Green Rwanda Media Review - 26 February 2018


  • Igihe reports that meteorologists have warned farmers about a shorter rainy season
  • Igihe writes that former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon has been appointed to lead the Global Green Growth Institute
  • Becky Alter details the efforts to address climate change in Rwanda in a podcast on YouTube
  • The Guardian reports that half of the world's oceans are exploited for industrial fishing




Nyamasheke: Umwe yagwiriwe n’ikirombe, Polisi yongera kuburira abacukura amabuye y’agaciro bitwikiriye ijoro (Igihe - Sunday 25 February 2018) -- Nyuma y’aho umusore witwa Niyitanga Habineza w’imyaka 19 wo mu Karere ka Nyamasheke Umurenge wa Kanjongo,agwiriwe n’ikirombe akitaba Imana, Polisi yongeye kuburira abakora ubucukuzi bw’amabauye y’agaciro mu buryo butemewe n’amategeko. Read more

Police seize plastic bags in separate operations (The New Times - Friday 23 February 2018) -- Ten people were arrested in separate Police operations conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday in Gakenke and Muhanga districts, respectively, after they were found selling or packing goods in plastic bags. Read More

Farmers urged to plant early as meteorologists predict short rainy season (The New Times - Friday 23 February 2018) -- Farmers should immediately plant their crops because the rainy season will be shorter than usual, meteorologists have said. Forecasters at the Rwanda Meteorology Agency said that the next three months will see normal or below-normal rain in many parts of the country. Read more

WASAC yasabwe kugaragaza ingamba ifitiye amazi apfa ubusa abanyarwanda batayabona uko bikwiye (Igihe - Thursday 22 February 2018) -- Ubushakashatsi bwakozwe na WASAC ku miyoboro 945 y’amazi mu gihugu, bugaragaza ko 513 ariyo ikora neza, naho 59 ntikora kandi ko kugira ngo isanwe yongere gukorwa bisaba miliyari zisaga 14 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda. Read more

Kamonyi: Abarimu n’abanyeshuri bo mu cyaro bahawe amatara y’imirasire y’izuba (Umuseke - Wednesday 21 February 2018) -- Abarimu bigisha mu mashuri abanza n’ayisumbuye mu Cyaro cyo mu Murenge wa Kayenzi mu Karere ka Kamonyi bahawe amatara akoresha imirasire y’izuba mu rwego rwo kuborohereza gutegura amasomo no kunoza ireme ry’uburezi. Read more

Météo Rwanda yaburiye abahinzi ko imvura izacika hakiri kare (Igihe - Wednesday 21 February 2018) -- Zimwe mu mpamvu Météo Rwanda igaragaza ko zatumye imvura izaba nkeya mu duce twinshi tw’igihugu ni uko ahahurira imiyaga mu gice cy’Iburengerazuba cy’inyanja ya Pacifique hashyushye cyane. Read more

Climate change in Rwanda (Becky Alter YouTube Channel - Monday 19 February 2018) -- Climate change in Rwanda: causes, impacts, and adaptation strategies. Podcast for Urban Planning, Dr. Bellisario, MSU Denver, 2018. Listen to the Podcast

Arboretum ya Kaminuza yashyizwe mu mushinga wa Commonwealth ugamije kubungabunga amashyamba (Igihe - Friday 16 February 2018) -- Guverinoma y’u Rwanda yemeje ko ishyamba rya Arboretum riherereye ku musozi wa Ruhande mu Karere ka Huye, rishyirwa mu mushinga w’Umwamikazi w’u Bwongereza n’ibihugu bikoresha ururimi ry’Icyongereza, ugamije kubungabunga amashyamba hirya no hino ku isi. Read more

Ban Ki-moon to head global green growth body (The New Times - Tuesday 20 February 2018) -- Former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been elected as President of the Assembly and Chair of the Council of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). Read more

Rwanda Leases E-waste Plant to Private Investor (Green Business News Africa - Monday 19 February 2018) -- The Government of Rwanda has signed a ten-year lease agreement with a United Arab Emirates based investor ‘EnviroServe’ to manage and operate an e-waste recycling plant. The recycling plant is located in the Eastern Province of the country at Bugesera Industrial Park. Read More

Africa’s cities are growing larger and thirstier (The New Times - Sunday 18 February 2018) -- In two months, the city of Cape Town in South Africa could become the first major metropolis in the world to run out of water. City officials have announced that Cape Town is likely to go absolutely dry on April 12. Read more


Across Africa

Oil exploration yet to deliver much needed jobs to Africa (The New Times - 25 February 2018) -- Over the past decade, oil and gas exploration operations have multiplied across sub-Saharan Africa, often in remote areas far from political and commercial capitals. Read More

New climate-smart technologies will boost agriculture and jobs in West Africa (Climate Action - Friday 23 February 2018) -- A new programme is being launched to equip farmers in Africa with climate-smart agricultural tools and technologies. The project is being rolled out by CORAF, a West African research institute, with the support of the World Bank. Read more

Debt for dolphins: Seychelles creates huge marine parks in world-first finance scheme (The Guardian - Thursday 22 February 2017) -- An innovative exchange of sovereign debt for marine conservation, backed by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, could pave the way to saving large swaths of the world’s oceans. Read More

Climate Change, Conflict Leave 224 Million Undernourished in Africa (Eco Watch - Tuesday 20 February 2018) -- An official with the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warns that climate change and conflict are leading to food insecurity for millions of people living in Africa. Read more


From Around the World

We Can’t Engineer Our Way Out of Climate Change (Bloomberg - Thursday 22 February 2018) -- Could the problem of global warming become so desperate that humans would be willing to take the vast risk of re-engineering our environment? It’s far from a desirable or lasting solution. Read more

Half of world's oceans now fished industrially, maps reveal (The Guardian - Thursday 22 February 2018) -- The maps based on feedback from more than 70,000 vessels show commercial fishing covers a greater surface area than agriculture, and will raise fresh questions about the health of oceans and sustainability of trawler fishing. Read more


Sector News

Nile Day 2018 to be celebrated under the theme ‘”The Nile: Shared River, Collective Action” (Ministry of Environment - Wednesday 21 February 2018) -- Tomorrow, 22nd February 2018, the Nile Basin Countries will commemorate the 12th Regional Nile Day. The celebrations will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The event will bring together Ministers in charge of Water Affairs in the Nile Basin countries (Nile Council of Ministers); representatives from NBI Member States, Embassies and Officials from Ministries. Read More


Upcoming Events

27 February - 1 March 2018: Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board Meeting, South Korea

27 February 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on Wetlands Management in Rwanda from 7:00pm

3 March 2018: World Wildlife Day 12-16 March 2018: Africa Clean Mobility Week

19-21 March: Sustainable Energy Forum 22 March 2018: World Water Day

20 March: Rwanda Cooling Initiative 21 March: Africa Cooling Summit

21 March: International Day of Forests

21-23 March: Workshop On Sustainable E-Waste Management In The East African Region

23 March: World Meteorological Day