Green Rwanda Media Review - 29 January 2018

Ministeri y'Ibidukikije yatangije igikorwa ryo kuvugurura Politiki y'Ibidukikije mu #Rwanda. Ubu harimo gukusanywa ibitekerezo by'abaturage. Wicikanwa. Tanga igitekerezo cyawe wuzuza ino nyandiko yabugenewe iri kuri interineti: http://


  • Igihe reports that the Government of Rwanda has leased the E-waste Dismantling and Recycling Facility to Enviroserve in a deal worth US $2.6 million
  • The New Times reports that the Government is prepared to fight hunger and drought Africa News writes about the benefits of Kigali's Car Free Day
  • The Guardian publishes a story about hazardous billion plastic wastes disposed on coral reefs - accelerating pollution and climate change impacts
  • View and download photos of the Signing Ceremony of the ten-year Lease Agreement between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Enviroserve to manage the e-waste facility
  • Read about how young people are involved in protecting and growing Rwanda's forests on the Ministry of Lands and Forestry website



Gorilla habitat expanded in Rwanda’s famed Volcanoes National Park (Lonely Planet - Monday 29 January 2018) -- For the first time in three decades the boundaries of Volcanoes National Park have been expanded. It’s hoped that the additional land will ease the pressure on the park’s growing population of mountain gorillas, which increased in numbers from 380 in 2003 to 480 in 2010, an impressive 3.7% annual rise (the next census is due out in March this year). Read More

PHOTOS: Nairobi County joins Rwandans in Umuganda cleaning exercise (The New Times - Sunday 28 January 2018) -- As part of activities to mark 24th Heroes Day anniversary, Rwanda High Commission to Kenya in partnership with Nairobi City County organized and carried out general cleaning exercise commonly known as “Umuganda” among Rwandans. Read More

Recycling e-Waste in Rwanda (Deutsche Welle - Friday 26 January 2018) -- Electronic waste is a major problem in many African countries. Rwanda is trying to solve the problem with recycling. As part of a government initiative, the country is collecting e-waste in all 30 districts. Read more

MINICOM yakodesheje uruganda Enviroserve Rwanda Green Ltd abikorera mu myaka 10 (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday 25 January 2018) -- Minisitiri w’Ubucuruzi n’Inganda Munyeshyaka Vincent avuga ko kwegurira uruganda Enviroserve Rwanda Green Ltd abikorera ari uko bazi gucunga neza bizinesi, bakaba aribo bafite ubushobozi n’ubuhanga bwo kubikora. Read More

Leta yakodesheje uruganda rutunganya ibisigazwa by’ibikoresho by’ ikoranabuhanga ku mafaranga asaga Miliyari ebyiri (Kigali Today - Thursday 25 January 2018) -- Uruganda ’Enviroserve’ rutunganya ibyuma by’ikoranabuhanga rubikura mu bisigazwa by’ibindi nkabyo, rwahaye u Rwanda amadolari miliyoni 2.6$ y’ubukode bw’uruganda rugiye gukoreramo mu Rwanda. Read More

Govt ready to address drought impacts – officials (The New Times - Thursday 25 January 2018) -- The government is committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that no Rwandan dies of hunger, officials told journalists in Kigali on Wednesday. Read more

Government leases e-waste facility (The New Times - Wednesday 24 January 2018) -- The Government is today expected to sign a ten-year lease agreement with a private investor to manage and operate the E-Waste Dismantling and Recycling facility located in Bugesera District. Read more

Kigali, From Water Bill To Sewage Bill (KT Press - Wednesday 24 January 2018) -- Kigali residents will soon start paying for their liquid waste as part of the implementation of the new sewerage project due for construction soon. Read more

Leta yeguriye umushoramari uruganda rutunganya imyanda y’ibikoresho by’ikoranabuhanga kuri miliyoni $2.6 (Igihe - Wednesday 24 January 2018) -- Leta y’u Rwanda yagiranye amasezerano n’Umushoramari ukomeye wo muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’Abarabu (UAE) Enviroserve, yo gucunga uruganda ruherereye mu Bugesera rutunganya imyanda y’ibikoresho bishaje by’ikoranabuhanga, mu gihe cy’imyaka icumi. Read more

Leaders Unite To Fight Waste And Pollution (Eurasia Review - Wednesday 24 January 2018) -- The heads of some of the world’s largest companies such as Alphabet, The Coca-Cola Company, Royal Philips, Unilever, the Governments of Indonesia, Nigeria, the People’s Republic of China and Rwanda and UN Environment, the Global Environment Facility and the World Bank have committed to efforts that cut waste and pollution. Read More

