Green Rwanda Media Review - 25 June 2018

Read the latest news from Rwanda's environment sector. 


  • Climate Action writes that Rwanda is among the countries that has signed a pledge to increase climate action
  • Taarifa writes that climate financing was among the leading topics at a ministerial meeting in Brussels, Belgium at which Rwanda was represented
  • The Independent (UG) writes that Rwanda's proposed ban on single use plastics has been praised Capital News publishes a story about Kenya's commitment to monthly public cleaning activities
  • Read remarks by Minister Biruta during High Ambition Coalition Ministerial Meeting Berlin, Germany at the Ministry of Environment website
  • The Ministry of Environment shares details of a new MoU signed between Rwanda and South Africa on environmental cooperation


Upcoming Events

24-26 June 2018: 54th Global Environment Facility Council Meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam

30-31 August 2018: 6th Annual Eastern Africa Waste Management Conference, Uganda




USA: Ingagi yari ifite agahigo ko kumenya ururimi rw’amarenga yapfuye (Igihe - Saturday 23 June 2018) -- Imiryango ishinzwe kurengera inyamaswa irimo na Fossey Fund yashavujwe n’urupfu rw’ingagi yitwa Koko, yari ifite agahigo ko kumva no gukoresha ururimi rw’amarenga. Read more

More than 20 nations seek lead in setting tougher climate goals (Reuters - Thursday 21 June 2018) -- More than 20 nations ranging from Germany, France and Britain to Pacific island states said on Thursday they planned to “lead from the front” in setting new, tougher goals by 2020 to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris climate agreement. Read More

Minisante igiye gukoresha uburyo bushya mu kwica imibu itera malariya (Igihe - Thursday 21 June 2018) -- Minisiteri y’Ubuzima (Minisante) yatangaje ko igiye gutera imiti yica imibu itera malariya mu bice bitandukanye haba mu bishanga no mu bihuru, hagamijwe gusenya indiri z’imibu aho ziva zikagera. Read More

Rwanda reserves $30 million to finance its most promising young innovators (Face 2 Face Africa - Wednesday 20 June 2018) -- On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, the country launched its National Research and Innovation Fund that to provide funding to competent, innovative papers in the areas of Science and Technology. Read more

Water: A real game changer for our sustenance (The New Times - Wednesday 20 June 2018) -- No natural resource is infinitive! One single common characteristic of all natural resources is that they are limited and deplete over time. Read more

A Climate Policy Even Trump Can Support? (The New York Times - Wednesday 20 June 2018) -- The issue at hand revolves around air-conditioners. In 2017, at a United Nations summit in Kigali, Rwanda, President Barack Obama’s administration agreed with 196 other countries to phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, an extremely potent greenhouse gas used in air-conditioners, refrigerators and foams. Read More

Taxpayer Groups Warm to Coolant Deal, Splitting Conservatives (Bloomberg Environment - Wednesday 20 June 2018) -- Support from the groups—Americans for Tax Reform, FreedomWorks, and American Council for Capital Formation—signals a potential political shift for the 2016 global agreement to phase down hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, refrigerant chemicals that are highly potent greenhouse gases. The deal, known as the Kigali amendment, has been hanging in limbo. Read More

Climate Financing Dominates Brussels Meeting (Taarifa - Wednesday 20 June 2018) -- Rwanda is represented at the ongoing second ministerial meeting on climate action taking place in Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Vincent Biruta Rwanda’s Minister of Environment is attending this meeting which is discussing; The Paris Agreement, Climate Finance, the Pre-2020 stock take. Read More

Musanze: Nta gisubizo kirabonerwa amazi ava mu birunga akangiriza abaturage (Umuseke - Tuesday 19 June 2018) -- Ikibazo cy’amazi aturuka mu birunga akangiza imirima n’ibiyihinzeho ndetse akanatwara ubuzima bw’abantu mu mirenge ine igize akarere ka Musanze, cyagarutsweho nka kimwe mu bikiremereye abaturage, hanyuma ubuyobozi bw’akarere buvuga ko kugeza ubu nta gisubizo icyo kibazo kirabonerwa. Read more

Abifuza gutembera u Rwanda bagiye kongera koroherezwa (Igihe - Tuesday 19 June 2018) -- Sosiyete ikora ibikorwa byo kuzana no kuyobora ba mukerarugendo, Show Me Around Rwanda Safaris, yazanye uburyo bushya bwo gutembereza abanyarwanda ibyiza bitatse igihugu mu mpera z’icyumweru (Weekend). Read more

Abanyamadini biyemeje gufata iya mbere mu kubungabunga ibidukikije (Umuseke - Tuesday 19 June 2018) -- Huye- Abayobozi b’amatorero y’abaporotestanti bari guhugurwa uko batanga umusanzu mu kubungabunga ibidukikije, baravuga ko bagiye guhamagarira abayoboke babo kwita no kurengera ibidukikije. Read more

Rwanda’s proposed ban on single use plastics praised (Independent - Tuesday 19 June 2018) -- Rwanda’s proposed ban on single use plastic materials was long overdue, according to several experts who have spoken to The Independent. Read more

