Green Rwanda Media Review - 21 May 2018

Read the latest news from Rwanda's environment sector.


  • The New Times reports that the Ministry of Environment will no longer use disposable plastics and has encouraged other institutions to follow suit
  • The New Times reports that REMA has closed a leather factory for polluting Akagera River
  • Rwanda Today reports that Minister Biruta has announced that the country is conducting a feasibility study into the use of electric cars as a tool to fight air pollution
  • The New Times writes that the Government of Rwanda and Rhineland Palatinate have partnered to protect biodiversity and endangered species
  • Xinhua writes that delegates from East Africa gathered in Kigali for a workshop that discussed collective role in e-waste management
  • The Guardian reports that a banned ozone-destroying chemical is mysteriously reappearing, according to scientists


Upcoming Events

21-23 May 2018: Validation Workshop of the 2017 Water and Sanitation Data (African Ministers’ Council on Water - AMCOW)

22 May 2018: International Day for Biological Diversity (World Biodiversity Day)

21-24 May 2018: JRS Biodiversity Foundation Board Meeting and Side Events

23 May 2018: JRS Biodiversity Foundation Reception, 16:00, Kigali Marriott Hotel

29 May - 5 June 2018: National Environment Week & World Environment Day

29 June 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on Honey & Beekeeping, 7pm at Impact Hub in Kiyovu

24-26 June 2018: 54th Global Environment Facility Council Meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam

30-31 August 2018: 6th Annual Eastern Africa Waste Management Conference, Uganda




Environment ministry leads drive against disposable water bottles (The New Times - Monday 21 May 2018) -- The Minister for Environment has announced that the institution will no longer use disposable plastics such as water bottles, cups and straws. Read more

e-Waste management should be top priority at EAC Council of Ministers’ meeting – expert (The News Times - Sunday 20 May 2018) -- Dr Alice A Kaudia, the Environment Secretary in Kenya’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry, says a structure should be set up to enable e-Waste data collection and that regional countries should incentivize or pay people bringing the e-Waste some money. Read More

Govt urged to expedite acquisition of lightning rods (The New Times - Sunday 20 May 2018) -- Members of Parliament have urged the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) to fast track the procurement and installation of lightning rods or lightning conductors to avert the lightening induced deaths and other damages. Read more

Rwf10 billion initiative to ease access to renewable energy in refugee camps (The New Times - Sunday 20 May 2018) --- At least 60,000 refugees in Kigeme, Gihembe and Nyabiheke refugee camps will benefit from a Rwf10billion 3year project to provide affordable and sustainable sources of renewable energy, officials have announced. Read more

Leather factory suspended for polluting Akagera River (The New Times - Saturday 19 May 2018) -- Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) this week suspended Kigali Leather Factory, located in Bugesera District, over polluting Akagera River. Read more

Air pollution: Govt mulls use of electric cars (Rwanda Today - Friday 18 May 2018) -- The Government plans to import electrically charged vehicles to replace the commonly used fuel vehicles as it seeks to mitigate air pollution. The Ministry of Environment is commissioning a feasibility study that will inform a decision to import either full electric vehicles or hybrid cars. Read More

Izamuka ry’ibiciro bya gazi ririmo guca intege abayikoreshaga (Kigali Today - Friday 18 May 2018) -- Umubare w’abaturage baguraga gazi n’abayikoreshaga mu Rwanda urimo kugenda ugabanuka, kubera abayicuruza bakomeza kuzamura ibiciro byayo kandi bakabikora ku giti cyabo nta mabwiriza bahawe. Read More

Ellen DeGeneres ategerejwe mu Rwanda mu cyumweru kimwe (Igihe - Friday 18 May 2018) -- Umunyamerikakazi uzwi cyane mu biganiro kuri za televiziyo, Ellen DeGeneres, yeruye ko mu cyumweru kimwe azaza mu Rwanda, kureba imishinga yo kubaka ikigo kizajya gifasha mu bikorwa byo kubungabunga ingagi mu Birunga. Read more

Rwanda, Rhineland Palatinate partner to protect biodiversity (The New Times - Friday 18 May 2018) -- The Government of Rwanda and Rhineland Palatinate, one of the states of the Federal Republic of Germany, have committed to strengthening cooperation in protection of biodiversity and endangered species in Nyungwe and Cyamudongo forests. Read more

Rwanda: Twari dufite imisambi ibihumbi none dusigaranye 400 gusa! (Umuseke - Thursday 17 May 2018) -- Dr Olivier Nsengimana kuva 2012 ari mu rugamba rwo kurengera urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima by’umwihariko imisambi, ubu u Rwanda rusigaranye 447 gusa mu gihe mu myaka micye ishize rwari rufite ibarirwa mu bihumbi. Abanyarwanda nibo bari kuyimarira mu bucuruzi no mu kwangiza ubuturo bwayo. Read more

