Green Rwanda Media Review - 3 December 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • The New Times reports that banning of single-use plastics will contribute to environment protection.
  • Forbes reports on seven incredible things to do in Rwanda.
  • The New Times reports that the Green City Kigali project will create 16,000 jobs.
  • Rwanda TV reports about grey crown crane conservation.
  • The New Times reports on how religious groups were urged to join the climate change battle.
  • Sustainability Times reports on electric vehicles as a solution to Rwanda's emissions.
  • View photos of the GCF Green Gicumbi Project Inception Report Workshop and the Green City Kigali Umuganda - both hosted by the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA)


Upcoming Events

  • 2-13 December: UN Climate Change Conference, Madrid, Spain
  • 3 December: Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) Conference hosted by the World Bank, Serena Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda
  • 3 December: Stakeholders Consultations for On-Bill Financing hosted by Rwanda Cooling Initiative & UN environment,Ubumwe Grande Hotel, Kigali
  • 4-6 December: 1st Annual Rwandan Veterinary Scientific Conference, Centre Christus Kigali - hosted by the Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors
  • 5 December: Technical Consultative Workshop by Meteo Rwanda at World Bank Offices, Kigali, Rwanda
  • 10-13 December: Capacity Building training on groundwater, biodiversity assessment and mapping - hosted by UNESCO Nairobi and Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO, Huye, Rwanda
  • 12 December: Conference on the achievements in Climate Services for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in Rwanda hosted by Meteo Rwanda , Radisson Blu Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda
  • 12-13 December: The Cross sectoral Task Force (CSTF) meeting on Forest Landscape Restoration and Sustainable Food and Agriculture,Rubavu, Rwanda
  • Ongoing/Upcoming: Land Week in Rulindo, Nyamagabe and Rubavu districts - hosted by RLMUA


How banning of single-use plastics will contribute to environment protection for Rwanda’s green development (The New Times - Tuesday, 3 December 2019) -- Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), the affiliated agency of the ministry of environment, has urged people to stop using single use plastic items so as to avoid harmful effects it poses on environment and human health. Read More

Rwanda green fund creates over 138,000 green jobs (The New Times - Tuesday, 3 December 2019) -- Over 138,000 green jobs have so far been created by Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA), the national fund for protecting the environment since its inception in 2013, Business Times has learnt. Read More

Genetically modified foods unnecessary for now, former Ethiopian Premier (The New Times - Monday, 2 December 2019) -- As African countries seek solutions to feed their growing populations at a time characterized by unreliable weather patterns and climate change, there is debate as to whether genetically modified foods (GMO) are the solution. Read More

Without commitment, the Paris Agreement remains in jeopardy (The New Times - Monday, 2 December 2019) -- A new UN report on the global commitment to limit the climate crisis shows that countries are not doing enough to keep Earth’s temperature from rising to near catastrophic levels. Read More

Mujawamariya warns against cutting forests for charcoal (The New Times - Sunday, 1 December 2019) -- Minister of Environment, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, has urged people who cut forests for charcoal burning purposes to stop it, describing it as burning the 'country’s lungs'. Read More. Also published in Igihe and All Africa

Green city project to offer free houses to destitute residents (The New Times - Sunday, 1 December 2019) -- At least 10 per cent of housing units to be constructed in a model green city in Kinyinya sector of Gasabo district will be offered to destitute residents from 1st and 2nd Ubudehe categories, according to Rwanda Green Fund. Read More

Uganda and Rwanda lead East Africa in switch to electric cars (GGTN Africa - Saturday, 30 November 2019) -- Uganda and Rwanda are racing ahead of their East African neighbours in the global switch to electric motoring, even as infrastructure shortcomings limit investments in the emerging sector. Read More

Uburyo amazi y’isayo ava muri Nyabarongo ahindurwa urubogobogo agakoreshwa (Igihe - Friday, 29 November 2019) -- Abantu benshi tubona amazi dukoresha mu ngo, mu nganda n’ahandi yamaze gutunganywa, ntitujya dutekereza inzira binyuramo kugira ngo atunganywe, ayari isayo ahinduke urubogobogo umuntu anywa atabanje gukoresha ubundi buryo bwo kuyasukura. Read More

Green city project to create 16,000 jobs (The New Times - Thursday, 28 November 2019) -- A special Umuganda community work with Green City Kigali project is slated for Saturday in Kinyinya sector where the model green city will be set up. The project is expected to create approximately 16,000 jobs when fully developed, Rwanda Green Fund has revealed. Read More also reported by Top News Africa.

