Green Rwanda Weekly Media Review - Friday 28 October 2016

Green Rwanda Weekly Media Review - Friday 28 October 2016
  • KT Press reports that Rwanda's first coltan processing plant is set to open next year
  • The East African reports that Rwanda is considering banning imports packed in non-biodegradable plastic
  • Local solar kiosk company ARED has been awarded an additional 200,000 Euro during a recent funding round 
  • The New Times reports that the Bank of Kigali has planted 1,000 trees to kick off 50th anniversary celebrations during which the company will plant 150,000 trees 
  • The Guardian reports that the world is facing the largest mass extinction of wildlife since the extinction of the dinosaurs 
  • East African legislators have commended the work of the LVEMPII project in Rwanda
Africa’s First Coltan Plant Due in Rwanda (KT Press - Thursday 27 October 2016) -- By next year, a dream that Rwanda would have its automobile and mobile phone brands that will compete with famous brands from across the world will no longer be too ambitious. East Africa Mineral Processing Ltd, a subsidiary of Canadian based AB Minerals Corporation has announced plan to build a coltan (Columbite-Tantalite) processing plant in Rwanda, the first of its kind in Africa next year. Read more
Kigali climate treaty strengthens climate action, with more than 170 countries signed (Igihe - Thursday 27 October 2016) -- On Saturday, October 15, the most significant action in battling climate change since the Paris Agreement was enacted with an agreement from over 170 countries to phase out harmful greenhouse chemicals found in air conditioning and refrigeration units. Hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, were the target of the treaty negotiated in Kigali, Rwanda, in a global effort to prevent a critical 3.6 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature averages worldwide. Read More 
Govt Courting Four Firms for $255m for Peat Extraction (KT Press - Wednesday 26 October 2016) -- Rwanda is courting reputable international and local financiers to fund the peat to power project that is expected to add 80 MW to the national grid, for the country to meet the 563 MW target by 2018. Read More  
Rwanda could ban imports packed in non-biodegradable plastic (The East African - Tuesday 25 October 2016) -- Traders may need alternative packaging for their exports to Rwanda as the government considers imposing a ban on imported products packaged in non-biodegradable polythene material. Read More
Tracking gorillas in Rwanda's volcanic mountains (Travelogue) (Business Standard - Tuesday 25 October 2016) -- The last remaining habitat of the vegetarian mountain gorilla, with fewer than 800 individuals, falls in the Virunga massif that spreads to three neighbouring countries -- Rwanda, a landlocked country known for a thousand hills, Uganda and war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. "A vast majority of tourists are visiting Rwanda for tracking the mountain gorillas in the wild," Chief Park Warden Prosper Uwingeli told IANS. "On an average, over 30,000 permits are issued annually for tracking gorillas and a large number of visitors come from the US, France and Germany," he added. Read more 
ARED completes €400,000 technology development funding round (GreenTec - Tuesday 25 October 2016) -- We are delighted to announce that our Rwandan Partner ARED and their technology Partner tech-solute GmbH & Co. KG have successfully secured additional funding for the development of an improved version of ARED’s innovative Digital Mobile Solar Kiosk. Read More 
BK celebrates 50 years by planting trees (The New Times - Monday 24 October 2016) -- As Bank of Kigali (BK) celebrates 50 years of operation, the institution on Saturday launched a tree planting drive to boost environmental conservation. The bank staff launched the campaign by planting 1,000 trees through community work with residents of Karangazi Sector, Nyagatare District. Read More 
Paris Agreement offers glimmer of hope (The New Times - Monday 24 October 2016) -- On the African continent, least 16 States, including Rwanda, have so far ratified the Agreement. This is a monumental step forward though it calls for the rest to follow suit. The same is true for all countries to ratify the Agreement. It is quite important to note that the USA, China, EU, Canada and New Zealand have as well ratified the Agreement. Moreover, they are widely known to be the biggest carbon-emitters in the world. Read More 
Why we need concerted efforts in combating climate change (The New Times - Friday 21 October 2016) -- Climate change and increasing energy demands are major global challenges at the top of the international agenda. The onset of climate change has come about following over 200 years’ worth of unchecked manmade activities that have had a negative impact on the world around us – from deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels to driving cars or throwing away perfectly useable materials. Read More 
Mobilizing private finance: Unlocking the potential of Rwanda’s businesses to drive climate change adaptation(Stockholm Environment Institute - October 2016) -- This policy brief examines the prospects for mobilizing private climate finance in Rwanda, focusing mainly on adaptation, and highlights measures that could stimulate investment. Read More 
Eight million in East Africa face starvation as drought eats into low food reserves (The East African - Wednesday 26 October 2016) -- More than eight million people are facing starvation in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Burundi due to a poor harvest that has stretched the region’s food reserves. Read More 
