Green Rwanda Media Review - 28 May 2018

Today, 29 May, marks the start of the 2018 National Environment Week which concludes on World Environment Day on 5 June. Follow @EnvironmentRw and @REMA_Rwanda on Twitter for the latest updates. 

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  • KT Press writes that the Ministry of Environment has encouraged a reduction of plastic use in offices
  • The New Times reports that floods have forced hundreds in Burera and Musanze Districts to move
  • KT Press writes that gas is still an unpopular cooking method nationwide
  • ICT Update emphasises climate data is important on the journey of climate resilience
  • Guardian publishes photos of wildlife captured this week from around the world

Upcoming Events

28 May 2018: Twitter Q&A with Minister Biruta on the #BeatPlasticPollution Campaign

29 May - 5 June 2018: National Environment Week & World Environment Day

29 May 2018: Conference on Beating Plastic Pollution, Kigali Convention Centre, 8:30am - 4pm

29 May 2018: COMIFAC Workshop Roundtable on Priorities for the Conservation and Sustainble Management of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa

29 June 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on Honey & Beekeeping, 7pm at Impact Hub in Kiyovu

3 June 2018: Walk to #BeatPlasticPollution - Kigali Car Free Day

5 June 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on World Environment Day, 7pm at Innovation Village, Kigali Public Library

24-26 June 2018: 54th Global Environment Facility Council Meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam

30-31 August 2018: 6th Annual Eastern Africa Waste Management Conference, Uganda



New Kigali mayor vows to boost city’s recreational facilities, tourism (The New Times - Sunday 27 May 2018) --- The lack of ample recreational options for City of Kigali residents as well as visitors is on the list of things the new Mayor, Marie-Chantal Rwakazina, wants to give serious attention and sort out during her term in office. Read more

Gishoma Peat plant to resume operations after Rwf160m loss (The New Times - Sunday 27 May 2018) --- Gishoma Peat power plant is expected to start operating next month after floods halted operations at the plant something that led to losses of Rwf160m in salaries alone. Read more

Comment le Rwanda est devenu le premier pays d'Afrique à se débarrasser du plastique (L'OBS - Saturday 26 May 2018) -- Vus du ciel, de nombreux pays africains donnent l’impression que les sacs en plastique, ce fléau du continent, poussent aux arbres, tant ces filaments blancs accrochés au moindre buisson sont omniprésents dans le paysage. Rien de tel quand vous survolez le Rwanda. Read More

Public-Private Pacts Open Doors to Climate Finance in Rwanda and Ethiopia (Inter Press Service - Saturday 26 May 2018) -- The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) presented the African model of a National Financing Vehicle in which the governments of Rwanda and Ethiopia have successfully promoted green growth and climate resilience, at an event May 25 on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the Board of Governors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Busan, South Korea. Read more

Cooking stoves curved out of stone help save environment (The New Times - Friday 25 May 2018) -- Berancilla Bugenimana, 50, wakes up early in the morning, picks an iron bar, axe, and sander, and goes to look for stones to carve in her locality in Musanze District. At 6 am, she starts carving stones to make cooking stoves. Read more

Amacupa ya palasitiki yatangiye guhabwa akato mu biro bya leta (Igihe - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- Minisiteri y’Ibidukikije n’iy’Ubutabera zagaragaje ko nta cupa rya palasitiki rizongera gukandagira mu nama no mu biro byazo n’inzego zizishamikiyeho. Read More

CIDT supports the Government of Rwanda to secure $32.79m to Strengthen Climate Resilience of Rural Communities (CIDT - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- Many congratulations to FONERWA, The Green Fund of the Government of Rwanda (GoR) which on 28 February 2018 become one of the first African country ‘Direct Access’ entities to receive funding from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Read more

Kigali City unveil ‘professional Umuganda’ (The New Times - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- The City of Kigali has started community work that enables personnel from various professions to give back to their communities through their field of expertise. Read more

Police intercept 1700kg of smuggled minerals (The New Times - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- Police in Burera District, in partnership with Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB), on May 22, intercepted a Toyota Land Cruiser carrying 30 sacks of smuggled minerals weighing 1700kgs. Read more

Rwanda Moves To Ban Use Of Plastic Water Bottles In Offices (KT Press - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- Rwanda has started a move to end the use of plastic bottles in government institutions switching to use of sustainable and reusable alternatives such as glasses and refillable water dispensers. Read more

Developing Countries Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Rwanda (Huff Post SA - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is an anomaly among developing world cities. It has kilometres of boulevards girded with lawns, clean streets with a plastic ban enforced, it's safe for women to walk there at night and there's a near absence of corruption. Also, the Rwandan economy has grown. Read More

