Green Rwanda Media Review 31 December 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world. 


  • The New Times reports on the ten things that shaped Rwanda's environment sector in 2019. 
  • Taarifa reports on how public is argued to adhere to weather advisory as rains wreck havoc.
  • The New Times reports on how rain crashed Christmas for street children.
  • KT Press reports on how Rwandans are warned of more threats due to heavy rains.
  • Igihe reports on how forced evacuation saved thousands of lives.
  • DownToEarth reports on how Rwanda has managed to be plastic free. 

Upcoming Events

28-13 February: World Urban Forum, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre



Ten things that shaped the environment sector in 2019 (The New Times - Saturday, 28 December 2019) -- As Rwanda moves to implement Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy that envisages making the country a developed climate-resilient and low-carbon economy by 2050, every year is shaped by events striving to promote green economy. Read More

Police Urges Public To Adhere To Weather Advisory As Rains Wreck Havoc (Taarifa - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- Rwanda National Police (RNP) has urged the general public to respect weather advisory to prevent falling victim of disasters, especially in this period of torrential rain. Read More

A crushed Christmas for ‘street children’ (The New Times - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- Marius and Fils, 24 and 18 respectively, have grown up in a life of street children in Nyarugenge District. Read More

Updated: 12 People Die As Rwandans Warned Of More Threats Due To Heavy Rains (KT Press - Thursday, 26 December 2019) -- Twelve people were reported dead across Rwanda on Wednesday night following heavy rains that swept the entire country, officials said on Thursday. Read More. Also reported by The New Times and Igihe

Kwimura igitaraganya abatuye mu bishanga; ishyano n’akaga byazibukiriwe (Igihe - Thursday, 26 December 2019) -- Imvura y’amahindu yaguye mu bice bitandukanye bya Kigali mu ijoro ryo ku wa 25 rishyira ku wa 26 Ukuboza 2019, yabaye ikimenyetso gikomeye gishimangira ukureba kure ku buyobozi bwafashe umwanzuro wo kwimura abatuye mu bishanga batiyumvishaga impamvu yabyo. Read More

Heavy Downpour Kills Christmas Mood, City Roads Now Impassable (KT Press - Wednesday, 25 December 2019) -- A Wednesday evening heavy downpour disrupted Christmas mood in some parts of Rwanda – cutting celebration events short. Read More

Going surgical on plastics in Rwanda (DownToEarth- Tuesday, 24 December 2019) --It is a small African country — the size of India’s Manipur. But Rwanda has set an example for the rest of the world in dealing with a persistent pollutant. Since 2008, the country banned the import, manufacture and distribution of plastic, with a few exceptions. How has this east African nation achieved this when most of the world — including India — is struggling with mountains of plastic waste? Read More

U Rwanda rutakaza toni miliyoni 45 z’ubutaka buri mwaka (Kigali Today - Tuesday, 24 December 2019) -- Abashakashatsi bahujwe na Komisiyo y’u Rwanda ikorana n’Ishami ry’Umuryango w’Abibumbye ryita ku burezi, ubumenyi n’umuco (UNESCO), bagaragaza ko amazi n’ubutaka by’u Rwanda birimo kwangirika ku rugero rukabije. Read More

State forests to be used for honey production (The New Times - Tuesday, 24 December 2019) -- Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) is seeking to establish partnership with Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority to use state forests to increase honey production and youth involvement in apriculture. Read More


Sector Updates

Ni uruhe ruhare umuturage akwiye kugira mu gukumira ibiza n’ingaruka zabyo? (Rwanda Environment Management Authority - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- Ibikorwa bya muntu biri ku isonga mugutuma ikirere cyangirika bigatera ihindagurika ry'ibihe ari nabyo mvano y'ibiza nk'amapfa n'imvura nyinshi zitera imyuzure, bityo ko hakwiye kwimakaza imyitwarire ibungabunga ibidukikije yo muti urambye. Watch video

First Technical Consultation meeting on the development of Urban Neighborhood Planning & Design Guidebook (Global Green Growth Institute - Monday, 23 December 2019) -- 18th December in Kigali , Rwanda the Ministry of Infrastructure and GGGI Rwanda held the first Technical Consultation meeting on the development of Urban Neighborhood Planning & Design Guide book with officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) ;Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA); Ministry of Environment (MoE); Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA) ; City of Kigali; Kicukiro District; Gasabo District; Nyarugenge District and Global Green Growth Institute. Read More

Infrastructure Gender Mainstreaming Strategy Review Workshop (Global Green Growth Institute - Monday, 23 December 2019) -- The three-day workshop specific outcomes were to revise the Infrastructure Gender Mainstreaming Strategy document integrated with indicator matrix and monitoring and an evaluation plan; and thereafter validate and publish the Infrastructure Gender Mainstreaming Strategy document for utilization and distribution to key stakeholders. Read More