Leta irashakisha miliyari 24 Frw zo gusana ibimaze kwangizwa n’imvura idasanzwe (Igihe - Wednesday 16 May 2018) -- Minisitiri w’Ibikorwa remezo, Amb. Gatete Claver, yatangaje ko Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikeneye miliyari 24 Frw zo gukoresha mu gusana ibikorwa remezo bimaze kwangirika nyuma y’imvura idasanzwe iri kugwa mu gihugu guhera mu mpera z’umwaka ushize. Read more

Why East Africans should tap into e-waste industry (The New Times - Wednesday 16 May 2018) -- Regional countries must be wiser and not quickly dispose of their tonnes of electric and electronic waste, often called e-waste, as it – despite being a health and environmental hazard – is a multibillion dollar business, according to an expert. Read more

Regional countries moot sustainable e-waste management (The New Times - Tuesday 15 May 2018) -- Experts from various entities in regional countries are meeting in Kigali to discuss ways of how e-waste can be sustainably managed across the East African Community (EAC). Read more

East African countries seek to promote effective electronic waste management (Xinhua - Monday 14 May 2018) -- An eastern Africa regional workshop on e-waste management kicked off here Monday to to discuss effective electronic waste management and develop strategies to reach zero negative impact of e-waste in the East African Communications Organization (EACO) member states by 2030. Read more

Why conservation of wetlands is vitally important (The New Times - Monday 14 May 2018) -- As a signatory to the Convention on wetlands, popularly known as ‘the Ramsar Convention’, Rwanda conserves swamps, also referred to as wetlands, which are among the most productive environments in the world. Read more

Across Africa

Africa mega cities sets Paris goals (Innovators Magazine - Sunday 20 May 2018) -- Leaders from nine African megacities met in Lagos this week and pledged to take effective climate action and meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement. Read More

Africa Gains Momentum in Green Climate Solutions (IPS News - Thursday 17 May 2018) -- Promoting the widespread use of innovative technologies will be critical to combat the hostile effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and many African countries are already leading the way with science-based solutions. Read more

Keeping cool with the sun on Lake Victoria (DW - Thursday 17 May 2018) -- Overfishing on Africa's Lake Victoria has left many local fishermen struggling to survive. Two Kenyan siblings want to revive the industry with an environmentally friendly fish farm and solar energy. Read More

AIMS Announces First Cohort Of Women In Climate Change Science Fellows (African Media Agency - Tuesday 15 May 2018) -- The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences - Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI) announced the first cohort of Women in Climate Change Science Fellows: Dr. Nana Klutse from Ghana, Dr. Jessica Nosizwe Paula Thorn, a South African national living in the United States and Dr. N'Datchoh Evelyne Toure from Ivory Coast. Read More


Around the World

You Can Help Turn the Tide on Plastic. Here’s How. (National Geographic - Friday 18 May 2018) -- Do these six pain-free things, and you’ll help reduce the impact plastic is having on oceans and other waterways around the world. Read More

Tackle health, environmental impacts of abandoned mines (SciDev - Thursday 17 May 2018) -- African countries are experiencing adverse environmental and social legacies from mining that should be addressed, a meeting has heard. Read more

Mysterious rise in banned ozone-destroying chemical shocks scientists (The Guardian - Wednesday 16 May 2018) -- A sharp and mysterious rise in emissions of a key ozone-destroying chemical has been detected by scientists, despite its production being banned around the world. Read more

11 ways the Paris climate deal is working in the real world (Climate Home News - Monday 14 May 2018) -- In 2015 in Paris, governments struck a deal that lacked much of the substance needed to fight climate change. Now diplomats are trying to negotiate the complex rules of the deal. Read more


Sector Updates

Officials Invite Residents Of Rubavu To Protect Sebeya River To Reduce Its Floods (Water for Growth Rwanda - Tuesday 15 May 2018) -- Rwanda joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Water Day under the theme “Nature for Water”. At the national level, the ceremony took place at Kamuhoza cell, Kanama sector, Rubavu district, in Western Province where a special community work locally known as “Umuganda” was organized. The community work was aiming to undertake activities restoring and protecting Sebeya river which has recently been flooding and destroying properties of Mahoko residents. Read More

No Water, No Life (Water for Growth Rwanda - Tuesday 15 May 2018) -- Kigali City residents from different corners participated in Walk for Water. The Walk for Water was organized on official launch of Water week which started on 18 up to 23 March 2018. In his key remarks of the day, the Minister of Environment, Dr. Vincent Biruta focused on the theme of the World Water Day 2018 “Nature for Water”. The Minister emphasized on the community role in water resources management as responsible citizens because water is crucial in their daily life. Read More

Best practices in water resources management by Rwanda water stakeholders (Water for Growth Rwanda - Tuesday 15 May 2018) -- Water resources management best practices were exhibited at University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology, in Kigali. The exhibition was prepared in the aim to commemorate the World Water Day 2018, International Forest Day and World Meteorological Day. In fact, the Water Week was dedicated to raise awareness on different aspects of water resources and forestry management, water supply as well as meteorological services. Read More