Green Rwanda Media Review - 3 February 2020

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • Igihe reports that Rwanda Energy Group encouraged communities living far from the grid to use solar energy.
  • Imvaho Nshya reports that heavy rain is caused by winds from DRC and heat from the Indian ocean.
  • The New Times reports that Minister Mujawamariya has warned wetland encroachers.
  • Read remarks by Minister Mujawamariya at the Green Investment Bank Breakfast Meeting.
  • View photos on how heavy rain affected the City of Kigali.

Upcoming Events

  • 3-7 February 2020: 7th Meeting of the Sectoral Council on Environment and Natural Resources, Dodoma, Tanzania - hosted by the EAC
  • 6-7 February: International Conference on Environmental Protection and Ecology, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 10-11 February: International Conference on Waste Management, Recycling and Environment, Barcelona, Spain
  • 8-14 February: World Urban Forum, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Rwanda Green Fund & Green City Kigali will be represented)
  • 15-22 February: Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, Gandhinagar, India
  • 20-21 February: International Conference on Solid Waste, Paris, France
  • 23-28 February: World Biodiversity Forum Davos, Graubunden, Switzerland
  • 24-28 February: 52nd Session of the IPCC, Paris, Ile-De-France, France
  • 27-28 February: International Conference on Climatology and Meteorology, Sydney, Australia
  • 20-24 April: Africa Climate Week, Kampala Uganda


Will the irregular rain patterns have an impact on food security? (The New Times - Monday, 3 February 2020) -- There is little chance of food security challenges, the hike of food prices, despite the unusual rain patterns, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Uzziel Ndagijimana has said. Read More

Kigali Green City Project receives Rwf 10B investment (The New Times - Saturday, 1 February 2020) -- The Kigali Green City project has received its first capital injection from the German Government through KFW Development Bank worth €10 million (Approximately Rwf 10 billion). Read More. Also published in KT Press and Taarifa.

FAO Supports Flood Victims In Rwanda (Taarifa - Saturday, 1 February 2020) -- Farmers who were severely affected by floods in Kirehe District that destroyed crops in 2019 will begin receiving support from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the government. Read More

Rwanda considers setting up green investment bank to address financing gap (Xinhau - Friday, 31 January 2020) -- Rwanda is considering setting up a green investment bank to bridge the financing gap so as to meet the country's climate adaptation and mitigation needs, an official said here Thursday. Read More

Imvura idasanzwe iraterwa n’imiyaga iva DRC n’ubushyuhe buva mu Nyanja y’Abahinde (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- Imvura idasanzwe irimo kugwa muri iyi minsi y’impera z’ukwezi kwa Mutarama. Ikigo k’Igihugu gishinzwe ubumenyi bw’Ikirere, Meteo Rwanda, kiratangaza ko igitera iyi mvura kugwa bidasanzwe ari uruhurirane rw’imiyaga harimo ituruka mu Gihugu cya Repubulika Iharanira Demokarasi ya Kongo (DRC) ndetse n’ubushyuhe buva mu Nyanja y’Abahinde. Read More

The land of a thousand hills: Rwanda's reputation for being one of the cleanest and safest countries in Africa is well-earned (National Post - Wednesday, 29 January 2020) -- Rwanda's southwestern corner is stunningly beautiful, with lush, green rolling hills covered in tea plantations and Nyungwe Forest, one of the continent's biggest mountain rainforests. Read More

Minister Mujawamariya sends warning to wetland encroachers (The New Times - Wednesday, 29 January 2020) -- The Minister for Environment, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, has warned people and institutions against dumping soil and garbage in vacated wetlands. Read More

Rwanda Okays nuclear power deal with Russia (Journal du Cameroun - Wednesday, 29 January 2020) -- Rwanda’s cabinet chaired by President Paul Kagame has endorsed a draft law providing guidelines on an agreement signed recently with Russia to advance the use of nuclear energy for “peaceful purposes,”, an official source revealed in Kigali on Wednesday.The nuclear agreement between Kigali and Moscow lays ground for the establishment of the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) with the latest technology of a 10 MW pool- type reactor in Rwanda. Read More

REG yakanguriye abatuye kure y’imiyoboro y’amashanyarazi gukoresha imirasire y’izuba (Igihe - Wednesday, 29 January 2020) -- Sosiyete y’u Rwanda Ishinzwe Ingufu (REG) ikomeje gukangurira abatuye kure y’imiyoboro y’amashanyarazi gukoresha amashanyarazi akomoka ku mirasire y’izuba. Read More

Swamps are to Rwanda what kidneys are to humans - Minister (The New Times - Tuesday, 28 January 2020) -- The Minister of Environment, Jeanne D’Arc Mujawamariya, has warned people and institutions against dumping soil and garbage in vacated wetlands. She sounded the warning Monday while visiting the former industrial zone in Gikondo which is being vacated for environmental reasons where she found a Chinese construction company had been dumping soil. Read More

