around the World

How to stop the climate crisis: six lessons from the campaign that saved the ozone (The Guardian - Sunday, 20 January 2019) -- Thirty years ago, all 197 countries got together to ban the gases damaging the Earth’s ozone layer. Now we need to unite to combat an even greater threat. What can we learn from 1989? Read More

Climate Change’s Giant Impact on the Economy: 4 Key Issues (New York Times - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- Many of the big economic questions in coming decades will come down to just how extreme the weather will be, and how to value the future versus the present. Read More

Bhutan ratifies Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol (Kuensel - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- Joining the global movement to mitigate climate change, the National Assembly adopted the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer yesterday. Read More

Seeds, kale and red meat once a month – how to eat the diet that will save the world (The Guardian - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- A complete overhaul of what we eat may be the only way to meet the needs of a planet in crisis. So what’s on – and off – the menu? Read More

Nuclear power can be green – but at a price (The Guardian - Thursday, 17 January 2019) -- All sources of electricity face the same dilemma in the 21st century: carbon emissions, continuity of supply and cost. The UK government has placed a big bet on nuclear power, but reactors meet only two of the three challenges. Nuclear power is low carbon and a secure source of electricity – but it is hugely expensive. Read More

World Bank Group Announces $50 billion over Five Years for Climate Adaptation and Resilience (The World Bank - Tuesday, 15 January 2019) -- The World Bank Group today launched its Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience. Under the plan, the World Bank Group will ramp up direct adaptation climate finance to reach $50 billion over FY21–25. This financing level—an average of $10 billion a year—is more than double what was achieved during FY15-18. Read More