Green Rwanda Media Review - 7 October 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • Imvaho Nshya reports that people who sell single use plastics have been given a 2 months grace period.
  • The New Times reports that the Government of Rwanda is working to mitigate disasters.
  • CNBC Africa reports that young entrepreneurs are turning trash into cash in a recycling drive.
  • The New Times reports about the role of women in the green economy.
  • CNBC Africa announces that Rwandan tourism has been given boost with the take-over of Gishwati-Mukura National Park by RDB.
  • One Green Planet reports that Rwanda is working on a Green City.

Upcoming Events

  • 1-31 October: Urban October 2019 
  • 7 October: World Habitat Day 2019
  • 7-9 October: GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • 8 October: Opening of Safi EV Charging Station for Electric Motorcycles, Source Oil, Kacyiru
  • 8 October: 2019 WTO Public forum, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 8-11 October: AfroChampions Boma on Africa’s New Deal for Sustainable Green Growth and Industrialization, Kigali, Rwanda
  • 9-11 October: Regional Workshop on Capacity Building for a National Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers
  • 14-18 October: Technical Review Workshop on Draft Final City of Kigali Master Plan
  • 15-18 October: Global Climate Change Alliance Plus 2019 Conference, Kigali, Rwanda
  • 16-18 October: Climate Change Summit – Africa 2019
  • 20 October-20 November: African Mobility Month
  • 21-25 October: Global Green Growth Week
  • 31 October: World Cities Day 2019
  • 31 October - 1 November: Biodiversity Information Management Forum, Kigali, Rwanda



55MW methane gas project inaugurated in Rubavu (The New Times - Sunday, 6 October 2019) -- A 55MW methane gas power project was inaugurated in Rubavu District on Thursday with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Eng. Patrice Uwase, commending the main project sponsor for the initiative. Read more

Abacuruza pulasitike zikoreshwa rimwe bahawe amezi abiri yo kuzisezerera (Imvaho Nshya - Sunday, 6 October 2019) -- Minisitiri w’Ibidukikije Dr. Biruta Vincent yatangaje ko abacuruza ibikoresho bikoze muri pulasitike ariko bikoreshwa rimwe bikajugunywa, nk’imiheha, udukombe banywesha amazi ahahuriye abantu benshi no mu birori, amasahani n’ibindi, bafite amezi abiri gusa yo kubicuruza bagakoresha uburyo bishira kuko nyuma uzafatwa abicuruza azahanwa n’itegeko rimaze iminsi itageze ku kwezi risohotse. Read more

Rwanda’s solar energy ambition receives $9 million boost (The New Times - Friday, 4 October 2019) -- Rwanda’s energy ambition received a boost this week following an endorsement of a financial instrument by the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance that will accelerate the deployment of solar home systems. Read more

Govt in fresh bid to mitigate disasters (The New Times - Friday, 4 October 2019) -- Rwandans should take pro-active measures to protect themselves and their loved ones from disasters, the Minister for Emergency Management has said. Read more

The role of women in the green economy (The New Times - Thursday, 3 October 2019) -- Sustainable development has been at the forefront of development agendas all over the world. And with current challenges such as climate change, one of the major strategies in place for this form of development to be achieved is through the concept of facilitating a green economy. Read More

Nyaruguru: Urugomero rushya rw’amashanyarazi ruzacanira ingo hafi 300 (Kigali Today - Wednesday, 2 October 2019) -- Tariki 30 Nzeri 2019, i Remera mu Murenge wa Ruheru mu Karere ka Nyaruguru hatashywe urugomero rutanga amashanyarazi azacanira abaturage hafi 300. Read More

Rwanda reviews petroleum policy (The NewTimes - Wednesday, 2 October 2019) -- The Government has committed to increase strategic fuel reserves to 100,000 cubic metres by the end of next year after the Auditor General’s report exposed delays in expanding the facilities. Read More

Rwanda: Disasters kill 70 people in nine months (The New Times - Wednesday, 2 October 2019) -- Statistics from the Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA) show that 70 people died countrywide between January and September 2019, due to disasters. Read More

Young entrepreneurs turning trash into cash in recycling drive (CNBC Africa - Tuesday, 1 October 2019) -- At last week's UN Youth Climate Summit, Ghislain Irakoze, Founder of ‘wastezone’, an e-waste recycling company was one of the 100 young people selected to find solutions on climate change. On the dangers and opportunities the e-waste industry provides, he joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more. Watch Video

RDB Takes Over Gishwati-Mukura National Park (KT Press - Tuesday, 1 October 2019) -- Created out of scarcity and regarded among the world’s newest national parks, Gishwati-Mukura National Park is now in the hands of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and will soon fully open doors to the world. Read More. Also published in Kigali Today, Igihe and CNBC Africa

Rwanda is Working on a Green City! (One Green Planet - Tuesday, 1 October 2019) -- Rwanda is working on a “green city,” in Kigali city. The plan is to have the 2.3 square miles allocated to efficient factories, sustainable housing and green cars. The estimated cost? $5 billion, according to the African Exponent. Read More

