Green Rwanda Media Review - 30 December 2017


  • The New Times publishes a story about Akagera Park's delight to welcome Prince Harry as the new President of African Parks
  • Igihe writes that REMA, in partnership with the Rwanda National Police, will begin vehicle inspection to combat excessive emissions
  • BBC reports about Chad's commendable efforts to restore elephant population in local parks
  • Reuters writes that adults are more likely to die when air pollution increases




Akagera park welcomes Prince Harry’s appointment as Africa Parks President (The New Times - Thursday 28 December 2017) --- The management of Akagera National Park has welcomed the appointment of Prince Harry as the President of African Parks. African Parks are the operators of Akagera National Park, the only savanna park with the largest protected wetland in central Africa, among other facilities on the continent. Read more

Happy holiday surprise: Young gorilla “orphans” reunited with their group (Gorilla Fund - Wednesday 27 December 2017) -- On Dec. 22, our field teams were able to report great news: The three youngsters had found and reunited with their group. Read more

Kigali Amendment progress is big step forward for tackling climate change (SE For All - December 2017) -- On Nov. 18, just hours before the UN Climate Conference (COP23) ended in Germany, Sweden became the 20th country to ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol – which requires the phasedown of high-polluting refrigerants commonly used in air conditioners and other cooling equipment. Read more

Miners urged to do more to meet targets (The New Times - Wednesday 27 December 2017) --- The Government is committed to working with investors in the mining sector to increase four-fold the annual export revenues for the sector in line with the seven-year national programme. Read more​​

Mu mezi 11 , ubucukuzi bumaze kwinjiza asaga miliyoni 300$ (Igihe - Tuesday 26 December 2017) -- Umuyobozi Mukuru w’Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Mine, Gaz na Peteroli, Gatare Francis, yatangaje ko ubucukuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro bwinjije amadolari asaga miliyoni 300 mu mezi 11 gusa. Read more

Inzovu n’imbogo ni zimwe mu nyamaswa ziyongereye muri Pariki y’Akagera (Igihe - Tuesday 26 December 2017) -- Ibarura riherutse gukorwa muri Pariki y’Akagera ryagaragaje ko umubare w’inzovu n’imbogo ziyibarizwamo wiyongereye ugereranyije n’irya ryabanje. Read more​

In pics: endangered golden monkey in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda (Xinhua - Monday 25 December 2017) --- Golden monkey is listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). According to IUCN, golden monkey has a small distribution range and is found only in the Virunga volcanoes shared by Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo Read more

Government bans livestock, agriculture imports from South Africa over Listeriosis (Biz Community - Monday 25 December 2017) -- The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources has banned the importation of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits from South Africa over Listeriosis, a viral disease also known as Kaba. Read more

Hagiye gutangira igenzura ry’imodoka zifite imyotsi myinshi mu muhanda (Igihe - Sunday 24 December 2017) -- Ikigo cy’Igihugu Gishinzwe Kurengera Ibidukikije (REMA) cyatangaje ko ku bufatanye na Polisi y’u Rwanda, hagiye gutangira kugenzura mu muhanda imodoka zifite imyotsi ihumanya ikirere, hagamijwe gukumira ingaruka zituruka kuri iyo myuka zakomeza kuba nyinshi ku buzima bw’abantu. Read more

Rubavu: Imirambo itatu yakuwe mu kirombe cy’amabuye y’agaciro (Igihe - Sunday 24 December 2017) -- Nyuma y’iminsi inzego z’umutekano zifatanya n’abaturage mu gushakisha abantu batatu baheze mu kirombe, bavanywemo baritabye Imana, bashyingurwa kuri uyu wa Gatandatu. Read more ​​

Abarenga 1000 babeshwaho no gucukura amabuye ya Wolflam i Gifurwe (Igihe - Sunday 24 December 2017) --Ikigo gicukura amabuye y’agaciro yo mu bwoko bwa Wolfram, Wolfram Mining and Processing, cyizihije imyaka icumi kimaze gikorera mu Rwanda kinahindura ubuzima bw’abaturage barenga 1000 bakoramo imirimo itandukanye kuva mu 2007-2017. Read more

