Green Rwanda Media Review - 8 July 2019

Read the latest news from the environment sector in Rwanda and across the world.


  • The Rwanda Green Fund reports that it will work together with the Coalition for Green Capital to develop a new green finance tool.
  • The New Times reports that investors are seeking to produce tiles, pavers, roof tiles by recycling single-use plastics.
  • Kigali Today reports about a solution for charcoal scarcity and environment sustainability.
  • Umuseke reports on the animals who call Akagera National Park home.
  • Igihe reports on the government's plan for under utilised land.
  • Download the new National Cooling Strategy from the Ministry of Environment website.


Upcoming Events

9-11 July: Tenth session of the Council of Ministers of COMIFAC, Yaoundé, Cameroon

11 July: GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Project Closure and Knowledge Sharing Workshop, Kigali Convention Centre

22-23 July: High-Level Regional Conference on Circular Economy and Green Industry, Dakar

23-25 July: Regional Conservation Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa, Johannesburg

31 July-1 August: International Conference on Plant Science, Amsterdam

19-20 August: 2nd International Conference on Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, London

21-22 August: 7th World Congress on Earth and Environmental Science, Singapore

24 August: Akagera Rhino Velo Race, Eastern Province, Rwanda

2-3 September: 6th World Conference on Climate Change Berlin, Germany

14-15 September: 6th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Recycling Seoul, South Korea



Rwanda is a classic example of environmental conservation – UNEP Director (The New Times - Monday, 8 July 2019) -- The New Times’ Julius Bizimungu spoke to Joyce Msuya, the Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on what countries should be doing to reverse the deteriorating situation. Read More

Govt sets aside Rwf1.3bn for Rurambi marshland (The New Times - Sunday, 7 July 2019) -- The Government has allocated Rwf1.3 billion to fund the restoration of the 850-hectare Rurambimarshland. Read More

RDB Offering 100 Free Gorilla Permits To Those Born During Liberation Struggle (Taarifa - Saturday, 6 July 2019) -- To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Liberation Day, RDB (Rwanda Development Board) will give 100 Rwandans, who turn 25 years old this year, the once in a lifetime opportunity to trek the endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in December. Read MoreAlso published in Igihe.

Leta iteganyiriza iki ubutaka n’ibibanza bitabyazwa umusaruro bigahinduka amatongo? (Igihe - Thursday, 4 July 2019) -- Hirya no hino mu gihugu, cyane cyane mu mijyi nka Kigali usanga hari ubutaka n’ibibanza byageneye kubakwamo inzu zo guturamo cyangwa iz’ubucuruzi bimaze imyaka bitabyazwa umusaruro uko bikwiye, rimwe na rimwe bikaba byaba indiri y’inyamaswa cyangwa amabandi. Read More

Investors seek to produce tiles, pavers, roof tiles by recycling single-use plastics (The New Times - Tuesday, 2 July 2019) -- Come August this year, the high-end conservation brand Singita opens Kwitonda -Lodge and Kataza House on the slopes of Volcanoes National Park, home to endangered mountain gorillas. Read More

Pariki y’Akagera: Amafoto y’inyamaswa ‘ziyituyemo zituje’ (Umuseke - Monday, 1 July 2019) -- Iyi pariki yashinzwe muri 1934 ikaba ifite ubuso bwa 1,122 km². Ni imwe muri pariki Ikora ku mupaka w’u Rwanda na Tanzania. Kubera ibibazo by’ubwiyongere bw’abaturage ndetse no gutahuka kw’impunzi, ubuso runaka bw’iyi pariki bwigeze kwangizwa n’ibikorwa bya muntu. Muri iki gihe yasubijwe ubuzima, inyamaswa ziyituyemo zirakenye. Ikora ku turere twa Kayonza, Gatsibo na Nyagatare. Read More

Gakenke: Abavumvu barataka ibihombo batewe n’imiti yakoreshejwe mu kurwanya nkongwa (Igihe - Monday, 1 July 2019) -- Abakora umurimo w’ubuvumvu mu karere ka Gakenke bavuga ko bahuye n’ibihombo bikomeye byatewe n’imiti yakoreshejwe mu kurwanya nkongwa yari yibasiye ibigori, iyo miti ikaza kwica inzuki zabo. Read More