Solar Securitization for Rwanda (The Lab - October 2019) -- Solar Securitization for Rwanda presents a critical opportunity to meet these challenges. By pooling solar home system loans into a tradable asset-backed security and providing solar developers access to more liquid capital markets, it will increase the developers’ ability to leverage and allow for a rapid expansion of the solar market, meeting the clean energy access needs of African households. Read More

In Rwanda, Some Wildlife Poachers Become Conservationists (Voice of Africa Youtube Channel - Wednesday, 11 September 2019) -- Some Rwandans who used to be wildlife poachers have turned into conservationists. For VOA, reporter Eugene Uwimana has more from the Gorilla Guardians Village, located near Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda. Watch Video

This mountain gorilla lodge is saving Rwanda’s great apes (African Wildlife Foundation - Wednesday, 11 September 2019) -- The Virunga Massif is a vestige of Central Africa’s tropical biodiversity but myriad threats are placing the region’s critical ecosystems and species at risk. Spanning Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park, the massif is home to the endangered mountain gorilla, one of the world’s largest and most threatened primates. Read More


Sector Updates

Law relating to the prohibition of manufacturing, importation, use and sale of plastic carry bags and single-use plastic items (Ministry of Environment - Monday, 23 September 2019) -- Read More

Guide on the Law Banning Plastic Carry Bags and Other Single Use Plastic Items (Ministry of Environment - October 2019) -- Read More

Rwanda kicks off annual Urban October celebrations with Urban Walk in Huye District (Global Green Growth Institute - Friday, 2 October 2019) -- Every year government and partners organize a month of activities, events and discussions around urban sustainability in October. This year in Rwanda, Urban October activities will encompass creating awareness and sharing knowledge around the theme of municipal solid waste management, and building sustainable and resilient cities. Read More

RDB takes over management of Gishwati-Mukura National Park (Rwanda Development Board - Thursday, 1 October 2019) -- RDB has appointed a chief park warden who will be assisted by 25 park rangers. In addition, RDB is working on a multi-phased conservation and tourism management program with Imizi, a subsidiary of Wilderness Safaris, a conservation organization with a presence in seven African countries, to develop and operate an exclusive chimpanzee and primate trekking experience under the Wilderness Safaris brand. Read More. Also published at REMA.


Across Africa

Charcoal project prioritizes correct use of forests (Agencia Angola Press - Friday, 4 October 2019) -- Luanda - The project with mitigation components to promote sustainable charcoal prioritizes the way the forests should be used and the aggressive deforestation, said this weekend in Luanda the head of the Climate Change Office for Desertification and Drought, Luís Constantino. Read more

SA releases 3rd biodiversity report (South African Government News Agency - Thursday, 3 October 2019) -- Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Barbara Creecy has launched the third National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA), which is a scientific reflection of the state of the country’s biodiversity. Read More

West Africa’s Sahel region is especially vulnerable to climate change but also weak governance (Quartz Africa - Tuesday, 1 October 2019) -- While most of the world is vulnerable to climate change, some of the least polluting countries are the most impacted, and least equipped to deal with its outcomes. Read More

Kenya: Cleaning up the Nairobi River | Global Ideas (DW News - Monday, 30 September 2019) -- The river that runs through the Kenyan capital once teemed with life. Today it’s the most polluted waterway in the country. Together with young residents from the city’s informal settlements, Frederick Okinda is working to change that. Watch Video

Africa's Charcoal Trade Is Decimating Fragile Forest Cover (The New York Times - Wednesday, 25 September 2019) -- KAMPALA, Uganda — The machete-wielding men lodge themselves deep inside forests for weeks at a time, felling trees that will be incinerated into pieces of charcoal. Read More


From Around the World

Consultation key to overcoming the enormous challenges of restoring degraded land (UN Environment - Thursday, 3 October 2019) -- The world faces huge and unprecedented biodiversity and climate change challenges. One way we can help address these challenges is through the restoration of degraded land. Read More

Investors launch new solutions for climate action targeting blue carbon, clean energy access, sustainable agriculture, and sustainable cities in developing countries (The Lab - Wednesday, 2 October 2019) -- Today, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance announced the endor sement and launch of six innovative financial instruments for climate-related projects in developing countries. Read More

Major investors embark on green farming, cities, and clean energy financing drive (Business Green - Wednesday, 2 October 2019) -- A group of more than 60 major investors, banks, foundations, and governments has today announced the launch of six inter-related climate finance initiatives aimed at raising billions of dollars to support. Read More

Climate change: Cool Coalition to turn down the heat with new commitments (Energy Live News - Tuesday, 24 September 2019) -- A global network of governments, cities, international organisations, academia, civil society and the private sector have announced major new commitments for efficient and climate-friendly cooling. Read More

UK Commits $250 Million; Denmark, France, Netherlands Pledge $130 Million to World Bank Initiatives on Energy Storage, Solar Power and Clean Cooking (The World Bank - Monday, 23 September 2019) -- The United Kingdom pledged £200 million ($250 million) to the Climate Investment Funds’ Global Energy Storage Program, which in collaboration with the World Bank’s Energy Storage Partnership aims to deliver breakthrough energy storage and renewable energy solutions at scale. Read More