Imvura idasanzwe yirije umunsi yahinduye isura ya Kigali (Amafoto) (Igihe - Tuesday, 28 January 2020) -- Umunsi wa 28 Mutarama 2020, ni umwe mu minsi yije nta zuba rivuye mu Mujyi wa Kigali no mu bindi bice bitandukanye by’igihugu, kuko igihu kivanze n’imvura cyiriwe kibuditse. View Photos. Also Published in KT Press


Sector Updates

Photos: World Wetlands Day 2020 (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Friday, 31 January 2020) -- Rwanda has celebrated World Wetlands Day under the theme "Wetlands and Biodiversity." The day celebrates Rwanda's rich natural heritage which includes a vast network of wetlands spanning the entire country. View Photos

Photos: Celebration of World Wetlands Day 2020|31 Jan. 2020 (Rwanda Environment Management Authority Flickr - Friday, 31 January 2020) -- View Photos

Green Growth Potential Assessment – Methodology Report (GGGI - Friday, 31 January 2020) -- GGGI published a report explaining the revised methodology behind the organization’s country assessments—the so-called Green Growth Potential Assessments (GGPA). The GGPA is a diagnostic tool, consisting of a combination of data analysis and stakeholder consultation in order to identify and prioritize a country’s opportunities for green growth. Read More

Photos: Breakfast Meeting on Development of Green Investment Bank (Rwanda Green Fund Flickr - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- The Ministry of Environment has hosted a breakfast meeting with Minister Mujawamariya and Minister Kamayirese to discuss developing a green investment bank for Rwanda. The meeting was hosted with the Rwanda Green Fund, UNDP Rwanda and the Coalition for Green Capital to boost climate finance in Rwanda. View Photos

Remarks by Minister Mujawamariya at Green Investment Bank Breakfast Meeting (FONERWA - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- Good morning. Mwaramutse! It is a pleasure to welcome you to discuss developing a green investment bank for Rwanda. Thank you for taking time to join us and share your valuable experience and insights. Read More

Minister Mujawamariya meets with USA Ambassador to Rwanda Peter Vrooman (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- Rwanda's Minister of Environment, Jeanne d'Arc Mujawamariya met with the USA Ambassador to Rwanda, Peter Vrooman to discuss cooperation between the two countries. The meeting covered a range of topics including water management, meteorology, climate change, air quality and clean cooking. View Photos

Minister Mujawamariya meets German Ambassador to Rwanda Dr. Thomas Kurz (Ministry of Environment Flickr - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- Minister Mujawamariya met with German Ambassador to Rwanda, Dr. Thomas Kurz, to discuss the strong partnership on climate action, the Green City Kigali and the country's leadership on beating plastic pollution.The Minister thanked Ambassador Kurz for the ongoing partnership with Germany and CEO of the Rwanda Green Fund Hubert Ruzibiza provided a detailed update on the status of the Green City Kigali which is being developed in partnership with KfW. View Photos

Burera: Residents tasked to tackle gully erosion as Volcanoes Region’s Floods Management project launched (Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority - Monday, 27 January 2020) -- Kagarama residents have been tasked to tackle gully erosions by protecting activities in repaired gullies as their headward erosions cause severe damages including agricultural lands and soil loss. Read More


Across Africa

Environmental trends: what the future holds in store (Mining Review - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- Mining companies in Africa can look forward to an increased focus on issues of social impact in environmental regulations in 2020 – and also more assertive enforcement by regulators and authorities. Read More

AIMS Ghana holds lecture to increase awareness on climate change (News Ghana - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- The Women In Science (WIS) Directorate of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Ghana, has started the maiden edition of its lecture series dubbed; “AIMSWIS Climate Science Speaker Series”. Read More

As threats rise, African scientists delve into climate change health impacts (Reuters - Wednesday, 29 January 2020) -- BANJUL (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Infectious diseases are on the rise, food harvests are falling and people are dying from heat waves, but many of the health impacts of climate change remain little investigated - especially in Africa. Read More

South Africa: wild animals at risk of 'genetic pollution' (The Guardian - Wednesday, 29 January 2020) -- Lions, rhinos and cheetahs are among the wild species at risk of irreversible “genetic pollution” from breeding experiments, scientists have warned. Read More


From Around the World

Bill proposes ban on plastic waste exports (BBC - Thursday, 30 January 2020) -- Exporting polluting plastic waste to developing countries will be banned or restricted under a new law. The rule presented to the UK Parliament is aimed at protecting poorer nations against becoming the dumping ground for unwanted rubbish. Read More

Trust our expertise or face catastrophe, Amazon peoples warn on environment (The Guardian - Tuesday, 28 January 2020) -- Ecosystems will continue to collapse around the world unless humanity listens to the expertise of indigenous communities on how to live alongside nature, a prominent Amazon leader has warned. Read More

What Was Said at Davos on Climate Change (The New York Times - Monday, 27 January 2020) -- Global leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland agree that a rapid response is needed to stave off disaster. Read More