Green Rwanda Weekly Media Review - 3 December 2016​

Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) Weekly Media Review - 3 December 2016
Yesterday in Cancun, Mexico, the United Nations Environment Programme honoured President Kagame with the 2016 Champion of the Earth award for Policy Leadership. The prize is the United Nation’s highest environmental honour and was given to President Kagame in recognition of Rwanda’s outstanding achievements in environmental protection. The award was accepted by Minister Biruta on the President's behalf. Learn more here.
  • UNEP reports that President Kagame has won the 2016 Champion of the Earth award for Policy Leadership

  • The New Times reports that Prime Minister Murekezi has urged communities to use gas to protect the environment

  • EnviroNews writes that the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources has encouraged tree planting through a football match

  • The New Times writes that Forest Planting Season was launched last Saturday in Gasabo District, and Minister Biruta reminded residents of the value of trees in their daily lives

  • KT Press reports that Ngoma farmers will tackle drought with a newly established $13M irrigation facility

  • David Toovey writes on the CDKN blog and in the New Times about how Rwanda has become a model for climate action

  • The Guardian writes that Trump's fastest way to leave the Paris Agreement is quitting the UNFCCC

  • View and download photos of Lusaka City Council's study visit to REMA Rwanda, on REMA's Flickr page

Six environmental leaders receive Champions of the Earth award - UN's top environmental prize (UNEP - Saturday 3 December 2016) -- Six inspirational environmental leaders representing government, research and grassroots action received today the United Nations' highest environmental accolade, the Champions of the Earth award, during a global conference on biological diversity in Cancún, Mexico. H.E. Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, for outstanding leadership in fighting climate change and in national environmental action. Read More
Perezida Kagame yahawe igihembo n’Umuryango w’Abibumbye kubwo kurengera ibidukikije (Igihe - Saturday 3 December 2016) - Perezida Paul Kagame, yahawe igihembo gikomeye cyatanzwe n’Umuryango w’Abibumbye kubera uruhare imiyoborere ye igira mu kurengera ibidukikije, nka kimwe mu bihembo byatangiwe mu nama yiga ku rusobe rw’ibinyabuzima iri kubera mu mujyi wa Cancún muri Mexico. Read More
Rwanda to plant millions of trees to fight climate change (Xinhua - Saturday 3 December 2016) -- Rwanda has launched a campaign to plant more than 23 million of trees in a year to guard the country against climate change. The campaign dubbed “Forests, the Source of Clean Air” will see trees planted on most degraded lands and continue to improve existing forests across the country. Read More

Rwanda government signs deal on peat-to-power project (Coastweek - Friday 2 December 2016) -- Rwanda on Wednesday signed a 350-million-U.S.-dollar contract with local and international financial institutions to fund construction of its peat-to-power project as part of its drive to increase energy access. The deal, which is expected to add 80 megawatts (MW) to the national grid, will help address the country’s constant power shortages, according to the ministry of infrastructure. The power plant will be the second in the country when it starts production by the target date of 2019. The first peat plant is expected to be completed this year with 15-MW capacity. Read More

