Green Rwanda Media Review - 25 January 2021



  • REMA reports that its hybrid electric vehicle is set to support Rwanda's environmental protection efforts
  • KT Press and other outlets report that Bisate Lodge has been listed among the world's most luxurious eco-friendly hotels.
  • The New Times reports that institutions and individuals are encouraged to consider shifting to electric vehicles.
  • The New Times reports that the return of the US to the Paris Agreement is good news for developing countries.


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How to contrive an ecological lesson from a fish kill (The New Times - Monday, 25 January 2021) -- The news item last week about the fish kill in a cage belonging to the aquaculture youth cooperative on Lake Muhazi got a young member of my family wondering whether it was linked to a similar incident on Lake Victoria a couple of weeks before. Read More
Injira mu mikorere y’imodoka z’amashanyarazi u Rwanda ruhanze amaso mu kurengera ibidukikije (Igihe - Monday, 25 January 2021) -- Buri mwaka haterana inama zihuza ibihugu by’ibihangange ku Isi ziga ku bijyanye n’imihindagurikire y’ibihe ahanini ifite inkomoko mu kwangiza ibidukikije, imwe mu myanzuro ifatirwamo ni ukwimakaza uburyo bwo gukora ibintu bitangiza ibidukikije. Read More
REMA Acquires Electric Vehicle To Support Rwanda’s Environmental Protection Efforts (Taarifa - Sunday, 24 January 2021) -- Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has aquired an electric vehicle that will be used to support the institution’s mandate of environmental protection. Read More   
Babyaza umusaruro imyanda imenwa mu kimpoteri (Kigali Today - Sunday, 24 January 2021) -- Mu Karere ka Huye hari urubyiruko rwiyemeje guhanga umurimo wo gukora ifumbire mu myanda imenwa mu kimpoteri cyubatswe n’akarere ka Huye. Read More
Rwanda: Ministry of Agriculture explains the plight of dead fishes in Rwamagana (Top Africa News - Sunday, 24 January 2021) -- The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (MINAGRI) has commented on the plight of youths in Fumbwe Sector who are members of the Haguruka Dukore Cooperative that farm fishes in Lake Muhazi, side of Rwamagana District, Fumbwe Sector. Read More
Gatsibo: Gasange imaze kuba icyitegererezo nyuma yo kubona amashanyarazi (Imvaho Nshya - Friday, 22 January 2021) -- Umurenge wa Gasange uherereye mu Karere ka Gatsibo mu Ntara y’i Burasirazuba ni umwe mu Mirenge yabonye amashanyarazi vuba mu Rwanda, uyu Murenge ukaba umaze igihe gito nawo ubonye amashanyarazi, ndetse abaturage bemeza ko amashanyarazi yahinduye ubuzima bwabo. Read More
Climate agenda: Why return of US is good news for developing countries (The New Times - Thursday, 21 January 2021) -- Environmental experts in Rwanda have said that developing countries including Rwanda could get more financial support to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects following the declaration by the new US President Joe Biden to rejoin Paris Climate Agreement. Read More
Akayabo u Rwanda rwarengera ruramutse rufite moto zikoresha amashanyarazi gusa (IGIHE - Thursday, 21 January 2021) -- Nibura buri mwaka ku Isi hapfa abantu miliyoni zirindwi bazize ingaruka z’imyuka yanduza ikirere. Read More
Rubavu: Abasenyerwaga na Sebeya batangiye guhabwa inka 475 (IGIHE - Thursday, 21 January 2021) -- Abaturage bo mu Tugari dutatu twa Karambo, Nkomane na Rusongati mu Murenge wa Kanama mu Karere ka Rubavu barishimira inka 72 bahawe n’Umushinga Ubungabunga Icyogogo cya Sebeya, aho zahawe abakene bari mu cyiciro cya mbere n’icya kabiri. Read More. Also published in Top Africa News
Bisate Lodge Listed Among World Most Luxurious Eco-Friendly Hotels (KT Press - Thursday, 21 January 2021) -- Bisate Lodge, inside the home of Rwanda’s rare mountain gorillas’ habitat, has been ranked among the top ten world’s most luxurious eco-friendly hotels. Read More
Kayonza: Umuturage yasanzwe yarahinze ibiti birenga 150 by’urumogi (IGIHE - Thursday, 21 January 2021) -- Umugabo wo mu Karere ka Kayonza mu Murenge wa Kabarondo yasanganywe umurima w'urumogi yari yarahinze iwe mu rugo, avuga ko yaruhinze yiteguye kwirengera ingaruka zizamubaho naramuka afashwe. Read More 
MINAGRI yijeje ubufasha abahinzi bafite ibikorwa hanze ya Kigali bagonzwe na Guma mu rugo (IGIHE - Wednesday, 20 January 2021) -- Minisitiri w'Ubuhinzi n'Ubworozi, Dr Mukeshimana Gerardine, yatangaje ko abahinzi bafite ibikorwa byabo by'ubuhinzi hanze ya Kigali bazafashwa gukomeza ku bikurikirana kimwe n'abacuruzi bagemura ibiribwa muri Kigali. Read More 
Nyanza: Abaturage bakoreye Company ECOMUJE bubaka amavomo yarabambuye (Umuseke - Wednesday, 20 January 2021) -- Abaturage 35 bavuga ko bakoze umuyoboro w’amazi mu Kagari ka Rurangazi, mu Murenge wa Nyagisozi mu Karere ka Nyanza bambuwe na Company yitwa ECOMUJE hashize amezi 10 bishyuza akazi bakoze kakarangira, ubuyobozi buvuga ko buza kubikurikirana. Read More
Rwanda moves to stimulate the transition to electric vehicles on the local market (The New Times - Tuesday, 19 January 2021) -- The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has called upon the public and private institutions as well as individuals to consider shifting to electric vehicles and join the effort to beat air pollution. Read More
Female entrepreneur’s journey from laborer to employer (The New Times - Tuesday, 19 January 2021) -- For several years, Jeanne d’Arc Uwemeyimana, from Kayonza District in Mukarange Sector worked as a laborer tilling the land for farmers in the area for a wage of Rwf700 per day. This has since changed as she is currently minting million from orange sweet potato vines multiplication and farming after starting an enterprise in 2015. Read More
Abahinga mu cyanya cya Ngoma22 ntibagishingira ku mihindagurikire y’ikirere (Imvaho Nshya - Monday, 18 January 2021) -- Abahinzi bahinga mu Cyanya cya Ngoma22 mu Karere ka Ngoma baratangaza ko batagishingira ku mihindagurikire y’ikirere bitewe n’uburyo kiriya cyanya cyatunganyijwe hagashyirwa uburyo bwo kuhira bakaba bahinga no mu bihe by’izuba. Read More
Sector Updates
Electric Vehicle to Support Rwanda's Environmental Protection Efforts (REMA - Monday, 18 January 2021) -- The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has taken delivery of its first-ever electric vehicle that will be used to support the institution’s mandate of environmental protection. A charging station has also been installed at the REMA office in Kacyiru. Read More. Also published in Kinyarwanda.
