Green Rwanda Media Review - 23 July 2018

Read the latest environment news from Rwanda and around the world.


  • NPR shares a story about how Rwanda has tidied up its streets through Umuganda
  • The New Times reports that fish farmers are decrying a lack of quality, affordable fish feed
  • The New Times writes about the progress in constructing the Gikondo Recreational Park
  • News24 reports about another endangered black rhino that died after being translocated in Kenya
  • The New York Times reports that climate change is killing the famous cedar trees of Lebanon
  • The Guardian writes about wildfires raging in the Arctic Circle

Upcoming Events

18-23 July 2018: Hackathon for Climate Early Warning Solutions using the Internet of Things Workshop, Kayonza

31 July 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on Biodiversity Hotspots, Impact Hub in Kiyovu, 7-9pm

10 August 2018: World Lion Day 12 August 2018: World Elephant Day

16 September 2018: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer



Is Gikondo recreational park finally coming to life? (The New Times - July 21, 2018) -- Rwandans will soon enjoy the splendid view of the green and environmentally friendly Gikondo Recreational Park as activities are on course to establish gardens with green lawns, colorful indigenous tree species and refreshment facilities in the former Gikondo industrial park, according to Kigali city officials. Read More

Amazi meza kuri bose mu 2024 ni nk’inzozi (Umuseke - Friday July 20, 2018) --- Komisiyo ya Sena y’iterambere ry’ubukungu n’Imari yakoze igenzura kuri gahunda y’ikwirakwizwa ry’amazi mu gihugu yabwiye Inteko rusange ya Sena ko intego ya Guverinoma yo kugeza amazi meza ku banyarwanda bose mu 2024 idashobora kugerwaho. Read More

Wilderness Safaris and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Join Forces for Conservation (Wilderness Safaris - Friday July 20, 2018) -- Wilderness Safaris and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International have joined forces to expand Bisate’s pioneering reforestation programme in Rwanda with the creation of the new indigenous ‘Karisoke Forest’. Previously a eucalyptus plantation, the site has now been cleared and boasts more than 160 indigenous Hagenia tree saplings which have been planted to date by over 130 staff members from the Fossey Fund. This first phase will be followed by bi-annual plantings into the future. Read More

Rwanda’s new cool endeavour (UN Environment - Friday July 20, 2018) -- As the world braces for more extreme weather and overall higher temperatures, the Rwandan Government is once again determined to set the trend, preparing to be among the first to help fulfill the pledge made two years ago in Kigali, where 197 countries adopted the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Read More

Miliyari 1,9 zigiye gushorwa mu gutuburira imbuto mu Rwanda (Imvaho Nshya - Friday July 20, 2018) --- Abafatanyabikorwa batatu mu rwego rw’ubuhinzi, ari bo ‘One Acre Fund Tubura, Western seed campany, na Agro processing industries’, ejo hashize ku wa Kane bashyize umukono ku masezerano ya miliyari 1 na miliyoni 900 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda agamije gutuburira mu Rwanda imbuto nziza y’ibigori, akaba ari umushinga ugiye gushorwamo miliyari imwe na miliyoni magana kenda z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda. Read More

Top 5 ecotourism projects in Africa (DW - Thursday July 19, 2018) -- From helping boost mountain gorilla numbers in Rwanda to fostering better relations between locals and wildlife in Mozambique, eco@africa has visited a host of great ecotourism projects in Africa. Here are our top five. Read More

Bugesera: Hose amazi ni ingume, ariko hari abakomerewe cyane (Umuseke - Thursday July 19, 2018) --- Kimwe n’ahandi henshi mu gihugu amazi mu bihe by’impeshyi aragabanuka ku babasha kuyabona, umuyobozi ushinzwe iby’amazi mu karere ka Bugesera avuga ko ho mu murenge umwe gusa ari ho batugarijwe. Read More

Kirehe/Gahara: Ibitoki bya “FIYA” barabigaburira amatungo kubera kubura isoko (Umuseke - Thursday July 19, 2018) --- Abahinzi b’urutoki rwo mu bwoko bwitwa “FIYA” mu murenge wa Gahara ho mu karere ka Kirehe baravuga ko umusaruro wabo urimo kubura abaguzi none ngo basigaye bahitamo kugaburira ibitoki amatungo. Read More

How Rwanda Tidied Up Its Streets (And The Rest Of The Country, Too) (NPR - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- Rwanda has tidied up its streets and the rest of the country too through the compulsory community service Umuganda and ability to enforce laws, a recent characteristics which amazes neighbors and overseas tourists. Read more

Ibigo bitanga serivisi z’ubukerarugendo byategetswe kwaka icyangombwa kibyemerera gukora (Kigali Today - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- Ikigo cy’Igihugu cy’Iterambere (RDB) cyashyizeho itegeko ry’uko nta kigo cyangwa kompanyi itanga serivisi zifite aho zihuriye n’ubukerarugendo cyemerewe gukora nta cyemezo kibibemerera. Read More

Making Agribusiness Work for Development (AgriProFocus - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- Few of the challenges humanity faces are as urgent and complex as food security. To meet the needs of a rapidly growing world population, an unparalleled, worldwide effort is required. Read More

How Kirehe villagers won national Umuganda award (The New Times - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- Residents of Kigarama Sector in Kirehe District were on Saturday recognised for accomplishing a community effort that saw them construct a primary school worth about Rwf25 million. Read more

