Green Rwanda Media Review - 5 February 2018


  • The New Times writes that intense discussions have followed Rwanda's consideration of genetically modified crops
  • IPS reports that Italy's Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea has signed a cooperation agreement with GGGI Rwanda for Rwanda's contribution to the Paris Agreement
  • IISD writes that participants at the AU Summit discussed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development among other topics
  • This year's World Wetlands' Day is themed "Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future".
  • Read the concept note on UNESCO website to learn more about this important day for the environment sector
  • REMA publishes a story encouraging Rwanda's urban residents to use wetlands wisely

Review Rwanda

How lions, rhinos added extra edge to Akagera Park (The New Times - Sunday 4 February 2018) -- The reintroduction of rhinos and lions has played a significant role in promoting Rwanda as a tourism destination to local and international tourists, according to Tour operators. Read more

Rwanda welcomes Ellen DeGeneres' gorilla conservation centre initiative (The New Times - Saturday 3 February 2018) -- Famous American comedienne, television personality and actor, Ellen DeGeneres will soon set up a facility in Rwanda for Dian Fossey’s work to help protect the critically endangered mountain gorillas in the Virunga Mountains. Read more

Akagera Park’s Big Five Gives Birth To Sporting Events (KT Press - Friday 2 February 2018) -- Communities neighbouring Akagera National Park have started creating new sporting activities and tournaments to celebrate the park’s Big Five while also making conservation awareness. Read more

Rwanda seeks to install lightening protection system (ESI Africa - Friday 2 February 2018) -- The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees (MIDIMAR ) (hereinafter called ‘client’) has received funds from the Ordinary budget towards the cost of supply and installation of lightening protection system in the Rutsiro District. Read more

Ellen DeGeneres agiye kubaka mu Rwanda inyubako zishyigikira ibikorwa bya Dian Fossey (Igihe - Friday 2 February 2018) -- Ellen DeGeneres,umugore w’imyaka 60 y’amavuko wamamaye ku Isi cyane muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika kubera ikiganiro cyamwitiriwe kuri Televiziyo cyitwa Ellen DeGeneres Show, agiye gutangiza mu Rwanda ibikorwa by’ikigo cye kirengera urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima. Read more

Italy and GGGI sign contribution agreement for cooperation to support Rwanda’s NDC Implementation (IPS - Thursday 1 February 2018) -- The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) signed a cooperation agreement on January 15 to support the Government of Rwanda to implement its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement. Read more

Italy and GGGI sign contribution agreement for cooperation to support Rwanda’s NDC Implementation (GGGI - Thursday 1 February 2018) -- The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) signed a cooperation agreement on January 15 to support the Government of Rwanda to implement its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement. Under the agreement, IMELS contributed EUR 100 thousand to GGGI to provide technical assistance to increase resilience and adaptation to climate change. Read More

The right to a clean environment (The New Times - Wednesday 31 January 2018) -- Rwanda is renowned for its clean streets, zero tolerance for careless waste dumping and outlawing the use of environmentally harmful products such as polythene bags. This is in line article 22 of the Constitution which stays: “Everyone has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment.” Read more

Debate ensues over move to adopt GMOs (The New Times - Tuesday 30 January 2018) -- The number of hungry people around the world grew from 777 million in 2015 to 815 million in 2016, according to Food and Agriculture Organisation. And, with the world’s population expected to hit the nine billion mark in 2050, up from 7 billion currently, the threat of hunger will remain, at least for the foreseeable future. Read more

Drones zishobora kujya zifashishwa mu kurwanya ba rushimusi muri Pariki z’u Rwanda (Igihe - Tuesday 30 January 2018) -- Minisiteri y’Ikoranabuhanga n’Itumanaho (MITEC) iri gukora inyigo izagaragaza uburyo indege zitagira abapilote (drones) zakwifashishwa mu kurwanya cyangwa gutahura ba rushimusi muri Pariki z’igihugu. Read more

Ngoma, Bugesera cooperatives reap millions from fish farming (The New Times - Tuesday 30 January 2018) -- By 2014, the fishing community around Lake Sake in Ngoma District was facing an uncertain future after fish stocks were wiped out thanks to years of uncontrolled fishing and destruction of the lake shores. Read more

Rulindo TVET mining school to open in March (The New Times - Tuesday 30 January 2018) -- Mining sector set to get a boost thanks to a Technical and Vocational Training and Education (TVET) school that is in final stages of construction in Rulindo District.​ Read more​

We need to adopt a holistic national approach to e-waste (The New Times - Monday 29 January 2018) -- This is excellent news which shows the fruits of a good collaborative effort between government agencies, namely Ministry of Trade and Industtry, Rwanda Development Board and Fonerwa(Rwanda’s green growth fund)/Rwanda Environment Management Authority. Read more

Muhanga: Umusore w’imyaka 18 yahitanywe n’ikirombe cyamugwiriye acukura amabuye (Igihe - Sunday 28 January 2018) -- Habukubaho François Xavier wari utuye mu Kagari ka Giko, Umurenge wa Kayumbu mu Karere ka Kamonyi yagwiriwe n’ikirombe gicukurwamo amabuye kiri mu Murenge wa Kabacuzi ahita yitaba Imana. Read more

