Green Rwanda Media Review - 29 September 2017

  • Rwanda Green Fund shares that waste management experts and engineers from across Africa have visited Rwanda's e-waste recycling facility to learn from the fund's investment
  • ESI Africa reports that methane gas will increase Rwanda's power capacity in 2018
  • The New Times writes that 2,000 businesses in wetlands have been requested to move
  • National Geographic publishes a story about the benefits of the Montreal Protocol and Kigali Amendment
  • IISD reports that UN agencies are supporting cooperation on the sharing of groundwater resources in Northern Africa
  • View photos of African waste management experts visiting the e-waste recycling facility in Bugesera District
​​​​Forty vulnerable households resettled in modern housing ​​(The New Times - Friday 29 September 2017) -- Up to 40 vulnerable families relocated from high risk zones have been resettled in a newly inaugurated model settlement in Masaka, Kicukiro District. Read more
​​​Engineers to increase locally-made construction materials from waste ​​(The New Times - Friday 29 September 2017) -- Local engineers have announced plans to come up with new technologies that will help to turn wastes into construction materials not only to ensure a pollution-free environment but also reduce importation. Read more​
​​Experts seek action on industrial, electronic waste in Africa ​​(Coastweek - Friday 29 September 2017) -- Environmental experts on Wednesday expressed concern over the rate at which the electronic and industrial wastes have been dumped in open places in most African cities. Read ​m​ore​
​​Umushinga EarthEnable wo mu Rwanda wegukanye 500 000 € mu irushanwa mpuzamahanga (Igihe - Thursday 28 September 2017) -- Kuwa 14 Nzeri 2017 nibwo hasojwe irushanwa ryiswe Postcode Lottery Green Challenge i Amsterdam mu Buholandi, ubwo umushinga EarthEnable wa Gayatri Datar wanyuze abakemurampaka kurusha indi. Read More​
​African Development Bank supports sustainable tourism development in Africa ​​(eTurbo News - Thursday 28 September 2017) -- To mark World Tourism Day on September 27, 2017, the African Development Bank has called for collaborative actions from all stakeholders for sustainable tourism development in Africa. The Bank recognizes that Africa’s tourism and travel industry can serve as an engine of progress for socioeconomic transformation.​​ Read more​
Rwanda begins campaign to reduce use of firewood (Xinhua - Wednesday 27 September 2017) -- Rwanda has begun a campaign to reduce the use of firewood for cooking while promoting other technologies such as gas and energy saving stoves to limit deforestation. Read more
VW welcomes baby gorilla to the family (News24 - Wednesday 27 September 2017) -- A Mountain Gorilla is not what you would traditionally associate with Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) but when the Rwanda Development Board selected VWSA as a name giver for one of their newborn gorillas, VWSA gladly accepted. Read more
SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation (The New Times - Wednesday 27 September 2017) -- SDG 6 is about clean water and good hygiene for everyone in the world. Every family needs clean water to drink, and also for cooking and washing. Dirty water also makes people sick. To accomplish this goal, we need to make sure everyone has clean and safe water. See More
US firm sells stock to fund Rwanda power projects (The East African - Wednesday 27 September 2017) -- American Power Generation firm Symbion Energy has sold part of its stock in Rwanda to Highland Group Holdings Ltd (HGHL). Read more
Sustainable tourism devt initiatives will make Rwanda more competitive (The New Times - Thursday 28 September 2017) -- Rwanda has been lauded for its efforts toward sustainable tourism development by promoting eco-villages and sustainable real estate construction, sustainable home-stays and wildlife viewing in its national parks, as well as the sustainable transportation facilities. Read more
Most maize crop saved from armyworm pest (The East African - Tuesday 26 September 2017) -- Rwanda saved 95 per cent of its maize crop from the armyworm invasion that ravaged large tracts of southern and eastern Africa earlier this year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, during a briefing to the parliamentary oversight committee on Agriculture and livestock two weeks ago. Read more
Methane gas plant to boost Rwanda’s capacity by 2018 (ESI Africa - Tuesday 26 September 2017) -- An independent power developer, Symbion Energy, has signed a $100 million investment deal with Highland Group Holdings (HGHL) for the development of a 106MW methane gas power plant in Rwanda’s Lake Kivu. Read more
2000 facilities in city wetlands given three months to relocate (The New Times - Tuesday 26 September 2017) -- Up to 2078 facilities in city wetlands have been given three months ultimatum to vacate. Read more
Amashyamba y’abigenga ni yo menshi ariko afashwe nabi - Ngabonziza Prime (Kigali Today - Tuesday 26 September 2017) -- Umuyobozi w’Ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe amazi n’amashyamba (RWFA), Ngabonziza Prime, avuga ko amashyamba y’abaturage n’ay’ibigo byigenda ari yo menshi ariko afashwe nabi. Read More
Without the Ozone Treaty You’d Get Sunburned in 5 Minutes (National Geographic - Monday 25 September 2017) -- Thirty years ago this month the U.S. and other industrialized countries signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Read more
African engineers to discuss effective waste management (Xinhua - Sunday 24 September 2017) -- African engineers are expected to discuss waste management in Kigali, capital city of Rwanda. Read more
