Green Rwanda Media Review - 3 November 2017​​

The annual UN Climate Conference (known this year as COP23) begins on Monday in Bonn, Germany. Rwanda will be represented by a delegation and will join with other nations to call for robust and ambitious negotiations to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement. Follow @EnvironmentRw and @GreenFundRw on Twitter for regular updates.


  • The Independent writes that President Kagame will receive the 2017 Visionary Leadership Award at the upcoming World Tourism Awards
  • The New Times publishes a story about how irrigation can foster food security in Rwanda and other African countries
  • Daily Nation reports that new opportunities have surfaced after the ban on the use of plastic bags in Kenya
  • News24 writes that Zuma has encouraged South Africans to do "extraordinary things" to fight climate change
  • The Conservation features an article on Australia being the 10th country to ratify the Kigali Amendment
  • Meteo Rwanda is undertaking a house-to-house survey to learn about the economic impacts of climate information



Agriculture experts seek to develop drought and disease-resistant crops (Xinhua - Friday 3 November 2017) -- Developing drought and disease-resistant crops is vital amid concerns of growing effects of climate change on food security on the African continent, agriculture experts said in Kigali on Monday. Read more

Green Drinks, uburyo bushya bwo kungurana ibitekerezo ku kubungabunga ibidukikije mu Rwanda (Igicumbi - Thursday 2 November 2017) --- Green Drinks ni igikorwa ngaruka kwezi gihuza abantu batandukanye bakaganira ku kubungabunda ibidukikije kandi banasangira icyo kunywa no kurya. Read more

Rwanda looks to have paperless administration (The New Times - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- Rwanda is targeting to have a paperless administration in the future and leveraging ICTs to record government communication documents and keep archives, the Minister for ICT has said. Read more

Bond With Nature This Weekend (KT Press - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- Starting this Weekend November 4th, Wilson Tours has you covered for all you need to take a canopy walk through Nyungwe Forest- a home to biodiversity with countless species. Read more

Kamonyi: Abaturage barishimira amazi meza bagejejweho nyuma y’imyaka 47 (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- Bamwe mu baturage baganiriye n’Imvaho Nshya, bayitangarije ko bamaze imyaka hafi 47 bavoma amazi mabi bakuraga mu mugezi wa Nyabarongo kubera kubura uko bagira nyuma akabagiraho ingaruka z’uburwayi. Read more

Harakorwa iki ngo isuku iri ku mihanda minini ya Kigali igerere no muri za ‘Karitsiye’? (Umuseke - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- Uretse ibice bituwemo n’abifite, mu bice birimo inzu ziciriritse bituwe n’abaturage benshi usanga isuku yaho cyane cyane ku mihanda y’imigenderano na za ruhurura ziyobora amazi. Read more

Rwf260 billion earmarked for research in agric transformation (The New Times - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- Agriculture performance and food security are expected to improve further, thanks to a new Rwf260 billion agriculture transformation scheme. Read more

Experts devise ways to develop drought, disease-resilient crops (The New Times - Wednesday 1 November 2017) -- As climate change and disease continue to affect crops worldwide and threaten food security, experts are meeting in Kigali at a crop development meeting proposing solutions to these threats through resilient varieties. Read more

Impinduka zahesheje u Rwanda kuba igihugu cya kabiri ku Isi mu koroshya kwandikisha umutungo (Igihe - Wednesday 1 November 2017) -- Raporo ya Banki y’Isi ya ‘Doing Business 2018’ yasotse ku wa 31 Ukwakira 2017 yemeje ko u Rwanda ari cyo gihugu cya kabiri ku Isi cyoroheje uburyo bwo kwandikisha umutungo nyuma ya Nouvelle-Zélande. Read more

Rwanda Lands $16M Tantalum Refinery Plant Deal (KT Press - Wednesday 1 November 2017) --- Rwanda will in the next 12 months start exporting refined tantalum products to the global market, following a deal to construct a $16 million manufacturing plant in the country. Read more

Uruganda rwa mbere muri Afurika rutunganya Coltan rugiye kubakwa mu Rwanda (Igihe - Wednesday 1 November 2017) -- Ishoramari ry’iyi sosiyete ringana na miliyoni 16 z’amadolari y’Abanyamerika, ni umusaruro w’ibiganiro ubuyobozi bwayo bwari bumaze igihe bugirana na leta y’u Rwanda. Read more

Ibikorwa by’ubuhinzi byagaruwe ku musozi wa Rubavu ngo byongereye ibiza (Umuseke - Wednesday 1 November 2017) --- Rubavu – Nyuma y’uko ubuyobozi buhaye abaturage uburenganzira bwo gukoresha ubu butaka bwo ku musozi wa Rubavu. Read more

Rwanda's Energy Strategy to Benefit from the Use of Robust Analytical Tools (IAEA - Tuesday 31 October 2017) -- Last month, a team of Rwandan energy experts participated in a three-week training course hosted by the IAEA that will help shape the future of their energy mix. Read more

Ibigo bikomeye byo muri Canada na Australia bishaka kuza gucukura Coltan y’u Rwanda (Igihe - Tuesday 31 October 2017) -- Coltan ivanwamo ibinyabutabire bihenze bya Niobium na Tantalum. Tantalum ikenewe cyane ku isi muri iki gihe kuko ikoreshwa mu gukora ibice cy’imashini zikomeye no mu bikoresho by’ikoranabuhanga nka telefoni zigendanwa, mudasobwa zigendanwa, ibikoresho byo mu modoka na Camera. Read more

World Cities Day 2017 (The New Times - Tuesday 31 October 2017) -- As the world marks World Cities Day today, The New Times’ Minnie Karanja spoke to Innocent Kabenga, Country Representative, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) – an institution which is supporting the government of Rwanda to develop the six secondary cities using green urbanization models. Read more

