Green Rwanda Media Review - 25 November 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • The New Times reports that Kigali was awarded for upholding environmental protection.
  • The New Times reports that Rwanda is exploring the use of methane gas for cooking.
  • Igihe reports that the animals in Akagera National Park have increased.
  • KT Press reports on how the new Environment Minister has familiarised herself with the environmental portfolio.
  • View photos of the breakfast meeting with environment and natural resources sector development partners.

Upcoming Events

  • 25-27 November: Global Gender Summit at Kigali Convention Centre - hosted by the African Development Bank and the Government of Rwanda
  • 26 November: Meeting of REMA and Religious Leaders on environment protection and climate at Lemigo Hotel, Kigali - hosted by REMA
  • 26 November: GCF Green Gicumbi Project Inception Meeting - hosted by Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA)
  • 27 November: Seminar on 'Dissolved organic carbon in tropical watersheds' - hosted by the Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, UR-Huye Campus
  • 30 November: Green City Kigali Umuganda, Kinyinya Sector - hosted by the GCK Project and Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA)
  • 2-13 December: UN Climate Change Conference, Madrid, Spain - hosted by UNFCCC
  • 10-13 December: Capacity Building training on groundwater, biodiversity assessment and mapping - hosted by UNESCO Nairobi and Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO, Huye
  • Ongoing/Upcoming: Land Week across Rwanda - hosted by RLMUA


Kigali awarded for upholding environmental protection (The New Times - Sunday, 24 November 2019) -- The City of Kigali was Friday night awarded the special “Most Inventive Inclusive Prosperity Practice’ Award during the inaugural Prosperity & Inclusion City Seal and Awards (PICSA) event held in Bilbao, Spain. Read More. Also published in Igihe

Govt to consolidate small mining operators (The New Times - Sunday, 24 November 2019) -- Francis Gatare, the CEO of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) has revealed a plan to combine small mining operators into effective and financially capable groups so as to raise capital to afford infrastructure, increase productivity and comply with environment management. Read More

30% by’ubuso bw’u Rwanda byamaze guterwaho amashyamba (Imvaho Nshya - Sunday, 24 November 2019) -- Muri gahunda yo gukomeza kubungabunga ibidukikije, Minisiteri y’Ibidukikije igaragaza ko mu ntego yari yihaye mu myaka 10 ishize kwari ukugira amashyamba ateye ku buso bungana na 30% y’ubuso bwose bw’Igihugu kugera mu mwaka wa 2020, none kuri ubu imibare ya 2019 igaragaza ko iyo ntego imaze kugerwaho ndetse irarenga. Read More

Rwanda explores use of methane gas for cooking (The New Times - Wednesday, 20 November 2019) -- The Government’s plan, which was disclosed at a meeting with development partners on Tuesday, is informed by the fact that most Rwandans still rely on wood fuel for cooking. Read More

Minister Mujawamariya highlights Major Achievements as she officiates the Environment and Natural Resources Sector Meeting (Top Africa News - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- Rwanda’s Minister of Environment Dr. Mujawamariya Jeanne d’Arc has officiated for her first time the meeting which brought together Development Partners to Discuss Mainstreaming Environment and Climate Change into development programmes. Read More

Safeguarding Innovation: Preparing the Ground for Access and Benefit Sharing in Rwanda (ABS - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- Have you ever heard of the term ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’- or ABS in short? ABS is an internationally agreed mechanism for accessing genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, and sharing benefits arising from their utilization. Uh, sounds cryptic, right? Read More

New Minister Familiarises Herself With Environmental Portfolio (KT Press - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- Exactly three days after taking over from Vincent Biruta, Ambassador Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, the new minister of Environment has chosen a breakfast meeting with stakeholders to be her first official event. Read More

Twite ku isi yacu kuko nta yindi tuzimukiramo-Minisitiri Mujawamariya (Kigali Today - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- Minisitiri Mujawamariya yagize ati “Nk’igikorwa cyanjye cya mbere muri Minisiteri y’ibidukikije, ni ibyishimo guhura namwe. Mwakoze gufata akanya mugahura natwe, kandi niteze kuganira namwe ku byo twashyize imbere, n’uburyo twafatanya mu kubigeraho”. Read More

Inyamaswa ziri muri Pariki y’Akagera zageze ku bihumbi 13 (Igihe - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- Ibarura rya gatanu rigaragaza imibare y’inyamaswa ziri muri Pariki y’Akagera, ryagaraje ko zimaze kugera ku 13500 zivuye 12000 zabarwaga mu 2017. Read More