Kenyan and Rwandan secure funding to boost urban sanitation (Xinhua  - Saturday 23 September 2017) -- Two social enterprises in Kenya and Rwanda have secured new funding to improve access to affordable sanitation services to low-income urban dwellers. Read more
Disappearing traditional crops pose threat to food security, experts warn (The New Times - Sunday 24 September 2017) -- Agriculture experts have warned that agriculture mechanisation, expansion of large-scale agriculture and new technologies have led to disappearance of local crop varieties as farmers look for more commercial varieties that grow faster and produce more yields. Read more
MIDIMAR introduces use of cooking gas in refugee camps (The New Times - Saturday 23 September 2017) -- The introduction of use of cooking gas in refugee camps is expected to reduce the rate of deforestation, extreme use of firewood and environmental damage, an official has said. Read more
First wild rhino born in Rwanda in over a decade (The New Times - Friday 22 September 2017) -- The first wild rhino calf to be born in Rwanda in over a decade has been confirmed by authorities at Akagera National Park, four months after 18 eastern black rhinoceroses were reintroduced into the park from South Africa. Read more
Health ministry launches $5m spraying drive ahead of malaria peak season (The New Times - Friday 22 September 2017) -- The ministry of Health has launched a $5,098,326 indoor residual spraying (IRS) campaign in Kirehe and Nyagatare, some of the malaria high risk districts in the country. Read more
Le Rwanda lance une nouvelle stratégie agro-forestière (Africa Time - Friday 22 September 2017) -- Une nouvelle stratégie nationale de dix ans pour promouvoir l'agroforesterie a été dévoilée mercredi dans la capitale du Rwanda, Kigali. La stratégie vise à soutenir les efforts du pays d'Afrique de l'Est pour faire face à la restauration forestière de 2 millions d'hectares d'ici 2020. Read More
Across Africa
UN Agencies, Partners Support Water Cooperation in Africa (IISD - Thursday 28 September 2017) -- When water becomes scarce in Sudan, pastoralists migrate along traditionally recognized routes to access water for their livestock, but increased water stress and competition with agriculture threatens longstanding cooperation arrangements. Read more
UN to assist African county gov'ts in rolling out climate change funds (Xinhua - Thursday 28 September 2017) -- The UN will assist county governments across Africa in setting up climate change funds in order to build the region's climate change resilience, an official said on Wednesday. Read More
As China has boosted renewable energy it’s moved dirty coal production to Africa (Quartz - Tuesday 26 September 2017) -- China is transforming its sources of energy domestically in a bid to reverse decades of environmental pollution. But the switch to renewable energy has brought about a conundrum: what to do with the jobs and industries that have no future in this new system? Read more​​
From Around the World
Alarm as study reveals world’s tropical forests are huge carbon emission source (The Guardian - Thursday 28 September 2017) -- The world’s tropical forests are so degraded they have become a source rather than a sink of carbon emissions, according to a new study that highlights the urgent need to protect and restore the Amazon and similar regions. Read more
Brazil Declares It Won't Abolish Massive Reserve In The Amazon, After All (NPR - Tuesday 29 September 2017) -- Roughly a month after the Brazilian government said it would open a wide swath of Amazon rain forest to mining interests, it has backpedaled on that controversial decision.​ Read more
Sadiq Khan triggers alert for high air pollution in London (The Guardian - Wednesday 27 September 2017) -- The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has triggered the capital’s emergency air quality alert as polluted air from the continent combines with toxic air in London to create dangerous levels of pollution. Read More
Environment Sector Updates
​​Experts from across Africa learn from Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Investment ​​(Rwanda Green Fund - ​Friday ​29 September 2017) -- As part of the 2017 UNESCO Africa Engineering Week, 25 waste management experts have toured Rwanda’s national e-waste recycling facility in Bugesera District. The project, led by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, was financed by the Rwanda Green Fund through a grant of approximately one million dollars. Read ​m​ore
Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Recycling Investment Profiled at Green Drinks Kigali (Rwanda Green Fund - Wednesday 27 September 2017) -- The Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Recycling investment has been presented at the monthly Green Drinks Kigali event. Hosted at Kigali Impact Hub, the event shared with participants how Rwanda is keeping pace with the growth in the use of electronic devices and their disposal — waste commonly known as e-waste. Read more
Photos: Green Drinks Kigali: Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Investment (Green Fund Flickr page - 26 September 2017) -- The Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Recycling investment has been presented at the monthly Green Drinks Kigali event held at the Impact Hub. At the event, Project Manager Olivier Mbera shared the outcomes of the project and encouraged guests to visit the e-waste facility in Bugesera. View Photos
Photos: African Waste Management Experts Visit Rwanda E-Waste Recycling Facility - Rwanda Green Fund Investment (Green Fund Flickr page - Thursday 28 September 2017) -- As part of the UNESCO African Engineering Week Waste Management Conference held in Kigali, experts from across the continent visited the Rwanda E-Waste Recycling Facility, a Rwanda Green Fund investment, to learn how the second largest such facility in Africa operates. View Photos