Musanze: Imvura ivanze n’umuyaga yasenye inzu zisaga 50 isiga abaturage iheruheru (Igihe - Sunday 28 January 2018) -- Mu ijoro ryo ku wa Gatandatu tariki 27 Mutarama 2018, imvura idasanzwe ivanze n’umuyaga yasenye inzu 50 inangiza imyaka y’abaturage yari mu mirima. Read more


Across Africa

Izigezweho Afurika y’Epfo: Ibura ry’umuriro ryatumye abasaga 900 bahera mu kirombe (Igihe - Friday 2 February 2018) -- Abacukuzi b’amabuye y’agaciro basaga 900 baravugwaho guhera mu kirombe cya zahabu kiri ahitwa Beatrix muri Afurika y’Epfo, nyuma y’uko umuriro ubaburiyeho bakabura uko basohoka. Read more

Feeding East Africa – locals skeptical of GM crops (DW - Thursday 1 February 2018) -- Many people in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya decry the disappearance of their traditional organic crops. But some scientists say that genetically modified seeds could revolutionize the region. Read more

AU Summit Focuses on African Transformation, Coordination of Sustainable Development Agendas (IISD - Thursday 1 February 2018) -- The 30th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union (AU) discussed progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the AU’s Agenda 2063. The Summit adopted decisions on transport, trade, the free movement of persons and accelerating gender equality. Read more

Forests fall, animals die, desert looms: Uganda's burning problem – in pictures (The Guardian - Wednesday 31 January 2018) -- Charcoal is an integral part of everyday life in Uganda, where most people rely on some form of wood fuel to cook or boil water. View Photos

Climate change affecting stability across West Africa and Sahel: UN security council (Climate Home - Wednesday 31 January 2018) -- The UN Security Council has identified climate change as a driver of conflict across West Africa and the Sahel, in a statement published on Tuesday. Read more

Ethiopia: Perezida Kagame yasabye Africa gusigasira urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima (Umuseke - Monday 29 January 2018) -- Asoza inama ya 30 y’umuryango wa Africa yunze ubumwe, Perezida Paul Kagame ugiye no kuyobora uyu muryango mu gihe cy’umwaka yasabye abayobozi ba africa kubungabunga urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima nka bumwe mu buryo bwo kubyaza umusaruro ibyiza uyu mugabane ufite. Read more

Addis Ababa: Misiri, Sudan na Ethiopia biraganira ku amazi ya Nile (Umuseke - Monday 29 January 2018) -- Abakuru b’ibihugu bya Misiri, Sudan na Ethiopia baragirana ibiganiro kuri uyu wa mbere bijyanye n’ikibazo cy’ubwumvikane buke ku mikoreshereze y’amazi y’Uruzi rwa Nile. Read more


From Around the World

World Wetlands Day 2018: Wetlands and cities (UNESCO - Friday 2 February 2018) -- In focusing on the theme “wetlands for a sustainable urban future”, this year’s World Wetlands Day sheds light on the importance of wetlands for cities. Today, 50% of the world’s population live in urban areas. Read more

Brazil's Pantanal - the world's biggest wetland: in pictures (The Guardian - Friday 2 February 2018) -- To celebrate World Wetlands day, WWF is highlighting its work in the Pantanal, the world’s biggest wetland. This pristine environment in South America supports a rich variety of wildlife and plants, while its enormous water reserves are vital for the 8 million people who depend on the Pantanal’s fresh water, fish, climate control and tourism. View Photos

Ellen DeGeneres cries after receiving the ‘best birthday gift’ from Portia de Rossi (Fox 31 - Thursday 1 February 2018) -- Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but shed tears on the set of “The Ellen Show” Thursday when wife Portia de Rossi gave her a very special birthday present for her 60th birthday. Read more

Your ridiculously cold office is causing a regional crisis (Eco-business - Wednesday 31 January 2018) -- It is not an uncommon sight to see people in hot, tropical Southeast Asia donning thick jackets, shawls and even woolen socks when they are inside buildings, thanks to low air conditioning temperatures that leave occupants freezing despite the relentless heat outside. Read more

Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious? (The New York Times - Friday 2 February 2018) -- Now, a study published recently in Annals of Botany has shown that plants can be frozen in place with a range of anesthetics, including the types that are used when you undergo surgery. Read More

Sector Updates

World Wetlands Day: Rwandans urged to wisely use urban wetlands (REMA - Friday 2 February 2018) -- Rwanda, today 2nd February 2018, joins the rest of the world to mark the annual World Wetlands Day, a day which is celebrated worldwide to raise public awareness of wetlands’ values and benefits. Read more

Photos: World Wetlands Day 2018 celebration (REMA Rwanda Flickr - Friday 2 February 2018) -- Conference on “Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future in Rwanda” View Photos

Gov't moves to promote Agro-Forestry to boost Food production (Ministry of Lands & Forestry - Monday 29 January 2018) -- Rwanda’s Agro-forestry sector contributes a lot towards boosting food productivity and providing farmers with wood and timber as well as feeding the livestock on tree leaves. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as the big partner and expert in promoting agriculture has played a big role in helping the Government of Rwanda to increase trees mixed with plants and availed ways to sustain them. Read More

Upcoming Events

3 March 2018: World Wildlife Day