Green Rwanda Media Review - 29 April 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • The New Times reports that Kabuye sugar factory lost Rwf6bn to floods.
  • Umuseke reports that Cyclone Kenneth is going to affect Rwanda and cause heavy rain.
  • Climate Home News reports that Rwandan farmers lead tree-planting effort to meet rising wood demand.
  • ETurbo News reports that Greg Bakunzi of Red Rock Initiative makes Rwanda Tourism proud.
  • The Spokesman reports that mountain gorilla treks spur Rwanda's renewal efforts.
  • Igihe reports that 70 countries have now ratified the Kigali Amendment.

Upcoming Events

29 April - 13 May: RLMUA Training on the Land Administration Information System, Office of Registrar of Land Titles, Rwamagana, Eastern Province

22 May: International Day for Biological Diversity

5 June: World Environment Day

8 June: World Oceans Day



Rwanda strengthens early warning system on Cyclone “Kenneth”(Journal du Cameroun - Saturday, 27 April 2019) -- Rwanda is closely monitoring the impact of the second major Cyclone “Kenneth” to hit Mozambique, the country’s Meteorological department said in a statement made available Saturday to APA in Kigali.Weather predictions indicate that prevailing winds blowing east-west over the weekend was expected to cause damage at the ground are a result of outflow generated by Tropical Cyclone Kenneth, the Rwanda Meteorological agency said. Read More

Singita igiye gufungura imiryango mu Birunga, yinjiye mu mishinga yo kubungabunga urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima (Igihe - Saturday, 27 April 2019) -- Umwaka wa 2018 wasize Ihuriro Mpuzamahanga ryo kubungabunga Ibidukikije (IUCN) ryemeje ko ingagi zo mu misozi zikomeje kwiyongera ku rwego rushimishije ku buryo zitakiri mu mubare w’inyamaswa zigeramiwe ndetse zishobora gucika ku Isi. Read More and also here.

Ibihugu 70 bimaze kwemeza ibyavuguriwe i Kigali mu masezerano ku myuka yangiza ikirere (Igihe - Friday, 26 April 2019) -- Montenegro yabaye igihugu cya 70 cyemeje bidasubirwaho ibyavugururiwe i Kigali ku masezerano ya Montreal, agamije kugabanya ikoreshwa ry’imyuka yangiza ikirere, yatangiye kubahirizwa ku wa1 Mutarama 2019. Read More

Partnering for a Bright Future: Rwanda, Yale University, and Akilah, A collaboration to catalyze sustainable development (Akilah Institute - Friday, 26 April 2019) -- The Government of Rwanda’s Ministry of Environment and Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies have recently signed a memorandum of understanding outlining their joint commitment to advance sustainable development and environmental conservation in the country. Read More

Umuyaga ‘Kenneth’ uzagera no mu Rwanda, unateze imvura nyinshi – Meteo Rwanda (Umuseke - Friday, 26 April 2019) -- Umuyaga wiswe Kenneth watangiriye mu birwa bya Comoros na Madagascar ugeze ku nkengero za Tanzania. Ni inkubi y’umuyaga abahanga mu bumenyi bw’ikirere bavuga ko ifite umuvuduko wa km 200 ku isaha. Mu Rwanda naho uzahagera nk’uko byemezwa n’Ikigo gishinzwe Ubumenyi bw’Ikirere, (Meteo Rwanda), ngo zahuha cyane mu Ntara y’Iburasirazuba, usige imvura nyinshi mu zindi Ntara hagati ya tariki 25-27Mata 2019. Read More

Kabuye sugar factory loses Rwf6bn to floods (The New Times - Friday, 26 April 2019) -- Kabuye Sugar Works Limited is set to lose Rwf6.6 billion in potential revenues after floods destroyed its 2,000 hectares of sugarcane – the main raw material in sugar manufacturing. Read More