Abafatanyabikorwa barasabwa kongera ubufatanye mu kurengera ibidukikije (Imvaho Nshya - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- Minisitiri w’Ibidukikije Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya yasabye abafatanyabikorwa bose ba Minisiteri ayobora ndetse n’inzego zose kongera ubufatanye n’imikoranire mu rwego rwo gucengeza amahame yo kubungabunga ibidukikije n’umutungo kamere muri gahunda z’ibikorwa n’imishinga yabo, kugira ngo intego z’iterambere rirambye zibashe kugerwaho. Read More

‘Chilling Prospects’ Report Demands Global Action on Cooling Access (R744 - Monday, 18 November 2019) -- Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), an international environmental group, has released an update to its 2018 study regarding the challenges the developing world faces in providing affordable cooling (refrigeration and comfort cooling) in a sustainable way that doesn’t exacerbate the climate crisis. Read More


Sector Updates

ENR Sector and Development Partners meet to Discuss on Mainstreaming of Environment and Natural Resources Management in Development Programmes (Rwanda Environment Management Authority - Wednesday, 20 November 2019) -- The Environment and natural resources sector has yesterday met with development partners in a high level breakfast meeting to discuss on continued collaboration for further mainstreaming of environment, climate change issues and natural resources management in development programmes. Read More

Photos: Breakfast Meeting with Environment and Natural Resources Sector Development Partners (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- The Ministry of Environment in collaboration with Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning through the support of Poverty-Environment Action programme organised a breakfast meeting with Development Partners to discuss collaboration and the implementation of the sector’s priorities, including mainstreaming climate change into national programmes and policies and achieving the country's climate action plans (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. View Photos

Remarks by Minister Dr. Mujawamariya at Development Partners Breakfast Meeting (Ministry of Environment - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- Good morning! It is a pleasure to be with you today for this important gathering of you, our valued development partners, as well as representatives from across the environment and natural resources sector. As the new Minister of Environment, I must also say that I am an ambassador for the environment. Read More

Video: Gutunganya Inzuri mu bice Bikikije Pariki ya Gishwati - Mukura Byongereye Umusaruro w'Ubworozi (Rwanda Environment Management Authority - Sunday, 17 November 2019) -- Watch Video


Across Africa

Mudslides, Floods Kill 34 in Western Kenya (VOA News - Saturday, 23 November 2019) -- Heavy rains unleashed overnight floods Friday, November 22, in western Kenya, killing 34 people in a disaster described by local authorities as unprecedented. Watch Video

A third of tropical African plants face extinction (BBC - Thursday, 21 November 2019) -- Much of western Africa, Ethiopia, and parts of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the hardest hit regions, standing to lose more than 40% of their richness of plants. Read More

Climate Change: NIMASA moves to monitor green house gas emission (Vanguard - Wednesday, 20 November 2019) -- AS part of its Climate Action Plan, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, has commenced moves to checkmate the Green House Gas, GHG, emission with a view to reducing pollution in Nigeria’s maritime space. Read More

‘Invest in climate-friendly technologies’ (The Herald - Wednesday, 20 November 2019) -- Zimbabwe should invest more in climate friendly technologies to address loss and damage from both the slow onset of the rains and extreme weather patterns, a Government official has said. Read More

Weather and war: How climate shocks are compounding Somalia’s problems (The New Humanitarian - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- The failure of seasonal rains earlier this year in Somalia threatened more than two million people with hunger as their crops shrivelled in the fields and livestock died from the lack of water and pasture. Read More

Climate change affects food production (The Namibian - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- This was said by the director of Economic Commission of Africa (ECA), Said Adejumobi at the high level policy dialogue (HLPD) on the 'Blue Economy, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability', held in Windhoek yesterday. Read More


From Around the World

Finally, the public wants action on the climate crisis. Now politics must catch up (The Guardian - Thursday, 21 November 2019) -- The most shocking political development of 2019 may be the end of the nearly three-decade old consensus that the public doesn’t care about the climate crisis. People were hopelessly and permanently apathetic, the argument went, or unable to see beyond the present. Read More

Fossil fuel polluters from U.S. to China far off climate targets: UN (Reuters - Wednesday, 20 November 2019) -- The world’s major fossil fuel producers are set to bust global environmental goals with excessive coal, oil and gas extraction in the next decade, the United Nations and research groups said on Wednesday in the latest warning over climate crisis. Read More

Musicians 'have to be proactive' on climate change (BBC - Wednesday, 20 November 2019) -- It might not be an obvious question for Katy Perry's agent to be raising, but it's one Emma Banks, who co-founded the UK arm of one of the world's biggest music tour agents, is increasingly having to ask. Read More

Restoring and rehabilitating land a big step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (UN Environment - Tuesday, 19 November 2019) -- With just 10 years remaining before the world’s nations are due to realize the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030, we still have a long way to go for countries to deliver on their targets and reverse the climate, species and resource consumption crises. Read More