Bad hair day! Adorable photos show baby mountain gorilla with a bouffant playing around before tumbling into mummy's tummy (Daily Mail - Wednesday 23 May 2018) -- A series of heart-warming photographs taken in the Rwanda jungle capture the moment a baby mountain gorilla with a bouffant hairstyle crawls along the floor before it nestles up to its mother for a cuddle. Read more

Floods displace hundreds in Burera, Musanze, damage Genocide memorial (The New Times - Tuesday 22 May 2018) -- Floods destroyed over 190 houses in Burera and Musanze and also damaged Rugarama Genocide memorial. Read more

Environment ministry leads drive against disposable water bottles (The New Times - Monday 21 May 2018) -- The Minister for Environment has announced that the institution will no longer use disposable plastics such as water bottles, cups and straws. In a post on Twitter, the Minister for Environment, Dr Vincent Biruta, said that the institution will instead switch to sustainable and reusable alternatives such as glasses and refillable water dispensers. Read more

Floods, droughts and resilience (The New Times - Monday 21 May 2018) -- The raging rain season has seen media awash with news on floods and its consequences as well as a speculative possibility of droughts in the months ahead. What a dilemma! Read more

Hundreds stranded after Rwanda-Uganda road collapses (The East African - Sunday 20 May 2018) -- Transport between Uganda and Rwanda has been disrupted following the collapse of a road section linking the two countries. Read more

Gas Stove Fails To Take Over From Charcoal (KT Press - Thursday 17 May 2018) -- Rwanda may need to intensify campaign on the use of gas as an alternative cooking energy to counter the high demand of wood which keeps increasing, putting pressure on the forest cover. Read more

Cooking Gas Safety Tips (KT Press - Thursday 17 May 2018) -- Rwanda is slowly adapting to the culture of using gas for cooking, but the possibility of gas leaking and explosion in households remain most feared by users. Read more


From Across Africa

Ethiopia, Rwanda, to Tackle Equitable use of the Nile waters (Prensa Latina - Saturday 26 May 2018) --- Rwanda President Paul Kagame, on an official visit to Ethiopia, today talks about the equitable use of the Nile waters in meeting with national authorities. Read more

Africa: Partnership formulated to accelerate green growth (ESI Africa - Saturday 26 May 2018) -- The agreement was signed on Friday on the sidelines of the African Development Bank Group’s Annual Meetings in Busan, Korea. Read more

The Fight Against Filth: I Want To See Rwanda In Ghana (Modern Ghana - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- There’s one war Ghanaians are struggling to win, which have taken us years. A war that needs all citizens on deck to help win. This is a war that needs no guns, bow and arrow, grenades nor spears, but a change of attitude and mind. Read more

Overcoming Challenges in the Availability and Use of Climate Data in Africa (ICT - Thursday 24 May 2018) -- Availability of and access to climate data and information products is critical to achieving climate resilient development. Read more

Politics and poverty caused past conflicts in East Africa – not climate change (The Conversation - Wednesday 23 May 2018) -- It seems obvious that climate change has – and will – cause human conflict and the mass movement of people. Look at the effects of the droughts in Syria, Darfur and Ethiopia. The former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon even described the ongoing war in Darfur as one of the “first climate wars”. Read more


From Around the World

We Made Plastic. We Depend on It. Now We're Drowning In It. (National Geographic Magazine - May 2018) -- If plastic had been invented when the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, England, to North America—and the Mayflower had been stocked with bottled water and plastic-wrapped snacks—their plastic trash would likely still be around, four centuries later. Read more

We Know Plastic Is Harming Marine Life. What About Us? (National Geographic Magazine - May 2018) -- There often are tiny bits of plastic in the fish and shellfish we eat. Scientists are racing to figure out what that means for our health. Read More

You Can Help Turn the Tide on Plastic. Here’s How. (National Geographic Magazine - May 2018) -- Do these six pain-free things, and you’ll help reduce the impact plastic is having on oceans and other waterways around the world. Read More

The week in wildlife – in pictures (The Guardian - Friday 25 May 2018) -- Wild horses, an Ethiopian wolf and a dolphin attacking a porpoise are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world. View photos

Emerging economies say rich countries must still lead on climate action (Climate Home News - Monday 21 May 2018) -- Environment ministers from China, South Africa, Brazil and India met in Durban over the weekend to solidify their cooperation in a year they hope to gain concessions from wealthy countries on the rules of the Paris Agreement. Read more


Sector Updates

Celebration of World Environment Day and National Environment Week (Ministry of Environment - 22 May 2018) -- On 5th June 2018 Rwanda will join the rest of the world to commemorate the World Environment Day (WED). In Rwanda the WED is preceded by the National Environment Week (NEW) – a week long campaign dedicated to various activities that aim at raising awareness on environmental sustainability. Read More

2017 Results: Rwanda (GGGI YouTube - 8 May 2018) -- GGGI developed strategic plans for Rwanda’s secondary cities in 2017, so that they may sustainability become poles of inclusive, green economic growth. Watch Video