Rwanda looks to ‘leapfrog’ past fossil fuels with EVs (Sustainability Times - Thursday, 28 November 2019) -- The African continent has the potential to leapfrog past many of the imperfect technologies that contributed to the fossil-fuel driven climate crisis, instead adopting renewable energy to deliver much-needed power and engaging in mobile-driven finance. Read More

EDITORIAL: The green dream finally coming into reality (The New Times - Thursday, 28 November 2019) -- During every monthly community work, Umuganda, somehow preserving and protecting the environment is part of the plot. This week will be no different; in fact, it will go a notch higher; it will go green. Read More

7 Incredible Things To Do In Rwanda (Besides Gorilla Trekking) (Forbes - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- If you’re planning to visit Rwanda, you’re probably going for one reason: gorilla trekking. The chance to spend a life-changing hour among the gentle giants, with whom humans share 98% of the same DNA, tops nearly every wildlife lover’s bucket list. And Rwanda is arguably the best place in the world to go gorilla trekking. Over the last two decades, the country has implemented strong conservation practices to help the gorillas (and the humans who live near them) thrive. Read More

Religious groups urged to join climate change battle (The New Times - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has called upon faith-based organisations to incorporate mainstream environment protection and fight against climate change into their planning. Read More also reported in Umuseke and Top News Africa

Ni iyihe mpamvu bibujijwe gutunga imisambi mu ngo?|| Sobanukirwa impamvu yabyo|| (Rwanda TV - Tuesday, 26 November 2019) -- Watch Video

Faith, Environment and Climate Change in Rwanda (Top Africa News Web - Tuesday, 26 November 2019) -- Watch Video


Sector Updates

Photos: Green City Kigali Umuganda - 30 November 2019 (Rwanda Green Fund Flickr - Saturday, 30 November 2019) -- The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and the Green City Kigali project team have hosted a joint Community Work (Umuganda) in Murama Cell, Ngaruyinka Village, Kinyinya Sector to present the Green City Kigali project to communities living in Kinyinya, local authorities, partners and friends. View Photos

Photos: GCF Green Gicumbi Project Inception Report Workshop (Rwanda Green Fund Flickr - Tuesday, 26 November 2019) -- The Rwanda Green Fund has hosted a stakeholder engagement workshop to gather inputs on the draft inception report for the recently launched GCF Green Gicumbi project. View Photos

Remarks by CEO Ruzibiza at GCF Green Gicumbi Project Inception Report Workshop (Rwanda Green Fund - Tuesday, 26 November 2019) -- Good morning! It is a pleasure to welcome you to this consultative workshop on the inception report for the Green Gicumbi project. Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to be with us today. The Green Gicumbi project aims to strengthen the climate resilience of vulnerable communities and represents an important milestone in Rwanda’s green growth and sustainable development journey. Read More


Across Africa

Making Millions from Plastic Recycling Project (This Day - Thursday, 28 November 2019) -- The failure of seasonal rains earlier this year in Somalia threatened more than two million people with hunger as their crops shrivelled in the fields and livestock died from the lack of water and pasture. Read More

Shrinking lake in Mali spells end of line for family of fishermen (Reuters - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- Modeste Traore has lived his whole life by Lake Wegnia, in Mali’s Sahel region, and its fish have provided him with a livelihood that supports his extended family of 14 children. Read More

Nigerian river snails carry more microplastics than Rhine snails (The Conversation - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- Plastic pollution is a serious environmental menace. A recent United Nations Environment Programme report indicates that there could be more individual plastic items than fish in the oceans by 2050. Read More

Rainstorm renders hundreds of residents homeless in Somanya (Ghanaian Times - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- A storm with heavy rain hit Somanya in the Eastern Region on Monday, leaving in its trail damaged properties and rendered hundreds of residents homeless. Read More

Saving River Congo from drying up (The East African - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- A team of researchers from Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo studying environmental hazards around the Congo River for five years, found cases of encroachment of the ecosystem that could lead to its death. Read More


From Around the World

IKEA to invest 200 million euros in race to turn 'climate positive' (Reuters - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture group, said on Wednesday it would spend around 100 million euros ($110 million) to support direct suppliers as they switch over to renewable energy use. Read More

Climate Change: Are we passing some key 'tipping points'? (BBC - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- Their commentary in the journal Nature says there’s growing evidence that irreversible climatic changes could be triggered within a few decades. Read More

We can mitigate adverse effects of climate change on environment (Daily Nation - Wednesday, 27 November 2019) -- These cataclysmic weather exhibitions are trailed by melting of ice and snow, heavy river discharge, enlarged gobs of hailstones that take days to melt, lightning and thunder, poor visibility, disproportionate rain, discomforting gales, catastrophic heatwaves, freezing temperatures and poor visibility. Read More

Future forests facing climate balancing act (BBC - Tuesday, 26 November 2019) -- Higher levels of atmospheric CO2 allow trees to consume relatively less water and photosynthesise more, whereas increased temperatures result in trees consuming more water and photosynthesising less. Read More

Step up climate action or face catastrophe, says UN report (Daily Maverick - Tuesday, 26 November 2019) -- Geneva, Switzerland - The world's countries have to cut their greenhouse gas emissions well beyond current pledges to make up for lost time - or face catastrophic climate changes, says a UN report released on Tuesday. Read More

Cut global emissions by 7.6 percent every year for next decade to meet 1.5°C Paris target - UN report (UN Environment - Tuesday, 26 November 2019) -- On the eve of a year in which nations are due to strengthen their Paris climate pledges, a new UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report warns that unless global greenhouse gas emissions fall by 7.6 per cent each year between 2020 and 2030, the world will miss the opportunity to get on track towards the 1.5°C temperature goal of the Paris Agreement. Read More