Green Rwanda Media Review - 29 June 2020

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world. 


  • Fair Planet reports that the world should emulate Rwanda and Ethiopia on green economy.
  • Trutnovinky reports that two of the five rhinos from Dvůr Králové live completely independently in Rwanda's Akagera National Park.
  • The East African reports about conservation in the East Africa budget narrative.
  • Rwanda National Police reports on 360 kgs of smuggled minerals intercepted in Nyaruguru.
  • The New Times reports that Rwanda might end the importation of seeds soon.
  • Read Akagera National Park's April-June Newsletter. 

Upcoming events

  • 29 June: Webinar - A New Development Reality: NDCs at the Heart of COVID-19 Responses - 8-10 AM EDT More here
  • 1 July: Webinar - Can the finance sector help save the planet? Organised by UNDP. Register here
  • 2 July: Webinar - Nature-Positive Recovery led by Planetary Emergency Partnership, the Club of Rome, and the World Economic Forum, Nature4Climate. Register here
  • 3 July: Webinar - Resilience in light of COVID-19: climate action on the road to COP26 by International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). More here
  • 11 July: World Population Day
  • 31 July: World Ranger Day



THE WORLD SHOULD EMULATE RWANDA AND ETHIOPIA ON GREEN ECONOMY (Fair Planet - Monday, 29 June 2020) -- As the world increasingly chokes under polluted environment and climate change takes a toll on humanity, governments’ commitment to fight pollutants and embrace climate-resilient green economy has been lack-lustred and snail paced. Read More

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Embarks On Saving The Mountain Gorillas (KT Press - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- American film actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Barry Jenkins have announced collaborating with Netflix on a movie version of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Virunga”. Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Cape Town, Rwanda, and Madagascar (CSQ - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- Colorful Cape Town continues to be a hub for art and design, while Rwanda and Madagascar—with an extraordinary volcano-backdropped, gorilla-focused lodge and heavenly, highly sustainable remote-island resort, respectively—are emerging onto the luxury travel scene, compelling visits before they get more widely discovered. Read More

Is Rwanda finally on course to end importation of seeds? (The New Times - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- After years of spending billions of francs on seed imports, Rwanda now seems to be edging closer towards self-reliance in seed production, according to the latest official data. Read More

Two rhinos from Dvůr Králové already live independently in Rwanda (Trutnovinky - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- Two of the five rare black rhinos, which were transported from the Dvůr Králové nad Labem ZOO to Central African Rwanda last June, already live completely independently in the local Akager reserve. Read More

Video: Conservation in Rwanda: Lessons and Challenges with Gaël Vande Weghe (Leadership for Conservation in Africa - Wednesday, 24 June 2020) -- Conservation in Rwanda: Gaël Vande Weghe discusses lessons learned and challenges faced. Watch Video

Nyaruguru: Over 360 kgs of smuggled minerals intercepted (The New Times - Wednesday, 24 June 2020) -- Police in Nyaruguru District, on Monday, June 22 intercepted at least 363kgs of smuggled and untagged minerals from two illegal dealers. Read More

National Budget 2020/21: Where Will Rwanda Spend The Money? (KT Press - Tuesday, 23 June 2020) -- The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr Uzziel Ndagijimana presented the budget for the fiscal year 2020/21 on Tuesday, revealing that the government will spend Rwf3,245.7 billion -an increase of Rwf228.6 billion compared to Rwf3,017.1 billion which the government spent in the 2019/20 revised budget. Read More

Where is conservation in the East Africa budget narrative? (The East African - Monday, 22 June 2020) -- Governments are battling with the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19 and near economic collapse especially in developing countries. Read More

Rwanda unveils new climate change mitigation master plan (Green Building Africa - Monday, 22 June 2020) -- Rwanda recently unveiled its new national climate programme. The Rwandan National Determined Contributions (NDC), comprises ten major climate projects with a total value of 2.4 billion USD in sectors such as energy, agriculture, meteorology, health and water. Read More