IUCN raised mass awareness of tree planting through Football match (EnviroNews - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- On the 26th December 2016, The Ministry of natural resources (Minirena) in partnership with The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), The Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee (RNOSC) and the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) organized a National Tree Planting Campaign to make a massive awareness on Landscape Restoration using sports as a tool to convey the message. The theme for this year was “the forests are sources of clean air”. Read More
PSF joins Rwanda ‘green revolution’ (The New Times - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- As Rwanda joins the global fight to accelerate efforts in promoting and ensure the protection of the environment and sustainable management of natural resources, the private sector has been vibrant in injecting remarkable feeds into the drive. The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) strategic plan says, the Private Sector Federation (PSF) as an engine of growth. Read More
Rwanda's gorillas become new face of climate change (CBC News - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- There are less than 900 mountain gorillas left in the world, and their fight for survival is getting even harder. Climate change is forcing the apes to travel farther for food. In our continuing series, "The Climate Diaries," Mark Phillips went to the mountains of Rwanda to see what else is putting these endangered animals in harm's way. Read More
​FEATURE: From Paris to Marrakech – how Rwanda became a model for climate action (CDKN - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- During the climate talks in Paris where the most comprehensive environment treaty in history was reached, Rwanda stood out as nation already on the path to the sustainable development. From the start of negotiations, the country also took a strong position on what needed to be achieved: a robust agreement that kept warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and that gave vulnerable nations the resources and technology they need to both reduce their contribution to climate change and respond to its impacts. Read More
Rwanda chairs forestry body (Igihe - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- Rwanda replaces Burundi to a position she took over yesterday during the 9th general meeting held in Kigali that brought together member states of COMIFAC including ministers with duties related to forests management in Congo, Burundi, Gabon and Rwanda. The coordinator of COMIFAC, Mbitikon Raymond warned against activities destroying forests. “Forests would be completely devastated if no strategic policies are taken to preserve them,” he said. Read More
Joint communique on the occasion of the inauguration of the Mahama refugee permanent water treatment plant (The New Times - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- Today, Honorable Mukantabana Seraphine, Minister for Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR), Representative of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Mr. Saber Azam, UNICEF Representative Mr. Ted Maly, and Oxfam Country Director Mr. Patrick Wajero, were joined by the UK High Commissioner Mr. William Gelling to launch the permanent water treatment plant in Mahama Refugee Camp, which will supply water to refugees but also to host communities in the previously water-scarce areas surrounding the camp. Read More
Basabwe kubungabunga ibidukikije kuko aribyo bibabeshejeho (Kigali Today - Tuesday 29 November 2016) -- Babisabwe na Minisitiri w’ubutegetsi bw’igihugu Francis Kaboneka wabashishikarije gukomeza gutera amashyamba bakanayabungabunga, kuko amashyambatariho nubuzima bw’umuntu ntibwari kubaho. Yagize ati “Ibiti nibyo bituma duhumeka nibyo bigusha imvura ni nabyo bidufasha kubaho.” Ahani ninaho Minisitiri yasabye abaturage kujya bafata neza ibiti batema kimwe bagatera bibiri kugira ngo bazirinde ubutayu n’ibiza. Read More
Plan for droughts or people will eat rats (The New Times - Tuesday 29 November 2016) -- Climate change has been a topical issue for quite a while. Not all are agreed that it is caused by human activity. Some, including US President-elect Donald Trump, think the whole thing is a hoax. Don’t tell that to people in eastern and southern Africa. They couldn’t care less whether climate change is caused by humans, gods or extra-terrestrials. All they know is that its effects are real and devastating. Read More
​Nyuma ya Gakenke, abashegeshwe n’ibiza ba Ngororero nabo bagiye gufashwa na Miliyari 4 (Umuseke - Tuesday 29 November 2016) -- Abaturage basenyewe n’imvura muri Ngororero bazafashwa kubona amazi meza, amashanyarazi, ubwiherero n’inzu kuri bamwe basenyewe. Minisitiri Seraphine Mukantabana wa MIDIMAR avuga ko ku bufatanye na kiriya kigega cy’Umuryango w’abibumbye kita ku mutekano rusange w’abantu bagiye gufasha abahuye n’akaga kwiteza imbere. Read More
On lynche aussi chez les gorilles (Slate - Monday 28 November 2016) -- De son propre aveu, «c'est de loin le phénomène le plus surprenant et le plus perturbant» que Stacy Rosenbaum a pu observer durant toute sa carrière. Cette spécialiste du comportement social des gorilles des montagnes, affiliée à l'université de Chicago, parle ici du lynchage d'un gorille par 26 de ses congénères –dont des femelles et des juvéniles– qu'elle détaille dans une étude publiée le 16 novembre dans la revue Scientific Reports. Lire la Suite
We all must value trees in our daily lives, says Biruta (The New Times - Monday 28 November 2016) -- As Rwanda celebrated the International Day of Tree Planting at the weekend, telecom giant MTN led other organisations in efforts to plant trees in the Special Economic Zone in Gasabo District during the monthly community work, Umuganda. Read More
Animal population in Akagera Park doubles (KT Press - Monday 28 November 2016) -- If animals had a choice to make, then Rwanda’s Akagera National Park would be selected as their best home. The aerial census conducted since 2013 up to 2015 found that the population of herbivore animal species has increased to 12,275 from 7892 animals representing a 55.5% rise. Read More
Ngoma farmers defeat drought (KT Press - Monday 28 November 2016) -- Farmers in Ngoma district will not worry anymore about when to plant crops and harvesting. The region has found a solution to decades of prolonged droughts. A $13 million hillside-irrigation facility currently undergoing installation is expected to be fully operational in the next four months. Installation is conducted by KONOIKE a Japanese company. Read More