African Tourism Board: Greg Bakunzi of Red Rock Initiative makes Rwanda Tourism proud (Eturbo News - Friday, 26 April 2019) -- Red Rocks Cultural Center in Rwanda founder Greg Bakunzi today was appointed as the latest board member of the African Tourism Board. He is a star in African Tourism with a vision for the industry, for sustainability, and for his unique approach in generating business to Rwanda and the whole of Africa. Read More

In Rwanda, mountain gorilla treks spur country’s renewal effort (The Spokesman - Saturday, 20 April 2019) -- Kigali is the cleanest capital I’ve seen. No trash littering the streets – not one plastic bag blighting the landscape. (They were banned in 2008.) From our perch on the deck at Repub Lounge, we can take in views of the lush hills shrouded in bougainvillea. Read More

Rwandan farmers lead tree-planting effort to meet rising wood demand (Climate Home News - Wednesday, 17 April 2019) -- The authorities are partnering with communities to halt the decline of forest cover and produce wood, charcoal and fruit in a sustainable way. Read More


Sector Updates

RDB and Imizi conclude Gishwati-Mukura National Park concession agreement (Rwanda Development Board - Saturday, 27 April 2019) -- The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has signed a 25-YEAR concession agreement with Imizi Ecotourism Development Ltd for the development of a multi-phased conservation and tourism management program in Gishwati-Mukura National Park. Read More

Rwanda Cabinet approves Green Building Minimum Compliance System (Global Green Growth Institute - Tuesday, 23 April 2019) -- The Government of Rwanda in the cabinet meeting held on 3rd April 2019 approved the Ministerial Order determining Urban planning and Building regulations. The Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System which is an Annex to the Ministerial Order along with the revised Rwanda Building Code. The Ministerial Order and the supporting green building annex were officially gazetted on 16th April 2019 on the website of the Office of the Prime Minister. Read More

Min. Vincent Biruta Visit to AGROPLAST Ltd, a plastic recycling company (The Ministry of Environment Flickr - Wednesday, 24 April 2019) -- View Photos

Green Certification of the Bugesera Airport – Fact Sheet (Global Green Growth Institute - April 2019) -- Download


Across Africa

The joys of springs: how Kenya could steam beyond fossil fuel (The Guardian - Friday, 26 April 2019) -- A faint smell of sulphur, a shrill hiss of gas and a Rift Valley panorama punctuated by 30 pillars of steam mark the frontline of renewable energy growth in Kenya. Read More

Cyclone Kenneth hits Mozambique after lashing Comoros (Reuters - Thursday, 25 April 2019) -- Cyclone Kenneth battered northern Mozambique on Thursday with gusts of up to 280 km per hour (174 miles per hour) after killing three people on the island nation of Comoros overnight. Read More

Towards monitoring sustainable use of biomass in Ethiopia and Kenya (UN Environment - Tuesday, 23 April 2019) -- Over 80 per cent of people in sub-Saharan Africa’s rely on biomass for cooking and heating. Much of it, however, is harvested and used unsustainability due to the lack of access to clean, affordable alternatives and the use of inefficient applications (for combustion). Read More


From Around the World

'Outrage is justified': David Attenborough backs school climate strikers (The Guardian - Friday, 26 April 2019) -- The outrage of the students striking from school over climate change inaction is “certainly justified”, according to Sir David Attenborough, who said older generations had done terrible damage to the planet. Read More

Britain must commit to carbon capture to meet climate goals: lawmakers (Reuters - Thursday, 25 April 2019) -- The report comes ahead of a recommendation due next week on whether and how the government could strengthen its climate target to a goal of net zero emissions, by Britain’s independent climate advisers, the Committee on Climate Change. Read More

Dreams to action: beginning a meaningful conversation with young leaders (UN Environment - Tuesday, 23 April 2019) -- One of the main criticisms from youth is that their presence at key United Nations meetings is often tokenistic and that, at such a critical point in time, they don’t have a meaningful seat at the table. We cannot afford to work in isolation and youth are calling for change: “It’s time for us to come together as we ask for space at the table. Let us speak in unison, not in silos,” they say. Read More