Kigali: Ahimuwe inganda hatangiye gushyirwa ubusitani bw’icyitegererezo (Amafoto) (Igihe - Tuesday 19 June 2018) -- Ubu busitani buzaba bwitwa “Gikondo Recreation Park” buri kuri hegitari 1,8 buzahindura isura y’aka gace kahozemo inganda zimuwe mu gishanga. Aha hantu hazaba ari nyaburanga, abanyakigali n’abatembereye mu murwa mukuru w’u Rwanda bakazajya bahasohokera. Read more

Strengthening African science (Times of Oman - Monday 18 June 2018) -- The recent meeting in Rwanda, hosted by President Paul Kagame and organized by the Next Einstein Forum, was designed to help get the agenda back on track; brainstorm solutions to an increasingly pressing problem: the low quality of science on the continent. Read more

Abayobora ba mukerarugendo basabwe gusigasira isura y’u Rwanda ku banyamahanga (Amafoto) (Igihe - Sunday 17 June 2018) -- Ishyirahamwe Nyarwanda ry’abayobora ba Mukerarugendo (Rwanda Safari Guides Association-RSGA) ryatanze impamyabushobozi kuri 45 batsinze ikizamini, bagaragarizwa inshingano zabo zo gusigasira isura y’igihugu mu banyamahanga bagitemberamo. Read more

Kayonza: Impyisi ziraye mu ihene z’umuturage zica hafi 20 (Igihe - Saturday 16 June 2018) -- Impyisi bikekwa ko zasigaye inyuma y’uruzitiro rugabanya Pariki y’Akagera n’abaturage mu Murenge wa Mwili zishe ihene 17 z’umuturage, izindi 12 ziburirwa irengero. Read more


Across Africa

Nairobi County Govt says all set for launch of monthly cleanup exercise (Capital News - Thursday 21 June 2018) -- The county’s Environment Executive Larry Wambua has told Capital FM News on Thursday that equipment such as brooms, wheelbarrows, and spades among others will be provided for those participating in the exercise set to kick off on July 7. Read more

Tourism preventing Kenya's cheetahs from raising young, study finds (The Guardian - Thursday 21 June 2018) -- A study in Kenya’s Maasai Mara savannah found that in areas with a high density of tourist vehicles, the average number of cubs a mother cheetah raised to independence was just 0.2 cubs per litter – less than a tenth of the 2.3 cubs per litter expected in areas with low tourism. Read more

Scientists are exploring a lost rainforest hidden in a Mozambique volcano for the first time (Quartz Africa - Tuesday 19 June 2018) -- It’s hard to miss Mount Lico, a relatively isolated cliff jutting out 700 meters (nearly 2,300 feet) above the plains of northern Mozambique. Yet for hundreds of years, people were unaware that inside the ancient volcano lay a hidden rainforest, protected by the volcano’s high walls. Read More


From Around the World

Marine plastic: Hundreds of fragments in dead seabirds (BBC - Saturday 23 June 2018) -- Seabirds are starving to death on the remote Lord Howe Island, a crew filming for the BBC One documentary Drowning in Plastic has revealed. Their stomachs were so full of plastic there was no room for food. Read More

23 nations sign pledge to step up action on climate change (Climate Action - Friday 22 June 2018) -- Leading nations have pledged to set more stringent goals and “lead from the front” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before 2020. Read more

Eight EU countries signal openness to increased Paris climate pledge (Climate Home - Thursday 21 June 2018) -- One day after the EU signalled it may increase its pledge to the Paris Agreement, eight of its member states have signed a call for raised climate ambition. Read more

EU can increase 2030 pledge to Paris Agreement, says climate chief (Climate Home News - Wednesday 20 June 2018) -- The EU’s current pledge to the Paris deal is for a cut of “at least 40%”. But after a series of new measures were approved this fortnight, the EU will now cut its emissions by more than 45% below 1990 levels by 2030. Read more

13 Bioplastic Innovations That Might Save the Environment (Interesting Engineering - 20 June 2018) -- With reports of growing amounts of plastic accumulating in the Earth's oceans, not to mention landfills, there is a real need for some form of biodegradable alternative. This is where bioplastics come into their own. Read more

Climate change to overtake land use as major threat to global biodiversity (Phys - Tuesday 19 June 2018) -- Climate change will have a rapidly increasing effect on the structure of global ecological communities over the next few decades, with amphibians and reptiles being significantly more affected than birds and mammals, a new report by UCL finds. Read more

Abashakashatsi bagaragaje ingaruka zishobora guturuka ku ishonga rya Antarctica (Igihe - Friday 15 June 2018) -- Abashakashatsi bagera ku icyenda bagaragaje ko nihatagira igikorwa mu maguru mashya ku kibazo cy’urubura rwa Antarctica rukomeje gushonga, amazi yo mu nyanja azazamuka ku buryo ibihugu bizituriye bishobora kwibasirwa n’umwuzure no kurengerwa. Read more


Sector Updates

Rwanda and South Africa sign Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Cooperation (Ministry of Environment - Monday 25 June 2018) -- Rwanda and South Africa have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to boost cooperation on environmental issues. The agreement is a recognition of the importance of sustainable development for the protection and enhancement of the environment, as well as for the health and well-being of present and future generations - in Africa and around the world. Read More

Remarks by Minister Biruta High Ambition Coalition Ministerial Meeting Berlin, Germany | Sunday 17 June 2018 (Ministry of Environment - Friday 22 June 2018) -- It is a pleasure to be with you once again for today’s meeting of the High Ambition Coalition. Read more