Tree planting is definitely a wise investment for the future (The New Times - Sunday 27 November 2016) -- There are days when I wake up and tune into one of the 24 hours news channels so I can get a glimpse of what is happening around the world. To know how bad the situation is in Aleppo, whether South Africa’s Jacob Zuma is surviving another scandal or how the rest of the world will adjust to a world where Donald Trump is president. Read More
Embrace use of gas to save environment, says Premier (The New Times - Sunday 27 November 2016) -- Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi has urged all Rwandans to nurture, preserve and efficiently utilise natural resources by adopting the use of gas and biogas, noting that natural resources embody wealth as well as beauty for the country. The Prime Minister was speaking, yesterday, during the launch of the 2016/2017 forest planting season in Gicumbi District, Northern Province. Read More
Minisiteri ishinzwe kubungabunga ibidukikije irasaba abanyarwanda gutera ibiti bihagije (Royal TV - Sunday 27 November 2016) -- Mu gihe u Rwanda rufite intego y’uko 30 % by’ubuso bwose bw’igihugu bugomba kuba buteye amashyamba, ministeri ifite kubungabunga ibidukikije n’umutungo kamere mu nshingano zayo, irashishikariza abanyarwanda gukomeza gutera ibiti byinshi,ndetse bagabanya n’umuvuduko mu gusarura amashyamba atarera. Ubwo ni ubutumwa bwatangiwe mu muganda ngaruka kwezi wo wabaye ku wa 6, umuganda wabereye mu karere ka gasabo mu gice cyahariwe inganda. Read More
​Kigali: Mu gace kahariwe inganda hatewe ibiti bizagabanya umwuka uhumanya ikirere (Igihe - Saturday 26 November 2016) -- Ibi biti byatewe kuri uyu wa Gatandatu tariki ya 26 Ugushyingo 2016 ,ubwo hatangizwaga igihembwe cyo gutera igiti. Umuyobozi mushya wa MTN Rwanda, Bart Hofker yavuze ko MTN izakomeza gukora uko ishoboye igatanga umusanzu mu bikorwa nk’ibi byo kubaka baka igihugu. Yagize ati “ Nishimiye iki gikorwa cyo gutera ibiti dufatanyije n’abaturage kandi na MTN izakomeza gutanga umusanzu wayo mu bikorwa nk’ibi byubaka igihugu.” Read More
Uko igikorwa cy’umuganda usoza ukwezi kw’Ugushyingo cyagenze (Amafoto) (Kigali Today - Saturday 26 November 2016) -- Umuganda wo kuri uyu munsi wibanze ahanini ku gutera ibiti ku misozi, ku mirima, ku nkengero z’imigezi n’ibiyaga n’ahandi, mu rwego rwo kurengera ibidukikije. Read More
Farmers to compare notes with value chain actors (The New Times - Friday 25 November 2016) -- The Private Sector Federation (PSF), through the chamber of Agriculture and Livestock, has organised ‘Accountability Day’ to provide a platform to discuss future feeding challenges, climate change and modern technologies. The three-day event in Kigali will also provide an opportunity for farmers to showcase agricultural and livestock production as well as value added progress. Read More
​Gicumbi:Hatewe ibiti bisaga 2000 bya Macadamia,kimwe gishobora gutanga $75 (Igihe - Thursday 24 November 2016) -- Ni umushinga watangijwe kuwa 24 Ugushyingo 2016 na AVSI ku bufatanye n’aka karere na Minisiteri y’Ubuzima hagamijwe gukangurira umwana gukurana umuco wo gutera igiti, kubungabunga ibidukikije no kuzamura imirire. Minisitiri w’Ubuzima, Diane Gashumba avuga ko igikorwa nk’iki cyari kimaze igihe gitekerezwaho kuko gutera ibiti byera imbuto ari ingenzi mu kurwanya imirire mibi. Read More
Solar Africa - Rwanda 2017 (Eco-business) - The overwhelming response from the Solar Industry has encouraged Expogroup to launch “SOLAR AFRICA” and after successful editions in Kenya and Tanzania Solar Africa is all set to step in the Rwanda Market. Solar Africa in Rwanda will be held concurrently with Power &Energy Africa from 12th to 14th July 2017. Read More and Register
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Africa’s Smallholder Farmers Among The Most Hurt By Climate Change (Huffington Post - Friday 25 November 2016) -- Experts use many numbers when talking about climate change. However, rising temparatures, the resulting crop failure, and the consequent loss of livelihoods and destitution of millions of households are this year’s most important and urgent developments for millions of smallholder farmers across the vastness of the African agro-ecological landscapes. Read More
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Quitting UN climate change body could be Trump's quickest exit from Paris deal (The Guardian - Friday 2 December 2016) -- The US should completely quit the United Nations forum to tackle climate change in order to quickly exit the Paris climate agreement, according to a conservative lawyer who is part of Donald Trump’s transition team. Abandoning the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) would allow the US to back out of the international climate effort within a year. Read More
China Focus: Beijing says: goodbye mining, hello tourists (Xinhua - Friday 2 December 2016) -- Standing at the entrance to the mine shaft, Feng Wenli bade farewell to the job he had done for decades. "It's a little hard to say goodbye, but it is also good to retire early with compensation," said the 53-year-old. Beijing's Changgouyu mine has been closed to reduce pollution. The municipal development and reform commission announced this week that the three remaining coal mines in the city will be closed in the next four years, completely eliminating coal mining in the capital. Read More
Ready for Some Good Environment News? It’s About Coal (Bloomberg - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- Positive news about the environment is as common as a well-fed polar bear. So enjoy. Thanks to a decrease in coal use in North America and better technology to make the fossil fuel less harmful, the amount of mercury in the atmosphere is on the decline—and our air, our oceans, and even our food appear to be getting safer. Read More
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Study visit of the delegation from Lusaka City Council, Zambia (REMA Flickr page - Thursday 1 December 2016) -- On 29 November 2016, a delegation from Lusaka City Council (Zambia) visited Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) for a learning exchange on Rwanda’s Green Growth Strategy, with focus of food, water, energy, transport and waste management. View Photos

LAFREC NEWSLETTER (ISSUE 004) (LAFREC Mag - Wednesday 30 November 2016) -- We are happy to bring to you the 4th Edition of LAFREC Magazine-a quarterly newsletter dedicated to the activities of the Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation, a Project which works to rehabilitate and restore the Gishwati-Mukura Landscape. Read More

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