World's largest marine park created in Ross Sea in Antarctica in landmark deal (The Guardian - Friday 28 October 2016) -- EU and 24 countries sign long-awaited agreement to protect 1.1m sq km of water in Southern Ocean, ensuring that fewer younger fish will be caught Read More 
World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020, major report warns (The Guardian - Thursday 27 October 2016) -- Living Planet Index shows vertebrate populations are set to decline by 67% on 1970 levels unless urgent action is taken to reduce humanity’s impact. Read More
Shipping industry agrees to cap sulphur emissions by 2020 (Business Green - Thursday 27 October 2016) -- The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has today agreed to set a cap on the sulphur content of marine fuels, in a move that campaigners predict will save millions of lives in the coming decades. Read More 
Commentary: Challenges ahead in phasing down use of HFCs (Channel News Asia - Thursday 27 October 2016) -- As Singapore works towards meeting the global ambition of phasing down the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), it faces some challenges in adopting alternative solutions. Read More 
India’s Air-Conditioning and Climate Change Quandary (The New York Times - Wednesday 26 October 2016) -- Air-conditioning is not just a luxury. It’s a critical adaptation tool in a warming world, with the ability to save lives. It also warms the world. Which is why the structure of the recent landmark agreement reached in Kigali, Rwanda, on limiting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in, among other things, air-conditioners and refrigerators is so important. Read More 
Celebrate the Entry into Force of the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC - Monday 24 October 2016) -- The historic Paris Climate Change Agreement adopted in 2015 will enter into force on 4 November. Please join the celebrations! On the day of the entry into force on 4 November, you can celebrate the day by telling the world what the Paris Agreement means for you, thereby helping to raise awareness for the need for rapid action and what immediate solutions are. Read More 
Rwanda HFC Agreement Is a Good Deal for Honeywell (Market Realist - Monday 24 October 2016) -- According to Honeywell, HFCs are 1,300x worse compared to a molecule of carbon dioxide. In Honeywell’s invention, the HFO is only 0.8x the pollutant as a single molecule carbon dioxide. HFOs are 1,500x better than HFCs. With regulatory backing becoming more of a reality, the structural demand for Honeywell’s Solstice refrigerant continues to support the growth in its sales. Read More 
UAE experts laud Kigali climate deal (GulfNews - Saturday 22 October 2016) -- Top climate experts in the UAE have lauded a new climate deal reached in Kigali, Rwanda last week — an agreement that will gradually phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to reduce global warming thanks in part to a major commitment by hundreds of scientists gathered in Dubai in November 2015. Read more
On Climate Change: Fresh Progress and New Leaders (UN Foundation - Friday 21 October 2016) -- On October 15, UN negotiations in Kigali, Rwanda, concluded successfully with a new deal agreed by 170 countries to phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Used in air conditioners and refrigeration systems around the world, HFCs are pound for pound far more powerful greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide. Read More 
Environment and Natural Resources Sector 
EALA MPs commend the work of LVEMP II Project in Rwanda (LVEMP II Website - Thursday 27 October 2016) -- Members of the East African Community Legislative Assembly (EALA) have commended the efforts made by the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project phase Two (LVEMP II) to protect the Lake Victoria Basin in Rwanda and improve the living conditions of communities in targeted areas. Read More
Minister of Natural Resources calls on the private sector to support forest planting and management (MINIRENA Website - Wednesday 26 October 2016) -- Rwanda’s Minister of Natural Resources, Vincent Biruta, has commended the Bank of Kigali for planting hundreds of thousands of trees as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations and called on other private sector companies to take on similar initiatives. Read More
Visit of EALA MPs to LVEMP II Rwanda | Bugesera (LVEMPII Flickr - Wednesday 26 October 2016) -- On the 2nd day of their tour of LVEMP II Rwanda activities, Members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) visit investment made by LVEMP II Project to protect Rweru Wetland in Bugesera District and efforts being made to improve the livelihoods of the District population. Read More

5th Meteorological Technical Working Group meeting (Meteo Rwanda Flickr - Monday 24 October 2016) -- The 5th Meteorological Technical Working Group meeting was held at Classic Hotel on 24th October 2016. The meeting gathered different key stakeholders from Government institutions, NGOs, Development Partners, Researchers among others. View Photos 

Rwanda records impressive achievements on path to becoming a green and a resilient nation (REMA Website - Friday 21 October 2016) -- Rwanda’s sustainable green growth is supported by a range of stakeholders working tirelessly in the environment sector. During the second biannual meeting of environment sector stakeholders, the sector stakeholders reviewed achievements made in the financial year 2015/2016 and discussed upcoming activities. Read More