Across Africa 
Nature-based solutions will curb climate change impact (Business Daily - Thursday, 21 January 2021) -- This week, on January 14, 2021, the United Nations Environment Programme released its annual Adaptation Gap Report which showed that if we increase ambition towards the safer 2°C goal, the losses in annual economic growth due to climate change, will be limited to 1.6 percent. But if we do not, these losses will increase to 2.2 percent for the unsafe 3.2°C trajectories. This report called for investments in nature-based solutions to drive climate change adaptation. Read More
Covid is threatening Africa's gorilla trekking industry but responsible tourism could be the cure (The Telegraph - Tuesday, 19 January 2021) -- When two western lowland gorillas at San Diego Zoo Safari Park began coughing, the zoo tested the troop’s fecal samples and found evidence of the virus. It’s thought they caught it from an asymptomatic staff member who later tested positive. Read More
Locusts damage 50 000 hectares (Namibian - Tuesday, 19 January 2021) -- AFRICAN migratory locusts (AML) have damaged at least 50 000 hectares of cropland in Namibia and new swarms have been spotted in the Zambezi Region, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform has said. Read More
With the solar energy boom, Africa is facing an unprecedented opportunity (The New Times - Tuesday, 19 January 2021) -- Biden has already announced his plan for Climate Change and Environmental Justice, pledging the U.S. will achieve a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions no later than 2050. The four-year climate plan will cost ~$2 trillion, focusing on infrastructure and clean energy investments to rebuild the economy that was badly hit by the Covid pandemic. Read More
From Around the World
How Mexico City is embracing biodiversity (Landscape News - Wednesday, 20 January 2021) -- But while the world’s fifth-largest metropolis is home to more than 21 million people, it’s also grounds for nearly 4,000 species of flora and fauna, and some 15 percent of its total area consists of national parks and other protected areas. Read More 
New Oil Discovery: Klean Finds Never-Ending Renewable Oil Fields (Global News Wire - Wednesday, 20 January 2021) -- Klean Industries Inc. ("Klean"), a cleantech company specialized in the conversion of waste into energy and recovered resources, is pleased to announce that the company has increased in manufacturing capabilities with dedicated kiln fabrication facilities in Germany, United States, Japan, and China. Read More
Climate change will be sudden and cataclysmic. We need to act fast (World Economic Forum - Tuesday, 19 January 2021) -- Tipping points could fundamentally disrupt the planet and produce an abrupt change in the climate. Read More
Adaptation Gap Report 2020 (UNEP - Thursday, 14 January 2021) -- The fifth edition of the UNEP Adaptation Gap Report looks at progress in planning for, financing, and implementing adaptation – with a focus on nature-based solutions. Read More
Twitter Highlights
1. IGIHE @IGIHEBisate Eco Lodge, hoteli y’inyenyeri eshanu yubatse mu gace k’Ibirunga mu Majyaruguru y’u Rwanda, yashyizwe ku rutonde rwa hoteli 10 ku Isi nziza zigezweho kandi zifite umwihariko wo kutangiza ibidukikije.
2. REMA Rwanda @REMA_RwandaThe Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has taken delivery of its first-ever electric vehicle that will be used to support the institution’s mandate of environmental protection. A charging station has also been installed at the REMA office in Kacyiru.
3. Faustin Munyazikwiye @FaustinMUNYAZIKThe Rwanda Environment Management Authority @REMA_Rwanda has called upon the public and private institutions as well as individuals to consider shifting to electric vehicles and join the effort to #BeatAirPollution @EnvironmentRw @GreenFundRw @RwandaInfra
4. Rwanda Water Resources Board @RwandaWater#Amafoto: Abagenerwabikorwa 72 b' umushinga wa #Sebeya mu Tugali twa Karambo, Nkomane na Rusongati, Umurenge wa Kanama muri @RubavuDistrict bashyikirijwe inka zizabafasha kongera umusaruro wabo babona ifumbire yongera uburumbuke bw' ubutaka babungabunga icyogogo cya Sebeya.