Green Rwanda Media Review - 24 April 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • The New Times reports that a new firm took over the Rwf5bn Nyandungu eco-tourism project.
  • KT Press reports that the single use plastic bill is on the way with proposed harsh penalties.
  • Igihe reports that Akagera National Park was visited by more than 40,000 tourists and earned more than US $2 million in 2018.
  • The New Times reports that Rwanda announced fresh construction sector reforms.
  • The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International reports on bamboo and its many uses.
  • View photos of President Kagame and the Amir of Qatar's visit to Akagera National Park.

Upcoming Events

22-26 April: Training on Weather Radar Products Analysis and Interpretation at Best View Hotel in Musanze

23-26 April: Training on Weather and Climate Products & Use of Rwanda Climate Maproom at La Palisse Nyamata, Bugesera

22 May: International Day for Biological Diversity

5 June: World Environment Day

8 June: World Oceans Day


Rwakazina outlines Kigali City’s plans, challenges and opportunities (The New Times - Monday, 22 April 2019) -- The City of Kigali has had multiple initiatives ongoing across multiple aspects, including some that have attracted public curiosity and criticism. In an exclusive interview with The New Times’ Collins Mwai, City Mayor, Marie-Chantal Rwakazina sheds light on the city’s plans and initiatives as well as clarifies the standpoint of City Hall on a number of issues. Read More

Gakenke: Koperative y’abacukuzi b’amabuye y’agaciro mu gihirahiro nyuma yo kwamburwa miliyoni zirenga 70 Frw (Igihe - Saturday, 20 April 2019) -- Abanyamuryango ba Koperative icukura amabuye y’agaciro, COMIKAGI, ikorera mu Murenge wa Ruli, ikomeje kuba mu gihirahiro nyuma yo guha umucuruzi amabuye y’agaciro agomba kubishyura ibihumbi 80 by’amadolari, ariko ntabikore. Read More

Muhanga: Baraye bagwiriwe n’ikirombe ubu nibwo bari kuvanwamo (Umuseke - Thursday, 18 April 2019) -- Amakuru aturuka mu murenge wa Kabacuzi, mu kagari ka Kigimba, umudugudu wa Kibaya avuga ko hari abantu baraye bagwiriwe n’ikirombe bagiye gucukura amabuye y’agaciro ya Coltan na Gasegereti. Kugeza ubu hamaze kumenyekana babiri muri abo, uwitwa Banyeretse n’uwitwa Nsengiyumva. Read More

Huye’s bricklaying women on hassles and financial breakthroughs (The New Times - Thursday, 18 April 2019) -- Some of them are single mothers, others widows, and some were once sex workers. Each of these women has a compelling story; one of ache and difficulty, but they have tussled to make ends meet. Read More

Adaptation Fund Project Story – Rwanda (Adaptation Fund - Wednesday, 17 April 2019) -- Rural farmers disproportionately affected by extreme rainfall, flooding, erosion and landslides, as well as drought in recent years have seen their lives, homes, livelihoods and food sources placed at risk. Read More

New firm takes over Rwf5bn Nyandungu eco-tourism project (The New Times - Wednesday, 17 April 2019) -- Government has contracted a new firm for the development of the Nyandungu Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park project after terminating the previous contractor. Read More

Single Use Plastic Bill On The Way With Proposed Harsh Penalties (KT Press - Wednesday, 17 April 2019) -- The Ministry of environment has proposed the parliament to pass the bill on ban of Single-Use Plastic (SUPs) which also provides sanctions against polluters. Read More

Rwanda announces fresh construction sector reforms (The New Times - Tuesday, 16 April 2019) -- Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the City of Kigali and the Rwanda Housing Authority have announced new reforms, expected to ease the process of securing construction permits and spur investments. Read More

Pariki y’Akagera yasuwe n’abakerarugendo barenga ibihumbi 40 yinjiza arenga miliyoni $2 mu 2018 (Igihe - Tuesday, 16 April 2019) -- Ubuyobozi bwa Pariki y’Akagera iherereye mu Ntara y’Iburasirazuba, bwavuze ko umwaka wa 2018 wabaye mwiza kuko yasuwe na ba mukerarugendo 44,000 muri aba 50% ni abanyarwanda. Read More

Meet Maurice: Conservation Education Coordinator (The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International - Monday, 15 April 2019) -- The Fossey Fund has an extensive education program in Rwanda where we work, reaching children and adults at all levels. We also provide support to all of our local staff who want to pursue their own higher education goals, from undergraduate to doctoral degrees. Read More

There’s much ado about bamboo (The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International - Monday, 15 April 2019) -- Bamboo is a special plant for gorillas, golden monkeys, and people too! At the Fossey Fund, we have been studying bamboo in relation to mountain gorillas for years, because it’s one of their favorite foods. Then, when we started our studies of their forest neighbors – the golden monkeys – we realized that those primates really depend on bamboo and build much of their lives around it! Read More


Sector Updates

State Visit of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar to Akagera National Park (Paul Kagame Flickr - Monday, 22 April 2019) -- View Photos

Official Gazette - Green Building Minimum Compliance System (Ministry of Environment - April 2018) -- Download Document 

Global Green Growth Week 2019: Unlocking Renewable Energy Potential (Global Green Growth Institute - April 2018) - GGGI to organize GGGWeek2019, on October 21-25, in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Read More


Across Africa

Farmers unions urge government to declare drought a national disaster (Relief Web - Thursday, 18 April 2019) -- WINDHOEK - The Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) in cooperation with the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers Union (NECFU) has urgently requested the agriculture minister Alpheus !Naruseb to declare the 2019 drought a national disaster. Read More

Ghana: Making one of the earth's most polluted places safer (DW - Tuesday, 16 April 2019) -- Thousands of waste pickers trawl for scrap metal at a huge, smoldering electronic waste dump in Ghana each day. In the process, they're damaging their health and the environment. One project is trying to change that. Watch Video

Tanzania to ban plastic bags by June (East African - Sunday, 14 April 2019) -- Tanzanian has announced that it will ban single-use polythene bags from June in the war against plastic pollution. Read More


From Around the World

To solve climate change and biodiversity loss, we need a Global Deal for Nature (The Conversation - Friday, 19 April 2019) -- Earth’s cornucopia of life has evolved over 550 million years. Along the way, five mass extinction events have caused serious setbacks to life on our planet. The fifth, which was caused by a gargantuan meteorite impact along Mexico’s Yucatan coast, changed Earth’s climate, took out the dinosaurs and altered the course of biological evolution. Read More

Arresting the disaster that is climate change (The Guardian - Wednesday, 17 April 2019) -- Readers share their views on Extinction Rebellion, activism and the importance of implementing systemic change to prevent an ecological catastrophe. Read More

Five leaders “doing the right thing” on transport emissions (UN Environment - Tuesday, 16 April 2019) -- The smell of exhaust fumes is unpleasant and unhealthy, and the gases are known for affecting happiness, intelligence and overall human well-being. Yet millions around the world are forced to breathe in noxious fumes every day as they go about their business—heading for work, going to school or simply stepping out of their homes for a moment. Read More

London implements the world's first Ultra Low Emission Zone (UN Environment - Monday, 15 April 2019) -- London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has implemented the world's first Ultra Low Emission Zone in an effort to improve air quality in the city. The ULEZ will operate 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and aim to reduce the number of diesel-powered vehicles entering the centre. Cars, vans, and motorbikes that don’t meet standards will need to pay £12.50 a day ($16.30), while lorries, buses, and coaches will be charged £100 a day ($130.43) upon entering the zone. Read More