To Restore Forests, First Start With a Seed (Inter Press Service - Saturday, 20 June 2020) -- In 2011, when Rwanda committed to restoring 2 million hectares of land in a global effort to restore 150 million hectares of degraded and deforested areas by 2020 — it seemed like a big ask. Read More

Inyamaswa ziramutse zivuga zatubwira byinshi zitugaya - Dr Mujawamariya (Kigali Today - Friday, 19 June 2020) -- Minisitiri w’Ibidukikije, Dr Mujawamariya Jeanne d’Arc, asaba Abaturarwanda kurekera buri kinyabuzima cyose ubuturo bwacyo, mu rwego rwo kwirinda ibyorezo n’ibiza birimo kwibasira isi n’u Rwanda by’umwihariko. Read More

Briefing Note: Household air pollution in charcoal fuel households in Kigali, Rwanda (Asap East Africa - June 2020) -- Exposure to household air pollution associated with solid biomass cooking fuels is known to be harmful to human health from conception to old age. Read More


Sector Updates

Akagera News - April-June 2020 (Akagera National Park - Friday, 26 June 2020) -- Welcome to the second newsletter of the year; looking back at our newsletter from March a lot has happened, globally the world is a different place, but at the same time little has changed in the park itself! Read More

Nyaruguru: Over 360 kgs of smuggled minerals intercepted (Rwanda National Police - Tuesday, 23 June 2020) -- Police in Nyaruguru District, on Monday, intercepted at least 363kgs of smuggled and untagged minerals from two illegal dealers. Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Sylvestre Twajamahoro, the Police spokesperson for the Southern region, identified the smugglers as Innocent Celestin Bizimana, 32, and Venuste Bagayuwitunze, 64. Read More

Employment Assessment of Renewable Energy: Power sector pathways compatible with NDCs and national energy plans (Global Green Growth Institute - June 2020) -- This technical report is the first GGGI study that focuses on the nexus of sustainable energy and green jobs. Based on research conducted in three GGGI member countries – Mexico, Indonesia, and Rwanda, the study assessed the job creation potential of renewable energy technologies under various power sector pathways based on National Energy Plans and countries’ NDCs. Read More


Across Africa

Discover a sustainable low carbon future (Africa Mining Market - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- The Covid-19 pandemic has taken us back to a time where the world didn't have poor air quality and greenhouse gases. Read More

AFRICA: Global consultation for the “New Big 5” of land animals (Afrik21 - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- The "Big 5", the African concept of presenting the continent's five most difficult animals to hunt, has been reformed into the "New Big 5". Read More

Treat climate crisis with same urgency as COVID-19 pandemic; new Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) paper (Africa News - Wednesday, 24 June 2020) -- A post coronavirus recovery in Africa should address the fundamental causes of vulnerabilities and go beyond fiscal and monetary adjustments whose sole aim is to ensure the survival and perpetuation of the current system of production, consumption and distribution which is responsible for the climate crisis, according to a new discussion paper published by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). Read More

The big chill: How Africa is moving to battle 'zombie' appliances (Reuters - Wednesday, 24 June 2020) -- On Nigeria’s bustling streets, stalls selling stacks of well-worn, energy-sucking refrigerators and air conditioners are known as “tokunbo”, a Yoruba word that means “from abroad”. Read More


From Around the World

UK risks missing UN climate deadline, in headache for hosts of key summit (Climate Home News - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- The UK host of the next critical UN climate summit may struggle to meet a UN deadline to submit a tougher climate plan. Read More

A ‘mass experiment’ for the climate (BBC - Thursday, 25 June 2020) -- Has the pandemic helped individuals and leaders get any closer to tackling the environmental crisis? Read More

Six Ways Nature Can Protect Us from Climate Change (UN Environment Programme - Wednesday, 24 June 2020) -- This month, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released a brand-new animation to explain the increasingly popular concept of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA). Read More

Here's why e-mobility must be at the heart of the green recovery (World Economic Forum - Wednesday, 24 June 2020) -- Electric mobility could help curb emissions and create much-needed economic growth. Ambitious policies and economic stimuli are needed now to make this a reality. Read More