Rethinking Rwanda’s town (The Independent - Tuesday 23 January 2018) -- A Large scale urbanisation has already taken place in Rwanda, with the pace of it much faster than official records suggest because the definition of urban areas needs refining. Read more

Why financial institutions should prioritise sustainable banking (The New Times - Tuesday 23 January 2018) -- Financial institutions are key players in any country’s long-term sustainable development goals. Sustainable development as a concept may be strange to banks because they provide intangible services. Read more

Kigali's first monthly car free day encourages more exercises (Africa News - Monday 22 January 2018) -- For one day, every month, Rwanda’s capital Kigali is a car free zone. The government initiative was launched in 2016 to cut emissions and keep Rwandans moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Read more

Pollution is a threat to our life (The New Times - Monday 22 January 2018) -- Recently, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, released its report entitled “Towards a Pollution-Free Planet.” Read more

How Rwanda has tamed electronic garbage (The Observer - 10 January 2018) -- The Rwanda government has invested $1.5 million in an electronic and electrical (e-waste) management and dismantling facility located in Bugesera district, eastern province, 35 kilometres out of Kigali city. The Rwanda Green Fund-backed investment has turned around how e-waste is managed in the country, writes Pius Muteekani Katunzi. Read More


Across from Africa

Orange cave crocodiles may be mutating into new species (The Guardian - Monday 29 January 2019) -- In 2008 an archaeologist discovered crocodiles living in remote caves in Gabon. Now, genetics hint that these weird cave crocodilians may be in the process of evolving into a new species. Read More

Panic and blame as Cape Town braces for water shut-off (AFP - Sunday 28 January 2018) -- But the day, currently forecast for April 12, has been creeping closer - brought forward by the city's excessive consumption despite repeated public warnings from increasingly panicked officials. On Day Zero, the ordinary water supply will be shut down and taps will run dry. Read More

Central Africa’s iconic mammals threatened by poachers, armed groups – UN environment wing (UN News Centre - Friday 19 January 2018) -- Elephants, giraffes, rhinos and other magnificent mammals targeted in wildlife conservation areas of Central Africa are under threat of extinction, caught in the crosshairs of armed groups and highly-militarized poachers, the United Nations environment wing warned on Friday. Read more


From Around the World

COP23 and beyond (Fiji Times - Thursday 25 January 2018) -- Fiji was the first small island state chosen to preside over the COP23 meeting held in Bonn in November 2017. Read more

Billions of pieces of plastic on coral reefs send disease soaring, research reveals (The Guardian - Thursday 24 January 2018) -- Billions of pieces of plastic pollution are snagged on coral reefs, sending disease rates soaring, new research has revealed. The discovery compounds the damage being done to a vital habitat that already faces an existential threat from the warming caused by climate change. Read more

Air Quality the Leading Environmental Threat to Public Health, New EPI Finds (Environment Yale - Tuesday 23 January 2018) -- The 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) finds that air quality is the leading environmental threat to public health. Now in its twentieth year, the biennial report is produced by researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. Read more

Sector Updates

Rwanda Green Fund e-waste investment to scale up with private sector partnership (Rwanda Green Fund - Friday 26 January 2018) -- The Ministry of Trade and Industry has signed a 10 year lease agreement with Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park (a subsidiary of Enviroserve Services LLC Dubai) to operate and expand the Rwanda E-Waste Dismantling and Recycling Facility. The facility was constructed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry through a Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) investment of more US $1.5 million. Read More

PHOTOS: Signing of the Lease Agreement Between Ministry of Trade and Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park (Green Fund Flickr page - Thursday 25 January 2018) -- The Rwanda E-Waste Dismantling and Recycling Facility, which was officially opened last month, will expand its operations thanks to a ten-year lease agreement being signed today between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park. the facility is a result of a US $1.5 million investment from the Rwanda Green Fund to support e-waste management in Rwanda – implemented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Read more

Forest preservation in Rwanda: how much youth are involved (Ministry of Lands and Forestry - Thursday 25 January 2018) -- Forests preservation means a lot in human beings’ daily life in most of all circumstances as they play another vital role to provide oxygen in the environment. Rwandan youth’s efforts are recognized to rift up forest preservation and maintenance through social engagement following the baseline of the government. Read More

Upcoming Events

  • 30 January 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on 'Green Mining in Rwanda' More Here
  • 2 February 2018: World Wetlands Day
  • 6 February 2018: Launch of Improved Charcoal & Wood Fuel Value Chains project by the Rwanda Environment Management Authority
  • 3 March 2018: World Wildlife Day