Across Africa

'World's oldest rhino' Fausta dies in Tanzania aged 57 (BBC - Sunday, 29 December 2019) -- “A rhino thought to be the oldest in the world has died in Tanzania, aged 57. Fausta, an eastern black rhino, was first sighted in the Ngorongoro crater in 1965, when she was three. Read More

Spotlight on Ethiopia’s tree-planting programme (UN Environment Programme - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- “Climate change impacts have greatly affected Ethiopia in terms of flooding, drought and food insecurity,” says Margaret Oduk, Programme Coordinator of UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Liaison Office to the African Union Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and Ethiopia. Read More 

From medicine to recycling, six African start-ups doing business for good in 2019 (Reuters - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- DAKAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Africa tunes into the burgeoning movement of business for good, young people across the continent are finding innovative solutions to problems from illiteracy to pollution. Read More

This startup is using geo-tagging and blockchain to fight deforestation in Africa (CNN - Tuesday, 24 December 2019) -- (CNN) Every year, about 15 billion trees are cut down globally, and across Africa, deforestation rates has surpassed the global annual average of 0.8 percent. Read More

'No Safety Net.' How Climate Change and Unprecedented Flooding Is Destroying Communities in the Central African Republic (TIME- Tuesday, 24 December 2019) -- Since October, the Central African Republic (CAR) has been hit by the worst flooding in two decades, destroying over 10,000 homes and affecting an estimated 100,000 people across the country. Dozens of people have been killed and several hundreds of thousands more affected across the east and central African region. Read More

CIMMYT and Clinton Foundation Partner to Improve Access to Climate-Resilient Maize Seed (SeedWorld - Tuesday, 24 December 2019) -- New partnership will help farmers in Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania have better access to seeds that help maize crops better withstand growing challenges of drought, pests, diseases, and climate change. Read More

100 left homeless after River Nyando bursts its banks (Daily Nation - Tuesday, 24 December 2019) -- At least 100 people have been left homeless following heavy floods that have displaced residents of Kasindi South village in Nyando, Kisumu County. Read More

Inescapable Effects of Climate Change Jeopardize Livelihoods Across East Africa (VOA - Monday, 23 December 2019) -- TRANS NZOIA, KENYA - As the Earth heats up, weather and climate patterns are changing dramatically around the globe. Africa felt the effects of those changes in 2019, experiencing cyclones, droughts and unstoppable rains that jeopardized livelihoods. Read More


From Around the World

Bank of England chief Mark Carney issues climate change warning (The BBC - Monday, 30 December 2019) -- The world will face irreversible heating unless firms shift their priorities soon, the outgoing head of the Bank of England has told the BBC. Read More

Climate change costs soar to £107bn as 2019 disasters take their toll (Express - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- CLIMATE change has been linked to disasters that displaced millions, killed thousands and cost at least £107billion ($140billion) this year. Read More

Climate change drove series of billion-dollar disasters in 2019 - report (Gibraltar Chronicle - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- Climate change-related extreme weather hit every populated continent in 2019, harming and displacing millions of people and costing billions, Christian Aid has said. Read More

Low rates provide a historic opportunity to tackle climate change (Financial Times - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- Tackling the climate crisis will require the world’s largest ever peacetime investment. Historically low interest rates mean there has never been a better time to make it. Read More

2019: The year of climate consciousness (DW - Friday, 27 December 2019) -- Wildfires across the world, Arctic ice rapidly melting, seas rising, habitat loss — 2019 bore bad news for the climate. But it was also the year millions of people were galvanized into action. Read More

2020 is International Year of Plant Health (UN Environment - Thursday, 26 December 2019) -- Did you know that some tree species can only be germinated through the belly of an elephant? That’s just one example of how plants and animals (including humans) are intricately connected and cannot survive without all the bacteria and fungi that make for the healthy soils that plants need to prosper. Read More

More US voters than ever care about climate – but will they go to the polls? (The Guardian - Thursday, 26 December 2019) -- A growing share of voters list climate and the environment as their top priority, according to a new poll from the Environmental Voter Project. Read More

Rowan Williams: Climate change 'largest challenge ever' (BBC - Thursday, 26 December 2019) -- Interviewed by artist Grayson Perry for BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Rowan Williams said climate change is "everybody's problem". Read More

Five reasons UN's COP25 climate talks failed (CNA - Wednesday, 25 December 2019) -- PARIS: The climate summit in Madrid earlier this month did not collapse - but by almost any measure it certainly failed. Five years after the fragile UN process yielded the world's first universal climate treaty, COP25 was billed as a mopping-up session to finish guidelines for carbon markets, thus completing the Paris Agreement rulebook. Read More