Cana rimwe, igisubizo ku ibura ry’amakara no kubungabunga ibidukikije (Kigali Today - Monday, 1 July 2019) -- Mu imurikagurisha ry’ibikomoka k’ubuhinzi n’ubworozi ryabereye ku Murindi mu Mujyi wa Kigali mu kwezi gushize kwa Kamena 2019, hagaragayemo imbabura ya ‘cana rimwe’, ishobora gukoreshwa mu kubungabunga ibidukikije, kugabanya amakara akoreshwa, ndetse no kugabanya imyuka yangiza ikirere. Read More

Rwandan Police peacekeepers in CAR, residents conduct Umuganda (The New Times - Monday, 1 July 2019) -- All parts of Rwanda remain with varying levels of vulnerability to effects of climate change despite national efforts, researchers said in a vulnerability report released here on Wednesday. Read More


Sector Updates

GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Project in Rwanda: Implementing Green Cities Development Project (Global Green Growth Institute - Thursday, 4 July 2019) -- Rwandas National Roadmap for Green Secondary City development was elaborated as a tool to implement the National Strategy for Green Growth and Climate Resilience, EDPRS 2 priority areas of facilitating and managing urbanization, and promoting secondary cities as poles of growth and centres of non-agricultural economic activities. In tandem, the Government of Rwanda has adopted a National Urbanization Policy, Rwanda urban planning code, and ministerial orders related to urban development plans elaboration. Read More

Rwanda Green Fund to work with Coalition for Green Capital on Catalytic Green Investment Fund (Rwanda Green Fund - Wednesday, 3 July 2019) -- The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC) will work together to develop a new fund to expand Rwanda’s climate finance capacity. The fund will be designed to complement existing programs available through FONERWA, with a unique and specific focus on unlocking and expanding private investment in Rwanda’s green sectors. Read More

National Cooling Strategy (Ministry of Environment - 2019) - Read the new National Cooling Strategy. Download Here


Across Africa

Researchers Identify Restoration Hotspots to Boost Climate and Environment (Azo CleanTech - Thursday, 4 July 2019) -- Scientists have identified over 100 million hectares of lost lowland tropical rain forests that are spread out across Southeast Asia, Africa, and South and Central America. These observations have been reported in a peer-reviewed report released recently. Read More

Kenyan universities aim to be “greenest in the world” (UN Environment - Wednesday, 3 July 2019) -- In Kenya, over 70 universities are being called on by the UN Environment Programme and the Kenyan Government to work together and transform their campuses to be the “greenest in the world”. This comes as Strathmore University in Nairobi has put in place one of the greenest campuses in Africa and is offering its support to other Kenyan universities. Read More

Kenya court blocks East Africa's first coal plant (Seychelles News Agency - Tuesday, 2 July 2019) -- Kenya's environment court blocked recently the construction of a coal-fired power station on the country's idyllic Indian Ocean coast, in a move hailed as a major victory by campaigners fighting a years-long battle against the scheme. Read More

Inkura y’umukara yari ijyanywe muri Tanzania yapfiriye mu ndege (Igihe - Monday, 1 July 2019) -- Inkura y’umukara yapfuye ubwo yari mu ndege ivanywe mu gihugu cy’u Bwongereza ijyanywe muri Tanzania.Iyi nkura y’ingabo yari ifite imyaka 17 y’amavuko, izwi ku izina rya Zambezi yapfuye ubwo yavanwaga muri Pariki Port Lympne ijyanywe muri Pariki ya Serengeti iri mu zizwi muri Afurika y’Iburasirazuba. Read More


From Around the World

How to erase 100 years of carbon emissions? Plant trees—lots of them (National Geographic - Thursday, 4 July 2019) -- Increasing the Earth’s forests by an area the size of the United States would cut atmospheric carbon dioxide 25 percent. Read More

What can start and stop action on climate crisis (The Guardian - Thursday, 4 July 2019) -- Sarah Barfield Marks of 10:10 Climate Action on the inclusion of climate change information in weather reports, Chris Hughes on corporate obstructionists, and Ann Bliss and Jackie Farley on the damage flying causes and the perverse incentives to carry on doing it. Read More

Running in the world’s most polluted city (Mail & Guardian - Tuesday, 2 July 2019) -- There is an air purifier in every New Delhi residence that can afford it. Mine was the stuff of nightmares: a white rectangular machine, about the size of that small android from Star Wars, with a semi-circular row of warning lights apparently designed to mimic a human smile. Before bed, it usually gleamed a reassuring green. Read More

Wood products mitigate less than one percent of global carbon emissions (Science Daily - Monday, 1 July 2019) -- The world's wood products -- all the paper, lumber, furniture and more -- offset just 1 percent of annual global carbon emissions by locking away carbon in woody forms, according to new research. Read More