Burera: Polisi yataye muri yombi babiri yafatanye amasashe ya pulasitiki (Igihe - Friday 22 December 2017) -- Ku wa Kane tariki 21 Ukuboza 2017, Polisi mu Karere ka Burera yafashe imodoka ipakiyemo amapaki 60 y’amasashe ya pulasitiki yinjizwaga mu Rwanda. Read more​

Agric zoning will boost food security, household incomes, experts say (The New Times - Friday 22 December 2017) -- Agriculture zoning could help attract more investments into the sector as well as ensure food security and increase household incomes of farmers, experts have said. Read more

Rwanda leads the way on tree planting and environment (The New Times - Friday 22 December 2017) -- Did you know that Rwanda is one of the only countries in the world that has a positive rate of forestation? Read more

E-waste in Africa: Some positive trends but challenges remain (Africa Times - Tuesday 19 December 2017) -- The value of copper and other recoverable materials in the e-waste generated around the world in 2016 was an estimated USD$55 billion, according to the new Global E-Waste Monitor 2017 report. That’s more than the GDP of most countries in the world, the authors said. Read more

E-waste Mountains Grow as Prices Fall, Incomes Rise (Environment News Service - Monday 18 December 2017) -- E-waste – everything from discarded end-of-life solar panels, phones, laptops, and sensors to fridges, air conditioners and televisions – amounted to 44.7 million metric tonnes (Mt) last year, equal in mass to about nine Great Pyramids of Giza. Read more

Schools Start Benefiting From E-Waste Plant (KT Press - Sunday 17 December 2017) -- With the plan to become an ICT hub which requires computers and other gadgets, Rwanda has so far imported tons of equipment but little known is the way they dispose them off when they get broken and ‘irreparable’. Read more


Across Africa

East Africa will need more help to stave off famine caused by climate change, warn aid workers (iNews - Friday 29 December 2017) -- December is always dry in Somaliland. An average of just 1mm of rain falls in the East African country throughout these 31 days. But farmers and their families are used to the conditions at this time of year. Read more

Plastics cause pollution, kill animals - Wakhungu (Star - Thursday 28 December 2017) -- Kenya finally managed to ban plastic carrier bags this year, after nearly 15 years of pull and push with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers. Read more ​​

Prince Harry yatorewe kuyobora Umuryango nyafurika wa za Pariki (Umuseke - Wednesday 27 December 2017) -- Mu rwego rwo gukomeza guha agaciro ibikorwa bye byo kwita ku bidukikije Umuryango nyafurika wa za Pariki (African Parks) watoreye igikomangoma cy’u Bwongereza Prince Harry kuwubera Perezida. Uyu muryango ushinzwe kwita ku byanya bikomye by’inyamaswa harimo na Pariki y’Akagera mu Rwanda. Read more​

The country that brought its elephants back from the brink (BBC - Wednesday 27 December 2017) -- A distant, guttural growl of elephants, and the occasional trumpet, drifted over the thick screen of lush trees and dry-scrub grass. Read more

Egypt wants outside experts to help settle Nile dispute (Reuters - Tuesday 26 December 2017) -- Egypt said on Tuesday it had suggested to Ethiopia and Sudan that they all call in international experts to help settle a dispute on an Ethiopian dam project on the river Nile. Read more

Homegrown African climate model predicts future rains - and risks (Reuters - Friday 22 December 2017) -- One big problem confronts Africa as it tries to predict how its weather patterns will shift in the face of climate change: Almost all the climate models for the continent were created in the United States or Europe. Read more


From Around the World

Even brief exposure to low-level air pollution tied to deaths (Reuters - Thursday 28 December 2017) -- Older adults are more likely to die on days when air pollution rises, even when contaminant levels are below the limit considered safe by U.S. regulators, a new study suggests. Read more

Climate change may drive up migration to Europe by more than 1m a year before 2100, study shows (Evening Standard - Thursday 28 December 2017) -- The devastating effects of climate change may drive up the number of migrants seeking asylum in Europe if current trends continue, a new study has shown. Read more

$180bn investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge (The Guardian - Tuesday 26 December 2017) -- The global plastic binge which is already causing widespread damage to oceans, habitats and food chains, is set to increase dramatically over the next 10 years after multibillion dollar investments in a new generation of plastics plants in the US. Read more