Innovation: 27-year-old produces juice, wine and biscuits from potatoes (The New Times - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- Jean Paul Ntezimana, a fresh graduate, had severally tried to find employment from both government institutions and private sector vain. This led him to contemplate new ways of making a living on completion of his tertiary education. Read More

Ngoma/Jarama: Abahinga hafi y’ibishanga barasaba Leta kubagurira imashini zo kuhira (Umuseke - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- Abahinzi ku nkengero z’ibiyaga bizengurutse umurenge wa Jarama mu Karere ka Ngoma bavuga ko bafashwa kubona uburyo bwo kuhira bakoresheje imashini kuko bafite amazi ahagije muri kariya gace. Read More

Using fire to sustain natural habitats (The New Times - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- Looking at Akagera National Park, with its beautiful fluorescent green landscapes and animals grazing peacefully on the land, it may not be easy to understand exactly what is needed to preserve and maintain this environment. Read More

Consumerism and climatic change (The New Times - Monday July 16, 2018) -- Consumerism is an economic and cultural ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services. The Theory of Consumerism states that a country that consumes goods and services in large quantities will be better off economically and experience high growth rate. Read More

Fish farmers decry lack of quality, affordable fish feeds (The New Times - Monday July 16, 2018) -- Fish farmers across the country have raised concerns over lack of quality and affordable feed which they say is affecting fish productivity in the country. Read More

Rwanda innovators come up with solar powered technology that enables “hands free” irrigation (Farmers Review Africa - Monday July 16, 2018) -- A group of young Rwanda innovators have come up with a solar powered technology that enables farmers to irrigate their farms “hands free”. The technology uses solar-fueled sensors and irrigation to collect data on soil moisture, nutrient needs and water needed to foster crop growth. Read more


Across Africa

Local NGOs slam gas, oil exploration (News24 - Thursday July 19, 2018) -- D’Sa said these operations normally brought in expertise from overseas. One of the proposed deep-sea drilling sites is 62 km offshore of Richards Bay and covers an area of 1 840 km². Read More

Complete Farmer launches web platform that makes farming accessible to anyone (Farmers Review Africa - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- Ghana’s Complete Farmer recently launched a web platform that is making farming accessible to anyone. The platform enables users are to sponsor farms in exchange for guaranteed returns on investment after harvest. Read More

How many hippos are too many? Proposed cull raises questions (The Guardian - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- The hippo — really? That’s the common response when tour guides in Africa tantalize travelers with this question: “What’s the most dangerous animal on the continent?” Lion? Rhino? Elephant? No, no, no. Read More

Solar power is providing new economic opportunities for East Africans (Climate Action - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- A new report has highlighted the new economic benefits to households in East Africa from off-grid solar power. Read More

The Importance Of Proper Grain Storage For Food Security (Farmers Review Africa - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- Did you know that there were 37 African countries on the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Low-Income Food_Deficit Countries list in 2016? Read More

Another endangered black rhino dies after Kenya transfer (News24 - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- Kenyan authorities say a ninth critically endangered black rhino has died after being moved from the capital to a new wildlife park. A statement on Tuesday from the ministry of tourism and wildlife notes the latest death. Read More

Baboon hunts explained (News24 - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- CapeNature says their decision to issue permits for baboon hunting by two farms in Constantia was reasonable. Marietjie Engelbrecht, spokesperson, says proper procedures were followed and the farm owners had proven their attempts to implement other preventative measures before considering applying for permits to hunt and kill baboons. Read More

Thousands of Congolese threatened by national park oil plans: activists (Reuters - Monday July 16, 2018) -- Democratic Republic of Congo’s plan to drill for oil in national parks could leave thousands of farmers and fishermen who rely on the land in a struggle to survive, rights groups said on Monday. Read more


Across The World

Climate Change Is Killing the Cedars of Lebanon (The New York Times - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- Walking among the cedars on a mountain slope in Lebanon feels like visiting the territory of primeval beings. Some of the oldest trees have been here for more than 1,000 years, spreading their uniquely horizontal branches like outstretched arms and sending their roots deep into the craggy limestone. Read More

Warming rivers make marked contribution to global greenhouse gas levels (Science Daily - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- Many such watercourses with high levels of fine sediment and organic materials building up in their streambeds could be increasing greenhouse gas emissions from rivers, as well as increasing the risk of communicable disease and putting wildlife at risk. Read More

Wildfires rage in Arctic Circle as Sweden calls for help (The Guardian - Wednesday July 18, 2018) -- At least 11 wildfires are raging inside the Arctic Circle as the hot, dry summer turns an abnormally wide area of Europe into a tinderbox. Read More

Canada's high Arctic glaciers at risk of disappearing completely, study finds (The Guardian - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- Hundreds of glaciers in Canada’s high Arctic are shrinking and many are at risk of disappearing completely, an unprecedented inventory of glaciers in the country’s northernmost island has revealed. Read More

In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable (The New York Times - Tuesday July 17, 2018) -- On a sweltering Wednesday in June, a rail-thin woman named Rehmati gripped the doctor’s table with both hands. She could hardly hold herself upright, the pain in her stomach was so intense. Read More


Sector News

Zimbabwe Delegation takes lessons from the Rwanda Green Fund (Rwanda Green Fund - 23 July, 2018) -- A delegation from Zimbabwe has visited the Rwanda Green Fund - FONERWA - to learn about the fund's structure and operations. During their visit, they toured a number of the fund's investments including on low carbon construction materials with Zero Carbon Designs and partner STRAWTEC, and the National E-Waste Recycling Facility with Enviroserve Rwanda. They also met with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Fatina Mukarubibi. Read More