Green Rwanda Media Review 23 December 2017

Green Rwanda Media Review - 23 December 2017
  • The New Times reports that a new agriculture strategy will increase food security in Rwanda
  • Igihe writes that three people are in custody over illegal mining in Muhanga District
  • The New Times publishes a story about banks' commitment to avail financial support to farmers
  • European Council on Foreign Relations reports about climate-fueled migration in Africa
  • Reuters writes that UN Environment officials urged media to reduce jargons when reporting about climate change to interest readers




Agric zoning will boost food security, household incomes, experts say (The New Times - Friday 22 December 2017) -- Agriculture zoning could help attract more investments into the sector as well as ensure food security and increase household incomes of farmers, experts have said. Read more

Bugesera: Abaturage batewe inkeke n’inzu zituriye ibirombe bicukurwamo amabuye y’agaciro (Igihe - Thursday 21 December 2017) -- Abaturage bo mu Murenge wa Juru mu Karere ka Bugesera batuye mu gace gacukurwamo amabuye y’agaciro, baratakambira ubuyobozi kuko inzu zabo ziri hejuru y’imyobo icukurwamo, ikibazo bagaragaza nk’igishobora gushyira ubuzima bwabo mu kaga. Read more

WB calls on policymakers to rethink urbanisation (The New Times - Thursday 21 December 2017) --- Policymakers in Rwanda have need to rethink urbanisation and make it work towards the growth of the economy, the latest World Bank Rwanda Economic Update released yesterday in Kigali says. Read more

Rwanda bans livestock imports from South Africa over viral disease (Xinhua - Wednesday 20 December 2017) --- Rwanda has banned importation of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits from South Africa over listeriosis viral disease, a statement released on Wednesday said. Read more

Gorilla mother travels alone to save infant (Gorilla Fund - Wednesday 20 December 2017) -- Deep in the forest of Rwanda’s Virunga mountains, one gorilla mother is earning the title of “wonder woman.” Pasika is a 26-year-old mountain gorilla observed by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and is traveling alone in the forest to save her infant, which is a very rare and remarkable behavior. Read more

Muhanga: Batatu bafashwe barimo gucukura Coltan mu buryo butubahirije amategeko (Igihe - Wednesday 20 December 2017) -- Ku gicamunsi cyo ku wa Mbere tariki 18 Ukuboza 2017, Polisi mu Karere ka Muhanga yafashe abagabo batatu barimo gucukura Coltan mu buryo butubahirije amategeko. Read more

Banks, agric cooperatives look to increase farmer access to finance (The New Times - Tuesday 19 December 2017) -- Agriculture financing has been a contentious issue for decades, with farmers saying that financial institutions are reluctant to support the sector claiming that it is risky. Read more

Fall Armyworms Hit Malawi, President Appeals for Help (VOA - Monday 18 December 2017) --- In Malawi, President Peter Mutharika has declared 20 of the country’s 28 districts disaster areas following an invasion by fall armyworms. The pests have destroyed the crops of nearly 140,000 farming families since the start of November. Read more

Rwanda Creates Land Bank To Ease Housing (KT Press - Monday 18 December 2017) -- Government of Rwanda has started purchasing land from individuals to scale down on housing cost which has kept the housing gap widening. The decision was taken last year after developers complained that land is very expensive which makes it impossible for them to provide low cost housing promised by government. Read more

Police, RDF in joint training on environmental protection (The New Times - Friday 15 December 2017) --- About 100 police officers and reservists of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), yesterday, started a joint training on efforts to fight environmental crimes and other potential threats to human security. Read more


Across Africa

The meaty side of climate change (Eco-Business - Friday 22 December 2017) -- Last year, three of the world’s largest meat companies – JBS, Cargill, and Tyson Foods – emitted more greenhouse gases than France, and nearly as much as some big oil companies. Read more

Climate-driven migration in Africa (European Council on Foreign Relations) -- Europe is underestimating the primary cause of migration from sub-saharan Africa: climate change. Read more

Australia cobalt rush accelerates on electric vehicle demand, DRC troubles (Reuters - Friday 15 December 2017) --- Australia, home to the world’s second-biggest cobalt reserves, is seeing a rush of interest in projects still years from production as makers of batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs) seek supplies of the metal from a more costly but less risky source than top miner, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more


Around the World

China aims to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions through trading scheme (The Guardian - Tuesday 19 December 2017) -- The world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, China, has launched the world’s biggest ever mechanism to reduce carbon, in the form of an emissions trading system. Read More

Untouched forests fight climate change, but face threats (Imperial College London - Tuesday 19 December 2017) -- The world's rainforests take up extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but their ability to do so is threatened by drought and fragmentation.Read More

Stop 'boring' language to spur climate action, U.N. environment chief says (Reuters - Tuesday 19 December 2017) -- People are hungry for news about the risks of climate change but experts are alienating them with boring, technical jargon, the United Nations top environment official said on Tuesday. Read More

Oldest fossils ever found show life on Earth began before 3.5 billion years ago (Phys.Org - Monday 18 December 2017) -- Researchers at UCLA and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have confirmed that microscopic fossils discovered in a nearly 3.5 billion-year-old piece of rock in Western Australia are the oldest fossils ever found and indeed the earliest direct evidence of life on Earth. Read more

Asiatic cheetahs on the brink of extinction with only 50 left alive (The Guardian -- Saturday 16 December 2017) -- Conservationists have warned that the Asiatic cheetah is on the threshold of extinction following a UN decision to pull funding from conservation efforts to protect it. Read More

Chile: Landslide destroys village and kills at least five (BBC - Saturday 16 December 2017) --- A landslide caused by torrential rain has killed at least five people in southern Chile and has destroyed dozens of houses. Fifteen people are missing in the remote village of Villa Santa Lucía in the country's lake region, popular with tourists. Read more