Green Rwanda Media Review 29 July 2019

Green Rwanda Media Review - 29 July 2019
  • Kigali Today reports that modern technology for wood production industry in Rwanda is still insufficient.
  • Umuseke reports about how solar energy has transformed the lives of Bugesera residents.
  • Taarifa reports that University of Rwanda students exhibited the Green City Masterplan.
  • The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund reports on how donations help in the protection of gorilla families.
  • The New Times reports that BBOXX Rwanda unveiled the modern and affordable cooking experience. 

Upcoming Events

  • 1 August: Opening of Singita Volcanoes National Park, Kinigi 
  • 8 August: National Circular Economy Forum, Kigali 
  • 19-20 August: 2nd International Conference on Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, London
  • 21-22 August: 7th World Congress on Earth and Environmental Science, Singapore
  • 24 August: Akagera Rhino Velo Race 2019, Eastern Province Rwanda
  • 2-3 September: 6th World Conference on Climate Change Berlin, Germany
  • 4-6 September: World Economic Forum, Africa in Cape Town
  • 6 September: Gorilla Naming Ceremony, Rwanda
  • 8-9 September: Business of Conservation Conference by ALU and RDB, Kigali 
  • 14-15 September: 6th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Recycling Seoul, South Korea
  • 17-30 September: UN General Assembly, New York
  • 23 September: UN Secretary-General's Climate Action Summit, New York
  • 8 October: 2019 WTO Public Forum, Geneva, Switzerland
New conservation lodge to open in Musanze (The New Times - Sunday, 28 July 2019) -- Renowned African conservation brand, Singita is set to open a new conservation lodge in Musanze on August 1. Read More
New power plant provides electricity among Kirehe residents, eases businesses (Rwanda Inspirer - Friday, 26 July 2019) -- Jeannette Mushimiyimana from Rudandi village in Nyakabungo cell, Mpanga sector in Kirehe District was struggling and fearing to walk around his village side when she returns home from work during the night due to the shadow. Read More
Rwanda Green Fund, University Of Rwanda Students Exhibit Green City Masterplan (Taarifa - Friday, 26 July 2019) -- The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) in partnership with the University of Rwanda, School of Architecture, on Thursday exhibited the Green City Project masterplan expected to be implemented in 2020. Read More and also in The New Times and Top Africa News.
5 Ways Your Donations Impact Everything We Do Here At The Fossey Fund! (The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International - Thursday, 25 July 2019) -- These donations support important programs like the daily protection of gorilla families, anti-poaching patrols, scientific research needed to develop effective conservation strategies, education and science outreach to local students, helping communities address basic needs like food security, and many more. Your support is critical to our ongoing conservation efforts; we can’t do what we do without you! Read More
Bugesera/Mugorore: Amashanyarazi y’Imirasire y’izuba yabahinduriye ubuzima (Umuseke - Wednesday, 24 July 2019) -- Ikigo k’Igihugu gishinzwe gukwirakwiza amashanyarazi kiri mu bukangurambaga bwo ku Banyarwanda bose, kigaragaza ibyiza byo gukoresha amashanyarazi ava ku mirasire y’Izuba, kuri uyu wa kabiri tariki 23 Nyakanga bari mu Karere ka Bugesera. Read More
Inside BBOXX Rwanda’s modern and affordable cooking experience (The New Times - Wednesday, 24 July 2019) -- BBOXX Rwanda last week unveiled a new initiative that will tackle the issue of air pollution and environmental degradation, and at the same time, cut the time and hardships one endures to prepare a mealRead More 
Ikoranabuhanga rigezweho mu gutunganya ibikomoka ku biti riracyari hasi - NIRDA (Kigali Today - Wednesday, 24 July 2019) -- Ubushakashatsi bwakozwe n’Ikigo cy’ubushakashatsi n’iterambere ry’inganda mu Rwanda (NIRDA), ku ruhererekane nyongeragaciro rw’ibikomoka ku biti bwerekanye ko abakoresha ikoranabuhanga rigezweho ari 1%, bikadindiza iterambere ry’urwo rwego. Read More
This innovation seeks to increase ‘clean cooking’ in Africa (CNBC Africa - Wednesday, 24 July 2019) -- Did you know that each year millions of deaths are caused by indoor pollution from cooking with harmful and inefficient fuels like wood, charcoal and kerosene? And here in Sub-Saharan Africa an estimated 86 per cent of the population lives without clean fuels and technologies for cooking. Now a new initiative has been launched by BBOXX here in Rwanda to tackle this. Justus Mucyo, Managing Director at BBOXX Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more. Watch Here 
Five Places To Spend Your Honeymoon In Rwanda (KT Press - Monday, 22 July 2019) -- On Sunday, the First Daughter Ange I. Kagame and her husband Bertrand Ndengeyingoma confirmed that they spent their honeymoon in Rwanda. Ange took to Twitter to thank One & Only Nyungwe House for an “unforgettable honeymoon experience”, adding that she hoped to come back again and again. She concluded her tweet with the hashtag #VisitRwandaRead More 
Sector Updates
Meteo Rwanda showcases weather and climate services at Expo 2019 (Meteo Rwanda - Tuesday, 30 July 2019) -- Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) is showcasing weather and climate services at the ongoing 22nd Rwanda International Trade Fair (RITF) that kicked off on Monday 22nd July 2019 at Gikondo Expo Grounds. Read More
Stakeholders Commend Progress for the Rehabilitation of Gishwati – Mukura Landscape (Rwanda Environment Management Authority - Monday, 29 July 2019) -- Stakeholders have commended the good progress for the rehabilitation of Gishwati – Mukura landscape – an area that was transformed into a national park since 2016 to increase its productivity and profitability while also improving the livelihoods of surrounding communitiesRead More
Capacity Building to Strengthen Sustainable Implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural Energy Access (Global Green Growth Institute - Thursday, 25 July 2019) -- The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in partnership with the Climate Change and International Cooperation Division (CCICD) of the Ministry of Economy, conducted a National Stakeholder Workshop on Capacity Building to Strengthen Sustainable Implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural Energy AccessRead More
Rwanda Green Fund opens SABE Summer School Exhibition on Green City Kigali (Rwanda Green Fund - Friday, 26 July 2019) - The Rwanda Green Fund, in collaboration with the University of Rwanda, has opened the final exhibition of the summer school at the School of Architecture and Built Environment in Kigali. The exhibition was a result of a three-week Summer School on sustainable urban development with the theme “Kigali as a Sustainable City”. The Green City Kigali project was used as a case study. Read More
Across Africa