How irrigation can help nations achieve food security (The New Times - Tuesday 31 October 2017) -- About 90 per cent of agriculture in Nile Basin countries depends on rain, making it prone to drought, according to experts. Read more

Ngoma: Umushinga wa Masabo wo kubyaza inkari ifumbire watangiye gutanga umusaruro (Igihe - Tuesday 31 October 2017) -- Uyu musore w’imyaka 23 y’amavuko, akomoka mu Karere ka Ngoma.Yarangije muri Kaminuza y’u Rwanda mu ishami ryo kubungabunga ibidukikije. Read more

Kagame honoured for great tourism (The Independent - Monday 30 October 2017) -- Rwanda President Paul Kagame is to be honored with The World Tourism Award 2017 for Visionary Leadership. He will be awarded the honour on Nov. 06 on the opening day of World Travel Market London, at the Excel Center in London. Read more

Digging in the DRC (Biz Community - Monday 30 October 2017) -- If the DRC's political leadership had been more like Rwanda's, it might have managed its resources better. Instead, its government is in the process of revising the mining code again to extract more money from the few companies that operate there, instead of offering concessions to attract legitimate businesses that could help to stabilise the economy. Read more

MINAGRI ihangayikishijwe n’ubutaka bwo guhingaho bukomeje kubakwaho (Umuseke - Monday 30 October 2017) --- Minisiteri y’Ubuhinzi n’Ubworozi (MINAGRI) yagaragaje ko ihangayikishijwe n’ubutaka bugenewe ubuhinzi bukomeje kubakwa inzu, isaba ko iki kibazo gishakirwa umuti mu maguru mashya. Read more

Ban on polythene bags opens doors for new entrepreneurs (Daily Nation - Sunday 29 October 2017) -- The ban on plastic bags has bred a new crop of entrepreneurs around the country. Shoppers are slowly adjusting to life without the plastic bags with traders swapping plastics for cartons, paper bags and envelopes. Read more

Death toll rises to 4 in Tanzania heavy rains (Xinhua - Sunday 29 October 2017) -- Two more people were killed by heavy rains in Tanzanian commercial capital Dar es Salaam on Friday bringing to four the total number of killed people. Read more

Miners take risks with DRC operations (The National - Sunday 29 October 2017) -- Despite these deterrents, the DRC continues to attract mining companies because it is one of the last places on earth where large untapped reserves of cobalt, copper, gold and nickel are found. Read more

Border communities reap from Rusumo hydro power project (The New Times - Sunday 29 October 2017) -- Border communities in Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi are reaping from the 80 MW US$340 million Rusumo Falls Hydro-Electric Project financed by the World Bank whose construction commenced early this year. Read more

Rwandans Plant Trees Across The Country During Umuganda (KT Press - Saturday 28 October 2017) -- A wet and cold morning did not prevent Rwandans across the country to leave their beds Saturdayand go for community work – Umuganda closing the month of October 2017. Read more


Across Africa

How River Nile is powering 10 nations (New Vision - Friday 3 November 2017) -- The long dry spells that hit parts of Uganda between November 2016 and April 2017 left River Nyagaki, the source of water for the 3.5MW hydropower plant, virtually dry. Read more

We must do extraordinary things – Zuma on climate change (News24 - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- President Jacob Zuma has called on South Africans to do "extraordinary things" to address climate change. Read more


From Around the World

Explainer: hydrofluorocarbons saved the ozone layer, so why are we banning them? (The Conversation - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- On October 28, Australia ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Australia is the tenth country to ratify, joining others as diverse as Mali, Norway and Rwanda in a global commitment to dramatically reduce hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in the atmosphere. Read more

Climate change 'will create world's biggest refugee crisis' (The Guardian - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- Tens of millions of people will be forced from their homes by climate change in the next decade, creating the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, according to a new report. Read more

Fossil fuel companies undermining Paris agreement negotiations – report (The Guardian - Wednesday 1 November 2017) -- Global negotiations seeking to implement the Paris agreement have been captured by corporate interests and are being undermined by powerful forces. Read more

Study: Climate Change Is Damaging the Health of Millions of People (Time - Tuesday 31 October 2017) -- The evidence is growing harder and harder to ignore—climate change is already having a profound and detrimental impact on public health. Read more


Sector Updates

Meteo Rwanda launches household survey to analyse economic benefits of weather and climate information (Meteo Rwanda - Thursday 2 November 2017) -- he Rwanda Meteorology Agency is conducting a household survey for an economic analysis on benefits of weather and climate information. Read more

Water for Growth Supports Rwandans to Plan Millions of Trees for 2017/2018 Forest Planting Season (Water for Growth - Friday 27 October 2017) -- Rwanda’s National Forest Planting Day and Season brings together millions of Rwandans to plant millions of trees in an effort to protect the environment and harness forest resources for economic development and improving the livelihoods of Rwandans. Read more

LAFREC MAGAZINE (Issue 005) (LAFREC Project Issuu Page - Friday September 1 November 2017) -- Welcome to the 5th Edition of LAFREC Magazine-a quarterly newsletter dedicated to the activities of the Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation. Read more

Upcoming Sector Events

  • 6-17 November: 23rd Conference of the Parties to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP23 - UN Climate Change Conference, Bonn, Germany
  • 20-24 November: 29th Meeting of the parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP29), Montreal, Canada
  • 22-23 November: Combating Illegal Wildlife Symposium 
  • 4-8 December: Rwanda Green Growth Week 4 December 2017: International Day of Mining
  • 11-15 December 2017: Climate Investment Funds Board Meeting, Washington DC, USA
  • 23 January 2018: World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland
  • 27 February - 1 March 2018: Green Climate Fund Board Meeting