Green Rwanda Media Review - 28 December 2018

Read the latest news on the environemnt sector in Rwanda and around the world. 


  • In a recap of 2018, KT Press reports that ‘Mutware’, "The Pride Of Rwanda Wildlife" bowed out.
  • The Cooling Post reports that Japan, the largest producer of HFCs, ratified the Kigali Amendment.
  • Rwanda Inspirer reports about the call for civil society to help communities cope with climate change.
  • The New Times reports on why Rwanda is Africa’s new luxury travel destination to watch.
  • Umuseke reports that strong winds destroyed many roofs in Byumba.

Upcoming Events

14-17 January: World Future Energy Summit

2 February: World Wetlands Day

22 February: Regional Nile Day

3 March: World Wildlife Day 2019

18 March: World Recycling Day

21 March: International Day of Forests

22 March: World Water Day

23 March: World Meteorological Day



Byumba: Umuyagawatwaye ibisenge by’inzu nyinshi (Umuseke - Thursday, 27 December 2018) -- Gicumbi – Mu kagari ka Gisuna Umurenge wa Byumba umunyamakuru yabonye inzu zirenga 10 zasakambuwe n’imvura nyinshi irimo umuyaga mwinshi. Hari amakuru avuga ko uyu muyaga hari n’abandi baturage wasakamburiye inzu muri aka gace. Read More

U Rwanda rwashyizwe ku rutonde rw’ahantu heza ho gusura mu 2019 (Igihe - Thursday, 27 December 2018) -- U Rwanda rwaje ku rutonde rwakozwe n’ikinyamakuru Forbes, rugaragaza ahantu heza buri wese akwiye gusura mu mwaka utaha wa 2019, akaba yizeye kugira ibihe atazigera yibagirwa. Read More

Why Rwanda is Africa’s new luxury destination to watch (The New Times - Tuesday, 25 December 2018) -- It might be the hope of a mountain gorilla encounter that has lured most visitors to the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ over the years, but this is a country where whispers of a tourism boom are quickly becoming shouts, and catching a glimpse of its beautiful primates is just one of the reasons why. Read More

2018 In Review: ‘Mutware’, The Pride Of Rwanda Wildlife Bows Out (KT Press - Monday, 24 December 2018) -- The presence of the Big Five has been felt for several decades now in Akagera National Park in Eastern Rwanda, including more than a hundred elephant. Read More

Japan ratifies Kigali (Cooling Post - Monday, 24 December 2018) -- JAPAN: The Kigali Amendment to phase-down HFC refrigerants has been boosted by ratification by Japan – one of the world’s largest consumers of fluorocarbons. Read More

Call for more civil societies’ role to help communities cope with climate change (Rwanda Inspirer - Sunday, 23 December 2018) -- Coping with climate change needs advocacy and raising awareness on root causes of environment pollution, Faustin Vuningoma, Coordinator of Rwanda Climate Change and DevelopmentNetwork (RCCDN) has said. Read More

Gorillas in your midst: why a Rwandan safari should be on your bucket list (The New Times - Saturday, 22 December 2018) -- Cooperation between Rwanda and Chinese agricultural experts will enable technology transfer so as to reduce post-harvest losses to less than 5 per cent by 2024, according to the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB). Read More

Rwanda, China partnership to reduce post-harvest loss to 5% (British GQ - Saturday, 22 December 2018) -- Searching for silverbacks in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is much more than a trip of a lifetime: it's an important step towards conserving these magnificent creatures in their unnaturally beautiful habitat. Here's how to do it GQ-style. Read More

Police Intercept Over 400 Cartons Of Plastic Bags (Taarifa - Thursday, 20 December 2018) -- A 43-year old businessman was arrested on December 19, by Police in Rutsiro District after he was found with over 400 cartons of plastic bags in his shop located in Musasa Sector, Gisiza Cell. Read More


Across Africa

‘It’s God’s plan’: the man who dreams of bringing intensive chicken farming to Africa (The Guardian - Thursday, 27 December 2018) -- A US mega-farm, a Christian backer and Africa’s oldest industrial chicken producer are bringing the world’s super birds to reform central Africa’s food market and feed the poor. Read More

Climate change: Why the air you are breathing could send you to the grave (The East African - Wednesday, 26 December 2018) -- Climate change is the single greatest health challenge that the world faces today, because it affects all aspects of human life and threatens to undo all the improvements made in health, warns a report by the World Health Organisation. Read More

Ghana’s Contribution to Plastic Waste Can Be Reduced with the Right Investment (Inter Press Service - Friday, 21 December 2018) -- Twelve-year-old Naa Adjeley lives in Glefe, a waterlogged area that is one of the biggest slums along the west coast of Accra, Ghana. The sixth grade student, his parents and three siblings use 30 single-use plastic bags per day for breakfast. Read More


From Around the World

UN Climate Change Conference (COP24): How to limit Climate Change (UN Environment - Thursday, 27 December 2018) -- This video shows the outcome of the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland. It highlights the action that needs to be taken to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Watch Video

2018: A Year in Photos (Pulitzer Center - Monday, 24 December 2018) -- This year has been a difficult one for journalism, rife with threats against freedoms of the press and information. In the face of these challenges, the Pulitzer Center has maintained its mission to support in-depth and solutions-based journalism that educates the global community. Our projects and our journalist grantees have shined a light on complicated issues that affect all of us, from climate change and war to forced migration and incarceration. Read More

Labour would 'radically transform economy' to focus on climate change (The Guardian - Monday, 24 December 2018) -- Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey says economic and social regeneration must be part of transition to low-carbon future. Read More

Italy Has the ‘Greenest Agriculture’ in Europe, But it’s Not Sustainable (Inter Press Service - Sunday, 23 December 2018) -- While Italian agriculture is in a leading position in terms of organic farming, sustainable agriculture and being at the forefront of biodiversity conservation; water scarcity, illegal workers and the role of women and combined ageing of its workforce remain pressing concerns. Read More


Sector Updates

Top managers of industries in Prime Economic zone and Special Economic zone were briefed on new law on Environment (Rwanda Environment Management Authority - Friday, 16 November 2018) -- Kigali, 16 November, 2018 - In view of elaborating the new law on environment, LAW N°48/2018 OF 13/08/2018 LAW ON ENVIRONMENT, Rwanda Environment Management Authority, REMA, briefed top managers of industries in Prime Economic zone,(PEZ), Special Economic Zone(SEZ) and representatives of government institutions on this law and some alarming cases. The meeting took place at MARASA Umubano Hotel, on this Friday, 16 November, 2018. Read More

Rwanda pilots the second phase of Standardized Crediting Framework concept (Rwanda Environment Management Authority - Friday, 16 November 2018) -- Kigali, 15 November, 2018- From 14 to 15 November, 2018, REMA and the World Bank Carbon Initiative for Development (Ci-Dev) hosted a workshop to launch a new pilot project for carbon markets under the Paris Agreement. Read More