Sweeping the Bush, protecting the land - The women quashing poaching (UN Environment - Thursday, 25 July 2019) -- The black mamba is the most venomous snake in sub-Saharan Africa. One bite can kill a person in just a few hours. It is also the namesake of the all-female anti-poaching unit that operates in the 56,000-acre private Balule Nature Reserve at Kruger National Park in South Africa. Read More

8 South African Organisations Combating Climate Change (The Daily Vox - Wednesday, 24 July 2019) -- By now, we’ve all (hopefully) accepted the scientifically established fact that human-caused climate change is real. In September last year, the world’s leading climate scientists issued a dire warning: what we’re doing currently isn’t enough for us to meet our target of 1.5C of warming. With this comes the growing emotional toll — even panic — about the impending consequences of climate change for the Earth and all that inhabits it. But there are ways to mitigate its impactRead More

Evermore countries are banning plastic bags (The Economist - Wednesday, 24 July 2019) -- ACCORDING TO THE United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), up to 5 trn plastic bags are consumed each year. Disposed of improperly, they can clog waterways, choke marine life and provide a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes. When dumped in landfills, they can take centuries to decompose. Read More

From Around the World 
EU moves to tackle deforestation caused by chocolate and other products (The Guardian - Thursday, 25 July 2019) -- The EU has taken a “pivotal step” towards addressing the deforestation caused by its consumption of soy, chocolate, meat and other products, environmental campaigners have saidRead More
Climate Change Expands the Terrorist Threat (Yale Global Online - Thursday, 25 July 2019) --Terrorist groups feign leadership on climate change, hijacking environmental narratives to challenge fragile governments in the Middle East and Africa. Read More
Make environmental damage a war crime, say scientists (The Guardian - Wednesday, 24 July 2019) -- International lawmakers should adopt a fifth Geneva convention that recognises damage to nature alongside other war crimes, according to an open letter by 24 prominent scientistsRead More