National Circular Economy Forum Recommendations

Rwanda has hosted the inaugural National Circular Economy Forum to harness the opportunities that lie in the circular economy and explore how they can support the country’s green growth. The forum took place on 8 August 2019 with the following recommendations:
Research and Development
  • National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) to promote industrial research in the circular economy and related business models and value chains.
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Environment to link national institutions and business with international partners through the African Circular Economy Alliance to facilitate research and development.
  • Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) to explore circular economy investment opportunities through its innovation grant mechanism and green incubator programme. 
  • Prepare a baseline study on the status of the circular economy in Rwanda.
Knowledge and Data Sharing
  • Government and Private Sector Federation (PSF) to develop an inventory of waste resources that can be utilised through industrial symbiosis.
  • NIRDA and Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) to develop monitoring tools that help private sector companies to track their level of circularity.
  • NIRDA to promote knowledge sharing by organising national investors to visit advanced circular economy industries and develop platforms for circular concept and knowledge transfer. 
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Environment to organise regular gatherings of Circular Economy stakeholders to share experiences and progress, including an annual National Circular Economy Forum. 
  • Establish a coalition of plastic waste actors led by private sector. 
Access to Finance
  • Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) to support private and civil society initiatives aligned to the Circular Economy.  
  • Rwanda Green Fund to build capacity in investment proposal development to facilitate circular business and initiatives to access investment. 
Capacity Building and Awareness
  • NIRDA and REMA to design a capacity building and technical advisory programme on the Circular Economy to support private sector, government institutions, academia as well as civil society. 
  • Partner with African Circular Economy Alliance stakeholders including the World Bank, United Nations Environment Programme, the GEF and the World Economic Forum to link national and international circular economy business.
  • Expand awareness on the Circular Economy by working with media and other stakeholders.