Green Rwanda Media Review - 6 May 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • Kigali Today reports that a sustainable solution to floods from the volcanoes that was destroying farmers' crops will be found.
  • Robb Report reports that Rwanda’s Newest Safari Camp is taking travellers beyond gorilla trekking.
  • Carbon Brief reports that climate change could the ‘raise stress levels’ of endangered mountain gorillas.
  • The New Times reports that Bugesera farmers have received a bailout after devastating floods.
  • Isango Star reports a message about Environment Week from REMA and the Ministry of Environment.

Upcoming Events

Ongoing: NDC Partnership Plan Consultation Meetings led by the Ministry of Environment

6-10 May: Rwanda Green Fund and partners to undertake an Urban Lab for the Green City Pilot Project Feasibility Study, Onomo Hotel, Kigali

29 April - 13 May: RLMUA Training on the Land Administration Information System, Office of Registrar of Land Titles, Rwamagana, Eastern Province

22 May: International Day for Biological Diversity

5 June: World Environment Day

8 June: World Oceans Day



Akarere ka Rulindo ku isonga mu kwibasirwa n’impanuka zo mu bucukuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro (Igihe - Saturday, 4 May 2019) -- Ubuyobozi bw’Ikigo gishinzwe Mine, Peteroli na Gaz, butangaza ko Akarere ka Rulindo kaza ku isonga mu kwibasirwa n’impanuka zo mu bucukuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro zabaye mu 2019. Read More

Ikibazo cy’amazi ava mu birunga akangiriza abaturage kigiye gushakirwa igisubizo kirambye (Kigali Today - Friday, 3 May 2019) -- Visi Perezida wa Sena y’u Rwanda, Hon Harerimana Fatou, aravuga ko bagiye gukora ubuvugizi ku kibazo cy’amazi ava mu birunga akangiza imyaka y’abaturage bo mu Murenge wa Rugarama mu Karere ka Burera. Read More

U Rwanda rwatangije umushinga uzerekana imiterere y’ubutaka, ifumbire n’ibihingwa biberanye (Igihe - Wednesday, 1 May 2019) -- Guverinoma y’u Rwanda n’ikigo OCP Group cy’Ubwami bwa Maroc, batangije umushinga uzazenguruka igihugu cyose upima ubutaka, hagamijwe kumenya ifumbire n’ibihingwa biberanye nabwo muri gahunda yo kongera umusaruro. Read More

Rwanda’s Newest Safari Camp is Taking Travelers Beyond Gorilla Trekking (Robb Report - Wednesday, 1 May 2019) -- The country known for mountain gorillas is also home to the Big Five—and now there's a luxury camp where you can see it all. Read More Climate change could ‘raise stress levels’ of endangered mountain gorillas (Carbon Brief - Tuesday, 30 April 2019) -- Global warming could cause stress to endangered Virunga mountain gorillas, potentially raising the risk of health problems and early death, a new study suggests. Read More

Sobanukirwa iby'icyumweru cy'ibidukikije mu Rwanda (Isango Star - Tuesday, 30 April 2019) -- Watch Video

Bugesera farmers receive govt bailout after devastating floods (The New Times - Monday, 29 April 2019) -- In August 2018, the farmers, with the help from Government, managed to reclaim the flooded marshland and plant rice which gave yield between January and February this year. Read More

Rwanda tourism industry gets a boost (CNBC - Monday, 29 April 2019) -- Rwanda's tourism sector got a sizeable boost as a massive 25 year concession deal between the Rwanda Development Board and Imizi EcoTourism Development was concluded. The agreement will see the installation a multi-phased conservation and tourism management program in Gishwati-Mukura National Park in the West of the Country. Watch Video


Sector Updates

Discipline, hard work, team work and continuous learning are key for quality work (The Ministry of Environment - Friday, 3 May 2019) -- On 1st May 2019, the Ministry of Environment joined the world to celebrate International Labour Day. This celebration has been an opportunity to the management and the staff members of the Ministry reflected on last year employees’ and overall institutional performance, this year’s performance and future plans. Read More

Minister Vincent Biruta visit to Sawmill East Africa Ltd (The Ministry of Environment Flickr - Friday, 3 May 2019) -- View Photos

The Ministry of Environment Celebrated the International Labour Day 2019 (The Ministry of Environment Flickr - Wednesday, 1 May 2019) -- View Photos


Across Africa

Flying To Kenya With A Plastic Bag? Face A $40,000USD Fine! (Simple Flying - Saturday, 4 May 2019) -- Headed on a flight to Kenya anytime soon? Do you have anything wrapped in a plastic bag or sealed in a ziploc bag? If your airline wants to keep you out of trouble they should be informing you of Kenya’s plastic bag ban – brought into law two years ago. It was something I personally experienced on my KLM flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi. I remember hearing something like: “Ladies and gentlemen, if Nairobi is your final destination please discard any plastic bags that you may have with you. Kenya has a plastic bag ban. For your own benefit please leave them on the plane”. Read More

African Member States adopt SEforALL recommendation on integrated electrification in Cairo Declaration (Sustainable Energy for All - Friday, 3 May 2019) -- A significant step was taken last week by African Member States towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which calls for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030. Ministers from 39 African countries assembled for a meeting organized by the African Union Commission (AUC) in Cairo adopted a recommendation presented by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) on integrated approaches to national electrification. Read More

Plastic bag bans can help reduce toxic fumes (UN Environment - Thursday, 2 May 2019) -- Burning plastic smells awful. It also gives you that choking feeling… which is no surprise when you know that plastic is basically made of oil and gives off toxic fumes when it burns. Read More

Johannesburg emulates Rwanda's cleanup campaign (The New Times - Thursday, 2 May 2019) -- Johannesburg city mayor Herman Mashaba has said the cleanup campaign which they copied from Rwanda is bearing fruit with improvement in cleanliness of the city. Read More


From Around the World

City of Amsterdam to ban polluting cars from 2030 (Reuters - Thursday, 2 May 2019) -- Gasoline and diesel fuelled cars and motorcycles will be banned from Amsterdam from 2030 in an effort to clean up the city’s air, the Dutch capital’s council said on Thursday. Read More

House backs Paris agreement in first climate bill in a decade (Reuters - Thursday, 2 May 2019) -- The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed its first climate-change bill in a decade, voting 231-190 to require that Trump administration keep the United States as a party to the Paris Climate Agreement. Read More